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Skittles: Enabling Marshawn Lynch Strong and Successful in His Game

Marshawn Lynch, the running back of Seattle Hawks shows an impressive performance with iconic
rainbow for Skittles giving him the energy he needs.

Not only that lynch taste the rainbow, however, he is promoting it as well. As he is fondly called as
“Beast-Mode”, hard-running Lynch is widely known as someone obsessed with Skittles. Lynch is seen
lifting massive amounts of the hard candy in preparation for the upcoming NFL season. He shows his
Skittles obsession through this online video. In fact, there are many times that Seahawks running back
has contributed to the increase of revenues of Skittles. Back in the 2011 game, he was fined $10,000
because of wearing Skittles cleats.

The obsession of Lynch to Skittles all began when he was a kid. His mother used to give her Skittles,
which is referred as “power pellets” before games. This caught my attention, after I’ve eaten the candy,
they leave my digestive system in a discoloured pill form, and I don’t even gain energy.
I admit I love this campaign although I am not a sports enthusiast and I don’t even watch the entire
football game. But I only have one issue regarding this. I am not allowed to eat hard, chewy, food-
colored, diabetes ridden candies including Skittles as this pose threat for my health. This guy use to eat
Skittles in a daily basis and is making millions of dollars as a professional player in football. I believe that
this man lacks some fats in his body. I started to gain 4 pounds and got sick for the entire week the
moment I ate even one bag of Skittles. Indeed, life is unfair.
I believe its right. You can be strong and successful like Marshawn Lynch if you will eat candy like
Howard Davidson Arlington MA- Skittles: Enabling Marshawn Lynch Strong and Successful in His Game