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East India company established in 1600.
East India company was permitted in 1634 to
trade in subcontinent.
East India company occupied Punjab in 184.
!ashmir was sold to "ulab #in$h in 1846.
%irst battle o& Panipatt was &ou$ht in 1'(6.
(nd battle o& Panipatt was &ou$ht in 1''6.
3rd battle o& Panipatt was &ou$ht in 161.
#ir #yed born in 181.
)eal name o& *itumir is +isar ,li.
%irst "o-ernor "eneral was .uid/e/,0am.
(nd "o-ernor "eneral was !hwaja +a0imud/
%isrt P1 2ia3at ,li !han.
%irst president was #i4ender 1ir0a.
%irst law minister 5o$andarnaath 1andal.
%irst 6hie& Election comissioner %.1.4han.
%irst 6hie& 5ustice ,bdur/)asheed.
%irst 6hie& o& armed &orces #ir %ran4 1esser-y
%irst 6hie& o& army sta&& "en.*i44a 4han
%irst #7P $o-ernor 8ahid Hussain.
%irst spea4er o& national assembly .uide/
%irst deputy spea4er was 1ol-i *ami0uddin
%irst capital o& pa4istan was 4arachi .
Islamabad become capital o& pa4istan in 1960.
,yoob 4han prime minister o& pa4istan &or '
1ilitary and Politics in Pa4istan was wrote by
Hasan ,s4ari.
:isco-ery o& Pa4istan was wrote by
1yth o& independence by 8.,.7hutto.
1st 612, ,yub !han.
(nd 612, <ahya !han.
3rd 612, 8.,.7hutto.
4th 612, 8iaulha3.
2and and "eo$raphy
,rea o& Pa4istan is 96096 s3uare 4m.
2andmass o& Punjab is ('.8=
2andmass o& 7alochistan is 43.6=
2andmass o& #indh is 1.=
2andmass o& !P! is 9.4=
2andmass o& %,*, is 3.4=
2andmass o& I6* is 0.1=
;estern>Pa4istani?ri-ers are
#indh consist o& 04 ri-ers.
7alochistan consist o& 0 ri-ers.
2en$th o& ri-er Indus is (896 4m.
2en$th o& ri-er 6henab is 1(4( 4m.
2en$th o& ri-er )a-i is 901 4m.
Aldest barra$e is #u44ur.
;arsa4 dam is situated in %,*,@
7asha :am is situated in "il$it 7altistan.
1irani dam is in 7alochistan.
1an$la dam is located between !ashmir and
:eepest place o& Pa4istan is ,rabian sea.
E-eryday #cience
1ost eBpensi-e element is Platinium.
6hemical name o& -itamin 6 is ,scorbic acid.
Hydro$en is 14 times li$hter than air.
7ones in human body are (06.
6osmolo$y is the study o& uni-erse.
Cnit o& %orce is newton@dyne etc.
Cni-erse has been created 13.' billion years
*he planet nearest to sun is 1ercury
6opper is the best conductor o& electricity.
#I system was introduced in 1960.
7lood cells are manu&actured by bone marrow
o& the body.
*he !el-in scale o& temperature is called the
absolute scale.
*he science o& study o& old a$e is called
*he instrument used &or measurin$ the
-elocity is called ,nemometer.
*he science which deals with the bird is called
In a normal restin$ man@ the rate o& heart beat
is ( per minute.
*he bri$htest planet is Denus.
Ibn 7aitar was a renowned 1uslim 7otanist.
#olar eclipse occurs in &ull moon.
#tandard pressure is 60 mm/H$.
!itab/al/1ana0ar is publication by a &amous
1uslim #cientist about Aptics.
6ytolo$y is the branch o& biolo$y which deals
with the study o& structure and &unction o&
, branch o& medicine studyin$ blood and its
disorders is called Haematolo$y.
, biolo$ical study o& eBternal &orm and
structure o& li-in$ or$anisms or their parts is
, study o& the chemical composition o& the
earthEs crust is called "eolo$y.
%re3uency o& audible sound is (0/(0@000 H0.
:e&iciency o& -itamin 7 causes 7eriberi.
*he chemical $enerally used in re&ri$erator is
*he outer most layer o& the earth is called
*he memory o& the computer is eBpressed in
,I:# is caused by Human Immuno :e&iciency
Dirus >HID?.
)ichter scale measures the se-erity o&
6od li-er oil contains Ditamin :.
7lue colour has shortest wa-elen$th.
2i$ht tra-els &attest in Dacuum.
)ic4ets is caused by the de&iciency o& -itamin
"enerators con-ert mechanical ener$y into
+ama0 e Istis3a is prayer &or rain.
*he word *ehlil means recitation o& !alima.
1a44ah was con3uered in 8 ,.H
8a4at was made obli$atory in ( ,.H
00 times 1uslims ha-e been commanded &ro
the per&ormance o& +ama0.
(' Prophets>,.#? are mentioned in Holy
1ajor portion o& .uraan was re-ealed at ni$h
*he &irst ;ahi consisted o& ' -erses.
Ha0rat 1usa has been mentioned in .uraan
13' times.
Ha0rat Ibrahim has been mentioned in .uraan
63 times.
%irst Haa&i0 .uraan was Ha0rat Csman ).,
;omen &irstly too4 part in battle o& Chud.
,0an started in 1st hijri.
%irst Eid/ul/,0ha in (nd hijri .
;A)2:/;I:E "E+E),2 !+A;2E:"E
#,D,! is the secret police o& Iran.
*he important country close to international
date line is +ew 8ealand.
C+ has siB o&&icial lan$ua$es i.e
6,#PI,+ #E, I# *HE 2,)"E#* 2,!E A% *HE
,+"E2 #,2*A I# *HE 2,)"E#* ;,*E) %,22 I+
*HE ;A)2:.
*he &irst Prime minister o& 7an$ladesh was
1ujibur )ehman
*he lon$est ri-er in the world is the +ile
*he bi$$est desert in the world is the #ahara
*he lar$est co&&ee $rowin$ country in the world
is 7ra0il
*he country which ran4s second in terms o&
land area is 6anada
*he lar$est Island in the 1editerranean sea is
*he len$th o& the En$lish channel is '64
*he city which is also 4nown as the 6ity o&
6anals is Denice
*he bi$$est island o& the world is "reenland
*he city which is the bi$$est centre &or
manu&acture o& automobiles in the world is
*he country called the 2and o& )isin$ #un is
*he country 4nown as the #u$er 7owl o& the
world is 6uba.
*he len$th o& the #ue0 6anal is 16(.'
*he lowest point on earth is *he coastal area
o& :ead sea.
.antaas is the ariline o& ,ustrailia.
7iman is the ariline o& ban$ladesh.
,ir 7lue and ,ero ,sia are airlines o& Pa4istan.
,ustralia was disco-ered by 5ames 6oo4
*he earlier name o& +ew <or4 city was +ew
*he country which has the $reatest population
density is 1onaco
*he $ateway to the "ul& o& Iran is #trait o&
,&$hanistan / !abul
,lbania / *irana
,l$eria / ,l$iers
,ndorra / ,ndorra la Della
,n$ola / 2uanda
,r$entina / 7uenos ,ires
,rmenia / <ere-an
,ustralia / 6anberra
,ustria / Dienna
,0erbaijan / 7a4u
7ahamas / +assau
7ahrain / ,l/1anamah
7an$ladesh / :ha4a
7arbados / 7rid$etown
7elarus / 1ins4
7el$ium / 7russels
7eli0e / 7elmopan
7enin / Porto/+o-o
7hutan / *himphu
7oli-ia / 2a Pa0 >administrati-e?F #ucre
7osnia G Her0e$o-ina / #araje-o
7otswana / "aborone
7ra0il / 7rasilia
7runei / 7andar #eri 7e$awan
7ul$aria / #o&ia
7ur4ina %aso / Aua$adou$ou
7urundi / 7ujumbura
6hina 7eijin$
%rance Paris.
"hana ,ccra.
India new :elhi
5apan *o4yo
Hon$4on$ Hunoei
1alaysia !ualalampur
+etherland Ha$ue
+epal !htamandu
+orth !orea Pyon$ <an$
Pa4istan Islamabad
#audi ,rabia )iyadh
#outh !orea #eoul
#omalia 1o$hadhaishu
#wit0erland 7russels
*ur4ey ,n4ara
Crdan Aman
Interpol was established in 19(3 >19'6?
6ommon ;ealth was established in 1931
C+A was established on (4 Act 194'
,rab 2ea$ue was established in 194'
I65 was established in 194'
C+I6E% was established in 1946
+,*A was established in 1949
C+H6) was established in 19'0
#E,*A was established in 19'4
APE6 was established in 1960
+,1 was established in 1961
,:7 was established in 1966
,#E,+ was established in 196
AI6 was established in 1969
#,,)6 was established in 198'
E6A was established in 198'
:8 was established in 199
H. o& ,:7 PhilippinesH 1anila
H. o& ,rab 2ea$ue 6airo
H. o& ,#E,+ 5a4arta@ &ounded at 7an$4o4
H. o& 6ommon ;ealth 2ondon
H. o& ,mnesty International 2ondon
H. o& :8 *ur4ey
H. o& E6A *ehran
H. o& I65 Ha$ue >+etherland?
H. o& )ed 6ross G )ed 6rescent "ene-a
H. o& I2A "ene-a >#wit0erland?
H. o& ;HA "ene-a >#wit0erland?
H. o& ;*A "ene-a >#wit0erland?
H. o& C+H6) is in "ene-a >#wit0erland?
H. o& Interpol 2yon >%rance?
H. o& AI6 5eddah established in )abat
H. o& #,,)6 !atmandu/ established at :ha4a
H. o& +,*A 7russels
H. o& #E,*A 1anila
C+A was &ormed at #an %rancisco
H. o& C+:P +ew <or4 >C#,?
H. o& Human )i$ht ;atch +ew <or4
H. o& C+A +ew <or4
A&&ice o& C+ "eneral ,ssembly is in +ew <or4
H. o& C+I6E% +ew <or4
H. o& APE6 Dienna
H. o& I,E, Dienna >,ustria?
H. o& *ransparency International 7erlin@
H. o& %,A )ome >Italy?
H. o& I1% ;ashin$ton >C#,?
H. o& ;orld 7an4 or I7): ;ashin$ton >C#,?
H. i& C+E#6A Paris >%rance?
Human )i$hts )esolution was adopted by C+
in 194'
• ;orld En-ironment :ay is obser-ed
on 5th June
• *he &irst )epublican President o&
,merica was Abraham Lincoln
• *he independence day o& #outh !orea
is celebrated on 15th August
• IParadise )e$ained was written
by John Milton
• *he &irst President o& E$ypt
was Mohammed Nequib
• *he primary producer o& newsprint in
the world is Canada
• ;orld literacy day is celebrated on 8th
• *he country 4nown as the land o& the
midni$ht sun is Norway
• *he &ounder o& the 6hinese )epublic
was San at Sen
• *he &irst #ecretary "eneral o& the C+A
was !ryg"e Lie
• *he &irst woman Prime 1inister o&
7ritain was Margaret !hatcher