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Brief Analysis of Topics Covered in GK Section in SBI PO 2014 Ea!

Dear readers, here we are presenting you a brief analysis of topics which can be
covered in General Awareness section in SBI PO 2!" e#a$%
General Awareness is the easiest and scoring section in SBI PO &#a$% In G' sections
(uestions are as)ed fro$ &cono$y, Ban)ing, *inance news and also (uestions as)ed
fro$ current events%
+he candidates should )eep an eye on latest happenings and read a daily newspaper to
)eep the$ updated with latest news% It is one of the scoring sections in SBI PO e#a$%
One should thoroughly learn and revise policies, progra$s, latest updating in econo$y
to score well in e#a$%
Topics Covered in SBI PO General Awareness section
 Economy + Banking + Finance
! +heory, -Gdp .Inflation . +a# . /apital 0ar)et . *inance . Planning co$$ission,1
"! 2BI related news, -0onetary Policy etc% /he(ue, Draft, Basel etc1
#! Govt% related -Budget, policies, Sche$es, /o$$ittees1
$% 3orld &cono$y 4 International
 %isc& Gk ' (ational + International
! 5ew Appoint$ent 4 -India 6 3orld1
"! Awards 6 7onours
#! Sports -/ric)et, *ootball, 7oc)ey, Bad$inton, +ennis etc1
$! Boo)s 6 Authors
)! Defence 6 +echnology
*istri+,tion o- n,m+er o- .,estions Topic wise /Economy + %isc Gk0
Topics No. of questions can be asked
Inflation 1
Tax 1
Budget 2
Capital Market 2
Growt !ate 1
Basel 1
Go"t. #ce$es 2
I$p. /o$$ittees 1
Monetar% &olic% 2
'inancial ( Banking news )
International news 2
New *ppoint$ents 1
Books + *utors 1
&erson in News,-bituar% 1
*wards 1
#u$$it 1
#ports 1
#cience + Tecnolog% 1
!ead $ore. ttp.,,$,2/1),/),brief0anal%sis0of0topics0co"ered0in0
 Comp,ter -Internet, 0S4 Office, &#cel, Operating Syste$, 7ardware etc1
 %arketing&
! Ban)ing policy
"! Basic concept -8Ps of 0ar)eting1%
#! Product life cycle
$! Developing stage of organi9ation
)% Seg$entation, positioning and targeting%
*istri+,tion o- n,m+er o- .,estions in SBI PO Previo,s year E1am
Topics (,m+er o- .,estions
Asked in
SBI PO 2! &#a$
(,m+er o- .,estions
Asked in
SBI PO Associate
2!! &#a$
&cono$y !: !;
0isc, G) < !;
/o$puter !" !2
0ar)eting !! !2
+otal = > +otal = >
As we can see, out of total > (uestions, $ore than ; are co$ing fro$ &cono$y,
/o$puter 6 0ar)eting only% And in 2! and 2!!?s e#a$s, the sectional cutoff for
General Awareness was at $a# !! $ar)s%
In 2!; sectional cutoff for General Awareness was !" $ar)s for General and ! $ar)s
for S/@S+@OB/ category%
(ote& 'eep chec)ing Ban)ersAdda%co$ for Ban)ing Awareness and /urrent Affairs%
Also we will post Aui9 on /o$puter and 0ar)eting Awareness%
3e will also publish G) /apsule *or SBI PO e#a$ !> or 2 days before the e#a$,
which will contain past > $onths /urrent Affairs and Ban)ing, this will really help in your
G) section% So )eep visiting ban)ersadda%
!ead $ore. ttp.,,$,2/1),/),brief0anal%sis0of0topics0co"ered0in0
6ear readers7 ere we are presenting %ou a 8ui2 on #9*TING *!!*NG9M9NT7 wic will be
i$portant for upco$ing SBI PO exa$.
"#es $1%&'( #tud% te following infor$ation and answer te questions gi"en below.
9igt persons &7 87 !7 #7 T7 :7 ;7 < fro$ two fa$ilies are taking breakfast around a round table.
Tree $e$bers are fro$ one fa$il% and fi"e belong to oter fa$il%. 'our of te$ are $ale
T7 a $ale $e$ber is sitting second to rigt of ;7 a fe$ale $e$ber. In all cases ! as sa$e
position wit respect to #7 wo is second to left of 87 a fe$ale $e$ber. # is wife of < and is
sitting ad=acent to er usband. : is sister of < and is not sitting between ; and T. 8 is
i$$ediate left of ;. < is sitting i$$ediate rigt of &.
81. <ic of te gi"en state$ent is wrong>
?1@ : is i$$ediate rigt of #
?2@ T is i$$ediate left of &
?3@ 8 is sitting between : and ;
?)@ ! is second to left of <
?4@ ; is second to rigt of :
82. <o is second to te left of &>
?1@ 8
?2@ ;
?3@ !
?)@ #
?4@ :
83. Aow $an% persons are sitting between & and 8 wen we count anticlockwise>
?1@ 2
?2@ 3
?3@ )
?)@ None
?4@ Cannot be deter$ined
8). Aow $an% $e$bers are tere in <Bs fa$il%>
?1@ 2
?2@ 3
?3@ 4
?)@ Cannot be deter$ined
?4@ None of tese
"#es$)%&' -ne group out of fi"e groups does not $atc on te basis of sitting arrange$ent. 'ind
tat group0
?1@ :#8
?2@ !;T
?3@ T!&
?)@ <&#
?4@ !;8
?1@ T<
?2@ &#
?3@ <:
?)@ #8
?4@ T;
?1@ ;
?2@ 8
?3@ #
?)@ :
?4@ &
"#es $*%1+'( #tud% te following infor$ation and answer te question following it.
?i@ *7 B7 C7 67 97 ' and G are sitting in a circle and pla%ing cards.
?ii@ C7 wo is te neigbour of 67 is not te neigbor of '.
?iii@ 9 is second to te left of '.
?i"@ C is second to te left of G7 wo is te neigbor of B.
8D. <ic of te following is true>
?1@ 9 is te neigbor of G and *
?2@ B is te neigbor of G and *
?3@ ' is te neigbor of 6 and B
?)@ * is te neigbor of 6 and 9
?4@ None of tese
8E. <ic of te following pairs as te second person sitting second to te rigt of te first
?1@ 'B
?2@ C9
?3@ 9G
?)@ C'
?4@ None of tese
81/. <ic of te following pairs as te first person sitting tird to te left of te second
?1@ B'
?2@ G*
?3@ G'
?)@ C*
?4@ None of tese
811. <o is to te i$$ediate rigt of G>
?1@ B
?2@ '
?3@ 9
?)@ *
?4@ None of tese
812. <at is te position of *>
?1@ To te i$$ediate rigt of '
?2@ #econd to te left of B
?3@ To te i$$ediate rigt of 9
?)@ -nl% between B and '
?4@ None of tese
813. <ic of te following is N-T true>
?1@ ' is to te i$$ediate left of *
?2@ 6 is to te i$$ediate rigt of '
?3@ C is to te i$$ediate rigt of 6
?)@ * is to te i$$ediate left of '
?4@ *ll is true
*N# ?10C @
1. ?)@. ! is tird to left of <.
2. ?3@. ! is second to left of &.
3. ?2@. Tere are 3 $e$bers in between & and 8 in eac case.
). ?)@ . Cannot be deter$ined
4. ?4@. In all te options7'irst is sitting between second and tird. #o7 None -f Tese.
5. ?4@. 'irst is second to te left of second.
C. ?4@. 9xcept & all are fe$ales.
*N# ?D013@
D. ?1@. 9 is te neigbour of G and *.
E. ?4@. None of tese
1/. ?3@. G'
11. ?3@. '
12. ?3@. To te i$$ediate rigt of 9
13. ?1@. ' is to te i$$ediate left of *
!ead $ore. ttp.,,$,2/1),/),reasoning0seating0arrange$ent0
6ear readers7 as %ou know tat #BI &- 2/1) &aper will also contain a 6escripti"e Test of 4/
$arks ?1 our duration@7 wic will consist of 9nglis Fanguage Co$preension7 #ort &rGcis7
Fetter <riting + 9ssa%@.
#o7 ere we are presenting %ou HAow to write 9ssa%>H and few points to re$e$ber wile writing
an essa% in te exa$7 wic will be i$portant for upco$ing #BI &- exa$.
/o0 to 0rite an essay1
12 Analy3e t4e pro!pt2
Note exactl% wat is asked in te question.
<rite down te pro$pt on te roug page.
:nderline te ke% words in te pro$pt. Fook for words like Hexplain7H Hidentif%7H Hanal%2eH or
Break down te pro$pt into co$ponents. If %ou are to Hidentif%H so$eting and ten Hanal%2eH
it7 ten write 1 paragrap identif%ing watIs requested and a second paragrap anal%2ing wat
%ou identified.
22 5ist all of yo#r ideas2
<rite sort sentence frag$ents or ke%words of all of te facts tat %ou can re$e$ber. Tese
sould be facts tat will support te argu$ents or state$ents tat %ou will $ake in %our essa%.
+2 -rite a t4esis state!ent for t4e entire essay2
Tis state$ent sould identif% te point tat %ou will $ake in %our essa%.
*"oid writing state$ents about %ourself. 'or instance7 donIt write HI tinkH or HTe point I will
$ake toda% is...H
Make te tesis state$ent specific.<en writing about an interpretation7use neutral language to
state %our opinion.<rite HJawaar Fal Neru will alwa%s be re$e$bered as a great Indian &ri$e
Minister because e arguabl% ended te sla"er% in India.H *"oid writing H9"er%one tinks
Jawaar Fal Neru is te best &ri$e Minister in istor%.H
Make e"er% paragrap in %our essa% after carefull% considering te tesis state$ent.
42 6ivide t4e facts t4at yo# listed earlier into 2 to 4 7ro#ps2
Note te co$$on caracteristics of te points in eac group. Te co$$on caracteristics will
beco$e te topic sentences for %our bod% paragraps.
6iscard ideas tat donIt support %our $ain points. *dding additional ideas will $ake %our
writing unfocused.
!ank eac group in order of i$portance. #tart wit te least i$portant point in %our first bod%
paragrap and conclude wit %our strongest point in %our last bod% paragrap.
)2 -rite t4e topic sentences for yo#r 8ody para7rap4s2
:se 1 or 2 sentences for eac supporting point in %our paragraps. Make sure te sentences
directl% relate to te paragrapIs topic sentence.
#tate te supporting point. Ten7 state w% te point is i$portant. Ne"er write so$eting down
witout explaining its significance.
92 -rite t4e concl#din7 state!ents for eac4 para7rap42
!estate te argu$ent tat %ou $ade in %our topic sentence.
&2 Create a s4ort introd#ction for yo#r essay2
'or exa$ple7 use a fact7 quote or statistic tat relates to %our tesis state$ent. Kour tesis
state$ent sould be te last sentence of %our introduction.
*2 -rite a concl#sion. Te conclusion sould restate te tesis state$ent7 briefl% su$$ari2e te
argu$ents tat %ou $ade and finis b% stating te ulti$ate point of %our essa%.
:e0 points to re!e!8er 04ile 0ritin7 essay(
12 Coose te title "er% carefull% in wic %ou are perfectl% at o$e. Ne"er coose a title about
wic %ou a"e onl% a2% and a$biguous ideas.
22 Kou $ust =ot down %our points or ideas before %ou start writing te essa%.
+2 6o not go against te title generall%.
42 Te introduction sould be direct and rele"ant . 6o not beat about te bus and de"iate fro$
te title too $uc.
)2 *"oid %our essa% wit redundant quotations wic $igt can sow lack of expression.
92 6o not use stale idio$s and clicGs too $uc like Llea"ing no stone unturnedB or !o$e was
not built in a da%B.
&2 &ut eac $ain idea in to a separate paragrap.
*2 Kou $ust not gi"e nu$bers to paragraps nor is tere an% need of gi"ing sub0eadings.
;2 *"oid te use of slang and colloquial ter$s and tr% to de"elop a graceful7 dignified and literar%
102 Te essa% sould be written in a si$ple language. #entences sould be terse and sort.
112 Fet te tone of te essa% be infor$ati"e and suggesti"e.
122 *lwa%s re$e$ber tat te beginning and te ending of an essa% are "er% i$portant7 so gi"e
te$ te $axi$u$ attention.
1+2 Ne"er gi"e a categorical or one0sided conclusion. Te conclusion sould alwa%s be balanced
142 <rite in a beautiful and legible andwriting. * pleasing andwriting is alwa%s an asset
1)2 Kou $ust re"ise %our essa% after co$pletion to correct te $istakes7 if an%.
6escriptive Paper
6ear readers7 as %ou know tat #BI &- 2/1) &aper will also contain a 6escripti"e Test of 4/
$arks ?1 our duration@7 wic will consist of 9nglis Fanguage Co$preension7 #ort &rGcis7
Fetter <riting + 9ssa%@.
#o7 ere we are presenting %ou a few writing tips and an exa$ple on &rGcis <riting 7 wic will
be i$portant for upco$ing #BI &- exa$.
Pr<cis Writing: Writing a prGcis means making an intelligent summary of a
long passage. To write a prGcis one should have a clear understanding of the
passage: only then one is able to include all the essential points, tips and
tricks of essay examples in the prGcis.
Some general considerations:
1. Learn to shorten your words, text of written work, useful writing tips,
essential thoughts, ideas or fact.
. !t is generally accepted that a prGcis should be a third of the passage given.
!f the original passage has "## words, the prGcis should not be more than 11#
words in length.
". $ prGcis should be in the language of the prGcis%writer. The original passage
is not to be reduced in length by &ust removing unimportant or unnecessary
sentences and by reproducing the rest as the prGcis. !t should be a brief gist
or summary of the passage expressed in the writer's own words.
(. $ prGcis should be full i.e. it should contain all the essential thoughts, ideas
or fact in the original passage. !t should not contain repetitions or
observations that are not relevant to the main theme of the original.
). $ prGcis is always written in *eported +peech. The passage given may be a
speech made by a person in ,irect +peech, but the prGcis is to be in *eported
+peech or the Third -erson or in the -ast tense.
Techniques of Pr<cis – Writing
There three kinds of work to be done in producing a clear and successful
precis. They are .1/ *eading, ./ Writing and ."/ *evision.
1. Reading
*ead the passage carefully
!f one reading is not enough to give you a general idea of its meaning, then
read it second time. $s you read, 0nd out the sub&ect or the theme of the
passage and what is said about the sub&ect.
!t will be a good thing if you 0nd out the lead or the topic sentence. The lead
sentence will help you to see the sub&ect clearly. !t will also help you to think
of a title.
1ow comes the process of selection. The writer of the prGcis writing passages
has to decide what facts or ideas in the passage are essential and what are
of secondary or no importance. Taking the main ideas of the passages as
your point of reference, it should not be too di2cult to write out the
important points in the original in a corner of your writing work sheet.
2. Writing
3ou should 0rst prepare a draft of the prGcis, keeping in mind, the need to
reduce the original to one%third its length. The main thoughts expressed in
the passage, the ideas it contains, the opinions presented and the conclusion
arrived at should 0gure in the rough draft. 4nimportant things like the names
of people and places and dates should not 0gure in it.
!t may so happen that your 0rst draft is too long or that it sounds rather
&erky. +horten it if necessary and write out a careful second draft. +ometimes
you may need to work out three or even four drafts, but with reasonable care
and concentration, you should normally succeed in producing good
prGcis writing by the second draft.
3. Revision
When you have made your second .or 0nal/ draft, carefully revise it before
writing out the fair copy. Look for any mistakes or slips in grammar or
spelling and correct them. ,on't forget to give your prGcis a title.
-rite a pr<cis of t4e follo0in7 passa7e to one%t4ird of its len7t4 and also 7ive a s#ita8le
Toda% tere are 3/// $illion people in te world. 'ift% %ears ago onl% about 2/// $illion people
li"ed in it. If eartBs population were e"enl% distributed o"er its land surface7 tere would be
about 44/ persons to te square $ile. But 9art as "ast areas of forest7 $ountains and desert
wic are al$ost totall% inabited. -n te oter and7 it as great cities eac wit $illions of
people li"ing in a few square $iles.
To feed te fast growing population of our eart7 scientists and planners a"e to disco"er new
wa%s to produce $ore. -ne possible wa% is to bring $ore land not under culti"ation. Tis can be
done onl% in places were tere is lot of land not used for producti"e purposes. In $an% places
tere is no longer possible all te arable land is alread% culti"ated. * second wa% is to $ake use
of new t%pes of seeds to produce $ore. *lread% a nu$ber of new strains of padd% and weat
a"e been de"eloped in different parts f te world. India is one of te countries were a lot of
useful work as been done in te field of agriculture researc.
Title( -orld Pop#lation and :ood Prod#ction
Pr<cis( 6uring te last fift% %ears7 te world population as increased fro$ 2/// to 3///
$illion. It is une"enl% distributed wit $illions of people li"ing in a few big cities. #cientists in
India and abroad are7 terefore7 bus% wit agriculture researc to find out new $etods of
increased food production to feed te$ all and te% a"e alread% de"eloped $an% new strains of
padd% and weat.
!ead $ore. ttp.,,$,2/1),/),precis0writing0tips0and0exa$ple0for0
!ead $ore. ttp.,,$,2/1),/),ow0to0write0essa%0in0sbi0po0
SBI PO( C#rrent Affairs "#i3
"#es2 1 -4ic4 of t4e follo0in7 sports federations in India 4as 8een accorded stat#s of
,ational Sports :ederation recently and no0 it 0ill represent India in international events1
Earlier= t4e Sports >inistry 4ad de%reco7nised it for not ad4erin7 to 7ovt 7#idelines2
1@ Aocke% India
2@ Indian Boxing 'ederation
3@ *ll India Tennis *ssociation
)@ Bad$inton *ssociation of India
4@ None of tese
"#es2 2 T4e 5o? Sa84a poll sc4ed#le 0as anno#nced recently 8y t4e Election
Co!!issioner of India2 -4o a!on7 t4e follo0in7 is t4e c#rrent C4ief Election
1@ MG Balakrisnan
2@ Na"in Cawla
3@ ;# #a$apat
)@ Aarisankar Bra$a
4@ #K 8uraisi
"#es2 + T4e .BI 4as etended t4e date for ec4an7in7 pre%200) 8an?notes and 4as advised
8an?s to facilitate t4e ec4an7e of t4ese notes for f#ll val#e and 0it4o#t ca#sin7 any
inconvenience to t4e p#8lic2 ,o0 ec4an7e 0ill 8e availa8le till(
1@ 31 Jul 2/1)
2@ 3/ #ep 2/1)
3@ 1 Jan 2/14
)@ 31 Jan 2/14
4@ 31 Mar 2/14
"#es2 4 S4eila 6i?s4it 4as 8een appointed Governor of 04ic4 of t4e follo0in7 states
1@ Marnataka
2@ Ta$il Nadu
3@ Merala
)@ -disa
4@ None of tese
"#es2 ) -4ic4 of t4e follo0in7 state 7ovts 4as anno#nced to introd#ce 4ealt4 ins#rance
sc4e!e for @o#rnalists 0it4 provision of ins#rance cover 0ort4 .s 1 la?4 per ann#! for
1@ Mad%a &rades
2@ :ttar &rades
3@ -disa
)@ Merala
4@ None of tese
"#es2 9 Grae!e S!it4= 04o retired fro! international cric?et= recently= 0as erst04ile
captain of 04ic4 of t4e follo0in7 tea!s1
1@ *ustralia
2@ <est Indies
3@ New Nealand
)@ #out *frica
4@ None of tese
"#es2 & In a 7ro#nd%8rea?in7 discovery= researc4ers 4ave fo#nd t4at nearly 4=200 years a7o
t4e Ind#s Aalley civilisation 0as doo!ed 8y(
1@ * $onster drougt
2@ * $assi"e flood
3@ *n epide$ic
)@ *n in"asion
4@ None of tese
"#es2 * As anno#nced 8y t4e Election Co!!ission= t4e 5o? Sa84a elections 0ill 8e 4eld
8et0een & Apr and 12 >ay in 4o0 !any p4ases1 T4ese elections 0ill 0itness t4e 4i74est
n#!8er of p4ases so far2
1@ 'i"e
2@ #ix
3@ #e"en
)@ Nine
4@ 9le"en
"#es2 ; In case of dis4ono#r of a c4eB#e d#e to ins#fficient f#nds in t4e acco#nt of t4e
person dra0in7 t4e c4eB#e= a co#rt can p#nis4 t4e 7#ilty $defa#lter' 0it4 a prison ter! of
t0o years andCor a fine= 04ic4 can 8e as 4i74 as DDDDDDDDt4e c4eB#e a!o#nt2
1@ Twice
2@ Trice
3@ 'our0ti$es
)@ 'i"e0ti$es
4@ None of tese
"#es2 10 -4at is t4e priority sector lendin7 tar7et $as per cent to net 8an? credit' for
forei7n 8an?s in India 0it4 less t4an 20 8ranc4es1
1@ 2/ per cent
2@ 22 per cent
3@ 3/ per cent
)@ 32 per cent
4@ )/ per cent
1. 1@ Aocke% India
2. 3@ ;# #a$pat
3. 3@ 1 Jan 2/14
). 3@ Merala
4. 3@ -disa
5. )@ #out *frica
C. 1@ * $onster drougt
D. )@ Nine
E. 1@ Twice
1/.)@ 32 per cent
!ead $ore. ttp.,,$,2/1),/4,sbi0po0current0affairs0
Dear reader, here we are providing so$e classification (uestion which will helpful in
your upco$ing SS/ e#a$
*irections /2! 340& In each of the following (uestions select the one which is different
fro$ other three responses%
! -a1 &lectricity -b1 +elephone
-c1+elegra$ -d1 Post
"! -a1 +roop -b1 Group
-c1 0ob -d1 /lass
#! -a1 Investigation -b1 Analysis
-c1 Search -d1 /onclusion
$! -a1 Infrared 2ays -b1 2adio waves
-c1 B4rays -d1 Cltraviolet 2ays
)! -a1 &arth(ua)e -b1 Stor$
-c1 Drought -d1 &#plosion
5! -a1 28 -b1 :"
-c1 !2> -d1 !""

6! -a1 2D -b1 ">
-c1 82 -d1 D!
7! -a1 2": -b1 ;>:
-c1 >28 -d1 :;<
8! -a1 ;:! -b1 "D"
-c1 >:: -d1 >2<
4! -a1 > -b1 "!;
-c1 !!2 -d1 ";;
Answers wit9 Sol,tion
! /a0& All e#cept &lectricity are $eans of co$$unication%
"! /c0& All e#cept 0ob represent well4organi9ed groups%
#! /d0& All others are preli$inary stages of an e#peri$ent%
$! /+0& All e#cept 2adio waves are short wavelength radiations%
)! /d0& &#cept e#plosion, all others are natural pheno$ena% &#plosion is carried out by
hu$an being%
5! /d0& &ach of the nu$bers e#cept !"" is a perfect cube%
6! /a0& In all other nu$bers, the su$ of the digits is <%
7! /+0& In all other nu$bers, the su$ of the first two digits is e(ual to the third digit%
8! /c0& &ach of the nu$bers e#cept >:: is a perfect s(uare%
4! /d0& +he nu$ber ";; is a pri$e nu$ber%
!ead $ore. ttp.,,$,2/1),/3,ssc0qui20on0

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