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8:30 a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Vanier Collegiate
324 Macdonald St W.
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still (elcome.
,,,Please note t'at lunc'% snac-s and re"res'ments are included in t'e registration
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?" you 'a)e any 8uestions please contact @yle Aic'ten(ald at
Outline for Saturday, October 18
, 2014 and overview of the
8:00 am C 8:30 am CoDee and registration
8:30 am C 8:40 am Prayer and Welcome
8:40 am C >:30 am Presentation y .rc'is'op !aniel ;o'an
>:30 am C >:40 am coDee rea-
>:40 am C $0:40 am Session one
$$:00 am C $2:00 pm Session t(o
$2:00 pm C $:00 pm Prayer and lunc'
$:00 pm - 2:00 pm Session t'ree
2:00 pm C 2:$0 ppm coDee rea-
2:$0 pm - 3:$0 pm Session "our
3:$0 pm C 4:$0 pm !iscussion and closing comments
0:00 pm - Mass at St 9osep':s paris' $0<4 3rd .)e 47 22 loc-s "rom Vanier Collegiate3
!rchbisho "aniel #ohan$ 8$4% am & '$(0 am
“Bishop Dan will give the key note address, drawing attention to two subjects close to his heart:
the felt need society has for social justice action by the Church and, in this regard, the
importance of Pope rancis! ponti"cate#
Session one '$4%am & 10$4%am
$. )arth #alloon: &'e alloon is 0% 2 m 'ig'. Vie(ed "rom t'e outside% t'e ;alloon
presents an accurate and detailed model o" t'e eart' (it' its land masses and (ater
odies along (it' geograp'ic "eatures suc' as mountains and deserts. Eou can enter t'e
alloon and )ie( it "rom t'e inside% seeing t'e di)ersity o" t'e (orld:s ecosystems at a
glance. &'e goal o" t'e 7art' care alloon is to instill respect "or t'e eart' and promote a
desire to protect t'e di)ersity o" li"e on t'e planet.
2* Social "eterminants of +ealth and ustream thin,ing$ +yan Meilli - Fpstream is a
mo)ement to create a 'ealt'y society t'roug' e)idence-ased% people-centered ideas.
Fpstream see-s to re"rame pulic discourse around addressing t'e social determinants o"
'ealt' in order to uild a 'ealt'ier society.
3. -arion .entre, a /lace of #elonging: 4ancy &opping - .s director o" a prayer"ul
community liaising (it' )olunteers and ser)ing at Marian Centre% 4ancy ensures t'at
men% ('o usually 'a)e no ot'er place to turn% are pro)ided (it' a lunc' time meal%
clot'es and personal items. ;ut t'e ric'ness and emp'asis o" t'e Madonna =ouse
tradition lies in t'e relations'ips t'at are gradually uilt% so t'at t'ose ('o enter t'eir
doors Gnd a 'ome "or a "e( 'ours a (ee- ('ere t'ey Gnd t'e sa"ety% acceptance and
lo)e o" a C'rist-centered community.
4. /ielines 101: &racey Mitc'ell - W'at is at ris- in Moose 9a(H &'ereIs a lot o" Jargon out
t'ere aout pipelines: @eystone KA% 4ort'ern Late(ay% @inder Morgan% etc. ;ut ('at does
it all really meanH W'at do pipelines mean "or our economy and t'e planet (e li)e onH
WeIll also tal- aout t'e 7nergy 7ast pipeline t'at is slated to run near Moose 9a(.
0. 0abyrinth$ a time "or prayer and reMection in "ront o" Vanier Collegiate. 2!ress
accordingly to e outside3
Session two 11$00am & 12$00m
1* )arth #alloon$ See session one "or description
2. .atholic -issions in .anada: Nat'er 9esu Susai #M? is pastor o" St. LertrudeIs Paris'%
Pelican 4arro(s. ?n 20$$ St. LertrudeIs Paris' and St. 9osep'Is Paris'% Moose 9a( entered
into a paris' partners'ip. Nat'er Susai and memers o" 'is paris' (ill spea- aout
Missions Canada% t'e uni8ue needs and ministry in nort'ern indigenous communities% t'e
gi"ts t'at t'ey can oDer to us and t'e support t'at (e can gi)e to t'em.
3. Friends on the Outside 1FO2O34Restorative 5ustice: From behind the bars and
beyond$ Sr. +e.nne Aetourneau and +ic- McW'inney O&o loo- into t'e eyes o" a murder
and see t'e soul o" a man.P 2Nrom t'e mo)ieQ O!ead Man Wal-ingP3 &'is presentation (ill
eRplore 'o( prison ministry t'roug' N#&#5+estorati)e 9ustice is an eRperience o"
lieration% 'ealing and reconciliationQ W'at i" ? sa( an inmates: imprisonment reMecting
my o(n OimprisonmentP and need "or "reedomH O?" you 'a)e come to 'elp me you are
(asting your time% ut i" you 'a)e come ecause your lieration is ound (it' mine t'en
let us (or- toget'er.P 2Ailla Watson3
4. /overty Free Sas,atchewan: 9oanne =a)eloc- - . presentation on t'e researc' ('ic'
identiGes -ey pillars o" a po)erty elimination plan% reports on pulic consultations 'eld%
and plans to mo)e "or(ard on de)elopment.
0. /ublic /astures4/ublic 6nterest$ &re)or =erriot - &'e en)ironmental and social Justice
issues surrounding t'e disposition o" Sas-atc'e(anIs <0 "ederal Community Pastures.
Wor-ing to ensure t'at Nirst 4ations are included in discussions o" 'o( t'ese lands so
important to our ecological and 'uman 'eritage are treated. Aearn aout ('at is
'appening to t'ese large remnants o" nati)e grassland.
7* 0abyrinth$ See session one "or description
Session three 1$00m & 2$00m
1* )arth #alloon$ See session one "or description
2. 6dentity 0abels$ +ow do labels a8ect our identities9 9essica ?ron 9osep' - W'et'er
(e a*R laels to ot'ers% or apply t'em to oursel)es% "or etter or (orse (e ecome t'ose
laels. Aaels can ecome com"ort 6ones% or di)isi)e oundaries. ?n t'is rie" session%
(e (ill eRamine (ays to o)ercome t'e construct o" oundaries and connect to people on
a 'ig'er le)el.
3. Regina 0iving :age$ Simon 7noc' - &'e adoption o" a li)ing (age y Sas-atc'e(an
municipalities and employers (ould oDer a c'ance to more e8ually s'are t'e eneGts o"
an eRpanding economy and promote social Justice. &'e income security deri)ed "rom t'e
Ai)ing Wage eneGts not only (or-ers% ut t'eir "amilies as (ell% impro)ing 'ealt' and
c'ild de)elopment outcomes.
4. .atholic -issions in .anada$ Nat'er Susai C Pelican 4arro(s% St Lertrude Paris'
0. )very bite a8ects the world* !an ;e)eridge and Cat'erine Verral 2@airos-+egina3
?n t'is presentation (e loo- at our connections (it' "ood% eRamining t'e eDect o" ('at
(e eat% on t'e soil% (ater% climate and people near and "ar% including oursel)es.
Secondly% (e propose actions possile at t'e indi)idual and community le)el to respond
to prolems and t'e Justice issues (e 'a)e created.
7* 0abyrinth$ See session one "or description.
Session four 2$1%m & ($1% m
1* )arth #alloon$ See session one "or description
2. ! "ictatorshi )conomy- ;ert Pit6el-Coordinator o" Social 9ustice. ?n t'is presentation%
;ert (ill 'ig'lig't t'e di*culties posed y t'e current economy as eRpressed y Pope
;enedict and Pope Nrancis in t'eir recent (ritings% ('ile 'ig'lig'ting ('at an economy
(ort'y o" t'e dignity o" a person must "eature. =e (ill also loo- at !a)id @orten:s
o)er)ie(% consistent (it' Cat'olic Social teac'ing% o" 'o( one can respond to t'is
dictators'ip economy% o" no truly 'uman purpose% ('ic' 'as usurped go)ernment:s duty
to )igilance o" t'e common good.
3. Sanctity of life$ !id you -no( t'at in Canada t'ere are no la(s go)erning aortionH .
ay can e aorted at any time up to irt'S. legally. We are trying to de)elop
incremental legislation in Sas-atc'e(an starting (it' a Parental Consent la(. Nind out
'o( you can e in)ol)ed in getting t'is la( passed.
4. Frac,ing$ !ale =olmerg C . +esponse to O&'e 7conomic Case Nor =ydraulic Nracturing:
=o( CanadaIs poor pro)inces can e rescued (it' "rac-ing. &'e protests in 4e(
;runs(ic- against proposed 'ydraulic "racturing 2T"rac-ingT3 are not only de)oid o" "acts
ut 'arm t'e potential "or prosperity and lo(er personal taRes. .dd in t'e anti-"rac-ing
"rot'ing in neig'ouring 4o)a Scotia% and also Uueec% and it sums up to ill-ad)ised
pro)incial policies...Uueec% 4e( ;runs(ic- and 4o)a Scotia could reap more resource
re)enue y o)ercoming t'e largely irrational opposition to "racturing.T- Nraser ?nstitute
0. 0abyrinth$ See session one "or description