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Berocca Pills fro Bayer: The Answer for Hangover

The Berocca Hangover Pills of Bayer is a great help.
Bayer receives a big thank you from its consumers. A cure for hangover is developed by the
pharmaceutical company. This is popularized in Australia and now in America. Now, there is no need to
worry about drinking.
Drinkers in Australia and New Zealand have been fighting off hangovers since the 1980’s. They make this
possible by using Berocca tablets. A mix of B vitamins, zinc, and Vitamin C composed this effervescent
drink. It helps fight off hangover from one country to another. As a matter of fact, its popularity spread
in England, France, Korea and many other countries across the globe.
Finally, Berocca will be available for American consumers. Old television ads give a clue that it can
strongly cure hangover albeit it was never advertised directly as a cure for hangover. Unfortunately, a
new ad intended for American audiences fails to hit the mark in a very wide margin in every possible
way. In this ad, you can see Joel McHale shouting in a span of 90-seconds. This act is somewhat tiresome
during its 15-second mark. The feeling of hangover is what Joel gave to me.
Brock Spedwell is the character portrayed by McHale. Perhaps there is someone thinking that it is a
funny name anyway. Indeed, it was not a good idea. Supposedly, Spedwell is dubbed as the ‘world’s
most motivational speaker. However, it does not stand to its claim since the act he played seems to be a
mixture of infomercial and a magic show rolled into one.
In addition, the thing that I learned from the painful minute-and-a half video of Berocca is that it is
effective in supporting “physical energy” and “mental sharpness”. The important things are what those
generic statements are all about. We are the one to discover the rest. According to the senior brand
manager for Berocca, Laura Pinkett, today is the “right time and the right moment” to introduce the
cure for hangover stateside. But I beg to disagree with her, this product should be launched when I was
still in college. Having Joel McHale scream at me for 90 seconds only worsen my headaches albeit I have
nothing against treating hangover. The pain across my temples has long been done.
Howard Davidson Arlington MA- Berocca Pills fro Bayer: The Answer for Hangover