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AX 2009
We know training is a vital component of retaining the value of your Microsoft

AX 2009 investment. ur !uality training from in"ustry e#perts
keeps you up$to$"ate on your solution an" helps you "evelop the skills necessary
for fully ma#imi%ing the value of your solution. Whether you choose nline
&raining' (lassroom &raining' or &raining Materials) there is a type of training to
meet everyone*s nee"s. (hoose the training type that +est suits you so you can
stay ahea" of the competition.
Online T!inin"
nline &raining "elivers convenient' in$"epth training to you in the comfort of
your own home or office. nline training provi"es imme"iate access to training
2, hours$a$"ay. -t is perfect for the customer who "oes not have the time or
+u"get to travel. ur newest online training option' e(ourses' com+ine the
efficiency of online training with the in$"epth pro"uct coverage of classroom
training' with at least two weeks to complete each course.
Cl!##oom T!inin"
(lassroom &raining provi"es serious' in$"epth learning through han"s$on
interaction. .rom "emonstrations to presentations to classroom activities' you
receive han"s$on e#perience with instruction from our certifie" staff of e#perts.
/egularly sche"ule" throughout 0orth America' you can +e sure you will fin" a
class convenient for you.
T!inin" M!$ei!l#
&raining Materials ena+le you to learn at your own pace' on your own time with
information$packe" training manuals. ur wi"e variety of training manuals
feature an a+un"ance of tips' tricks' an" insights you can refer to again an" again1
Mico#o%$ D&n!mic# Co'#e(!e
&he Microsoft Dynamics (ourseware consists of "etaile" training manuals'
"esigne" from a training perspective. &hese manuals inclu"e a"vance" topics as
well as training o+2ectives' e#ercises' interactions an" !ui%%es.
3ook for a complete list of manuals availa+le for purchase on the Microsoft
Dynamics we+site1
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Development I in Microsoft Dynamics

AX 2009
Mico#o%$ D&n!mic# Co'#e(!e Con$en$#
Te#$ Yo' S)ill#
Within the Microsoft Dynamics &raining Materials you fin" a variety of "ifferent
e#ercises. &hese e#ercises are offere" in three levels to accommo"ate the variety
of knowle"ge an" e#pertise of each stu"ent. We suggest you try the level three
e#ercises first' if you nee" help completing the task look to the information in the
level two e#ercises. -f you nee" further assistance each step of the task is outline"
in the level one e#ercise.
C*!llen"e Yo'#el%+
3evel 5 e#ercises are the most challenging. &hese e#ercises are "esigne" for the
e#perience" stu"ent who re!uires little instruction to complete the re!uire" task.
Nee, ! Li$$le -el./
3evel 2 e#ercises are "esigne" to challenge stu"ents' while provi"ing some
assistance. &hese e#ercises "o not provi"e step +y step instructions' however' "o
provi"e you with helpful hints an" more information to complete the e#ercise.
S$e. 0& S$e.
3evel 6 e#ercises are geare" towar"s new users who re!uire "etaile" instructions
an" e#planations to complete the e#ercise. 3evel 6 e#ercises gui"e you through
the task' step +y step' inclu"ing navigation.
1'ic) In$e!c$ion2 Le##on# Le!ne,
At the en" of each chapter within the Microsoft Dynamics &raining Material' you
fin" a 7uick -nteraction1 3essons 3earne" page. &his interaction is "esigne" to
provi"e the stu"ent with a moment to reflect on the material they have learne".
8y outlining three key points from the chapter' the stu"ent is ma#imi%ing
knowle"ge retention' an" provi"ing themselves with an e#cellent resource for
reviewing key points after class.
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Doc'men$!$ion Con3en$ion#
&he following conventions an" icons are use" throughout this "ocumentation to
help you !uickly an" effectively navigate through the information.
CAUTION: Cautions are found throughout the training manual and are preceded by
the word CAUTION in bold. Cautions are used to remind you of a specific result of a
specific action which may be undesirable.
HINT: Hints are found throughout the training manual and are preceded by the word
HINT in bold. Hints are used to suggest timesa!ing features or alternati!e methods for
accomplishing a specific tas".
NOTE: Notes are found throughout the training manual and are preceded by the word
NOT# in bold. Notes are used to pro!ide information which$ while not critical$ may be
!aluable to an end user.
BEYOND THE BASICS: Ad!anced information found throughout the training manual
is preceded by the words %#&ON' TH# %A(IC( in bold. %eyond the %asics pro!ides
additional detail$ outside of standard functionality$ that may help you to more optimally
use the application.
EXAMPLE: #)amples are found throughout the training manual and are preceded by
the word #*A+,-# in bold. #)amples bring to light business scenarios that may better
e)plain how an application can be used to address a business problem.
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Development I in Microsoft Dynamics

AX 2009
S$',en$ O04ec$i3e#
What "o you hope to learn +y participating in this course9
3ist three main o+2ectives +elow.
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