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A Venture Summary should contain:

1. Summary what is your idea/concept the venture is based on?
2. Market Opportunity what need are you meeting in the market?
3. Product/Service what are you selling?
4. Strategy/Business Model how will you sell the product/how does the venture make money?
5. Management who is running the venture?
6. Finance how much money do / will you make? how much capital do you need?
7. Public Summary a short paragraph on your venture (do not include anything confidential)

Please state in your venture summary whether your idea is a social or commercial enterprise.
Please stick to the 3,000 word limit. Feel free to fill it in using the boxes below. The website (
contains a Venture Summary Guide and other resources you may find useful in assisting you completing this. Submit your entry at
Due: Monday 11
August, 12pm (midday)

Venture Name (Please use the same name in iStart)

Team Lead Full Name

Team Lead Degree & Stage of Study

Team Lead University of Auckland UPI

Team Member #1 Full Name

Team Member #1 Degree & Stage of Study

Team Member #2 Full Name

Team Member #2 Degree & Stage of Study

Team Member #3 Full Name

Team Member #3 Degree & Stage of Study

Team Member #4 Full Name

Team Member #4 Degree & Stage of Study

Describe the idea/concept. This should have a strong, inspiring impact on the reader.

Market Opportunity (30)
Clearly establish that there is a definite and substantial need in the target market and quantify the nature and size of this
opportunity and identify who your competitors are. For a social venture it is necessary to comment on the impact the
venture will have on the community or environment and present your case in these terms

Product / Service (30)
Describe in simple and clear terms what the product/service is, how it is made and what state it currently is in.

Strategy / Business Model (15)
Explain how the venture generates revenues, produces, creates or acquires its product(s) or service(s) and the channels
through which it/they will be distributed it and what profits will be generated (ie. what is your business model and how will
you make money).

Management (20)
Outline the management team and their experience and describe the venture’s structure and history.

Finance (5)
Information necessary to establish a picture of the venture’s financial situation. How much money will you make? How
much capital (money) do you require? Where might you source the funding from? Try to give as clear an indication as
possible but don’t spend hours on this - you are not expected to be a financial expert at this stage!

Public Disclosure Summary (50 words maximum, not included in 3,000 word limit)
A brief paragraph that describes the venture but does not include any confidential or commercially sensitive information.