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Halifax Transit Left Me Stranded All Night For Eleven Hours On Street
ere is the report of what happened to me. ! have compiled together multiple videos ! did over the eleven hour period.
"his is horri#le and all #ecause alifax $etro "ransit is %nowingl& endangering all passengers lives #& not providing safe
four point tie-downs for the ver& heav& power wheelchairs on all new pu#lic transit #uses the& have purchased in the past
approximatel& seven &ears..
Halifax Transit Left Me Stranded All Night In My Wheelchair For
Eleven Hours On Street
Halifax us !river Says I Tried To "ill Hi# With My Wheelchair
"his is .ust a clip of the full report.
Wheelchair $a# % Stranded && Hours Heading To Mc!onalds
Here is what I was doing before this nightmare happened.
!aniel 'elaxing at Maynard La(e )! Slide Sho*
'elaxing at Maynard La(e in !art#outh Nova Scotia
+,ST'AINT +'T Wheelchair 'estraints -y Schet(y NW
us Sales
Uploaded on Mar 19 !"1"
;chet%& +? <us ;ales - www.schet%&
"his is an operational video for the 5@;traint 5:" :etracta#le ?heelchair :estraint and ;ecurement ;&stem. !t descri#es
how to properl& secure a wheelchair with this s&stemA and gives a step #& step account on how to fasten the #elts. !f &ou
have this s&stem in &our #us or vanA please ma%e &our drivers familiar with this video on how to operate the 5@;traint 5:".
1lease also chec% out our videos on how to operate wheelchair lifts. "han% &ou.
.oe /rier and .M/ Media *ith S0'ELO"1 Inc2
#u$lished on Fe$ % !"1&
=8;"= "=6D; 1:!CD !+ 6DD1!+B "D!: D$1-EFDD; !+9E:$DC =+C /1C="DC E+ ;=9D"F
1:E7DC/:D;. "!; ":=!+!+B 8!CDE !; E+ "D!: ?DD-7=!: "!D CE?+ 1:E7DC/:D; =+C E? "E
1:E1D:-F /;D "D :D;":=!+";. = $!--D:-<D-- $DC!= 1:EC/7"!E+ --7
0n*ins Four 4oint Wheelchair 'estraint
#u$lished on 'ul !9 !"1(
/nwins 9our 1oint ?heelchair :estraint #& B$ 7oachwor% for use in wheelchair accessi#le vehicles. ;ee for more details and the full range of vehicle adaptations.
'E'$ on Wheelchair Trans5ortation Safety $rash Tests
Failed $rash test of a *heelchair according to ISO &6789%
9 *ith a 8 5oint stra5 tie%do*n syste#
Uploaded on Apr 1( !"1"
;ee www.dahlengineering.d% for more information. "his video shows an example of crash testing according to !;E 10G42
part 2 utiliIing a surrogate wheelchair with a mass of 8G %g. =ccording to the standardA the surrogate wheelchair is
representative of all wheelchairs and is solel& #eing used to test the strength of tie-down straps and the occupant restraint.
Curing this test the front tie-down straps ad.usters failed. +otice the high forces involvedA even under the re#ound phase of
the collision. = more solid ad.uster had to #e developed to solve this pro#lem.
ad this product #een mar%eted and involved in an accident without prior testingA it could have had serious conse,uences
for the wheelchair user and other occupants in the vehicle.
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Wheelchair 4rotest On oard A Halifax Metro Transit us
Telling us !river Ho* Halifax uses !EA!L: For Wheelchair 0sers
re5o#an;< says
Fou should %now a#out the lfs is that the& have #een %nown to have wheelchair ramp pro#lemsAand had &ou tal%ed to
Nova$us themselves a#out the tie down issues) <ecause ! will send there toll free num#er on &our site. ! support &ou 100J.
Fou made me see the light ! will never live in +ova ;cotia. ! am awa%e. <&e
Halifax uses $AN NOT Safely Trans5ort 4o*er Wheelchairs
&of9 Inside -us
Halifax uses $AN NOT Safely Trans5ort 4o*er Wheelchairs
9of9 4olice
;ee full post here.
1lease elp to get alifax "ransit to 1rovide <uses that are 1roperl& D,uipped
Enl& 2J of alifax #uses have the e,uipment to safel& secure electric wheelchairs so that wheelchair users can not use
pu#lic transit and the& are deprived of their guaranteed human rights...ere is the cit& num#er to place &our concerns 302-
1lease read this related article.
alifax <us Crivers /nion !n 8iolation of uman :ights and Dndangering the Cisa#led
T*o years later !art#outh,s ne* -us ter#inal still not *heelchair
.ohn van /ur5 says2
"his gu& sa&s &ou can@t video) ?hat a .o%e. Bood that &ou stood &our ground on that.
/uy Threatens Life of !isa-led Wheelchair 0ser For 4rotesting
a-out uses
Festerda& ! was doing a protest at a #us stop with m& loud spea%er telling ever&one a#out the issue in this post..and this gu&
was threatening and harassing me...e thought m& load spea%er was a threat to his child. is child was not #othered #& me
at all and the noise from the motor c&cles and #uses was much loader then ! was..;o does this gu& chase after motorc&cles
alifax $etro "ransit <uses 7an +ot ;afel& "ransport 1ower ?heelchairs which is then den&ing all power wheelchair
users access to most alifax $etro "ransit 1u#lic <uses.
<uses do not have the necessar& four point tie downs. "he& do not have an& tie downs...
?hat a douch #ag that gu& isA .ust shows what a little man he is. Fou should have called the police.
$randon ,urrier
:ude pric% no respect.
! am a man in a wheelchair and ! come across man& of the issues &ou discri#e. 9rom one man to an other please &ou are
going a#out all of this the wrong wa&.
! cant spea% to everthing #ut from what ! have seen and watched in &our videos all &ou seem to #e doing is loo%ing for
!f it is as #ad as &ou sa& it is &ou need stop tr&ing to win &ou case in the pu#lic e&e #ecause &ou are ma%ing &ourself loo% at
fault and not helping &ourself at all.
! %now how frustrating it can #e and how it can #uild up #ecause there are pro#lems with access to places especiall& in the
winter months and we often dont have a choice where we shop #ut please stop tr&ing to ta%e it on in this wa& for &our own
self not for them.
$a&#e as% a friend or 0rd part& to help &ou ta%e &our concerns to the places &ou are having pro#lems getting into and
around in.
aving the person a#le to conve& &our concerns for &ou ma& #e ver& helpful. ! wish &ou good luc%.
! appreciate &our thought that &ou thin% ! am going a#out what ever it is &ou refer to wrong..ere in alifax and +ova
;cotia there would #e a right wa& if the societ& here cared a#out what is right...
Fou have no idea what ! have #een through and what ! have tried to do a#out the issues here in alifax..
"he pro#lem here is that +E E+D 7=:D;...
"here is no right here at allA so how can &ou sa& ! am doing it wrong.. "here is no groupsA organiIations or an&thing else #ut
me doing an&thing a#out tr&ing to ma%e things #etter for disa#led people..
! do not %now where &ou live #ut it surl& is not here..
! am denied ever& pu#lic transitA to health careA now no one will repair m& wheelchairA ! have #een left helpless not
#ecause of m& actions and effortsA #ut #ecause this place is horri#le and full of evil uncaring people..
!f it were not soA ! would have no need to #e doing what ! am doing. ow ! do it ma%es no difference.. +E E+D 7=:D;
and things are .ust getting worse for ever&one including the a#le #odied #ecause +E one 7ares....
"he more ! tr& to get .ustice the more the corrupt insiders attac% me...Fou need to wa%e up...
"he wa& ! see it is some disa#led people have enough famil& support and the fact societ& screws them doesn@t #other them
#ecause ever&thing gets ta%en care of through famil&.
"hen &ou have the rest of the disa#led population that@s alone to fend for themselves and it gets ver& overwhelming and
frustrating #ecause &ou spend all &our time tr&ing to do things li%e get on a #us or go in a store which should #e a non
$r. 9ol% hit the nail on the head that no one that doesn@t use a chair cares a#out the #ullshit wheelchair users go through.
"he person has three choices.........fight with ever&thing and ever&#od&A sta& home or adapt as #est the& can and deal with it.
Dventuall& &ou will run out of energ& tr&ing to change people that have no desire to change #ecause it doesnt affect them or
!ts an unfair s&stem and alwa&s will #eA although its some #etter than 00 &rs ago. 8er& slow in across the grid change.
L;urviventheEnslaught Bood comment. <ut threatening to harm a disa#led person in a wheelchair for protesting the
in.ustices is a crime.. e threatened to do me harm.
! told the 1olice ! have it on video and the 1olice did not care...
?e have laws to protect house pets #ut no laws to protect the disa#led...the disa#led are treated worse then animals..