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Yoga optimizes the health of the body and mind. The word yoga means to yoke, or to
bring together all aspects of the body and mind. Embracing unity and diversity, yoga’s
ultimate aim is a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. For some, this
includes a deeper connection to the ivine. !nce we make this connection, we can lead a
life of greater "oy, acceptance, and peace. #n conclusion, the articles that # have chosen
e$plain about the benefits of yoga fit.
Firstly, the article from the newspaper says that hatha yoga is the basic class of all
the other the classes in yoga. %ccording to my reading regarding this, # can know that hatha
yoga is a good way for beginners to learn easy asanas, rela$ation techni&ues, and to
become comfortable with yoga. This helps for a purification action that develops the lungs
and increases airflow through the nasal passage to improve blood circulation to various body
parts. 'hen the blood circulation of our body is in a good condition, for sure we can prevent
ourselves from many illnesses.
(e$t the article from the internet says that yoga is a good way for stress reduction
and mental calmness. The effects of stress are magnified when the body is not e$ercised.
)o, a few yoga e$ercises help to regulate the breath and rela$ the body by gently releasing
tension from the large muscle groups, flushing all parts of the body and brain with fresh
blood, o$ygen, and other nutrients, and increasing feelings of well*being. +educing stress
can also make a big difference for people struggling with infertility.
#t would be perfect if you practice yogic diet in your meal in order to en"oy the full
benefits of yoga. Yogis believe that our diets should nourish our bodies with foods containing
pure fruits, grains, and vegetables. ,asically, the traditional yogic diet is vegetarian,
prompting nonviolence to ourselves as well as all other living creatures. -egetarians more
likely have lower blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and relieve from
hypertension, prostate and colon cancer.
# conclude that yoga fit lifestyle brings us countless benefits such as stronger and
leaner body, reduced stress and tension, better posture, and a higher level of fitness. )o,
let’s "oin the millions of people who have already tried yoga and proved that it works. # think
there is no harm trying this beneficial lifestyle.
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