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The Evolution of Comic Expression

The art of comic narration is one of the multitudinous means of expressing human thoughts and
expressions through abstract graphic characters which has become one of the favourite pastimes
among children and adolescents giving way to metropolis comics’ culture. Etymologically the
word cartoon is derived from the Italian word cartone meaning large paper which is
instrumental for conveying meaningful social or political messages through engaging stories
and depiction of inspirational cartoon protagonists. Earliest cartoons can be traced as early as
thirteenth century in the Egyptian civilization where they used this mode of communication to
illustrate stories in the pyramids, monuments and different artifacts in order to highlight the
different moods of life like humour, inspiration, struggle, dilemmas, evil and other empowering
virtues of human nature which have the power elevate us from base human instincts and set
social codes for ethics and outlook.
This savoir-faire of cartoon story telling serves the purposes of both motivation and inspiration
and has been given its contemporary revolutionary dimension by the sires of modern cartoons
like Walt Disney, Art Spiegelman, Saul Steinberg, Charles Schultz, William Hanna and Joseph
Hannah. These artisans have played a pivotal role in creating influential iconic cartoon
characters variously armed with humor, intelligence, righteousness, courage and supernatural
powers in order to establish a quick rapport with the impressionable young minds. As a result
of their phenomenal popularity especially with the children the famous cartoon characters are
being merchandised and dished to the targeted mass in divergent ways and mediums. Comic
books, animation films, toys, puzzles are rampant in the market in order to stimulate and
captivate the imagination of children for the purpose of amusing them and also educating them
obliquely about the subtle nuances and rewards of human goodness and virtues. Superman,
Batman, Spiderman, Cat woman, Wonder woman, Ironman are superhuman comic
protagonists who are vested with unique and ingenuous gifts with which they brave and dare
the crocked evil minds and speedily make way to our hearts. It subconsciously motivates the
kids and adolescent children to imbibe these qualities for combating the struggles which come
in their way when they grow up in life.