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Lesson Plan

TOPIC: The Mariana Trench

Standard 2-The teacher uses understanding of individual differences and diverse cultures and
communities to ensure inclusive learning environments that enable each learner to meet high
EDUCATIONAL THEORY: Information Processing Theor-by visualizing and
creating information learned from pictures and tutorials about the Mariana Trench.
Socia! Cogniti"e Theor (Modeling)-ELMO thin-aloud(s) and group discussions.
Socia! Constr#cti"ism$pairing sills amongst students in groups. !"uper #usiness
$artners $in %&ards' (behaviorism) voted on by peers on the best poster on creating
diagram of the Mariana Trench.
%oc#s Set
%s about the Mariana Trench and Tectonic plate effects
(hat is the highest point in the (orld (Mountain))
(here is the deepest point on Earth)
% revie& from the last unit-as &ho remembers the specifics on the Mariana
Trench essay (from previous assignment))
(hat is the tectonic plate effect on this specific Trench)
(hat is a lithosphere plate)
Content O&'ecti"es
"(#%T identify*locate the Mariana Trench.
"(#%T describe the personal and societal value of the Mariana Trench.
"(#%T describe the dynamics*mechanics of tectonic*lithosphere plates.
"(#%T !brainstorm' in disaster &arning possibilities from Mariana plate
Lang#age O&'ecti"es
"tudents &ill listen to instructions.
Tae notes on material.
"tudents &ill spea to the class.
Instr#ctiona! in(#t
$o&er-point maps of the Mariana Trench.
"ho& scaled model of the Mariana Trench (inetic).
ELL &ill be supported thru visual lins to $o&er-point.
ELL &ill also be supported thru student assistance.
(eb-site + use to conduct research on the Mariana Trench.
(eb-site + use to conduct research on tectonic plates.
$rint materials + &ould use to conduct research on the Mariana Trench.
Chec* for Un)erstan)ing
(hat is the difference bet&een all of the other Oceanic Trench,s and the Mariana
-o& did Trenches develop)
(hat are the mechanics of Earth,s plate(s) on the Mariana Trench)
(hat disaster(s) is the Mariana plate !connection' responsible for)
+#i)e) Practice
+n pairs/ research on +nternet.
+n pairs/ research &ithin classroom print materials.
0onstruct a poster/ &hich sho&s the mechanics of plates in relation to the Mariana
Together discuss !ey topics' and summarize &hat should be in the poster
In)e(en)ent Practice
1ind and &atch a video of your choice/ and &ith your family/ on ocean
"ummarize/ in 3 paragraphs or less/ &hat you and your family learned
about the video.
4ubric regarding poster.
0omputer &ith +nternet access.
$oster boards.
0olored marers.
-ave students use print and on-line resources for their research.