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Bringing Back the America’s Most Loved Bromance— Papa John and Peyton Manning

Bringing back America’s most favorite advertising bromance is the team up of Papa John and Peyton
Both Papa John and Peyton Manning just enjoy the company of each other. Just like what they do
annually, the restaurateur and the quarterback are casting it up in the kitchen once again. The only
“joke” in the ad is when Peyton misunderstands the meaning of the word superstition that makes the ad
a not so funny stuff. Well, I don’t have a plan meeting the person who will laugh at this ad.

Furthermore, the brand also wanted to have their presence in the social media for the 2014 NFL season
felt. Papa John will offer prizes and discounts for fans that will share their football-related experience or
share their pizza. I’m doubtful if people will exert effort just to earn a coupon considering that this
campaign gave away free pizzas over the last of couple of years by simply signing up online.

Now, here is the major problem of the repetition of this year’s Papa John/Peyton Manning campaign. It
doesn’t even matter if the commercial catches your attention before. Of course, it cannot be changed
that a pizza is still a pizza. However, they are making a deal this year having a large pizza that will cost
for $10. Can you consider it a discount perhaps? I am serious with that question. Yesterday, an ad from
Domino has caught my attention promoting their medium pizza for $5.99. Well, that I call an everyday
Of course, I am aware that Papa John will always claims that his pizza has better ingredients than the
other. However, the question here is in the eyes of the consumer, is it a better pizza than Dominos and
Pizza Huts? Of course, I am aware that I am putting them together under the category of “fast-food
pizza”. It can be a problem when a company’s “discount offer” is just equal to the regular pricing in the
With great advertising comes the ability to fight the possibility of being outpriced by your competitors,
but with this kind of ad, I am pretty sure it will not achieve what it want to convey. The promotion is not
like really a discount, and the spot is somewhat very dull. I would rather consider “vanilla” an exciting
term to it. Certainly, this combination is not impressive. Howard Davidson Arlington MA- Bringing Back
the America’s Most Loved Bromance— Papa John and Peyton Manning