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Symantec Netbackup 7.

5 for Windows

Although each product varies in complexity and depth, all certification exams are created
specifically for customers and cover core elements measuring technical knowledge against
factors such as installation, configuration, product administration, day-to-day maintenance, and
This program consists of technical exams at a product/version level that validate that the
successful candidate has important knowledge and skills necessary to plan, install, configure, and
maintain Net Backup version 7.5 for Windows.
To achieve this level of certification, candidates must pass the technical exam and accept
the Symantec Certification Agreement.

DAY 1:
 Discuss the challenges of performing backups in Today’s enterprise computing
 Introducing NetBackup
 The NetBackup environment
 NetBackup concepts
 Describe the functions of the master, media, and EMM Servers and clients.

DAY 2:
 Diagram the NetBackup product architecture.
 Define Netbackup process flow.
 Define common terms used in the NetBackup product.
 Describe how NetBackup backs up and restores data.
 Identify NetBackup options and agents.

DAY 3:
 Use the NetBackup Administration Console and OpsCenter.
 Describe the various tape and disk storage types.
 Configure tape-based devices and volume pools and perform a robot inventory.
 Configure basic disk storage units and Advanced Disk pools.
 Tape libraries Overview and Types.

DAY 4:
 Configure file system backup policies and schedules.
 Perform manual backups.
 Restore files using the BAR GUI and OpsCenter
 Operational restore.
 Monitor NetBackup backup and restore jobs and perform basic troubleshooting and
information gathering steps related to failing jobs.

DAY 5:
 Describe the various methods of backup image duplication.
 Configure Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLPs) and initiate jobs that use SLPs.
 Back up and recover the NetBackup catalogs.
 Configure and manage disk pools.
 Optimize file system backups using incremental
 Backups, file system snapshots, multiplexing, synthetic backups and multiple data

DAY 6:
 Monitor NetBackup using the NetBackup Activity
 Monitor, NetBackup reports, and OpsCenter
 Identify backup requirements for application backups, database backups, and virtual
machine backups.
 Identify the resources available for troubleshooting NetBackup errors.

 Installation of Netbackup Master, Media and Clients
 Using the NetBackup Administration Console and OpsCenter
 Debug Logs & Reports