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The Pirates of Penzance - Range Analysis

Summary by Role
Role Low High
Mabel (Soprano) D4 Db6
Edith (Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano) Ab3 G5
Kate (Mezzo-Soprano) Ab3 E5
Ruth (Contralto) G3 F#5
Frederic (Tenor) D3
Major-General Stanley (Comic Baritone) Bb2 F4
Samuel (Baritone) Eb2 F4
Pirate King (Bass-Baritone) F#2 D#4
Sergeant of Police (Bass)
Roles are listed in highest to lowest order. Pitches are shown in scientific pitch notation in
which C4 is Middle C, and each numbered octave extends from C up to the next B.
b=flat, bb=double flat, #=sharp, x=double sharp, otherwise natural
Details by Musical Number
Mabel (Soprano)

Edith (Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano)

Kate (Mezzo-Soprano)

Ruth (Contralto)

Frederic (Tenor)

Major-General Stanley (Comic Baritone)

Samuel (Baritone)

Pirate King (Bass-Baritone)

Sergeant of Police (Bass)