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Congressional probe of PNP system of discipline sought

in light of recent crimes involving law enforcers
A lawmaker has expressed grave concern over a “now dangerous trend” of law
enforcers being themselves involved in criminal activities.
Rep. Sherwin T. Gatchalian !
"istrict# $alen%uela &it'(# author of )R !*+,# is
seeking a congressional investigation# in aid of legislation# on the effectiveness of the
disciplinar'# relief and dismissal s'stems and processes in the -hilippine .ational -olice.
“There is a now dangerous trend of officers from the -.- committing crimes and
profiting from their illegal acts when the' are supposedl' the ones tasked to uphold the
law and protect the citi%enr'#” Gatchalian lamented.
)e added that there is also a perceived impression that the /nternal Affairs Service
of the -.- and the .ational -olice commission “lacks teeth in the discipline and
apprehension of unscrupulous and corrupt police officers.”
)e# likewise# underscored the urgent need to reconsider and improve on the method
and s'stem of discipline of members of the -.- to ensure that public trust is restored in
the police.
“An investigation must be made to find wa's to enhance# among others# the
disciplinar' bod'0s powers and process of investigation# as well as the reprimand of erring
policemen and come up with a legislation that would help restore and preserve the
integrit' of the -.-#” the lawmaker said.
)e cited an article b' columnist 1rwin Tulfo last 2ul' 34# 3+!4 in a leading
newspaper exposing illegal gambling operations in 5etro 5anila allegedl' being
protected b' officers of the -.- .ational &apital Regional command.
“This is 6ust a ver' disturbing situation#” Gatchalian commented as he called for an
in7uir' b' the )ouse &ommittee on -ublic 8rder and Safet' as soon as practicable.
)e sadl' recalled an incident on September !# 3+!4 99 a digital photograph uploaded
on social media# consisting of three vehicles and armed men surrounding a sports utilit'
vehicle along 1"SA in broad da'light went viral.
“After a strong public pressure# the -.- conducted an investigation on the incident
and found that eight current police officers and one officer allegedl' dismissed from
service# were involved in the incident#” he noted.
NR # 3600
SEPT. 25, 2014
Another recent incident was on August 3,# 3+!4# involving -olice 8fficer 3 1dgar
Angel# who was previousl' arrested on a bu'9bust operation for possession of illegal
drugs# confessed to the killing of race car driver 1n%o -astor back in 2une !3# 3+!4
allegedl' in exchange of -!++#+++.++.
Subse7uent media reports have it that -83 Angel recanted his participation in the
-astor murder which elicited the ire of the victims0 famil' and the Secretar' of 2ustice
herself who could not believe his recantation.
Another hair9raising incident happened on September !
this 'ear when -8:
"omino Alipio# after getting into an altercation while collecting debts# went on a shooting
rampage inside the -angasinan .ational )igh School# killing three teachers and a
collector and wounding three more persons before he was subdued and arrested.
“;hat is happening< ;e have to do something# and fast= /t0s 6ust unfair to the
ma6orit' of our men in uniform who serve well#” Gatchalian stressed. :+( dpt