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Getting married abroad
1. Where do you want to get married?
2. Do you live in the UK?
3. Where do you live?
4. What is your partners nationality?
5. Is your partner of the opposite sex, or the same sex?
Opposite sex
Marriage in Spain
Contact the Embassy of Spain ( bef ore
making any plans to f ind out about local marriage laws, including what documents youll need.
You should also check the travel advice f or Spain (
Civil weddings in Spain take place at a town hall, register of f ice or district court. You need to register with the
local civil authorities af terwards to get an of f icial marriage certif icate if you have a religious wedding.
Check with the civil registry (
apartado=buscadorGeneral&tipo=RC) where youre getting married.
There are certain legal restrictions if neither of you is resident in Spain. If you both live outside Spain, you
should check with the civil registry where youre planning to getting married to f ind out if this is allowed.
What you need to do
You may be asked to provide a certif icate of no impediment (CNI), marital status certif icate or both to prove
youre allowed to marry.
You may also need to get a marital status certif icate if youre living with your partner and want to get a
pareja de hecho (
certificate-for-pareja-de-hecho) (cohabitation registration).
You can normally get a CNI by giving a notice of marriage at your local register of f ice or registrar in the UK. Find
your local of f ice or registrar in England and Wales (, Scotland (http://www.gro- or Northern Ireland (
A CNI issued in England, Wales or Northern Ireland is valid f or 6 months. A CNI issued in Scotland is valid
f or 3 months.
Theyll post your notice, and as long as nobody has registered an objection af ter a specif ied number of days
(normally 15 or 21), theyll issue your CNI.
Legalisation and translation
You might need to exchange your UK- issued CNI f or one thats valid in Spain at the nearest embassy or
consulate to where youre getting married.
You should also check if it needs to be:
legalised ( (certif ied as genuine) by the FCO
translated - f ind a translator abroad (
office/series/list-of-lawyers), or in the UK through the Institute of Linguists
You should also check with the local authorities to f ind out if you need to provide legalised and translated copies
of any other documents.
Your partner will need to get their own CNI.
Your partner will need to f ollow the same process and pay the f ees to get their own CNI.
The names on all documents you provide must appear exactly as they do on your passports - if not, the
authorities may ref use to allow the marriage to go ahead. You may need to provide evidence if the name
on your passport is dif f erent to your birth certif icate (eg marriage certif icate or deed poll).
Getting a marital status certificate
In some parts of Spain you may need to to get a marital status certif icate (certif icado de estado civil) instead
of , or as well as, a CNI (certif icado de no impedimento).
Check with the civil registry (
apartado=buscadorGeneral&tipo=RC) where youre getting married. If you need one, ask a solicitor
( (abogado) to draw up a declaration f or you
printed on their headed paper.
If its on blank, non- headed paper, theyll need to give you a separate letter including their contact details,
conf irming that theyve drawn up the declaration.
Youll then need to make an appointment at the consulate to make the declaration and sign the document in
f ront of a consular of f icer - so dont sign it bef orehand.
Download instructions in English and Spanish on what the declaration needs to include.
Download Marital status declaration instructions in English (PDF, 363KB)
instruction-en.pdf) Download Declaracin de estado civil instrucciones en Espaol (PDF, 236KB)
Youll also need a completed marital status certif icate application f orm, as well as the supporting documents
and the f ee (see below). These are the same as the ones you need f or a CNI.
Crown Copyright
Download Marital status certif icate appointment request f orm (DOC, 53KB)
Your partner will also need to get a marital status certif icate f rom the consulate and pay the f ees if the civil
registry have told you that they need one.
Other requirements for Spain
The civil registrar may also ask f or conf irmation of your addresses f or the past 2 years (conf irmacin de
domicilio para casarse en Espaa).
You can get a consular letter with proof of address f or marriage (
services-guide-for-spain#proof-of-address-for-marriage) f rom the consulate if you need to provide this.
Servi ce Fee
Receiving a notice of marriage 65
Issuing a CNI, Nulla Osta or equivalent 65
Issuing any other consular letter or certif icate in English 45
Issuing any other consular letter or certif icate in any other language 70
Administering an oath or making a declaration 55
You normally have to pay f ees f or consular services in the local currency - these are shown in the list of consular
f ees f or Spain (
You can pay by cash or credit card, but not by personal cheque.
Last updated: 28 May 2014