l wish to apply for
Please send the completed form to
Sveriges lngenjörer, Box 1419, 111 84 Stockholm
Standard membership Student membership 4. Home address
(Application to the Graduates' Uemployment lnsurance Fund must be made separately) c/o (if applicable)
1. Name Street address
First name
Post code, town Country (if outside Sweden)
Telephone, including area code Mobile
Personal identity number (ten digits)
- -

2. Method of payment
5. EmpIoyer
Monthly via autogiro (standing order) Name of organization (for teachers, please specify name of school)
Bank Clearing number
Account number Postal address Corporate identity number
l have no autogiro account ÷ please send me a paying-in slip for: Post code, town Country (if outside Sweden)
Full year Tertial (very fourth month)
Telephone, incl area code (direct) Telephone (switchboard) Monthly salary (SEK)
3. Education - -
Master/Bachelor of Science in Engineering l am a manager l am full-time self-employed l am self-employed in addition to the above
University Graduation date
6. AEA (The Graduates' UnempIoyment Insurance Fund)
Education code (see notes on reverse) l enclose an application to AEA
l am enrolled in AEA through another S association (state which)
Studying for a Master/Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Member until
University Enrolment date l am enrolled in AEA but not through a S association
Education code (see notes on reverse)
No. of completed credits 7. Signature
Application approved by
Other education (please attach details)
Degree Graduation date Date Signature Date Signature
University Space for Sveriges lngenjörers' notes
AEA membership application
Please read the information overleaf carefully before completing this form.

Surname and first name (please print) Personal ID number (yymmdd-xxxx)

c/o address

Postcode Town

Telephone number

1. Application for
Transferring unemployment insurance fund
Membership after working abroad

2. Work conditions (If employed, confirm your employment with a certificate from your employer. See details on the
back of the form. If self employed, confirm your employment by signing the application form.)

I am currently working/have previously worked in Sweden

I am currently working abroad:____________________________________
(In which country)
I am currently unemployed
I am currently on sick leave/parental leave
Employee – I work/have worked for:
Name of employer
Self-employed – I work/have worked in my own business.
Name of company


(town of employment)


Corporate identification number

3. Membership application signature
I apply for membership with AEA, The Graduates’ Unemployment Insurance Fund. I confirm that the information provided in
my application is correct and give my consent to AEA to access details about my previous membership in a different
unemployment insurance fund as necessary. (Please note that your details will be data processed.)

Date Signature

Please send the original of the completed form, free of postage to:
(Remember to enclose a certificate to confirm your employment)

Sveriges Ingenjörer
Date received by AEA

How to complete the AEA membership

Personal details.
Write your name, personal ID number and current

1. Application for
Specify if the application is for membership or if you
are transferring from a different unemployment
insurance fund. If you have worked abroad, specify
whether you are currently working in Sweden or if you
are unemployed. Contact AEA Utland (Abroad) for
further information.

2. Work conditions.
Are you or have you been employed? Specify which
employer you work for or have worked for. Confirm
your employment with a certificate. You can for
instance provide a copy of a pay slip, a statement of
income or a certificate of employment. (NB. Not a
contract of employment.) Are you self employed?
Specify the name of your company and corporate
identification number. As self employed, you confirm
your employment by signing the application form.

3. Signature.
For the application to be valid, you must date and sign
the form.
Conditions for membership

To become a member, you must fulfil both the work
requirement and the academic requirement.
Membership is granted at the earliest from the first
day of the month AEA receives your application.
Membership cannot be granted retroactively.

Work requirement for membership
The work requirement is fulfilled if you work or have
worked at some point.

You may only be a member of one unemployment
insurance fund at a time. If you transfer your
membership you are entitled to include your former
membership period on condition that the transfer is
made without interruption to the membership period.
You should therefore send your application
immediately after leaving your former unemployment
insurance fund.

Membership fee
For your membership to be valid, you must pay the
membership fee.

Academic requirement
You fulfil the academic requirement if you are or have
been a member of a SACO association, Vårdförbundet
or AEA. As a member of Sveriges Ingenjörer you fulfil
the academic requirement.

What is required in order to receive benefits if you become unemployed?

To be entitled to unemployment benefits should you become unemployed, you must

• Be registered as unemployed
• Have worked long enough in order to fulfil the work requirement
• Have been a member long enough in order to fulfil the membership requirement

Read more about these three requirements at
or call us at 08-412 33 00, switchboard.