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February 2009
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I'd like to first thank everyone who attended our very successful Annual Meeting this past January 29th. The evening's agenda was packed with great information from several of our preservation partners and the setting in the Undercroft of Trinity Church was absolutely spectacular. Many thanks to Ellen Lipsey, Wendy Nicholas and Carl Jay for providing such wonderful talks. The Annual Meeting is not only a great vehicle for networking but it also gives Preservation Massachusetts the opportunity to set out and publicize our busy set of priorities for the coming year. In keeping with our e-news letter format, I hope you take the time to read the latest article by our Circuit Rider, Michele Barker. Michele is a wealth of knowledge and information and the response PM has received from the last Circuit Rider article was overwhelmingly positive. Preservation Massachusetts hopes that you enjoy Our Commonwealth and that you find it useful with announcements of upcoming events as well as helpful articles from across the Commonwealth. I would like to take a moment and thank Anulfo Baez our Office Manager for preparing

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Our Commonwealth - February News From Preservation Massachusetts

Preservation Massachusetts Board of Directors
Claudia S. Wu - Chair Jack Hodgkins -Vice Chair Douglas Kelleher - Clerk Phil A. Madonia- Treasurer James G. Alexander, FAIA Pamela Bailey Daniel R. Benoit Thomas F. Birmingham Jean Carroon, FAIA Kara Cicchetti Stuart Gregerman Frank T. Keefe Todd McCabe James McDermott Michael H. Rosenberg Yanni Tsipis Rita Walsh Fran Weld

the e-newsletter and getting it out in a timely fashion - no easy trick with everything that's going on in our office.

A Day in the Life of a Circuit Rider: Michele Barker

WHEN THE CALL COMES TOO LATE... Community Preservation Coalition Executive Director Stuart Saginor has described us Circuit Riders as "...Superman (or Superwoman) arriving on the scene in the nick of time to rescue historic assets all over the Commonwealth!" While that's very, very flattering, it can also be very hard to live up to! Daring last-minute rescues make for great graphic novels, but in real life, that last-minute call is as likely to result in a bulldozed building as a nick-of-time save. At staff meetings, we three Circuit Riders often find ourselves sharing stories about the call that comes after the demolition delay has expired, or a few hours before town meeting, or when a dispute between a developer and a preservation organization has grown so rancorous that communication seems impossible, never mind compromise.

James W. Igoe President Erin D. A. Kelly Assistant Director Anulfo G. Baez Office Manager Elsa Fitzgerald Special Projects Manager Lorelle Carlson Intern

Circuit Riders
Michele P. Barker Anne Dodge Dorr Fox

In Wellesley, I got the call from the Historical Commission that barely had time to salvage some beams, windows, and flooring before a country club demolished the town's original almshouse and town hall. In Dover, the call came to Dorr after demolition delay had expired on the oldest house in town. And in Topsfield, Anne got the call from a resident who learned belatedly that the Historical Commission didn't pass demo delay on a house located between the edges of the town's historic district and its commercial district. In spite of the caller's efforts and Anne's

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Our Commonwealth - February News From Preservation Massachusetts

Support Preservation Massachusetts!

assistance, within a month the house was gone. That last-minute alert is often unavoidable. Our members have probably all encountered communities where nothing short of a crisis will stir residents into action to save resources that they've taken for granted all their lives. Preservation Massachusetts' "Most Endangered" list, for example, has been a powerful tool for preservation. Of the 156 resources named over the last fifteen years, nearly two-thirds are saved or in progress. And sometimes the preservation crisis can even happen in spite of everyone's best efforts. Take the case Dorr worked on in Martha's Vineyard, in which a property owner demolished an Oak Bluffs Methodist Campground cottage in spite of being forbidden to do so. By the time a neighbor called to stop the process, little was left but the façade. While the crisis call will probably always be a major part of our jobs, our role as Circuit Riders is also to help communities build the disasterpreparedness skills to foresee and avoid the next crisis or, when a crisis is unavoidable, to have the know-how and the confidence to win that final showdown. So when you're talking up the Circuit Rider program, let communities know that there doesn't have to be a crisis for them to call us. Calling your friendly local Circuit Rider is kind of like voting in old-time Chicago-it's best to do it early and often! As thrilled as we are to be compared to superheroes, we're even more thrilled to be building a statewide network of preservation superheroes ready to meet the next crisis long after that Circuit Rider has ridden off into the sunset.

Preservation Massachusetts is entirely supported by our Corporate and Individual Members and Foundations. Find out about Corporate benefits, events, programs and take an active role in preserving our Commonwealth. Join today! www.preservationmass.org

PM Members Answer Call for Annual Appeal!

Thanks to the generosity and support of the following members for the Annual Appeal. If you haven't had an opportunity to make a tax deductible donation and would still like to please click here. Preservation Massachusetts would like to send a sincere Thank You to the following members for their generous contributions to the Annual Appeal:

ADD Inc. James G. Alexander Barbara Bashevkin Bruce S. Cohen Leslie Donovan Wendy Nicholas Dorsey Gregory J. and Beth Goldman Galer Jack I. Glassman Matthew J. Kiefer and Nan Porter William B. King Samuel B. Knight, Jr. Christine Kwitchoff Ellen J. Lipsey David L. Feigenbaum and

Before and After of 59 Main Street in Topsfield, Anne Dodge

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Our Commonwealth - February News From Preservation Massachusetts

Maureen I. Meister James E. McDermott and Sharon A. Bazarian Judith B. McDonough Irving Edward Ingraham Jr. and Darleen D. Melis Fred Phillips Marcia D. Starkey Charles M. Sullivan Rita G. Walsh Marcia M. Wengen Who Are The Circuit Riders?

Michele Barker is the Circuit Rider Western Massachusetts The Circuit Rider Program is in partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. **************************************

Interested about leaning more about our Circuit Riders? Find out which one is a published author, or is researching motels along Route 66 or which one grew up in a neighborhood designed by Mies Van Der Rohe by visiting our site.

Whether you're in the middle of a crisis or trying to avoid one, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has a number of terrific articles on advocacy and dealing with preservation crises on its Preservation Nation web site as well as publications in its Preservation Bookstore. A legal toolkit of local bylaws can help prevent or mitigate a preservation crisis. MHC's Chris Skelly's Preservation through Bylaws and Ordinances is a fabulous resource for helping develop a legal framework for protecting historic resources. Although not designed specifically for historic preservation, the state's Smart Growth Toolkit also provides many creative ideas for dealing with development pressures.

Historic Preservation Fellowship Opportunity National Trust for Historic Preservation-Northeast Office, Boston, MA Summer 2009 The 1772 Fellow will assist the Northeast Office in developing a regional database of active African American historic sites including places such as museums, Black heritage trails, and non-museum related sites that have paid staff or volunteers. Duties will include building a database, capturing descriptive information, mapping sites, and writing an assessment report.

Annual Meeting 2009
On Thursday January 29, 2009 Preservation Massachusetts held its Annual Meeting in the beautifully restored undercroft of Trinity Church. The evening's highlights included an update of preservation challenges and successes in the City of Boston by Ellen Lipsey, Executive Director of the Boston Landmarks Commission, Wendy Nicholas, Executive Director of the Northeast Office of the National Trust for Historic Preservation updated everyone on the many exciting programs in the works on the national level. The Massachusetts Circuit Riders delighted the attendees with a visual presentation of their preservation work across the Commonwealth and our keynote speaker Carl Jay, Director of Preservation at Shawmut Design and Construction delighted as well the audience with a visual presentation on the entire restoration, construction and expansion process of Trinity Church.

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Our Commonwealth - February News From Preservation Massachusetts

To apply, please go to 1772 Foundation's website, and complete the "Summer 2009 Fellowship Application." The application form is located at: Fellowship Summer 2009 Did you know? Preservation Massachusetts is on...

Meet our new Board Members and Staff! Kara Cicchetti, Architectural Heritage Foundation
Kara Cicchetti has been with Architectural Heritage Foundation since 2003. Her primary focus has been the project management of the Washington Mills Building No 1 redevelopment. Her role included management of permitting and approvals, financing, schedule, construction, lease up and marketing, and she has also acted as the project's ambassador in the Lawrence community. Kara is also working extensively on the Hamilton Canal Lofts project in Lowell and several other feasibility studies and preservation consulting efforts at AHF. Prior to joining AHF, Kara worked with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, where she coordinated grants and communications for the Trust's Northeast Office in Boston, and as Director of Boards and Commissions for the Governor's Office in Connecticut. Kara earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Connecticut College in 1997 and completed her Master of Arts degree in Preservation Studies from Boston University in May of 2003.

Frank T. Keefe, The Keefe Company & The Boston Museum
Frank Keefe has a long record of accomplishment in both the public and private sectors. In government, he served as City Planning Director for Lowell, Massachusetts, where he played a pivotal role in transforming the city into a national and state heritage park. As Director of the Massachusetts Office of State Planning, he negotiated the two most important urban mixed use projects of the decade, Copley Place in Boston and Charles Square in Cambridge. He also served as Secretary of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance, the chief fiscal and administrative officer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Before founding The Keefe Company, he was Senior Vice President of JMB/Urban Development Partners, in charge of new business development on the East Coast. Keefe has an undergraduate degree from Fordham College, and bachelors and masters degrees from Merton College of Oxford University.

Check us out online as we strive to take preservation across Massachusetts!

Contribute to Our Commonwealth
Is there an event, conference, alert or success story that needs to be heard? Contact abaez@preservationmass. org about putting notices out in our electronic newsletter! We encourage your thoughts and feedback on this latest communication venture. Let us

Lorelle Carlson, Spring 2009 Intern
Our spring intern Lorelle Carlson is a 2005 graduate of Framingham State College. Upon completing her BA degree in Global Studies, Lorelle decided to enroll in the history graduate program at Salem State College. Her studies have lead to a passion in preservation, and by being

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Our Commonwealth - February News From Preservation Massachusetts

know what you think. After all it is Our Commonwealth!

a part of the Preservation Massachusetts team she hopes to further her knowledge and experiences in the field. Graduating in May of this year Lorelle hopes that the skills obtained by interning at Preservation Massachusetts will assist her in becoming a viable candidate for a career in preservation.

Where Are They Now? Most Endangered Resources Update!
Fort Point Channel District, South Boston, Listed 2006 The unique architecture of the Fort Point area reflects its history as a 19th century industrial waterfront district that fueled Boston's economic growth for nearly a century. Comprised of over one hundred intact historic warehouses, the District was owned by the Boston Wharf Company until last year when the portfolio was sold to multiple entities for development. Juxtaposed to sales, adequate local protections were not in place. A Boston Landmark District proposed in 2001 gained widespread support of residents, city agencies and developers. On December 9, 2008 the Boston Landmarks Commission voted unanimously to designate the Fort Point Channel Landmark District, after 18 months of review to finalize the Study Report and develop design guidelines for the future commission. The Mayor approved the designation on December 22, 2008. City Council approved it by unanimous vote on January 28, 2008. According to Ellen Lipsey, Executive Director of the Boston Landmarks Commission: " The Fort Point Channel Landmark District designation represents an extraordinary achievement based on collaboration between preservation and development interests, and everyone who participated in the process with the BLC deserves a tremendous amount of credit for recognizing the importance of protecting Boston's largest and most cohesive industrial district."

Where are they Now? Most Endangered Resources Update!
On the Block Again: Fairhaven Mills Fairhaven Mills in New Bedford is facing the demolition ball, yet again. Listed as endangered in 2005, the mill sits prominently on the banks of the AcushnetRiver and is often the first building people see as they travel through the city on Rt. 195, an unofficial gateway to the city. It is a remnant of the whaling city's proud industrial heritage. The Child Labor Reform laws of the early 20th century were spurred on by photographs of workers at Fairhaven Mills, taken by Louis Hines. In 2005, a Home Depot development deal proposed to sacrifice the mill for parking spaces and did not consider utilizing the mill as potential retail space. In 2007 the mill was up for re-evaluation by the New Bedford Historical Commission at the urging of City Council, to pave the way for demolition. In late 2008 the rumblings of demolition could be heard again. Recent public hearings on the mill's future highlight the work done to find a developer, anchor tenant and
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Our Commonwealth - February News From Preservation Massachusetts

numbers that work, but all for not. The developer who recently acquired Fairhaven Mills is certain the mill will be demolished, but timetable is uncertain. And what will take the place of this gateway to New Bedford? What else, a strip mall. PM weighed in on issue with a recent letter to the editor of the New Bedford Standard Times.

Mark Your Calendar!

Cape Cod Historic Preservation Conference
Thursday April 02, 2009 Harwich Community Center Workshops on Community Preservation Act and Demolition Delay Sponsored by the Cape Cod Commission, Preservation Massachusetts, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation More information will be posted as it becomes available.

********************************************************* Preservation Massachusetts 2009 Annual Awards Dinner
Wednesday May 6th, 2009
Join us at the Fairmont Copley Plaza for the 22nd Annual Awards Dinner.
Stay tuned for information on ticket sales, 2009 Awardees and volunteering opportunities!

The Trustees of Reservations

19th Annual Massachusetts Land Conservation Conference
Saturday, March 28, 2009 8AM - 4:45PM Worcester Technical High School Worcester, MA
30+ Workshops For:

Land trust volunteers and staff

Conservation commissioners

Open space, community preservation, and historic preservation committee members

Elected officials, watershed associations, and anyone else interested in protecting and caring for Massachusetts landscapes and landmarks

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Our Commonwealth - February News From Preservation Massachusetts

Complete List of Workshops and Registration Information at: www.Massconservation.org Questions? pci@ttor.org or 978.840.4446 x1905

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Preservation Massachusetts | Old City Hall | 45 School Street | Boston | MA | 02108

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