ALERT THE HAZARD (United States of American must create World War III to avoid liabilities.

) Remember this quote from Sister Soulah," a state of war can exist without your cooperation, without your desire to fight, without your willingness to die or live, your enemy can declare war on you without your permission; a state of war exist anytime any individual or COLLECTIVE OF INDIVIDUALS or SYSTEMS of power try to take from you that which is rightfully yours." For what is rightfully yours see LAWS OF THE US CONSTITUTION for what is rightfully yours. One of the acronyms as an employee of the United States Postal Service I received from the employee assistance program (EAP) is the blownhead featured on Another is ATH - Alert the Hazard. Acronyms used to try and convince me that others; not them were responsible for my condition. The fact that I was attempting to seek justice, in an unjust system is never mentioned. A system placing economic over justice creating terrorism responsible for the total destruction of entire American families (i.e. suicides and executions). Since Supreme Court case (99-565 plus supplements) continues to go unpublished. I will begin to share with you what U.S. Gov't Officials have and refuse to act upon because of liability. I will start with this Letter I received from a patriot after I appeared on The Jerry Springer Show. Yes, the Jerry Springer Show, this was when Jerry attempted to replace Phil Donahue after the Khalid Muhammad appearance ruined him. Something just came to mine. Khalid mysteriously died like ED (Federal Times) and Joseph (they declared war on me; wonder if there is a link. Oh where was I? Yeah! The Jerry Springer show (SO-618-93) "VIOLENCE AT THE P.O.". Douglas Holbrook (APWU) was scheduled to appear, but didn't. There was no follow-up to this show and it was not mentioned in Ringmaster (ISBN- 0-312-20188-5) Jerry's book. I did notice a remarkable amount of USPS Priority Mail Commercials being run within the Jerry Springer Show. Never the less here is the letter I received from the Jerry Springer Show. June 22, 1993 Mr. Jerry Springer 454 Columbus, 2nd. Floor Chicago, IL 60611 Dear Mr. Springer: I saw part of your program (Ch. 27, Dallas TX, 8PM, 6/18/93) about the postal employee. I didn't catch his name but he was the one wearing the red tee shirt and black backward hat. At least once every day for 11 years I have had to decide whether or not to kill some of the people that I used to worked under, I have imagined various methods, such as bombs,

electrocution, suffocation, poisons, drowning, & worse. I probably would have killed them long ago except that I kept trying to figure out something better, because killing would be too good for them. I have been dead for 11 years, not walking a "walking wounded" as one of your experts put it, but a walking dead man - a zombie. They destroyed me maliciously and deliberately, like being gang stomped. It left my mind permanently impaired. I will be mentally crippled until I die. It's a sophisticated way to destroy a person, because physical injury can incur legal liability, but severe psychological debilitation can, I found, be engineered with impunity by those with totalitarian corporate power. It seemed you had some difficulty comprehending why Mr.? "allowed" them to do this to him. I understood it immediately and thoroughly. I recognized from just a few key words that his feelings were altogether familiar, as though the same standard "management technique" had been used on both of us, expertly orchestrated by people practiced in its application, to produce identical results. If we were both postal employees such a case could be quite conceivable, but my job was in a very different type organization. Hence I write this to suggest for your contemplation whether the perplexing symptoms that have been manifested in the U.S. Postal Service might not be a precursor of a hidden volcano about to erupt throughout this strained society. I did not perceive that any participant except Mr.? Really understood the scenario involved. It would be unfortunate if such incidents recur because no one troubles to objectively investigate the phenomenon deeply enough to understand what is actually going on. In the unhappy event of further such occurrences attracting national attention, I hope you will be reminded of this letter. I would like you to know that I have never before been able to express the above thought to anyone. There is much more on this matter that I need to somehow get off my chest, but I don't want to protract this letter any further. If you would arrange for Mr.? to get a copy of this letter, with my address, I would very much like to explore why our experiences seem to be so identical. Very truly yours, I omitted the signature to protect the ethical. I had been told by the Johnson County Sheriff Officer that my phone was being tapped. I think this was also during the time that Chief Postal Inspector Kenneth Hunter threatened Ed Winsten of the Federal Times. And we had ethical shows like the Crusaders and Day1One. Kyrie Eleison.

CooN by YA (YHVH) Allen Carlton

National Whistleblower -

Revelation receiver of the Peoples Righteous Kill Defense (PRKD) Peoples Army

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