Andrew Blake Villa

Objective: To obtain a position as a video game Sound Designer

Education: B.A. in Sound Design Michigan Technological University
GPA: 3.8 Exp Grad: Dec 2014

Associate in Science Southwestern Michigan College Sep 09 – Dec 11
GPA: 3.74
Michigan Tech’s Husky Game Development Houghton, MI Sept 14 - Present
Lead Sound Designer
• Lead a team of sound designers to organize and create sound for numerous ongoing game projects
• Integrated with programmers, artists and sound designers to guarantee strong communication of objectives and ideas

Protégé Game Studios Lowell, MI May 2014
Audio Engineer Consultant
• Provided game audio consulting
• Established a base foundation of knowledge and expertise in sound engineering for Protégé Studios sound booth & recording
• Provided audio engineering knowledge in recommending hardware and software solutions

Game Developers Conference San Francisco, CA March 2014
G.A.N.G Student/Apprentice Contest – Sound Design
• Developed a sound design event that was based on an imaginary video game of a 70’s sports race
• Created Original sound effects from field recording, Foley recording, and processing
• Directed Vocal Artist for voice over recording
• Edited and arranged sound effects and vocal recordings in Logic Pro into one cohesive event

Michigan Tech’s Husky Game Development Houghton, MI Sep 13 - Present
Sound Designer for Indie game: Shattered Reality – First person survival horror
• Recorded and edited original sound effects and Foley sounds
• Composed music for underscoring with Sibelius and Logic Pro in Shattered Reality
• Implemented the sounds and music into the game with the Unity engine
• Directed Vocal Artist in recording zombie and ghost sounds

Radio drama of Ray Bradbury’s Ylla Houghton, MI Spring 2013
Sound Designer for a radio drama
• Created and edited sound effects through recording and processing
• Worked as a vocal artist for the radio drama as the narrator
• Mixed and edited V.O tracks of the vocal artists
A night of Tennessee Williams: A series of short plays
Composer for “A Chalky White Substance” by Tennessee Williams
• Worked with Sound Designer to collaborate our designs to work in a symbiotic relationship
• Collaborated with the director, combining his thoughts and opinions along with my own to shape the music

Music Theory II Composition Project
Composer for “Unwanted Memories”: A Piano/Violin Duet
• Composed an original piano/violin duet
• Rehearsed the composition with performers multiple times to perform live at a concert
Game Developers Conference San Francisco, CA March 2014
Winner of GANG Student/Apprentice Award – Sound Design
• Received award for Student/Apprentice Contest in Sound Design at the 2014 G.A.N.G Awards
• Logic Pro 9 | Pro Tools | Reaper | Fmod | Wwise | Izotope Rx/ Iris | Unity | Zoom H4N | Tascam | Q-Lab | analog/console |
• SFX creating | Vocal Recording | Sound implementing | Mixing | Mastering | | Mic type/patterns | Loudspeaker design |
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