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Your·bot Announces Version 2.

0 of the Most Advanced Golf Tournament Scoring Apps f
or Any Mobile Platform
tour·bot(TM) and tour·botPro(TM) have been turbo-charged with new features and capab
ilities that allow users to run the most-advanced tournaments possible. Upgraded
with powerful new features, such as internet-based score sharing and internet-b
ased tournament leader boards, your·bot continues to bring the power of advanced a
pp development to all tour·bot / tour·botPro users with this FREE upgrade.
Chicago, Illinois, USA, September 23, 2014 -- your·bot(TM) and developer James Pre
te announces version 4.0 of the your·bot's golf tournament scoring app, tourbot4 (
v4.0 will be available soon on the iTunes App Store) for devices running iOS v8.
x or later.
The tourbot4 app has been completely rewritten to take advantage of all of Apple
's innovation included in iOS 8. A clean visual appearance with a strong emphai
s on the application information is the hallmark of iOS 8 apps. iOS 8 also provi
des support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and tourbot4 automatically takes advantage o
f the new screen sizes these devices offer.S
tourbot4 includes an advanced set of player management tools not found in any ot
her Mobile app for golf tournament management. Flight options include: By Tee As
signment, in 2, 3, or 4 quantitles, and manual assignment giving the tournament
director full control over player flighting. Foursome assignment allows the tour
nament director to assign up to five players to a start time with the option of
shotgun start.
tourbot4 offers 15 in-app purchase options for advanced tournament reporting, no
other mobile app offers this much. Pricing ranges from $0.99/USD to $6.99/USD.
Internet Leader boards and Tournament Score Synchronization is built into tourbo
t4! Now users can post results from within the app to the server
and instantly share them with their friends and competitors (internet-access re
quired). Live and real-time! Users may decide when to post scores or they can l
et the app post scores automatically. Let anyone waiting in the clubhouse check
the results as frequently as they wish on the server:
d.html. Tournament participants can also quickly review the tournament's current
status at any time either using a long-press touch on an uploaded tour selected
from the "Tours" screen or by downloading all players' scores for an event and
when scoring is complete, report the results using any and all games reports ava
ilable (over 27 report variations are available). The folks at your·bot have made
this new feature the most seamless and efficient scoring sharing capability avai
lable to any app on any platform. Battery impact is negligible. If access to the
internet is lost, no problem! The Apps will automatically recover when the inte
rnet becomes available and will update all missing information as soon as possib
Version 4.0 also introduces Foursome assignments to the Player Filtering tools.
Now, preassigned Foursome assignments may be quickly selected to focus the scori
ng screen on just the players you are playing with. It takes just seconds to set
up and can be instantly removed to reveal all players.
Finally, to ensure perfect scoring, Your·bot has added "Scoring Smarts" to the app
s. Now, when users enter the scoring screen for an event, tourbo4 will automatic
ally check all players for proper handicap index setup, and all course setup inf
ormation for completeness. If any of the critical setup-items are missing, tourb
ot4 will warn the user, giving them a chance to correct the information before e
ntering the scores. In addition, Your·bot has added a "fix" utility to previously
entered scores to allow new player and course information to be taken into consi
deration for calculating scoring results for a player.
Scoring Reports for Detailed Hole-By-Hole Scoring
Status Gross Net 2 & 4 Player Teams
1. Tournament Information Reports (Courses, Tees, Events, Players, Flight and Fo
ursome Assignments, 2 & 4 Player Assignments
Included _ _ _
2. Detailed Player Results
Included * * _
3. Event Leader Board for Stroke / Stableford Play
Included * * _
4. Tournament Leader Board for Stroke / Stableford Play with Drop-Round Option
In-App Purchase * * _
5. Eclectic Tournament report for Stroke / Stableford Play
In-App Purchase * * _
6. Skins games (either a Tournament style with roll-over for push or a hole-by-h
ole scoring)
In-App Purchase * * _
7. 2-Player best-ball game with either event-level team or tournament-level team
In-App Purchase * * *
8. 4-Player 2-best-balls game, also with either event-level team or tournament-l
evel team pairings;
In-App Purchase * * *
9. Match Play scoring results
In-App Purchase _ * *
10. Blind Nine tournament scoring system
In-App Purchase _ * *
11. Peoria tournament scoring system
In-App Purchase * _ *
12. Perrier tournament scoring system
In-App Purchase * _ *
13. Quota tournament scoring system
In-App Purchase _ * _
14. Alterative Quota tournament scoring system
In-App Purchase _ * _
15. Callaway scoring system with optional Dr. Scheid modified chart
In-App Purchase * _ _
16. Greenie Game Results
In-App Purchase _ _ _
17. Birdie Game Results
In-App Purchase _ _ _
All of the above games may be scored and reported at the same time on the same t
ournament. No other golf tournament scoring software for any platform can do thi
s. When doing total-round-summary scoring, golfers can score gross stokes and up
to three separate games (such as Binga, Banga, Bonga, or any three scores they
wish to keep) for all players on the tournament.
Advanced Features of the tourbo4 include:
App Features:
- Easy setup of all Course / Tee / Player / Tournament Information
- Many-Sync(TM) technology to allow the rapid transfer of all tournament setup a
nd scoring from the scorekeeper's iOS device to all participants iOS devices usi
ng the internet.
- Facilitates the communication of event location and event scheduling to all pa
rticipants in advance of the tournament day. Team Pairings for 2-Player and 4-P
layer teams, as well as Flight and Foursome assignments may also be sent via ema
- Link tournament participants to their Contact Address Book on their iOS device
to fill in first and last name and obtain an email address to allow rapid email
ing of tournament results to all participants.
- Using either the built-in camera or photos in the Photo library, add a photo s
napshot of the tour participants for a little fun during scoring
- Comprehensive Help System built-into including Instant Help®, PDF manuals and In
ternet-based and up-to-date FAQ for the Apps and tournament game definitions
- Unlimited capacity for courses, players, tournaments or events (subject to dev
ice capacity)
- Multiple data entry techniques, ranging from total-round scoring for four resu
lts (gross strokes plus three other games) - to hole-by-hole scoring (required f
or most tournament games) using one of three different levels of detail (gross s
trokes only and two additional player-level scoring / performance reporting opti
- Player Filtering for stream-lined Scoring, allows focus on just the players in
their group
- "Scoring Smarts" to ensure perfect scoring. (iOS 5.x min. includes fix-it util
- Internet-based Leader Boards and Tournament Score Sharing (no registration req
- Display or Email tournament results from iOS device.
- AirPrint® tournament results to any Apple-certified printing device
- Display on external large-screen monitor tournament results (compatible iOS de
vice and Apple-approved video adapter for iOS device required)
- Attaches a gZip'ed file to the email, with the selected tournament to allow th
e easy import into any spreadsheet program
- Free Registration on Handicap.GolfScoring.Co
- Download and refresh Club, Course, Tee information for available courses from with Free Registration
- With detailed Player scoring of hole performance metrics, Handicap.GolfScoring
.co will provide player stroke performance with trend analysis.
- Optional annual-paid upgrade on to allow the creation and maint
enance of an official USGA(TM) Handicap Index, virtual tournaments, social netwo
rking, assignment to local Golf Association / Club and more
Full use of all program features requires using detailed scoring options and the
entry of all course-related information, include: course rating, slope, Par by
hole and handicap rank by hole.
"Get the fun done!" with tourbot4(TM) for $4.99/USD from the App Store® on iPhone® o
r iPad®.
tour·botPro(TM), tour·bot(TM), tour·botPlayer(TM), tourbot4(TM) and your·bot(TM) associa
ted trademarks and logos are trademarks of James Prete.
About your·bot:
your·bot is a focused group focused on developing and delivering advanced and easy
-to-use software for amateur competitions that span multiple events and location
s. Principal developer, James Prete, has been developing software solutions for
a broad variety of markets for over thirty years.
your·bot Announces Version 4.0 of the Most Advanced Golf Tournament Scoring Apps f
or Any Mobile Platform
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