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Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free… I will free your prisoners from the waterless pit… (Jn 8:32, Zec
:!!, "I#$%
We know and love the story of how God heard His children as they groaned under abusive taskmasters—and how He led
them out of Egypt through an amazing series of miracles. Some .! billion "uslims today need to be freed from the bonds
and oppression of Satan. We need to intercede for the miraculous intervention of God in their lives# they can be set free$&
Today's Prayer Requests: From Students, Alumni, and Missionaries
GUINEA-CONAKRY: %n alumnus asks us to pray for the safety of workers in the two %ssemblies of God health
centers. % WH& agent visited one of the centers last week because an infected person had fled an isolation center and
come through the %G center. He writes' ()ray that none of the personnel have been infected.( )ray that' as "uslims
visit these centers' and especially during this time of heightened fear due to Ebola' the health workers will be able to
share *esus+ message of salvation with them.
THE GAMBIA: "issionaries ask for prayer as they work toward opening a ,ible school in -ebruary in this small
nation' which is ./0 "uslim. )ray for land on which to build permanent facilities. )ray for the ten or so students who
plan to begin the program. 1uring their schooling' each student will be tasked with planting a new church in an
unreached area. )ray that the 2ord will prepare the ground before them and give them favor wherever they go.
In the News
Since 3 September' more than /4'444 Syrian 5urds have fled into 6urkey' seeking refuge from the invading 7slamic
State. )ray that' as these people seek safety' 5urdish believers among them may have opportunities to share the eternal
hope that *esus offers. )ray for churches and believers in 6urkey who have contact with the refugees' that His light
would shine through them and draw others to *esus.
World Watch List: Pray for the Persecuted**
6he island nation of Comoros' made of up four islands and some islets in the 7ndian &cean off the eastern coast of
%frica' is 89: on the list of ;4 nations where <hristians suffer the most persecution. 6he islands are home to nearly
344'444 people. "ore than .30 are "uslims' and since :44. 7slam has been the state religion. <omorians seeking to
follow *esus fear being cut off from their families and losing community support. <hristian literature cannot be
imported and witnessing is forbidden. )ray for the small number of evangelical believers' that they will grow strong in
the 2ord. )ray that they will have a =uiet' growing influence as they live their faith before others. See more
information and prayer re=uests at http>??
For Muslim Women***
)lease pray that "uslim women in the very closed nation of @anzibar will have opportunity to know *esus. Zan'i(ar
is a )roup of islands in the Indian *cean off the coast of +an'ania, at least -. of its !%3 million people follow Islam%
Prayer Resoures
&/rayin) for 0uslims: 1 2uide for 3ffecti4e Intercession offers many insights concerning 7slam and a different prayer subAect
each -riday. 6his week we pray for a great eBodus of "uslims from darkness to 2ight > http>??
CC&pen 1oors publishes an annual list ranking the ;4 nations where persecution against <hristians is most severe. See the full
:49 World Watch 2ist at http>?? <lick on a country on the map or list to read its profile and prayer re=uests.
CCC"uslim women need your prayers$ Dou can Aoin a prayer network and receive regular re=uests at http>??
-or a list of resources for prayer groups' see http>??
-ind information and prayer re=uests concerning "uslims around the world at http>??www./
How should we pray for those imprisoned for their faithF Gead http>??
-or news updates concerning persecuted <hristians' visit http>?? and http>??
-or prayer re=uests' visit http>?? and http>??
6o help you answer "uslims+ =uestions about *esus and the ,ible' eBplore http>??

Jumaa Prayer
for the Muslims of Africa and beyond
26 September 2014 West Africa Advanced School of Theology