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Thanks Alan for nominating. It’s been long, hope you’re doing great  Here’s my list.

1. ‘Harry Potter and the deathly hallows’ by JK.Rowling: A Saturday evening in the Central
Library at SASTRA, tears rolling down my cheeks when I read the line ‘From the tip of his
wand burst the silver doe’, I made no efforts to rub it off; Rowling untied the knot about
Severus Snape, a character I loathed in her 6 books and in the last one until that chapter,
who turned out to be my most favourite hero. Whenever I describe HP to someone, never
for once I forgot to mention about Severus. How wonderful love can be!
2. ‘Standing My Ground’-The autobiography of Matthew Hayden: Training period was over at
TCS, and was waiting for my project allocation at Chennai One. Bench period turned blissful
as I happened to spend 2 hours in ‘Landmark’ everyday during the ‘Bench’ period and read
the book. It was pure nonchalance when Hayden describes how Andy Caddick reciprocated
Hayden’s polite (he says so) hello with some grumpy abuse; and Hayden channelled all his
anger into his batting and went on to score a double hundred. Autobiographies can be fun
3. ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown: It was a time I felt no book could ever fill the void that
was created by the HP series. Then I stumbled upon by this book, an e-book to be precise.
Around 3:30 in the evening I guess, just wanted to know what the fuss was all about the
book, and thought of giving a little skim. I went to bed the next morning around 5 after
completing the book. And in came Robert Langdon into my life.
4. ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown: This was the recent novel I read, turned out to be one of the
expensive buys. A bit pedantic but an enjoyable one nonetheless. Surprised to know that the
children’s rhyme song “Ring a Ring o' Roses” alludes to the 18th Black plague that killed one
third of Europe’s population.
5. ‘Controversially Yours’ by Shoaib Akthar: The title sums up the entire book. He’s refreshingly
honest as he frankly accounts his love for money, girls and his disdain towards rules and
6. ‘Two States: The Story of My Marriage’ by Chetan Bhagat.
7. ‘Breaking Dawn’ by Stephenie Meyer: Those who read the book would know that the book is
tonnes better than the movies part 1 and 2 combined. Bella, a newly turned Vampire with
insatiable lust for blood; and what would happen when her human father pays her a surprise
visit (all thanks to Jacob), and hug her! A breezy narration.
8. ‘ohh yes I'm single (and so is my girlfriend)’ by Durjoy Datta and Neeti Rustagi
9. ‘Silent Honour’ by Danielle Steel: Surprised and delighted to know that my name ‘Giri’ is a
word in Japanese language and it means ‘Self sacrificing devotion’. Life is good when Hiroko,
a Japanese girl migrates to the US, when everything was going fine, what happens... The
Pearl Harbour incident!
10. ‘As the crow flies’ by Jeffery Archer
Ufff... got to sip an energy drink after an hour of typing. Brought back great memories... I
nominate Ranadheer Kumar,Anshul Khandelwal, Megha Rani and Sathish Thangavelu to list
down their favourite 10 books.