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I. Before class begins, create a free account on

II. Distribute Word Cloud Handout 1. Have the students complete the exercise.
III. Have the students form small groups. Ask each group to tally their individual responses.
For example, Swimming 3, Boating 3, Collecting Shells 2, etc.
IV. Call on one member of each group to come to the board and write down the groups tally. Do so
For example, if Group 1 = Swimming 3 and Group 2 = Swimming 2, then the
representative from Group 2 would be expected to go to the board and erase the number
3 next to swimming and replace it with 5.
V. Once the master list is completed, log into While projecting the screenshot in front of
the class:
Create a new cloud with the Cloud Name of <Nauru>.
Enter each answer in the Text column of the section entitled Words.
Next to each answer, enter the master tally in the column entitled Size.
Click on the section entitles Layout and select Keep as is (dont duplicate) next to
Word amount:
Click Visualize to generate the word cloud.
Click Save Changes.
VI. Discuss what has been visualized with the class.
For example, ask the students why some of the words are bigger than the others.
VII. Discuss the formatting of the word cloud. Ask the students for ways that it could be improved.
VIII. With the class, revise the formatting of the word cloud by changing the settings in Shapes,
Fonts, Layout and Colors. Then, click Visualize to generate a new word cloud.

Teacher Instructions:
Word Cloud Handout 1
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