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the Canadian War on Queers national security as sexual regulation
Gary Kinsman and Patrizia Gentile
For nearly fifty years, from the 1950s to as recently as the late 1990s, agents of the Canadian state spied on, interrogated, and harassed gays and lesbians in a series of so-called national security campaigns. The Canadian War on Queers traces this history, revealing acts of state repression and forms of social resistance that raise questions about just whose security was being protected. • Documents the spy tactics, intimidation methods, and technological tools – such as the notorious “Fruit Machine” – used by the RCMP and other enforcements groups. • Describes the forms of resistance to these measures, from non-cooperation and letter campaigns to rallies and public protests in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. • Examines for the first time official security documents obtained through Access to Information requests. • Presents many interviews with gays, lesbians, civil servants, and high-ranking officials who were involved in and directly affected by the national campaigns. • Offers ways of understanding, and resisting, contemporary rationales for similar types of security campaigns, like the “war on terror” and the “war on drugs,” showing how the State can create an “enemy” or “threat” within its own citizenry through particular ideologies and discourses. Beautifully realized, this is an unbelievable fifty-year journey documenting a critical part of queer Canadian history. Not only is it impeccably researched but it’s told through the voices of our community. – Janine Fuller, manager of Little Sister’s Bookstore and co-author of Restricted Entry: Censorship on Trial Passionately written and thoroughly researched … This book not only deserves to be read, it needs to be read. – Steve Hewitt, author of Snitch! A History of the Modern Intelligence Informer Compelling personal stories illuminate this impeccably researched analysis of the use of national security legislation to wage a war against lesbian and gay Canadians during the Cold War years. – Lynne Fernie, filmmaker, co-director of Forbidden Love and Fiction and Other Truths A powerful chronicle of the appalling campaigns of fear and lies that shattered and destroyed the lives of countless gay and lesbian Canadians in the name of national security. – Svend Robinson, former NDP Member of Parliament for Burnaby

Gary KinsMan is a professor in the Sociology Department at Laurentian University. Patrizia Gentile is assistant professor in the Pauline Jewett Institute of Women's and Gender Studies at Carleton University. neW in PaPerbaCK

March 2010, 584 pages, 6 x 9" 19 b&w photos, 1 map 978-0-7748-1628-1 Pb $34.95 978-0-7748-1627-4 hC $95.00
history / Gender & seXuality studies SExUALITy STUDIES SERIES

related booKs in the seXuality studies series sapphistries a global history of love between Women leila J. rupp 2009, 320 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1782-0 hC $34.95 cro Queer youth in the Province of the "severely normal" Gloria Filax 2007, 200 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1246-7
Pb $29.95

the Manly Modern masculinity in postwar canada Christopher dummitt 2007, 232 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1275-7
Pb $29.95

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spring 2010



Canada's Voice
the public life of John Wendell holmes adam Chapnick It is hard to imagine a person who embodied the ideals of postwar Canadian foreign policy more than John Wendell Holmes. Holmes joined the foreign service in 1943, headed the Canadian Institute of International Affairs from 1960 to 1973, and, as a professor of international relations, mentored a generation of students and scholars. This book charts the life of a diplomat and public intellectual who influenced both how scholars and statespeople abroad viewed Canada and how Canadians saw themselves on the world stage. John W. Holmes had more impact on the thinking of careful observers of Canada's foreign policy than any other Canadian "scholar-diplomat." Adam Chapnick's balanced, thoughtful, and highly readable account of his "public life" tells us why. It is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Canada's post-1945 diplomatic practice and how it came to be interpreted by government officials and independent observers alike. – Denis stairs, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Dalhousie University
adaM ChaPniCK is the deputy director of education at the Canadian Forces College and an assistant professor of defence studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. neW in PaPerbaCK

November 2009, 384 pages, 6 x 9" 15 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1672-4 Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1671-7 hC $85.00
history / bioGraPhy UBC PRESS


Kiss the kids for dad, don't forget to write
the Wartime letters of george timmins, 1916–18 edited by y.a. bennett Between 1916 and 1918, Lance-Corporal George Timmins, a British-born soldier who served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, wrote faithfully to his wife and children. Sixty-three letters and four fragments survived. These letters tell the compelling story of a man who, while helping his fellow Canadians make history at Vimy, Lens, Passchendaele, and Amiens, used letters home to remain a presence in the lives of his wife and children, and who drew strength from his family to appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Timmins’s letters offer a rare glimpse into the experiences and relationships, the quiet heroism, of ordinary soldiers on the Western Front. Kiss the kids for dad offers us new insight into the multiple themes and narratives that underpin the First World War experience: the role of the civilian-soldier in war, the horror and brutality of trench warfare, the boredom and banality of military service. Timmins's letters, framed within a solid historical background, also reveal his personal struggle with having left his family behind to fend for themselves in Canada. – tim cook, author of Shock Troops: Canadians Fighting the Great War, 1917-1918 (volume 2)
y.a. bennett is an associate professor of history

at Carleton University.
neW in PaPerbaCK

January 2010, 224 pages, 6 x 9" 24 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1609-0 Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1608-3 hC $85.00
history / Military UBC PRESS


Pearson's Peacekeepers
canada and the united nations emergency force, 1956–67 Michael K. Carroll, foreword by robert bothwell In 1957, Lester Pearson won the Nobel Peace Prize for creating the United Nations Emergency Force during the Suez crisis. The award launched Canada’s love affair with, and reputation for, peacekeeping. Pearson’s Peacekeepers explores the reality behind the rhetoric by offering a detailed account of the UNEF’s decade-long effort to keep peace along the Egyptian-Israeli border. This nuanced account of Canada’s participation in the UNEF challenges perceived notions of Canadian identity and history. Pearson's Peacekeepers brilliantly sums up the significance of the UNEF experience, which was both a failure and a wonderful achievement. Carroll's book is a major original contribution to the field. He shows that, although a so-called "classic" example of peacekeeping, UNEF has far more relevance to current Canadian operations in response to international crises than is generally thought. – W.a.b. Douglas, official historian of the Canadian Armed Forces
MiChael Carroll is a SDF Postdoctoral Fellow at

the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary.
neW in PaPerbaCK

January 2010, 254 pages, 6 x 9" 21 b&w photos, 1 map 978-0-7748-1582-6 Pb $29.95 978-0-7748-1581-9 hC $85.00
history / Canada / international relations UBC PRESS


spring 2010


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Veterans with a Vision the history of canada's War blinded in peace and War
serge Marc durflinger
We know something about our war dead but almost nothing about our war wounded. Veterans with a Vision provides a vibrant, poignant, and very human history of Canada’s war-blinded veterans and of the organization they founded in 1922, the Sir Arthur Pearson Association of War Blinded. Serge Durflinger details the veterans’ process of civil re-establishment, physical and psychological rehabilitation, and social and personal coping and describes their public advocacy for government pension entitlements, job retraining, and other social programs. This book captures the spirit of perseverance that permeated the veterans’ community and highlights the impacts made by the war blinded as advocates for all Canadian veterans and for all blind citizens. serGe MarC durFlinGer is an associate professor of history at the University of Ottawa. He is the author of Fighting from Home: The Second World War in Verdun, Quebec, and co-editor of War and Society in Post-Confederation Canada.
March 2010, 464 pages, 6.6 x 9.5" 54 b&w photos, printed in large type 978-0-7748-1856-8 Pb $29.95 978-0-7748-1855-1 hC $85.00

Published in association with the Canadian War Museum and the Sir Arthur Pearson Association of War Blinded

I was unlucky enough to get in the way of one of the shrapnel bullets. I felt a slight sting in my right temple as though pricked by a red-hot needle – and then the world became black. Dawn was now breaking, but night had sealed my eyes. – James rawlinson, blinded at Vimy, 1917

Books written about the conflict record major political decisions and their results; they speak of generals, and of heroes. There is a paucity of literary tribute to those who offered their youth to war; nor are there books which tell of the disabled, the war blinded, the amputee, the burnt-out veteran. – David Dorward, blinded in Sicily, 1943

related booKs in the studies in Canadian Military history series

Fighting from home the second World War in Verdun, Quebec serge Marc durflinger 2006, 312 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1261-0 Pb $32.95

Crisis of Conscience conscientious objection in canada during the first World War amy J. shaw 2009, 264 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1594-9 Pb $32.95

renegades canadians in the spanish civil War Michael Petrou 2008, 304 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1418-8 Pb $24.95

an officer and a lady canadian military nursing and the second World War Cynthia toman 2008, 272 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1448-5 Pb

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spring 2010



the technological imperative in Canada
an intellectual history edited by r. douglas Francis This wide-ranging, engaging book examines the ideas of Anglo Canadian theorists who saw technology as a new imperative that would either enhance or threaten the moral imperative. From the mid-nineteenth century onward, advocates argued that technology, as a moral force, would strengthen the ties that bound Canada to Britain and Western civilization, while opponents saw technology as a source of American power that threatened Canadian independence. The Technological Imperative in Canada offers new insights into the ideas of influential Canadian theorists of technology such as Harold Innis and Marshall McLuhan and introduces readers to the ideas and perceptions of lesser-known but key figures such as Sandford Fleming, Stephen Leacock, and E.J. Pratt. This seminal book revises the entrenched notion that Anglo Canadian thought has been dominated by the moral imperative. It will appeal to anyone who wants a Canadian perspective on a critical subject.
r. douGlas FranCis is a professor of Canadian history at the University of Calgary. neW in PaPerbaCK

January 2010, 340 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1651-9 Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1650-2 hC $85.00
history / Canada / teChnoloGy UBC PRESS


becoming native in a Foreign land
sport, Visual culture, and identity in montreal, 1840-85 Gillian Poulter How did British colonists in Victorian Montreal come to think of themselves as "native Canadian"? This richly illustrated work reveals that colonists adopted, then appropriated, Aboriginal and French Canadian activities such as hunting, lacrosse, snowshoeing, and tobogganing. In the process, they constructed visual icons that were recognized at home and abroad as distinctly "Canadian." The new Canadian nationality mimicked indigenous characteristics but, ultimately, rejected indigenous players, and championed the interests of white, middle-class, Protestant males who used their newly acquired identity to dominate the political realm. English Canadian identity was not formed solely by emulating what was British, this book shows that it gained ground by usurping what was indigenous in a foreign land. This book, both innovative and provocative, will have a significant impact on our understanding of the relationship between sport and national identity construction in Canada. It not only will add to the scholarly debate in the field, it will help shape and direct such debate in the future. – Colin D. Howell, author of Blood, Sweat, and Cheers: Sport and the Making of Modern Canada
Gillian Poulter is an associate professor of

Canadian history at Acadia University.
neW in PaPerbaCK

January 2010, 390 pages, 6 x 9" 81 b&w photos, 1 map 978-0-7748-1442-3 Pb $34.95 978-0-7748-1441-6 hC $85.00
history / Canada / sPorts UBC PRESS

urban PlanninG

thinking Planning and urbanism
beth Moore Milroy When manufacturers and retailers vacate traditional locations, they leave holes in a city's fabric that signal a shifting urban-industrial terrain. Who should mend these spaces, and how should they approach the problem? Using Toronto's Dundas Square and surrounding area as a case study, Thinking Planning and Urbanism meticulously reconstructs the redevelopment process to explore the theories and practices used. It traces the labyrinth of competing interests that can sideline and nearly overwhelm the public planning function. In these circumstances, Moore Milroy concludes that practising planners are marooned by planning theories that begin from the premise that urban space is a social construction and only secondarily a function of technology and aesthetics.
beth Moore Milroy, professor emerita, is former director of the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson University and a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners.

January 2010, 336 pages, 6 x 9" 22 b&w photos, 8 maps 978-0-7748-1615-1 Pb $34.95 978-0-7748-1614-4 hC $85.00
urban studies / PlanninG UBC PRESS


spring 2010


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aboriGinal studies

Finding dahshaa
self-government, social suffering, and aboriginal policy in canada stephanie irlbacher-Fox, with a foreword by Dene national chief bill erasmus Just as dahshaa – a rare type of dried, rotted spruce wood – is essential to the Dene moosehide-tanning process, self-determination and the alleviation of social suffering are necessary to Indigenous survival in the Northwest Territories. But is self-government an effective path to selfdetermination? Finding Dahshaa shows where self-government negotiations between Canada and the Dehcho, Délînê, and Inuvialuit and Gwich’in peoples have gone wrong and offers, through descriptions of tanning practices that embody principles and values central to self-determination, an alternative model for negotiations. This accessible book, which includes a foreword by Dene National Chief Bill Erasmus, is the first ethnographic study of self-government negotiations in Canada.
stePhanie irlbaCher-FoX holds a doctorate in polar studies from Cambridge University and for the past decade has worked for Indigenous peoples on self-government and related political development processes in Canada’s Northwest Territories. neW in PaPerbaCK

January 2010, 216 pages, 6 x 9" 24 b&w photos, 2 maps 978-0-7748-1625-0 Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1624-3 hC $85.00
aboriGinal studies / PolitiCs UBC PRESS

aboriGinal studies

First nations, First thoughts
the impact of indigenous thought in canada edited by annis May timpson Countless books and articles have traced the impact of colonialism and public policy on Canada’s First Nations, but few have explored the impact of Aboriginal thought on on public discourse and policy development in Canada. First Nations, First Thoughts brings together Aboriginal and nonAboriginal scholars who cut through the prevailing orthodoxy to reveal Indigenous thinkers and activists as a pervasive presence in diverse political, constitutional, and cultural debates and arenas, including urban spaces, historical texts, public policy, and cultural heritage preservation. This innovative, thought-provoking collection contributes to the decolonization process by encouraging us to imagine a stronger, fairer Canada, one in which Aboriginal self-government and expression can be fully realized. This is a luminous collection of voices that reveals the power of Indigenous thought and that must be read to comprehend the transformation of Canadian thought and the spirit of the Indigenous renaissance. – Sákéj Henderson, University of Saskatchewan
annis May tiMPson is director of the Centre of Canadian Studies at the University of Edinburgh. neW in PaPerbaCK

January 2010, 336 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1552-9 Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1551-2 hC $85.00
aboriGinal studies / Canadian history UBC PRESS


identity/difference Politics
how Difference is produced, and Why it matters rita dhamoon Theories of liberal multiculturalism have come to dominate debates about identity and difference politics in contemporary western political theory. This book offers a nuanced critique of these debates by switching the focus from culture to power. Issues of power are examined through accounts of meaning-making – processes through which meanings of difference are produced, organized, and regulated. Other forms of identity/difference such as ableism, gender, and heteronormativity establish Dhamoon’s alternative theoretical framework, revealing that an exclusive preoccupation with culture can dissolve into essentialism – which too often provides a rationale for state regulation of groups deemed to be too different. Dhamoon develops an "account of meaningmaking" that attunes us to the complexities of power as it interfaces with cultural patterns. With new and compelling case studies, she moves us out of the linguistic focus of Kymlicka and Taylor in Canada and the religious/ethnic focus of many American tracts. – Hawley Fogg-Davis, author of The Ethics of Transracial Adoption
rita dhaMoon teaches in the Department of

Philosophy and Political Science at the University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.
neW in PaPerbaCK

January 2010, 208 pages, 6 x 9" 22 illustrations 978-0-7748-1591-8 Pb $29.95 978-0-7748-1590-1 hC $85.00
PolitiCs / soCioloGy UBC PRESS order online @ | spring 2010 5


opening doors Wider
Women's political engagement in canada edited by sylvia bashevkin From the days of the fur trade through the contemporary period, women have played important roles in the public life of Canada. Until the 1970s, however, these contributions were generally overlooked. Opening Doors Wider looks at the progress made in the last forty years to raise the profile of women's involvement in public life. This book focuses on two questions. First, are the doors to participation presently open wider than they were in the past? Second, how can these doors be opened wider, both in terms of real-world participation and our understanding of public engagement? These tightly argued writings shed new light on the public involvement of women in one of the world's most stable democracies.
sylVia basheVKin is a professor of political

science and Principal of University College at the University of Toronto. She is the author of Tales of Two Cities: Women and Municipal Restructuring in London and Toronto (UBC Press, 2006).
neW in PaPerbaCK

January 2010, 236 pages, 6 x 9" 12 charts and 11 tables 978-0-7748-1564-2 Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1563-5 hC $85.00
PolitiCs / Gender studies UBC PRESS


second edition Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris baker In the early 1990s, Thaksin Shinawatra came from nowhere to become a multi-billionaire in just four years. In 2001, he was elected prime minister of Thailand on a single-minded promise to accelerate the nation to first-world status through unrestrained capitalist growth. There followed four landslide elections, a military coup, a demonstration lasting half a year, assassination plots, and the occupation of Bangkok's international airport. In 2009, Thaksin urged thousands of supporters to revolution, provoking days of street fighting and the biggest-ever domestic operation by the Thai army. This expanded second edition includes four new chapters and a conclusion that trace in detail the protracted story of Thaksin's downfall.
PasuK PhonGPaiChit is professor of economics at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. Chris baKer is an independent writer.

October 2009, 432 pages, 5.5 x 8" 30 illustrations 978-974-9511-79-4 Pb $32.95
PolitiCal bioGraPhy / thailand history UNIVERSITy OF WASHINGTON PRESS / SILKWORM BOOKS


Where the dragon Meets the angry river
r. edward Grumbine Where the Dragon Meets the Angry River transports readers to yunnan, China’s most southwestern province, a region that exemplifies the pressures and opportunities in the Peoples Republic. yunnan is one of China's wildest areas, mountainous and ecologically diverse, with the highest number of ethic groups in China. While some citizens try to develop a regional economy based on ecotourism, others strive to see yunnan become a financial powerhouse modeled on eastern China. This timely and important book on a unique place asks if the natural world and traditional cultures can be conserved in the face of rapidly developing economies.
Cover image: A canal in Kunming, Yunnan, China by Fang Hong (Wikicommons)

r. edWard GruMbine teaches environmental

studies at Prescott College and is the author of Ghost Bears (Island Press, 1992). He also served as the director of the Sierra Institute at the University of California Extension, Santa Cruz. May 2010, 240 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-5972-6551-5 hC $28.95
PolitiCs / nature / Current aFFairs ISLAND PRESS


spring 2010


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Getting to yes in Korea
Walter C. Clemens, Jr., foreword by governor bill richardson The history of US-North Korean relations provides important lessons for negotiators on how not to deal with dangerous adversaries and also on how to create accommodations useful to each side. Clemens distills lessons from former US negotiations with Russia, China, and Libya and analyzes how they do, and do not, apply to the six-party and bilateral talks with North Korea in this new political era. Walter Clemens has utilized his expertise in US– Soviet relations while applying negotiating theory and the role of culture to produce a fascinating study of the North Korean nuclear problem. – Terence Roehrig, US Naval War College A marvelous job of examining and analyzing the Korean question and US-Korea relations with theoretical rigor, historical insight, and comparative wisdom ... an essential addition to the literature of Korean studies and US-Korea relations. – Seung-Ho Joo, University of Minnesota-Morris
Walter C. CleMens, Jr. is professor of political science at Boston University and associate, Harvard University Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies.

June 2010, 256 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-5945-1407-4 Pb $27.95
PolitiCs / PeaCe studies / international studies PARADIGM PUBLISHERS


the east Moves West
india, china, and asia's growing presence in the middle east Geoffrey Kemp While Western economies struggle, industry and development are exploding in China and India. And the world’s two most populous nations are making a footprint in other global regions. That footprint is especially important in the Middle East, an economic and geopolitical lynchpin. The East Moves West details the growing interdependence of the Middle East and Asia and projects the likely outcomes of this evolving relationship. Geoffrey Kemp, a veteran analyst of global security and political economy, compares and contrasts Indian and Chinese involvement in the Middle East. What does the emergence of these Asian giants – with their increasingly huge need for energy – mean for the future of global security and trade?
GeoFFrey KeMP is the director of Regional

Strategic Programs at the Nixon Center in Washington D.C. He served in the White House under Ronald Reagan, was Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and Senior Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs on the National Security Council Staff. Prior to his current position, he directed the Middle East Arms Control Project at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. April 2010, 256 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-8157-0388-4 Pb $30.95
PolitiCs / international relations BROOKINGS PRESS


Journey into america
the challenge of islam akbar ahmed What is “American identity” and how does the Muslim experience fit with and contribute to this ever-changing idea? In Journey into America, the author travels throughout the United States speaking to ordinary citizens, Muslims and nonMuslims alike, trying to discern exactly what American identity is. He explores how Muslims have historically fit into American life and how they have interacted with other Americans, including members of other minority religions. This book also reveals how the US Muslim experience, and the entire American experience, has changed over the years, particularly in the wake of the events of September 11, 2001. Ahmed uncovers not only the complexity of American identity, but he also finds, as anticipated by Thomas Jefferson, a pluralist society.
aKbar ahMed is currently the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington, D.C. Most recent among his previous books is Journey into Islam: The Crisis of Globalization (Brookings, 2007).

June 2010, 376 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-8157-0387-7 Pb $32.95
PolitiCs / islaMiC studies BROOKINGS PRESS

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spring 2010



Preventing Genocide
practical steps toward early Detection and effective action david a. hamburg Dr. David Hamburg’s groundbreaking work on the prevention of genocide has stimulated a wide range of research, education, and action worldwide. It examines the root causes of genocide, describes the pillars of prevention, and considers what can be done to build and maintain these pillars. A new introduction and two new concluding chapters for the paperback edition track recent developments, including Kofi Annan’s work in Kenya, the establishment of the Genocide Prevention Task Force in the US, and the EU Centre on Genocide Prevention. It explores the significant steps that have been taken to diminish the nuclear danger. A new chapter at the end of the book is devoted to “pioneers of prevention” such as Desmond Tutu, Sir Brian Urquhart, and Amartya Sen. With his characteristic meticulous thoroughness, David Hamburg has produced a timely book to help us fulfill our anguished "never again" pledge. – Desmond Tutu
daVid a. haMburG is the DeWitt Wallace Distinguished Scholar at Weill Cornell Medical College.

January 2010, 392 pages, 6.125 x 9.25" 978-1-5945-1558-3 Pb $27.95
PolitiCs / Current aFFairs PARADIGM PUBLISHERS


a Woman of Valour
the biography of marie-louise bouchard labelle Claire trépanier The biography of Marie-Louise Bouchard Labelle tells of a young Canadian woman from a humble background at the turn of the twentieth century. She discovers love with the priest of her village, a man thirty-three years her senior. After three children and fifteen years of a happy life together, her spouse returns to the priesthood, just before the Great Depression. Trépanier narrates this brave woman's struggle to raise their children alone as a "widow," and raises questions about the mandatory celibacy of Catholic priests and the status of women in the Catholic church. This is the biography of an extraordinary woman who had the courage to fully embrace her love for a priest, knowing all the consequences. The author tells us the story of Marie-Louise Bouchard Labelle with respect and admiration. Thank you to Claire Trépanier for this touching narration and thank you also to Marie-Louise's children and grandchildren who told the author the story of their mother and grandmother. – Laurier L. LaPierre
Claire tréPanier has lived in Ottawa since

1973. She is retired from a career in international development, during which time she also coauthored and co-hosted a TV series. April 2010, 240 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-897425-84-8 Pb $27.95


to the Woods
sinking roots, living lightly, and finding true home evelyn searle hess To the Woods is a tale of adventure, inspiration, and living life in concert with nature. It is the true story of Evelyn Searle Hess, who, in her late fifties, walked away from the world of modern conveniences to build a new life with her husband on twenty acres of wild land in the foothills of Oregon’s Coast Range mountains. To the Woods describes Evelyn’s day-to-day struggles, failures, and discoveries. It tracks the natural history of place through the seasons. It wrestles with issues like human impact on the ecology of our planet. Hess's careful attention to detail, her extensive knowledge of local flora and fauna, and her thoughtful philosophical mediations add richness to her engaging prose. To the Woods will appeal to anyone interested in the environment, flora, natural history, and alternative lifestyles. Evelyn Hess’s enterprise, it seems to me, is one of Thoreauvian simplicity. She and her husband, at considerable age, with humility and pluck, lived many years in a way that shows us possibilities we haven’t imagined for ourselves. – John Daniel, author of The Far Corner and Rogue River Journal
eVelyn searle hess directed the University of

Oregon’s Biology teaching and research greenhouses for ten years. Since 1992, Evelyn and her husband have been camping on their property in the Coast Range foothills outside of Eugene, Oregon. May 2010, 192 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-8707-1581-5 Pb $20.95


spring 2010


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China Watcher
confessions of a peking tom richard baum This audacious and illuminating memoir reflects on forty years of learning about and interacting with the People's Republic of China – from the height of Maoism during the author's UC Berkeley student days in the volatile 1960s through globalization. Anecdotes illustrate the alternately peculiar, frustrating, fascinating, and risky activity of China watching – the process by which outsiders gather and decipher official and unofficial information to figure out what's really going on behind China's veil of political secrecy and propaganda. Baum writes entertainingly, and tells with witty stories about people, places, and eras. This book is an enjoyable description of the personalities and political forces that shaped the modern field of China studies. Richard Baum has been both a leading scholar and a scholarly leader in the field of contemporary Chinese politics since the 1960s. This book provides intensely personal portraits of the American scholarly community and of a changing China, from the Cultural Revolution right up until now. I read it with great enthusiasm and enormous pleasure. It's the kind of book that's hard to put down. – Harry Harding, University of Virginia
riChard bauM is a distinguished professor of

political science at UCLA. March 2010, 336 pages, 6 x 9" 26 illustrations, notes, bibliography 978-0-295-989-97-6 hC $33.95


nothing like sunshine
a black-Jewish friendship in the aftermath of the mlK assassination ben Kamin Race, coming of age in the 1960s, a forbidden friendship, and a deep misunderstanding: this is a story that spans a four-decade search for a lost high school chum in an America painfully evolving from the blood of MLK to the promise of Barack Obama. In the watershed year of 1968, Kamin was fifteen, impressionable, sentimental about his country, and frightened of America’s civic turmoil and its obsession with Vietnam. He and a friend – a brash, funny, tuneful African American classmate named Clifton Fleetwood – were inseparable at school until April 5, 1968, the day after King was murdered in Memphis. This book is about Kamin’s search for Clifton, for America, and for the key to understanding what race relations really meant in the United States.
rabbi ben KaMin is an op-ed contributor to the

New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Toronto Star; columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the San Diego Union Tribune; author of seven books on American cultural values; a renowned multi-cultural expert and public speaker; and a historian, scholar, and teacher. April 2010, 164 pages, 6 x 9" photos, illustrations, tables, maps, figures 978-0-87013-882-9 Pb $29.95

aFriCan aMeriCan studies

renewing black intellectual history
the ideological and material foundations of african american thought adolph reed, Jr. and Kenneth W. Warren Reflecting critically on the discipline of African American studies is a complicated undertaking. Making sense of the black American experience requires situating it within the larger cultural, political-economic, and ideological dynamics that shape American life. Renewing Black Intellectual History moves away from privileging racial commonality as the fulcrum of inquiry in favour of observing the quality of the accounts scholars have rendered of black American life. From Emancipation to Obama, with excursions into the Jim Crow era, Black Power radicalism, and the Reagan revolt, this book maps the changing conditions of black political practice and experience and demonstrates how the discrete problems facing black Americans have been shaped by both politics and scholarly fashion.
adolPh reed, Jr. is professor of political science

at the University of Pennsylvania and teaches American and Afro-American politics and political thought, urban politics, and American political development. Kenneth W. Warren is the Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor of English at the University of Chicago and the author of So Black and Blue: Ralph Ellison and the Occasion of Criticism. February 2010, 336 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-5945-1666-5 Pb $43.95
aFriCan aMeriCan studies / PolitiCs PARADIGM PUBLISHERS

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spring 2010


PoPular Culture

Fashioning teenagers
a cultural history of Seventeen magazine Kelley Massoni Founded in 1944 by Helen Valentine, Seventeen magazine was the first modern “teen magazine.” An immediate success, it became iconic in establishing the tastes and behaviors of successive generations of teen girls in the last half of the twentieth century. Kelley Massoni uses interviews, letters, oral histories, promotional materials, and content analysis to show how Seventeen helped create the modern concept of “teenager.” Fashioning Teenagers is for anyone interested in popular culture, sociology, gender studies, mass media, journalism, business, and American studies.
Kelley Massoni is lecturer in sociology at the

University of Kansas. Her long-standing research program on Seventeen magazine has included articles in Gender & Society and Journal of American Culture. March 2010, 256 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-5987-4504-7 Pb $27.95
PoPular Culture / Media LEFT COAST PRESS, INC.


the Cultural theorist's book of Quotations
arthur asa berger Is there just the right sentence from Foucault or Kristeva to use in that upcoming presentation? Berger’s book of over 300 brief quotations from the vast literature in cultural theory provides you with the help to prepare that lecture, write that paper, fill that PowerPoint, or drop a few bon mots at a cocktail party. Organized by theoretical model (semiotic, Marxist, psychoanalytic, gender, postmodernist), Berger pulls together the most succinct, meaningful passages of the key theorists of our time for those wanting to distill cultural theory to its essence.
arthur asa berGer is professor emeritus in the Department of Broadcast Communication Arts at San Francisco State University. He is author of sixty books on media, popular culture, visual culture, and writing.

February 2010, 144 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-5987-4536-8 Pb $25.95
Quotations / Culture / theory LEFT COAST PRESS, INC


sex and Violence
the hollywood censorship Wars tom Pollard Sex and Violence is a comprehensive history of the social dynamics of film censorship. It examines censorship controversies throughout film history, from the beginning of cinema in the 1890s to the present. This book focuses both on formal censorship systems, from state and local censorship boards and industry self-regulation efforts, to unofficial censorship rendered by pressure groups and powerful social movements. It probes beneath the official rhetoric and explanation to reveal sensitive, festering controversies. Sex and Violence critically examines dozens of Hollywood’s most controversial (and interesting) movies and focuses on recurring issues and censorship themes. Finally, this book analyzes and makes recommendations for dramatic changes in motion picture ratings. Some of the films examined in this book include: Baby Doll, Basic Instinct, Blond Venus, Body Heat (on the cover), Eyes Wide Shut, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Last Seduction, Midnight Cowboy, and The Passion of the Christ.
toM Pollard is a professor of social sciences at

National University, San Jose Campus, where he teaches classes in film and sociology. January 2010, 256 pages, 7 x 10" 978-1-59451-636-8 Pb $27.95


spring 2010


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Jonathan locke hart Dreamwork is a poetic exploration of the then and there, here and now, of landscapes and inscapes over time. It is part of a poetry series on dream and its relation to actuality. The poems explore past, present, and future in different places from Canada through New Jersey, New york, and New England to England and Europe, part of the speaker’s journey. A typology of home and displacement, of natural beauty and industrial scars unfolds in the movement of the book.
Jonathan loCKe hart ’s poetry has appeared in many prestigious literary journals, and translations of his poems have been published in Estonian, French, and Greek. Professor Hart teaches at the University of Alberta and his books include Dream China (2002) and Dream Salvage (2003).

January 2010, 128 pages, 5 x 8" 978-1-897425-70-1 Pb $19.95

art history

dynasty and divinity
ife art in ancient nigeria henry John drewal and enid schildkrout Working in terracotta, stone, and metal, artists at Ife, the ancient city-state of the yoruba people of West Africa (located in present-day southwestern Nigeria), created sculpture that ranks among the most aesthetically striking and technically sophisticated in the world. Dynasty and Divinity presents a major part of this extraordinary corpus of ancient Ife art, including handsome idealized portrait heads, expressive caricatures of old age, lively animals, and sculptures of the impressive regalia worn by Ife's kings and queens. Dating from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries AD, this diversity of objects illuminate one of the world's greatest art centers and demonstrate the technological sophistication of Ife artists, as well as the rich aesthetic language they developed to convey ideas about divine power.
henry John dreWal is Evjue-Bascom Professor

of Art History and Afro-American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and adjunct curator of African Art at the university's Chazen Museum of Art. enid sChildKrout is the chief curator and director of exhibitions and publications at the Museum for African Art and curator emeritus at the American Museum of Natural History. January 2010, 200 pages, 8.5 x 11" 150 illustrations, 140 in colour, maps, glossary 978-0-945802-53-2 Pb $44.95

art history

steeped in history
the art of tea edited by beatrice hohenegger After water, tea is the most frequently consumed beverage on the face of the earth. It has played a variety of striking and often paradoxical roles on the world stage – an ancient health remedy, an element of cultural practice, and a source of spiritual insights. It has also been a catalyst for brutal international conflict, drug trafficking, crushing taxes, and horrific labour conditions. In Steeped in History, eleven distinguished historians and art historians cross oceans and continents to trace the impact of tea from its discovery in ancient China to the present-day tea plantations of Assam. In so doing, they examine the multitude of ways in which tea has figured in the visual and literary arts.
beatriCe hoheneGGer is the author of Liquid Jade: the Story of Tea from East to West. Contributors: Terese Tse Bartholomew, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Barbara G. Carson, College of William and Mary, Patricia J. Graham, University of Kansas, Dennis Hirota, Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Elizabeth Kolsky, Villanova University, Jane T. Merritt, Old Dominion University, Steven D. Owyoung, St. Louis Art Museum, Woodruff D. Smith, University of Massachusetts, Reiko Tanimura, Angus Trumble, yale Center for British Art, and John E. Wills Jr., University of Southern California.

January 2010, 240 pages, 9 x 12" 372 colour illustrations 978-0-977834-41-9 Pb $44.95

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spring 2010



Cha dao
the Way of tea, tea as a Way of life solala towler Cha Dao takes us on a fascinating journey through the Way of Tea, from its origins in the sacred mountains and temples of ancient China, through its links to Daoist concepts such as Wu Wei or non-striving and the Value of Worthlessness, to the affinity between Tea Mind and the Japanese spirit of Zen. Interspersed are quotes from the great tea masters of the past, anecdotes from the author's own trips to China, and traditional tea stories from China and Japan. This book will interest tea lovers, as well as those who want to learn more about tea culture, Daoist and Zen thought and practice, and Asian history and culture.
solala toWler is an instructor of Daoist medi-

tation and of several styles of Qigong. He has studied the Daoist arts for over 20 years and has led many tours to China and Tibet to visit sacred mountains and temples of Daoism. April 2010, 176 pages, 6 x 9" 12 b&w photos 978-1-8481-9032-0 Pb $19.95
reliGion / history SINGING DRAGON


What is 'tai Chi'?
Peter Gilligan Peter Gilligan unravels the complex art of Tai Chi, the health-promoting martial art from China that has spread across the globe. This complete resource includes fundamental information about the mechanics of movement and the energetic aspects of practice, as well as the relationship between body, mind, and spirit that emerges through practice. It addresses a wide and diverse range of topics and questions. For example, why, unlike in other martial arts, does Tai Chi have no grading system? How hard should you work? How do you make the most of your teacher? This insightful book will be of interest to anyone beginning Tai Chi or Qigong, as well as more experienced practitioners, and anyone who wants to discover Tai Chi.
Peter GilliGan has over thirty years’ experience of Tai Chi, Qigong, and the Nei Jia (internal arts). He is also an outdoor pursuits instructor and an associate research assistant at the Ergonomics unit of University College London.

November 2009, 224 pages, 6 x 9" 27 line drawings 978-1-8481-9024-5 Pb $24.95
health / Fitness & eXerCise SINGING DRAGON


Qigong for Multiple sclerosis
finding Your feet again nigel Mills Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system, can cause numbness in the limbs, loss of vision, and even paralysis. This book provides advice on using Qigong to improve the physical abilities, such as balance and walking, of people with MS. A step-by-step guide to managing Multiple Sclerosis using Qigong, this book explores the concept of Qi (energy) and how it is relevant to the treatment of MS. It contains a wealth of appropriate, clearly explained Qigong exercises. Advice on nutrition and a suggested daily activity schedule are also included. Based on scientific research, this practical book will help people with MS to improve their health and quality of life.
niGel Mills is an accredited clinical psychologist

and cranio-sacral therapist as well as a teacher of Qigong. April 2010, 112 pages, 6 x 9" 22 photos, accompanied by an audio CD 978-1-8481-9019-1 Pb $22.95
health / Fitness / alternatiVe theraPies SINGING DRAGON


spring 2010


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yoga therapy for every special Child
meeting needs in a natural setting nancy Williams This comprehensive guide provides gentle yoga postures and exercises that can help to promote relaxation, flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness in children with special needs. Each posture is accompanied by a line drawing demonstrating the posture, and the author offers her knowledge of how each posture supports the individual child's needs and abilities. She also outlines the specific benefits of yoga for a wide range of conditions, including Attention Deficit Disorder, ASD, Cerebral Palsy, social communication difficulties, Down's syndrome, and scoliosis. This wonderful resource is ideal for parents, therapists, and other professionals who want to use yoga therapy exercises with children with special needs.
nanCy WilliaMs has been a yoga therapist for

nine years. She has worked with children with a wide range of special needs, including autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, sensory integration disorder, and Down's syndrome. January 2010, 240 pages, 6.6 x 9.5" 65 illustrations 978-1-8481-9027-6 Pb $19.95
health / Fitness / alternatiVe theraPies / sPeCial eduCation JESSICA KINGSLEy PUBLISHERS


swine Flu/h1n1
the facts terence stephenson, dM, FrCP FrCPCh , Conflicting information about the H1N1 epidemic has left many parents confused. This clear and concise book presents all of the key facts about the H1N1 virus and explains in simple English what every parent needs to know about the virus, including: • • • • • • What is swine flu/H1N1? Just how dangerous is it? What are the symptoms? What treatments are available? Is H1N1 more dangerous in children? What can we learn from past pandemics?
terenCe stePhenson, dM, FrCP, FrCPCh, is

president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in the UK. He is Nuffield Professor of Child Health at the Institute of Child Health, University College London and Honorary Consultant Pediatrician, Great Ormond Street Hospital and University College Hospital, London. October 2009, 112 pages, 5.5 x 8.5" 978-1-8490-5821-6 Pb $14.95
health / ParentinG / MediCal JESSICA KINGSLEy PUBLISHERS

This book also offers tips for helping children to avoid contracting the H1N1 virus and a full list of frequently asked questions with clear and downto-earth answers. This is a must-read book for every parent and for anyone working with children.

Kitchen literacy
how We lost Knowledge of Where food comes from and Why We need to get it back ann Vileisis Kitchen Literacy chronicles profound changes in how we have shopped, cooked, and thought about food over the last two centuries. While the distance between farm and table grew, we went from knowing the specific stories of our food’s origins to relying instead on advertisers’ claims and government assurances. We were not always so clueless about what we were eating. But now, convenient industrialized eating has resulted in a host of health and environmental problems, including food-borne pathogens and water pollution. By revealing the history of how we’ve known – and not known – our foods, Kitchen Literacy promises to make us think differently about what we eat. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in food. Kitchen Literacy performs a valuable service in reminding readers that we were not always so clueless when it came to making food choices. – The Washington Post
ann Vileisis is a writer and historian. Her former

book received prestigious awards from the American Historical Association and the American Society for Environmental History.
neW in PaPerbaCK

Spring 2010, 200 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-5972-6144-9 Pb $39.95
health / nutrition / history ISLAND PRESS

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spring 2010



islands of Genius
the bountiful mind of the autistic, acquired, and sudden savant darold treffert Savant syndrome is a rare condition in which individuals with developmental disorders have one or more areas of expertise, ability, or brilliance – "islands of genius" – that exist in contrast with their overall limitations. In this fascinating book, Dr. Darold Treffert explores recently-discovered phenomena such as "genetic memory," the capacity of some individuals to "know" things they never learned, and "acquired savantism" – instances in which a neuro-typical person unexpectedly and spectacularly develops savant-like abilities following a trauma such as a head injury or stroke. Above all, his message is that prodigy and genius should be celebrated and nurtured. This book is for clinicians, parents, teachers, therapists, and others who care for, and about, individuals with savant syndrome.
darold treFFert, M.D. is Clinical Professor of

Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. He has worked with savants and researched this rare condition for nearly fifty years. May 2010, 328 pages, 6 x 9" 20 b&w, 8 page colour insert 978-1-8490-5810-0 hC $32.95
Mental health / PsyCholoGy / autisM / asPerGer syndroMe / sPeCial eduCation JESSICA KINGSLEy PUBLISHERS


Get out, explore, and have Fun
how families of children with autism or asperger syndrome can get the most out of community activities lisa Jo rudy Many families that include a child with autism or Asperger Syndrome feel that involvement in the community is not for them. This book sets out to change that. Get Out, Explore, and Have Fun is a guide to what's out there, how to find it, and how to make it work for your family. Informal learning experiences can be the key to self-discovery, communication, self-confidence, and even independence for many children on the autism spectrum. The book includes hints and tips for involving your family in the right community activities and resources and ideas for helping your child build on their strengths, interests, and preferred learning styles to explore life in the community.
lisa Jo rudy is a professional writer, researcher,

consultant, and the mother of a thirteen-year-old boy with an autism spectrum disorder. She is also the “ Guide to Autism” part of The New york Times Company. June 2010, 256 pages, 6 x 9" 30 b&w photos 978-1-8490-5809-4 Pb $22.95


Great answers to difficult Questions about sex
What children need to Know linda Goldman What does sex mean? Great Answers to Difficult Questions about Sex explores children's thoughts and feelings on the subject of sex. It relates some of their most common questions and provides sensitive yet candid answers, phrased in a way that children will be able to understand and relate to. Each chapter is devoted to a particular issue, such as how babies are made, relationships, or the differences between boys and girls. The book recognizes the emotions and reactions of children and family members and includes separate conclusions for adults and children. This guide offers useful advice for parents and other caring adults and will also be of interest to counsellors and other professionals working with children.
linda GoldMan is a licensed counsellor and is also trained in early childhood education.

February 2010, 112 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-8490-5804-9 Pb $18.95

Great answers to difficult Questions about adoption, 978-1-84310-671-5, PB $16.95 Great answers to difficult Questions about divorce, 978-1-84310-672-2, PB $16.95 Great answers to difficult Questions about death, 978-1-84310-805-6, PB $16.95


spring 2010


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happy Families
a parents' guide to the non-Violent resistance approach Carmelite avraham Krehwinkel and david aldridge Adapting principles of non-violent resistance originally advocated by Mahatma Gandhi, this book outlines non-violent de-escalation techniques that will empower the parent and unburden a distressed child. As effective as it is original, the non-violent approach equips parents with the skills they need. It explains that by setting reasonable and achievable goals, avoiding violent reactions, and asking for help when necessary, parents can regain control and authority. Case studies are used throughout the book to demonstrate how the approach can be used to reach more successful places with unhappy and disruptive children of all ages, and deal with problematic behaviour in everyday life.
CarMelite aVrahaM-KrehWinKel is an affiliate

researcher at the Nordoff Robbins Centre in Witten, Germany. daVid aldridGe is the codirector of the Nordoff Robbins Centre in Witten, Germany. April 2010, 96 pages, 5.5 x 8.5" 10 line drawings 978-1-8490-5084-5 Pb $18.95


the informed Gardener blooms again
linda Chalker-scott Linda Chalker-Scott offers her more than twenty years of experience in the field of plant physiology to help home gardeners, landscape architects, and nursery and landscape professionals develop scientifically based sustainable landscaping practices.The Informed Gardener Blooms Again provides answers to questions such as: • Does using drought-tolerant plants reduce water consumption? • Is it more effective to spray fertilizers on the leaves of trees and shrubs than to apply it to the soil? • Will cedar wood chips kill landscape plants? • Should ladybugs be used in the garden as a form of pest control? • Does aerobically brewed compost tea suppress disease? A no-nonsense, no-hype, nothing-to-sell-butthe-truth voice that straddles an important line between hearsay gardening and scientific fact in ornamental horticulture. – Ketzel Levine
linda ChalKer-sCott is an extension urban horticulturist and an associate professor at Puyallup Research and Extension Center, Washington State University. She is the author of The Informed Gardener (2008) and Washington State editor of Master Gardener magazine.

February 2010, 256 pages, 5.5 x 9" 11 illustrations 978-0-295-990-01-9 Pb $20.95
GardeninG / sustainability UNIVERSITy OF WASHINGTON PRESS


Pedaling revolution
how cyclists are changing american cities Jeff Mapes A grassroots movement is carving out a niche for bicycles on city streets. In Pedaling Revolution, Jeff Mapes, a longtime political reporter and bike commuter, explores the growth of bicycle advocacy and issues such as the environmental, safety, and health aspects of biking for short trips. Essential reading for anyone who rides their bike to work or on errands, works in transportation or urban planning, or just wonders why they are seeing so many more bicyclists on the road. Great ammunition for those of us who would like to see ... cities become more bike-friendly. – David Byrne, The New York Times Book Review
JeFF MaPes is a senior political reporter for The Oregonian and has covered Congress, state government, and numerous local, state, and national campaigns. He is also author of the blog Mapes on Politics. neW in PaPerbaCK

March 2009, 288 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-8707-1419-1 Pb $21.95
enVironMent / transPoration OREGON STATE UNIVERSITy PRESS

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spring 2010



bottled and sold
the story behind our obsession with bottled Water Peter h. Gleick Bottled and Sold is a lively critique of the bottled water industry, its environmental misdeeds, and its misleading messages. Through humorous anecdotes and concrete facts, internationally renowned water expert Peter Gleick shows us where bottled water comes from – what is really in the bottle? He analyzes how bottled water moved from a niche product to a world-wide phenomenon and how we came to fear tap water. Finally, he uncovers the serious environmental impacts of bottled water and tells of the resulting backlash against this wasteful industry.
Peter h. GleiCK is co-founder and president of the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security in Oakland, California, and has been dubbed a “visionary on the environment” by the BBC.

March 2010, 288 pages, 6 x 9" photos, illustrations, tables, maps, figures 978-1-5972-6528-7 hC $28.95
enVironMent / business ISLAND PRESS

Cover image: Spilled Water Bottle by Dsw4 (Wikicommons)

natural history

the nature of Gold
an environmental history of the alaska/Yukon gold rush Kathryn Morse, Foreword by William Cronon In this first and authoritative environmental history of the gold rush, Kathryn Morse tells the intriguing story of the yukon-Alaska gold rush – how the miners got to the Klondike, the mining technologies they employed, and the complex networks by which they obtained food, clothing, and tools. With a flair for the quirky detail and the revealing anecdote, she also details the political and economic debates surrounding the valuation of gold and the emerging industrial economy that exploited its extraction. The profound economic and cultural transformations that supported the Alaska-yukon gold rush ultimately reverberate to modern times. This is a compelling and complex tale of this famous part of northern history. A wonderfully compelling account of what it actually felt like to pack up and head to the Yukon. Scholars will find it provocative and deep, but all readers will find it absorbing, touching, funny. – William McKibben
Kathryn Morse is an associate professor of history at Middlebury College in Vermont.

March 2010, 304 pages, 6 x 9" 52 illustrations 978-0-295-983-30-1 Pb $27.95

natural history

seeking refuge
birds and landscape of the pacific flyway robert M. Wilson, foreword by William cronon Seeking Refuge examines the development and management of refuges in the wintering range of migratory birds along the Pacific Flyway. The Pacific Flyway is the westernmost of the four major North American bird migration routes and millions of birds travel it each year to winter and summer ranges. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the farmlands along the flyway were irrigated using the wetlands, and as a result the US Fish and Wildlife Service established refuges within these radically transformed landscapes in order to sustain migratory birds. In a time when global warming promises to compound the stress on water and migratory species, this book demonstrates the need to foster landscapes where both wildlife and people can thrive. The author's skill in examining the interplay between wild birds, their increasingly manufactured habitats, and the varied human institutions responsible for altering them makes for a compelling story that readers will find fascinating. – William K.Wyckoff, Montana State University
robert M. Wilson is assistant professor of geography at Syracuse University.

June 2010, 320 pages, 6 x 9" 17 b&w illustrations, 8 maps 978-0-295-99002-6 hC $38.95


spring 2010


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tsodilo hills
copper bracelet of the Kalahari edited by alec Campbell, larry robbins, and Michael taylor This is the fascinating story of Tsodilo Hills, a chain of mountains and World Heritage site isolated in the Kalahari desert region of Botswana. During the past three decades, archaeologists, paleontologists, historians, and cultural anthropologists have worked at Tsodilo. The Hills are also one of Botswana’s major tourist attractions: from the beauty of the strange copper light that the Hills radiate at sunset to the religious beliefs reflected in the symbolic rock art, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Illustrated with approximately 200 color plates and maps, Tsodilo Hills brings together years of research at an important site and offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of the Kalahari Desert; this is an unsurpassed guide to an extraordinary world.
aleC CaMPbell is the former director of Wildlife and National Parks, founding director of Botswana’s National Museum and Art Gallery, and a founding trustee of the Trust for African Rock Art, Nairobi. larry robbins is professor of anthropology at Michigan State University and a founding member of the Society for Africanist Archaeologists. MiChael taylor works for the International Land Coalition in Rome, Italy and was a former assistant curator of ethnology at the National Museum, Botswana.

January 2010, 180 pages, 8.5 x 11" 978-0-87013-858-4 Pb $44.95
arChaeoloGy / natural history MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITy PRESS


Freshwater Fish of the northeast
david a. Patterson, with illustrations by Matt Patterson Father and son David and Matt Patterson have extensively fished the waters of the Northeast Atlantic, including New England, New york and Eastern Canada. In Freshwater Fish of the Northeast, they’ve teamed up to put their knowledge and love of fishing into this beautiful guide, which provides information on more than sixty of the region’s fish species. From the bluegill to the brookie, from game fish to bait fish, the most popular (and most obscure) fish are collected in this colorful and informative guide. Freshwater Fish of the Northeast includes detailed information on each species, describing their behaviours, habits, habitats, history, and lore.
Matt Patterson is a professional illustrator who trained at The Art Institute of Boston. daVid Patterson , recently retired, taught highschool biology for thirty-four years in Billerica, Massachusetts.

May 2010, 140 pages, 10 x 8" 62 colour illustrations 978-1-5846-5819-1 hC $30.95

CliMate ChanGe

life in the hothouse
how a living planet survives climate change Melanie lenart In this insightful and highly readable work, scientist and award-winning journalist Melanie Lenart examines the latest scientific knowledge on climate change, including Gaia theory, which holds that the Earth has some degree of climate control “built in.” As she points out, stronger hurricanes and larger floods in recent years actually help cool the ocean surface and clear the air of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. If we allow Earth’s natural defense systems, including wetlands and forests, to flourish, the planet will no longer need to rely on the cooling effects of these natural disasters. Life in the Hothouse is essential reading for anyone interested in the alarming changes affecting our planet.
Melanie lenart holds a PhD in natural resources and global change. She teaches environmental writing and works as a researcher for the Institute for the Environment and Society at the University of Arizona.

May 2010, 272 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-8165-2723-6 Pb $25.95
CliMate ChanGe / enVronMent / sustainability UNIVERSITy OF ARIZONA PRESS

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spring 2010


CliMate ChanGe

how to live a low Carbon life
the individual's guide to tackling climate change, updated and revised Chris Goodall How to Live a Low Carbon Life provides the first comprehensive, one-stop reference guide to calculating home and individual carbon emissions. It lays out clear plans for how individuals can reduce their emissions. It provides all the information needed for people and families to understand their impacts on the world’s climate. Covering all aspects of modern life from transport to home heating to where our food comes from to the vexing issueof holiday travel, the book provides easy-to use tables for conducting a personal lifestyle carbon audit. Written in an optimistic tone, it shows how easy it is to take responsibility and reduce our personal carbon emissions. It gives individuals the information to enable them to adjust lifestyles and live a responsible life. This is the definitive guide to reducing your carbon footprint. – New Scientist Valuable ammunition for those who want to do something about global warming – The Guardian
Chris Goodall is an entrepreneur based in

Oxford, UK, and a former director of Which? Ltd.
neW edition

May 2010, 240 pages, 6.5 x 8.5" illustrations, tables, boxes, bibliography 978-1-8440-7910-0 Pb $27.95
CliMate ChanGe / enVironMent / sustainability EARTHSCAN

business & eConoMiCs

Prosperity without Growth
economics for a finite planet tim Jackson Can humanity prosper without economic growth? If so, what form should our prosperity take – consumption and affluence, or wellbeing and happiness? In this explosive new book, Tim Jackson – a top sustainability adviser to the UK government – offers a compelling analysis of the most profound dilemma confronting the twenty-first century: economic growth is unsustainable, but "de-growth" is unstable. Instead, Jackson argues, we must reconfigure our economic machine, and deliver prosperity for all, without growth. Here, for those who want to be part of the most important conversation of our times, is a vision of our capability to flourish as human beings within the ecological limits of a finite planet. Fulfilling this vision is simply the most urgent task of our generation. Provokes official thought on the unthinkable. – Herman Daly
tiM JaCKson is the UK's Sustainable Development Commission’s economics commissioner and an adviser to Gordon Brown. He is also a professor of sustainable development at the University of Surrey and director of the ESRC Research Group on Lifestyles, Values and Environment (RESOLVE) .

November 2009, 280 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-8440-7894-3 hC $24.95
business & eConoMiCs / sustainable deVeloPMent EARTHSCAN

business & eConoMiCs

Factor Five
transforming the global economy through 80% improvements in resource productivity ernst von Weizsäcker, et al. Published in 1997, Factor Four, by renowned economic and engineering experts, transformed how economists, policy makers, engineers, entrepreneurs and business leaders thought about innovation and wealth creation. Now, with climate change at the top of the world agenda and new economic giants needing ever more resources, Factor Five examines the past fifteen years of innovation in industry, technology, and policy. This book tackles sustainable development and climate change, energy productivity, transport and industry, and material productivity including steel, chemistry, engineering, water efficiency, and sustainable agriculture. This book is simply the most important work on the future of innovation, business, economics and policy. A timely manefesto... focusing on solutions rather than problems [it] makes a persuasive case for accelerating the pace of change. – The Financial Times
ernst Von WeizsäCKer is dean of the Donald

Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. December 2009, 448 pages, 6 x 9" Full colour photos, figures, index 978-1-8440-7591-1 hC $44.95
business & eConoMiCs / sustainability EARTHSCAN


spring 2010


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business & sustainability

doing business in a new Climate
a guide to measuring, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions Paul lingl, deborah Carlson, and the david suzuki Foundation Around the world, a growing number of businesses are taking steps to reduce their climate impact by managing their greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, these businesses are discovering that effective greenhouse gas management can enhance their brands, motivate employees, increase operational efficiencies, and save money. This guide walks readers through the key activities that make up a greenhouse gas management program, including measuring, reducing, and offsetting emissions and developing a communications strategy around the program. Throughout, case studies of over fifty leading businesses from around the world highlight innovation and solutions to common challenges, and further resources are provided for each section.
the daVid suzuKi Foundation is committed to

protecting the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future. Paul linGl has been developing climate change solutions at the David Suzuki Foundation since 2001. deborah Carlson has worked at the David Suzuki Foundation since 2006 developing greenhouse gas management strategies for businesses and other organizations. February 2010, 96 pages, 8 x 10" 978-1-8440-7908-7 Pb $39.95
business / sustainability EARTHSCAN

Published with the David Suzuki Foundation

business & sustainability

the three secrets of Green business
unlocking competitive advantage in a low carbon economy Gareth Kane In this short, readable and practical "how-to" guide, leading green business expert and consultant Gareth Kane reveals everything you need to know about making your business green while increasing profits. He reveals hundreds of handy hints and tips for going green, easy actions any business can take now to cut waste, big changes to revolutionize your business processes, products, and business models, and green success stories from business of all types and sizes. The Three Secrets of Green Business is a highly accessible, practical guide for those who want to introduce sustainability into their business or organization quickly and effectively. Brilliant! The most comprehensive and practical business guide I have ever read about environmental issues. – Jo Bennison, director, Daxi Environmental
Gareth Kane, an environmental consultant, has

worked with hundreds of organisations to improve their environmental performance. January 2010, 224 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-8440-7874-5 Pb $29.95
business / sustainbility EARTHSCAN

business & sustainability

sustainable event Management
a practical guide Meegan Jones Written by a leader in the field, this new practical guide leads readers through all of the key aspects of how to understand and manage the environmental impacts of events of any type and scale anywhere. This comprehensive guide covers diverse topics such as energy, zero emissions options, carbon management, transport and water, waste management and reduction, procurement and supply chains, as well as communications and marketing. Filled with tried-and-tested methods used across the event industry, and case studies from across the UK, Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia, this is the indispensable one-stop guide for event and facility organizers, managers and professionals who want a powerful, easy-to-use collection of tools to deliver events sustainably.
MeeGan Jones is an events professional who focusses her work on developing sustainable management solutions for live events. She is sustainability co-ordinator for several major UK music festivals, and an advisor to other events, large and small.

January 2010, 240 pages, 8 x 10" 978-1-8440-7739-7 Pb $53.95
business / sustainability EARTHSCAN

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the Good Work Guide
how to make organizations fairer and more effective nick isles In an increasingly knowledge-driven economy, the importance of people’s discretionary effort to business performance is key to success – or failure. The Good Work Guide lays out how and why companies should be doing more to improve conditions for their staff. Examining the link between high performance outcomes and improvement in working life, this guide focuses on ways organizations can improve their staff’s autonomy and empowerment, improve fairness and conflict resolution, and get great performances from their employees. Filled with examples of real businesses that have fundamentally changed the way they work to empower their staff, and have increased productivity and profitability, it is the essential management handbook that no business can afford to ignore.
niCK isles is editor-in-chief and managing director of Corporate Agenda business advice service. He is a former director and current associate of The Work Foundation and is a well-known UK media contributor and commentator on business and economic issues.

March 2010, 192 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-8440-7557-7 hC $29.95
business EARTHSCAN

eduCation / traVel

the Global Classroom
an essential guide to study abroad Jeffrey s. lantis and Jessica duPlaga Travel abroad has become a standard feature of global citizenship and many seek help in making sure their travel experiences are fulfilling. Both a primer for a holistic experience abroad and a practical guide to issues that arise in any travel setting, The Global Classroom is an essential travel companion. It explores the philosophy behind overseas travel and the potential value of the experience, while offering practical advice for studying abroad, including selecting the right program and actively engaging in foreign educational settings. It also covers reorientation challenges and integration of the experience into careers as engaged global citizens. This guide concludes with an appendix containing valuable resources for easy use by all. The book is filled with examples, suggestions, websites, and contacts that anyone can profiably use. In sum, the book provides a practical and useful map and guide for anyone associated with study abroad. –Larry Braskamp, Loyola University–Chicago
JeFFrey s. lantis is a professor of political science and chair of the International Relations Program at the College of Wooster in Ohio. JessiCa duPlaGa is the director of international and off-campus study at the College of Wooster.

June 2010, 208 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-5945-1677-1 Pb $21.95


the art and Craft of College teaching, second edition
a guide for new professors and graduate students robert rotenberg This book provides a hands-on guide to the complexities of the college classroom for instructors in their first five years of independent teaching. The chapters survey the existing literature on how to effectively teach young adults and offer specific solutions to the most commonly faced classroom dilemmas. Rotenberg encourages new teachers to support their students as individual learners who are engaged in a program of study beyond their individual class. An extensive discussion of the relationship between classroom design and class size enables the new instructor to better handle the challenges of contemporary college classrooms.
robert rotenberG has taught at DePaul University since 1979 in the sociology and anthropology departments and the international studies program. He serves on the university’s teaching, learning, and assessment committee.

March 2010, 336 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-5987-4534-4 Pb $27.95
eduCation / Post-seCondary eduCation LEFT COAST PRESS, INC.


spring 2010


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reCent & noteWorthy PolitiCal sCienCe

the thomson Collection at the art Gallery of ontario

Ken Thomson was no mere trophy gatherer. A man of passionate commitment and of wideranging cultural curiosity, the late Lord Thomson of Fleet (1923-2006) began a half-century of collecting in 1953 and continued to do so until the very end of his life. The Thomson Collection has drawn the respect of museum curators worldwide. In terms of quantity and quality, the collection’s body of Canadian art has no equal; and a number of works, principal among them The Massacre of the Innocents, the masterpiece of Rubens’s early maturity, are of truly international significance. As the most important private art collection in Canada, it will hugely extend the holdings of the Art Gallery of Ontario. Amongst its European works is the fabulous 12th-century Malmesbury reliquary casket, an extraordinary selection of medieval ivories, and a fine group of portrait miniatures. A large and varied group of ship models is an intriguing facet of the Collection. This set of five catalogues is available as a slip-covered set for $200.00. All titles, including the set: U.S. and Canada Rights only

Co-published by the Art Gallery of Ontario and Skylet Publishing

Kenneth thomson the Collector and the thomson Collection at the art Gallery of ontario
edited by Conal shields

ship Models in the thomson Collection at the art Gallery of ontario
simon stevens

Medieval ivories and Works of art in the thomson Collection at the art Gallery of ontario
John lowden and John Cherry

rubens's Massacre of the Innocents in the thomson Collection at the art Gallery of ontario
david Jaffe and amanda bradley

Canadian Paintings in the thomson Collection at the art Gallery of ontario
Jeremy adamson, et al.

Ken Thomson was no mere trophy gatherer. A man of passionate commitment and of wideranging cultural curiosity, the late Lord Thomson of Fleet (1923-2006) began a half-century of collecting in 1953, which continued to the very end of his life. 2008, 128 pp., 9.5 x 11" 100 color illustrations 978-1-903470-79-4
Pb $50.00

Spanning some 350 years, the Thomson Collection of historic ship models contains examples of exquisite workmanship and some of the masterpieces of the genre. Pride of the collection are the rare British dockyard models made to scale for affluent 18th-century clients closely associated with the Navy. 2008, 128 pp., 9.5 x 11" 100 color illustrations 978-1-90347-82-4
Pb $50.00

The Thomson collection contains examples of the highest quality of most types of medieval ivory carving, both secular and religious. A highlight of the collection is the magnificent Dormeuil Diptych of the Passion of Christ. Other significant medieval works include examples of stained glass, woodwork and metalwork, notably the 12th-century Malmesbury reliquary casket. 2008, 128 pp., 9.5 x 11" 80 color illustrations 978-1-90347-08-0
Pb $50.00

The recent rediscovery of Rubens’s Massacre of the Innocents offers an important opportunity to reassess the painter’s early career. Of Rubens’s works immediately following his return to Antwerp in 1608, it is the most assured, achieving a remarkable complexity both compositionally and emotionally. 2008, 128 pp., 9.5 x 11" 80 color illustrations 978-1-903470-81-7
Pb $50.00

Together with important First Nations material, the Thomson Canadian Collection is the largest of all private holdings of Canadian art. It includes rare and incomparable examples of Northwest Coast Aboriginal art. This collection tells the rich story of the country Ken Thomson called home. 2008, 160 pp., 9.5 x 11" 160 color illustrations 978-1-903470-83-1
Pb $50.00

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reCent releases

Contesting Clio's Craft

New Directions and Debates in Canadian History edited by Michael dawson and Christopher dummitt

A History of Ethical Vegetarian Thought rod Preece

sins of the Flesh

This collection of insightful essays suggests novel questions and approaches to the study of the Canadian past while delving into recently overlooked subjects. The authors place a particular emphasis on international, transnational, and comparative approaches, and cover such topics as the Atlantic World, oral history, postcolonialism, public history, historical periodization, Canada’s place in the British Empire, and French-English relations. 2008, 200 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-9000-3988-8 Pb $35.95
history / Canada BROOKINGS PRESS

Unlike previous books on this topic, Sins of the Flesh examines the history of vegetarianism in its ethical dimensions from the origins of humanity through to the present. It is a ground-breaking history of ethical vegetarianism that will appeal to all readers concerned with human-animal relations and the foundations of animal rights. In the field of animal studies, Rod Preece is a world-renowned scholar, and this current volume confirms that his reputation is well deserved. – Jodey Castricano, editor of Animal Subjects 2009, 416 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1510-9 Pb $29.95
history / PhilosoPhy / ethiCal liVinG

Towards a New Canadian Foreign Policy Michael hart

From Pride to influence

From Pride to Influence sets out a trenchant but thoughtful and solidly supported analysis of the challenges confronting Canadian foreign policy. Hart makes a compelling case for avoiding the false allure of the feel-gooders and for reversing Canada’s slide from peripheral to relevant in world affairs. – Derek Burney, former Canadian ambassador to the United States 2009, 432 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1588-8 Pb $34.95
PolitiCs / international relations UBC PRESS


electing a diverse Canada

The Representation of Immigrants, Minorities, and Women edited by Caroline andrew, John biles, Myer siemiatycki, and erin tolley

Taverns and Public Life in Upper Canada Julia roberts

in Mixed Company

becoming british Columbia

A Population History John douglas belshaw

Electing a Diverse Canada is a “must read”and a potential classic in its field. Demographic profiles of individual cities and their elected representatives are compiled and analyzed by scholars with intimate knowledge of local politics. A unifying focus and methodology (including a common survey) provide powerful tools for understanding the general patterns of minority representation in Canada and its unique features in our major urban centres. – Linda Gerber, co-author of Sociology (6th edition) 2009, 304 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1486-7 Pb $29.95
PolitiCs / eleCtions

In Mixed Company explores taverns as colonial public space and how men and women of diverse backgrounds – Native and newcomer, privileged and labouring, white and non-white – negotiated a place for themselves within them. The stories that emerge unsettle comfortable certainties about who belonged where in colonial society. Reconstructed from tavern-keepers’ accounts, court records, diaries, travelogues, and letters, In Mixed Company is essential reading for tavern aficionados and anyone interested in the history of gender, race, and culture in Canadian or colonial society. 2009, 240 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1576-5 Pb $32.95
history / Canada

This book demonstrates the significance of demographic knowledge to our understanding of the province’s history and its historiography. It provides another lens through which to view the history of the province. – Ruth Sandwell, author of Beyond the City Limits: Rural History in British Columbia 2009, 288 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1546-8 Pb $32.95
history / GeoGraPhy UBC PRESS

UBC Press

UBC Press


spring 2010


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reCent releases

bomb Canada

And Other Unkind Remarks in the American Media Chantal allan

From Cronkite to Colbert
The Evolution of Broadcast News Geoffrey d. baym

Motivate to Communicate!

Canada and the United States. Two nations, one border, same continent. AntiAmerican sentiment in Canada is well documented, but what have Americans had to say about their northern neighbour? Allan examines how the American media has portrayed Canada from Confederation to the Obama inauguration. By examining major events that have tested bilateral relations, Bomb Canada tracks the history of anti-Canadianism in the US. Informative, thought-provoking, and at times hilarious, this first-of-its-kind book reveals another layer of the complex relationship between Canada and the United States. 2009, 160 pages, 5.5 x 8" b&w illustrations 978-1-897425-49-7 Pb $24.95
Current aFFairs / JournalisM / history AU PRESS (ATHABASCA UNIVERSITy)

At a time when increasing numbers of people are tuning out the nightly news and media consumption is falling, the late-night comedians have become some of the most important newscasters in the country. From Cronkite to Colbert explains why. The book makes the case that rather than “fake news,” those shows should be understood as a new kind of journalism, one that has the potential to save the news and reinvigorate the conversation of democracy in today’s society. 2009, 224 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-59451-554-5 Pb $26.95
Current aFFairs / JournalisM / tV PARADIGM PUBLISHERS

300 Games and Activities for your Child with Autism simone Griffin and dianne sandler

This accessible and practical photocopiable resource is brimming with ideas and guidance for motivating children with autism and other communication difficulties. The many innovative ideas in this book have developed through over 40 years of clinical and educational experience and are designed to be fun for both the adult and child. All the resources mentioned in this book are readily available and can be utilized to develop all levels of communication, from reaching to using pictures to communicate to increasing the length of a child’s verbal communication. 2009, 240 pages, 6 x 9" 978-1-84905-041-8 Pb $24.95
ParentinG / asPerGer syndroMe / sPeeCh theraPy JESSICA KINGSLEy PUBLISHERS

ecology & Wonder
The Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site robert W. sandford

letters from the lost
A Memoir of Discovery helen Waldstein Wilkes

Girls Growing up on the autism spectrum
What Parents and Professionals Should Know About the Pre-Teen and Teenage years shana nichols, Gina Marie Moravcik, and samara Pulver tetenbaum

This book makes a couple of remarkable claims. The first is that the greatest cultural achievement in the mountain region of Western Canada may be what has been preserved, not what has been developed. The second is that protecting the spine of the Rocky Mountains will preserve crucial ecological functions. Because the process of ecosystem diminishment and species loss has been slowed, an ecological thermostat has been kept alive, which may well be an important defence against future climate change impacts in the Canadian west. Previously announced February 2010, 380 pages, 7 x 9.5" .5 colour photos throughout 978-1-897425-57-2 Pb $44.95
nature / ParKs / history AU PRESS (ATHABASCA UNIVERSITy)

In 1939, Helen Waldstein’s family left Prague for Canada where they learned to speak English, became farmers, and forgot they were Jewish. The family they left behind could only send letters after the Nazis closed in. Through the war years, letters kept coming to their southern Ontario farm. As her past refused to remain silent, Helen followed the trail of letters back to Europe. In this book, she has interwoven their stories and her own in an engrossing narrative of suffering and rescue, survivor guilt, and overcoming obstacles to intergenerational dialogue about a traumatic past. Previously announced February 2010, 286 pages, 6 x 9" b&w photos 978-1-897425-53-4 Pb $24.95
bioGraPhy / MeMoir / Culture AU PRESS (ATHABASCA UNIVERSITy)

This book is not only reassuring; it is inspiring, and bursting with ideas and achievable strategies. The authors write with authority and conviction, and tackle even the most difficult and delicate of topics. If ever you needed to be convinced that girls with ASD can overcome the difficulties and challenges of puberty and adolescence, have successful friendships and relationships and enjoy a healthy sexuality, then take the time to read this book–it is a must-have for families, teachers and therapists alike. – Sarah Attwood, author of Making Sense of Sex: A Forthright Guide to Puberty, Sex and Relationships for People with Asperger's Syndrome 2009, 352 pages, 6 x 9.25" 978-1-84310-855-9 Pb $27.95
ParentinG / autisM / selF-esteeM JESSICA KINGSLEy PUBLISHERS

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baCKlist hiGhliGhts ubC Press – neW in PaPerbaCK

a history of early Childhood education in Canada, australia, and new zealand
larry Prochner Jan 2010, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1660-1

the nurture of nature

Childhood, Antimodernism, and Ontario Summer Camps, 1920–55 sharon Wall Jan 2010, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1640-3

Contested Constitutionalism

Reflections on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms edited by James b. Kelly and Christopher P Manfredi . Jan 2010, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1675-5

Multi-Party litigation

Colonial Proximities
Crossracial Encounters and Juridical Truths in British Columbia, 1871–1921 renisa Mawani Jan 2010, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1634-2

The Strategic Context Wayne V. Mcintosh and Cynthia l. Cates Jan 2010, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1597-0


Power, Problems, and Politics edited by sean P hier . and Josh Greenberg Jan 2010, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1612-0

language Matters

How Canadian Voluntary Associations Manage French and English edited by david r. Cameron and richard simeon Jan 2010, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1504-8

big steel

Technology, Trade, and Survival in a Global Market daniel Madar Jan 2010, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1666-3

leviathan undone?
Towards a Political Economy of Scale edited by roger Keil and rianne Mahon Jan 2010, Pb $34.95 978-0-7748-1631-1

empires and autonomy

Moments in the History of Globalization edited by stephen M. streeter, John C. Weaver, and William d. Coleman Jan 2010, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1600-7

the industrial transformation of subarctic Canada
liza Piper Jan 2010, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1533-8

speaking for ourselves

Environmental Justice in Canada edited by Julian agyeman, Peter Cole, randolph haluzadelay, and Patricia o'riley Jan 2010, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1619-9

Forestry and biodiversity

Learning How to Sustain Biodiversity in Managed Forests edited by Fred bunnell and Glen dunsworth Jan 2010, Pb $39.95 978-0-7748-1530-7

envirnmental Conflict and democracy in Canada

suburb, slum, urban Village

edited by laurie e. adkin Jan 2010, Pb $34.95 978-0-7748-1603-8

The Transformations of Toronto's Parkdale Neighbourhood, 1875–2002 Carolyn Whitzman May 2009, Pb $29.95 978-0-7748-1536-9


spring 2010


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ubC Press – neW sCholarly titles

Ideas of the Canadian Citizen Soldier, 1896–1921 James Wood March 2010, 384 pp., 6 x 9" 20 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1765-3 hC $90.00 STUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARy HISTORy SERIES

Militia Myths

the british Columbia Court of appeal

The First Hundred years Christopher Moore April 2010, 288 pp., 6 x 9" 100 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1864-3 hC $85.00

inuit education and schools in the eastern arctic
heather e. McGregor May 2010, 224 pp., 6 x 9" 10 b&w illustrations 978-0-7748-1744-8 hC $85.00

awfully devoted Women

Lesbian Lives in Canada, 1900–65 Cameron duder May 2010, 288 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1738-7 hC $85.00 SExUALITy STUDIES SERIES

Déjà Vu All over Again James G. Fergusson May 2010, 268 pp., 6 x 9" 19 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1750-9 hC $85.00 STUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARy HISTORy SERIES

Canada and ballistic Missile defence, 1954–2009

the Practice of execution in Canada
Ken leyton-brown May 2010, 256 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1753-0 hC $85.00

aboriginal title and indigenous Peoples

the business of Women

Constitutional Politics in Canada after the Charter

Canada, Australia, and New Zealand edited by louis a. Knafla and haijo Westra April 2010, 272 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1560-4 hC $85.00 LAW AND SOCIETy SERIES

Marriage, Family, and Entrepreneurship in British Columbia, 1901–51 Melanie buddle May 2010, 200 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1813-1 hC $85.00

sex and the revitalized City

From Victoria to Vladivostok

Canada's Siberian Expedition, 1917–19 benjamin isitt May 2010, 320 pp., 6 x 9" 37 b&w photos, 5 maps 978-0-7748-1801-8 hC $85.00 STUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARy HISTORy SERIES

Liberalism, Communitarianism, and Systemism Patrick James March 2010, 190 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1786-8 hC $85.00 LAW AND SOCIETy SERIES

indigenous Peoples and autonomy

Constructing Crime

the aquaculture Controversy in Canada

Activism, Policy, and Contested Science nathan young and ralph Matthews May 2010, 312 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1810-0 hC $85.00

Contemporary Processes of Criminalization edited by Janet Mosher and Joan brockman May 2010, 224 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1819-3 hC $85.00 LAW AND SOCIETy SERIES

Insights for a Global Age edited by Mario blaser, ravi de Costa, deborah McGregor, and William d. Coleman May 2010, 280 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1792-9 hC $85.00 GLOBALIZATION AND AUTONOMy SERIES

Gender, Condominium Development, and Urban Citizenship leslie Kern April 2010, 224 pp., 6 x 9" 13 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1822-3 hC $85.00

reconstructing Kobe

Cultural autonomy

The Geography of Crisis and Opportunity david W. edgington May 2010, 312 pp., 6 x 9" 45 b&w photos, 21 maps 978-0-7748-1756-1 hC $95.00

Voting behaviour in Canada
edited by Cameron d. anderson and laura b. stephenson April 2010, 328 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1783-7 hC $85.00

Frictions and Connections edited by Petra rethmann, imre szeman, and William d. Coleman March 2010, 336 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1759-2 hC $85.00 GLOBALIZATION AND AUTONOMy SERIES

An Unnatural History of the Newfoundland Cod Collapse dean l.y. bavington May 2010, 192 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1747-9 hC $85.00 NATURE | HISTORy | SOCIETy SERIES

Managed annihilation

terrain of Memory

Media divides

Communication Rights and the Right to Communicate in Canada Marc raboy and Jeremy shtern April 2010, 320 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1774-5 hC $90.00

A Japanese Canadian Memorial Project Kirsten emiko Mcallister April 2010, 320 pp., 6 x 9" 20 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1771-4 hC $90.00

The Woman's Christian Temperance Union in the Meiji Period elizabeth dorn lublin April 2010, 256 pp., 6 x 9" 10 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1816-2 hC $85.00 ASIAN RELIGIONS AND SOCIETy SERIES

reforming Japan

asian religions in british Columbia
edited by larry deVries, donald baker, and dan overmyer May 2010, 332 pp., 6 x 9" 11 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1662-5 hC $85.00 ASIAN RELIGIONS AND SOCIETy SERIES

birds of ontario: habitat requirements, limiting Factors, and status

no need of a chief for this band
Maritime Mi'kmaq and Federal Election Legislation, 1899–1951 Martha elizabeth Walls May 2010, 200 pp., 6 x 9" 10 b&w photos, 1 map 978-0-7748-1789-9 hC $85.00

transnational yearnings

Vol. 1, Nonpasserines: Shorebirds through Woodpeckers al sandilands, with illustrations by ross James May 2010, 384 pp., 8 x 10" 80 maps, 84 drawings of birds 978-0-7748-1762-2 hC $95.00

Tourism, Migration, and the Diasporic City Jenny burman May 2010, 176 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0-7748-1735-6 hC $85.00

administering the Colonizer
Manchuria's Russians under Chinese Rule, 1918–29 blaine r. Chiasson March 2010, page pp., 6 x 9" 25 b&w photos, 2 maps 978-0-7748-1656-4 hC $90.00 CONTEMPORARy CHINESE STUDIES SERIES

speaking for a long time

Public Space and Social Memory in Vancouver adrienne l. burk April 2010, 192 pp., 6 x 9" 19 b&w images, 3 maps 978-0-7748-1698-4 hC $85.00

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spring 2010


baCKlist hiGhliGhts

healing traditions

The Mental Health of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada laurence J. Kirmayer and Gail Guthrie Valaskakis, eds. 2009, Pb $39.95 978-0-7748-1524-6


A New History of Aboriginal-White Relations John sutton lutz 2009, Pb $34.95 978-0-7748-1140-8

Myth and Memory

Stories of IndigenousEuropean Contact John sutton lutz, ed. 2007, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1263-4

at the Far reaches of empire
The Life of Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra Freeman M. tovell 2008, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-1367-9

Vanishing british Columbia
Michael Kluckner 2006, Pb $39.95 978-0-7748-1126-2


The Shipment of Poor Children to Canada, 1867-1917 roy Parker 2008, hC $45.00 978-0-7748-1540-6

eau Canada

The Future of Canada's Water Karen bakker, ed. 2007, Pb $29.95 978-0-7748-1340-2

owls of the united states and Canada
A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior Wayne lynch 2007, Pb $44.95 978-0-7748-1459-1

birds of the yukon territory birds of the World
les beletsky 2006, Pb $55.00 978-0-7748-1358-7 Pamela h. sinclair, Wendy a. nixon, Cameron d. eckert, and nancy l. hughes, eds. 2003, Pb $150.00 978-0-7748-1012-8

birds of ontario: habitat requirements, limiting Factors, and status

birds of british Columbia, Volume 4

Vol. 1, Nonpasserines: Loons through Cranes al sandilands 2007, Pb $39.95 978-0-7748-1229-0

Wood Warblers through Old World Sparrows Wayne Campbell, et. al. 2001, hC $125.00 978-0-7748-0621-3 (Volumes 1-3 are also available. Please visit

unsettling encounters

totem Poles

First Nations Imagery in the Art of Emily Carr Gerta Moray 2006, Pb $75.00 978-0-7748-1282-5

An Illustrated Guide Marjorie M. halpin 1981, Pb $16.95 978-0-7748-0141-6

ancient People of the arctic
robert McGhee 2001, Pb $29.95 978-0-7748-0854-5

the Way of the Masks
Claude lévi-strauss 1999, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-0761-6

First nations of british Columbia,
2nd edition An Anthropological Survey robert J. Muckle 2006, Pb $19.95 978-0-7748-1349-5

northern exposures
Photographing and Filming the Canadian North, 1920-45 Peter Geller 2005, Pb $32.95 978-0-7748-0928-3


spring 2010


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indeX Aboriginal Title and Indigenous Peoples 25 Adamson, Jeremy 21 Adkin, Laurie E. 24 Administering the Colonizer 25 Agyeman, Julian 24 Ahmed, Akbar 7 Aldridge, David 15 Allan, Chantal 23 Ancient People of the Arctic 26 Anderson, Cameron D. 25 Andrew, Caroline 22 Aquaculture Controversy in Canada 25 Art and Craft of College Teaching 20 Asian Religions in British Columbia 25 At the Far Reaches of Empire 26 Awfully Devoted Women 25 Baker, Chris 6 Baker, Donald 25 Bakker, Karen 26 Bashevkin, Sylvia 6 Baum, Richard 9 Bavington, Dean L.y. 25 Baym, Geoffrey D. 23 Becoming British Columbia 22 Becoming Native in a Foreign Land 4 Beletsky, Les 26 Belshaw, John Douglas 22 Bennett, y.A. 2 Berger, Arthur Asa 10 Big Steel 24 Biles, John 22 Birds of British Columbia 26 Birds of Ontario: Habitat Requirements, Limiting Factors, and Status 25, 26 Birds of the World 26 Birds of the Yukon Territory 26 Blaser, Mario 25 Bomb Canada 23 Bottled and Sold 16 Bradley, Amanda 21 British Columbia Court of Appeal 25 Brockman, Joan 25 Buddle, Melanie 25 Bunnell, Fred 24 Burk, Adrienne L. 25 Burman, Jenny 25 Business of Women 25 Cameron, David R. 24 Campbell, Alec 17 Campbell, Wayne 26 Canada and Ballistic Missile Defence, 1954–2009 25 Canada's Voice 2 Canadian Paintings in the Thomson Collection at the art Gallery of Ontario 21 Canadian War on Queers 1 Carlson, Deborah 19 Carroll, Michael K. 2 Cates, Cynthia L. 24 Cha Dao 12 Chalker-Scott, Linda 15 Chapnick, Adam 2 Cherry, John 21 Chiasson, Blaine R. 25 China Watcher 9 Clemens, Walter C., Jr. 7 Cole, Peter 24 Coleman, William D. 24, 25 Colonial Proximities 24 Constitutional Politics in Canada after the Charter 25 Constructing Crime 25 Contested Constitutionalism 24 Contesting Clio's Craft 22 Costa, Ravi de 25 Crisis of Conscience 3 Cultural Autonomy 25 Cultural Theorist's Book of Quotations 10 Dawson, Michael 22 DeVries, Larry 25 Dhamoon, Rita 5 Doing Business in a New Climate 19 Dreamwork 11 Drewal, Henry John 11 Duder, Cameron 25 Dummitt, Christopher 1, 22 Dunsworth, Glen 24 DuPlaga, Jessica 20 Durflinger, Serge Marc 3 Dynasty and Divinity 11 East Moves West 7 Eau Canada 26 Eckert, Cameron D. 26 Ecology & Wonder 23 Edgington, David W. 25 Electing a Diverse Canada 22 Empires and Autonomy 24 Environmental Conflict and Democracy in Canada 24 Factor Five 18 Fashioning Teenagers 10 Fergusson, James 25 Fighting from Home 3 Filax, Gloria 1 Finding Dahshaa 5 First Nations, First Thoughts 5 First Nations of British Columbia 26 Forestry and Biodiversity 24 David Suzuki Foundation 19 Francis, R. Douglas 4 Freshwater Fish of the Northeast 17 From Cronkite to Colbert 23 From Pride to Influence 22 From Victoria to Vladivostok 25 Geller, Peter 26 Gentile, Patrizia 1 Get out, Explore, and Have Fun 14 Getting To Yes In Korea 7 Gilligan, Peter 12 Girls Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum 23 Gleick, Peter H. 16 Global Classroom 20 Goldman, Linda 14 Goodall, Chris 18 Good Work Guide 20 Great Answers to Difficult Questions about Sex 14 Greenberg, Josh 24 Griffin, Simone 23 Grumbine, R. Edward 6 Halpin, Marjorie M. 26 Haluza-DeLay, Randolph 24 Hamburg, David A. 8 Happy Families 15 Hart, Jonathan Locke 11 Hart, Michael 22 Healing Traditions 26 Hess, Evelyn Searle 8 Hier, Sean P. 24 History of Early Childhood Education in Canada 24 Hohenegger, Beatrice 11 How to Live a Low Carbon Life 18 Hughes, Nancy L. 26 Identity/Difference Politics 5 Indigenous Peoples and Autonomy 25 Industrial Transformation of Subarctic Canada 24 Informed Gardener Blooms Again 15 In Mixed Company 22 Irlbacher-Fox, Stephanie 5 Isitt, Benjamin 25 Islands of Genius 14 Isles, Nick 20 Jackson, Tim 18 Jaffe, David 21 James, Patrick 25 Jones, Meegan 19 Journey into America 7 Kamin, Ben 9 Kane, Gareth 19 Keil, Roger 24 Kelly, James B. 24 Kemp, Geoffrey 7 Kenneth Thomson the Collector and the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario 21 Kern, Leslie 25 Kinsman, Gary 1 Kirmayer, Laurence J. 26 Kiss the kids for dad, Don't forget to write 2 Kitchen Literacy 13 Kluckner, Michael 26 Knafla, Louis A. 25 Krehwinkel, Carmelite Avraham 15 Language Matters 24 Lantis, Jeffrey S. 20 Lenart, Melanie 17 Letters from the Lost 23 Leviathan Undone? 24 Lévi-Strauss, Claude 26 Leyton-Brown, Ken 25 Life in the Hothouse 17 Lingl, Paul 19 Lowden, John 21 Lublin, Elizabeth Dorn 25 Lutz, John Sutton 26 Lynch, Wayne 26 Madar, Daniel 24 Mahon, Rianne 24 Makúk 26 Managed Annihilation 25 Manfredi, Christopher P. 24 Manly Modern 1 Mapes, Jeff 15 Massoni, Kelley 10 Matthews, Ralph 25 Mawani, Renisa 24 McAllister, Kirsten Emiko 25 McGhee, Robert 26 McGregor, Deborah 25 McGregor, Heather E. 25 McIntosh, Wayne V. 24 Media Divides 25 Medieval Ivories and Works of Art in the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario 21 Militia Myths 25 Mills, Nigel 12 Milroy, Beth Moore 4 Moore, Christopher 25 Moravcik, Gina Marie 23 Moray, Gerta 26 Morse, Kathryn 16 Mosher, Janet 25 Motivate to Communicate 23 Muckle, Robert J. 26 Multi-Party Litigation 24 Myth and Memory 26 Nature of Gold 16 Nichols, Shana 23 Nixon, Wendy A. 26 No need of a chief for this band 25 Northern Exposures 26 Nothing like Sunshine 9 Nurture of Nature 24 Officer and a Lady 3 Opening Doors Wider 6 O'Riley, Patricia 24 Overmyer, Dan 25 Owls of the United States and Canada 26 Parker, Roy 26 Patterson, David A. 17 Pearson's Peacekeepers 2 Pedaling Revolution 15 Petrou, Michael 3 Phongpaichit, Pasuk 6 Piper, Liza 24 Pollard, Tom 10 Poulter, Gillian 4 Practice of Execution in Canada 25 Preece, Rod 22 Preventing Genocide 8 Prochner, Larry 24 Prosperity without Growth 18 Qigong for Multiple Sclerosis 12 Queer Youth in the Province of the "Severely Normal" 1 Raboy, Marc 25 Reconstructing Kobe 25 Reed, Adolph Jr. 9 Reforming Japan 25 Renegades 3 Renewing Black Intellectual History 9 Rethmann, Petra 25 Robbins, Larry 17 Roberts, Julia 22 Rotenberg, Robert 20 Rubens's Massacre of the Innocents in the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario 21 Rudy, Lisa Jo 14 Rupp, Leila J. 1 Sandford, Robert W. 23 Sandilands, Al 25, 26 Sandler, Dianne 23 Sapphistries 1 Schildkrout, Enid 11 Seeking Refuge 16 Sex and the Revitalized City 25 Sex and Violence 10 Shaw, Amy J. 3 Shields, Conal 21 Ship Models in the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario 21 Shtern, Jeremy 25 Siemiatycki, Myer 22 Simeon, Richard 24 Sins of the Flesh 22 Speaking for a Long Time 25 Speaking for Ourselves 24 Steeped in History 11 Stephenson, Laura B. 25 Stephenson, Terence 13 Stevens, Simon 21 Streeter, Stephen M. 24 Surveillance 24 Sustainable Event Management 19 Swine Flu/H1N1 13 Szeman, Imre 25 Taylor, Michael 17 Technological Imperative in Canada 4 Terrain of Memory 25 Tetenbaum, Samara Pulver 23 Thaksin 6 Thinking Planning and Urbanism 4 Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario 21 Three Secrets of Green Business 19 Timpson, Annis May 5 Tolley, Erin 22 Toman, Cynthia 3 Totem Poles 26 To the Woods 8 Tovell, Freeman M. 26 Towler, Solala 12 Transnational Yearnings 25 Treffert, Darold 14 Trépanier, Claire 8 Tsodilo Hills 17 Unsettling Encounters 26 Uprooted 26 Valaskakis, Gail Guthrie 26 Vanishing British Columbia 26 Veterans with a Vision 3 Vileisis, Ann 13 Voting Behaviour in Canada 25 Wall, Sharon 24 Walls, Martha Elizabeth 25 Warren, Kenneth W. 9 Way of the Masks 26 Weaver, John C. 24 Weizsäcker, Ernst von 18 Westra, Haijo 25 What is 'Tai Chi'? 12 Where the Dragon Meets the Angry River 6 Whitzman, Carolyn 24 Wilkes, Helen Waldstein 23 Williams, Nancy 13 Wilson, Robert M. 16 Woman of Valour 8 Wood, James 25 Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child 13 young, Nathan 25

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ubc press proudly publishes outstanding books by canada’s best scholars. our authors, designers and editors are regularly honoured for their achievements. We congratulate the authors of the following books, which were recently recognized:

at the Far reaches of empire
the life of Juan francisco de la bodega y Quadra Freeman M. tovell • Winner, 2009 Keith matthews award,canadian nautical research society • honorable mention, 2008 John lyman award, north american society for ocean history

Canada's rights revolution
social movements and social change, 1937–82 dominique Clément • Winner, 2009 John porter tradition of excellence book award, canadian sociological association

Contributing Citizens
modern charitable fundraising and the making of the Welfare state, 1920–66 shirley tillotson • shortlisted, 2009 sir John a. macdonald book award, canadian historical association

landing native Fisheries
indian reserves and fishing rights in british columbia, 1849–1925 douglas C. harris • honourable mention, 2009 lieutenant-governor's medal for historical Writing, bc historical federation

a new history of aboriginal-White relations John sutton lutz • Winner, 2009 clio award for bc, canadian historical association

resisting Manchukuo
chinese Women Writers and the Japanese occupation norman smith • Winner, 2009 canadian Women's studies association book prize

aboriginal studies african american studies archaeology art history biography / Memoir business business & economics business & sustainability Climate Change education / travel environment Film Fishing Gardening health history natural history Parenting Poetry Politics Popular Culture Psychology Quotations religion urban Planning

university of british Columbia 2029 West Mall, Vancouver, bC V6t 1z2

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