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JANUARY 3, 2014


J A N U A R Y 3 , 2 0 1 4
Person of the year in the Middle East 2
Most unpopular war in U.S. history? 3
How the NSA hacks your iPhone 9
$423.7 billion in borrowed cash inating stocks 10
Half of female Marines cant do 3 pullups 10
uivi w.s nothing but jubilant faces coming out of
the P,+: meeting on November :. Te Joint Plan of
Action was signed, whereby Iran would supposedly
halt its progression toward creating a nuclear bomb while
still being allowed to have nuclear energy. Triumphant,
President Obama proclaimed, For the rst time in nearly a
decade, we have halted the progress of the Iranian nuclear
program, and key parts of the program will be rolled back.
However, over a month later, there is ample evidence to
show just how wrong the president was and how little the
Iranians care for the promises made in the Geneva deal.
Statements from Irans leadership that run opposite to
the Geneva promises should cause us all to pay attention.
Most leaders in the Westparticularly Americaarent
willing to face the facts. Are you:
Broken Promises:
Iran Ignores the Geneva Deal
see GENEVA page 12
Irans ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency,
Reza Naja, at a press conference at the UN atomic agency
headquarters in Vienna on November 29.
JANUARY 3, 2014
so menacing to the worldseemingly
overnight became a partner to be en-
Rouhani is :o:,s person of the year
in diplomacy: not because his achieve-
ments during the year were good for
the world or the Middle East, but rather
because he fundamentally altered the
international conversation on Iran.
Syria Misses Deadline
ARUTZ SHEVA | January 1
ui vivs1 milestone in plans to
destroy Syrias chemical weapons
arsenal by mid-:o: was missed on
Tuesday, as shipments of the countrys
most dangerous chemicals did not
make it to the Mediterranean port of
Latakia, from there to be shipped to
their destruction.
Te December ,: deadline for the
most deadly weapons was reportedly
missed due to bad weather, constantly
Person of the Year in
the Middle East
JERUSALEM POST | December 30
iiwiu vvom outside the prime
ministers oce, Israels diplo-
matic plate in :o:, looked as if it was
brimming over with not one, but two
entrees: Iran and the Palestinians.
Both issues were vitally important,
both issues demanded enormous
amounts of Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahus time, both were at the
very top of the international agenda.
But, truth be told, from Netan-
yahus perspective these are not two
equal entrees. Rather, there is the
main course, and the ancillary one.
And in his mind the primary main
course is obviously Iran.
Faced with an existential threat,
and a serious problem that needs to
be resolved, the existential threat will
always take precedence.
And there is no one who emerged
in :o:, as a more important player on
the Iranian issue than Irans President
Hassan Rouhani.
Rouhani, though long an important
actor on the Iranian scene, was rela-
tively unknown to the Israeli public
until he emerged as the victor in Irans
June elections. But once he won those
elections and embarked on his charm
oensive, particularly with his trip to
the United Nations in September, he
signicantly changed the discussion
on Iran.
Smiling, speaking in mild tones,
appearing cuddly and avuncular
(someone once described him as look-
ing like Santa in a turban), Rouhani
was quickly labeled a moderate by
the media, a label that contrasted with
the hard-line tag the mainstream
media frequently axes to Netan-
yahus name.
Iranwhich under its former Presi-
dent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looked
ui Ui1iu States dogged support of the Muslim
Brotherhood has taken on another humiliating aspect:
Egypts military leadership labeling the Brotherhood as a
terrorist organization. Te ruling, made on December :,,
eectively outlaws the countrys most successful political
movement since the ouster of Hosni Mubarakthe very
organization America threw its support behind afer his
fall. Te Egyptian government that replaced Mohamed
Morsi has ocially labeled the Muslim Brotherhood as a
group of terrorists. It doesnt look good for the Brother-
hood or for its supporters in Washington. Te announce-
ment was made afer a terrorist attack in the Nile Delta
town of Mansoura that claimed the lives of :o people and
wounded over :oo.
Following the decision to outlaw the Brotherhood, violent
protests erupted across the nation. Te Brotherhood still has
a lot of support even though the army is threatening Brother-
hood supporters with punishment. Simply being a member is
an oense punishable with ve years in an Egyptian prison.
Te protests show that the Brotherhood is down but
denitely not out. Te Trumpet has warned of the Muslim
Brotherhoods rise in Egyptian society and politics for
over :, years. We know the radical Islamic movement in
Egypt will certainly have a lot of inuence in Egyptian
politics; and its going to swing that nation toward Iran.
Ultimately, that means bad news for Egypt because of the
nal outcome.
As the ght for power continues, we can expect more
violence such as that seen in Mansoura. We have seen what
chaos and lawlessness breeds in nations such as Libya, Iraq
and Syria: extremism. Radical ideologies ourish in situa-
tions such as that now facing Egypt. Te threat of extrem-
ists coming to power again is an ever-present reality.
If You Are Muslim Brotherhood, You Are a Terrorist
Callum Wood | December 31
Security forces try to disperse protest camps
set up by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.
JANUARY 3, 2014
changing lines of battle, and road
closures, reports nnc. Tese weapons
include toxins that can be used to
make the nerve agents sarin gas, VX
gas and others.
According to the plans, U.S. satel-
lites and Chinese surveillance cameras
were to track Russian armored trucks
transporting the weapons from ::
storage sites in Syria to Latakia.
Tere, Danish and Norwegian cargo
ships were to bring the shipment to
a port in Italy, where they were to be
loaded on a U.S. ship and destroyed in
international waters through hydro-
lysis. Reports previously revealed that
the process has never been tested at sea.
However, the ships waiting to
remove the weapons returned to port
in Cyprus, as the chemicals never
reached Latakia.
We are still on high alert to go into
Syria, reported Norwegian Defense
Ministry spokesman Lars Hovtun.
We still dont know exactly when the
orders will come.
Te situation appears to be further
destabilizing, as on Monday for the
rst time Lebanon red on Syrian war
planes violating its airspace to raid an
area supportive of rebel forces. Te ex-
change of re raises fears that the ght-
ing will spill over Syrian borders.
Most Unpopular War
in History
CNN | December 30
Uvvov1 vov the war in Afghani-
stan has dipped below :o percent,
according to a new national poll,
making the countrys longest military
conict arguably its most unpopular
one as well.
Te c/ovc International survey
released Monday also indicates that a
majority of Americans would like to
see U.S. troops pull out of Afghanistan
before the December :o: deadline.
Just :, percent of those questioned
say they support the ::-year-long war,
down from ,: percent in December
:oo8. Opposition to the conict now
stands at 8: percent, up from o per-
cent ve years ago.
Tose numbers show the war in
Afghanistan with far less support than
other conicts, c Polling Director
Keating Holland said. Opposition
to the Iraq war never got higher than
o percent in c polling while U.S.
troops were in that country, and while
the Vietnam War was in progress, no
more than six in :o ever told Gallups
interviewers that war was a mistake.
Te U.S. timetable for Afghanistan
calls for the removal of nearly all
troops by roughly this time next year,
and that cant come fast enough for
the vast majority of Americans. Just
over half would rather see U.S. troops
withdrawn earlier than December
:o:. Only a quarter say that America
should still have boots on the ground
in Afghanistan afer that deadline.
Fify-seven percent say the conict
is going badly for the U.S. and only a
third say America is winning the war
in Afghanistan.
n Deadly diplomacy: handing our
power to Iran
Iran was desperate. Economic sanc-
tions had brought the nation to its
knees. Te nuclear program was
puttering to a stop, and public unrest
was growing. Te regime spat out its
usual anti-Israel spiel, but the nation
was suering: Oil exports had fallen
,, percent in two years and ination
was at o percent. Te Iranian regime
risked economic collapse if it did not
bow to the demands of the interna-
tional community and dismantle
its nuclear program. America, how-
ever, rather than bring this process
to a successful conclusionwhich
would have simply required it to do
nuclear negotiations in
Geneva. For the West,
this was a horrible
surrender of power in
a situation where it
clearly had the upper
hand. While some
might have hailed the
P,+: talks as a posi-
tive step, the truth was
that these negotiations
were exactly what
Tehran needed. When
the meetings began on Oct. :o, :o:,,
Iran witnessed a phenomenal reversal
of fortunes. From the get-go, the U.S.
was more desperate for a deal than
Iran was. Iran sensed Washingtons
urgency and capitalized on it. Iranian
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad
Zarif negotiated a get all, give noth-
ing deal: Iran would have its sanc-
tions relieved without having to worry
about closing down its reactors, get-
ting rid of its uranium, stopping work
on its plutonium facility or any other
reversals of its nuclear aspirations.
Te pressure Iran was under has been
relieved, and the Iranians are free to
settle back into their nuclear activities.
But the damage doesnt end there. Te
deal has given the Iranians power over
America. President Obama is pleading
with Congress to hold o on passing
any new sanctions. He is afraid that
Tehran will make good on its threat to
walk out of all talks if more sanctions
are prepared. Tese sanctions havent
even been put in place yet, and Iran is
already dictating. Tis is a sign of just
how much power the Iranian regime
has gained. By dragging the mullahs
to the negotiating table, the U.S. has
given them the power to walk away.
Gerald Flurry wrote in America Under
Attack, We are seeing the afereects
of a calculated, aggressive, satanic
attack aimed at weakening and ulti-
mately destroying the nations of Israel,
starting with the worlds most power-
ful nation! Where else can this attack
be so quickly and painfully felt than at
the negotiations with Iran: Because of
disastrous diplomacy, Iran has turned
the tables on America and is well on
its way to procuring nuclear arms.
Tis can only have a horric outcome.
Closed-door nuclear talks in
Geneva on November 20
JANUARY 3, 2014
Over 6.6 Million Came
to See the Pope
ZENIT | January 2
viv o million people took part
in various encounters at the Vati-
can with Pope Francis during :o:,, the
Vatican disclosed today.
In a communiqu, the Prefecture
of the Papal Household said that since
his election on :, March, more than
o,ooo,ooo faithful participated in the
various encounters with Pope Francis.
Tese comprised general audiences
(:,,8,,oo), private audiences (8,,oo),
liturgical celebrations in the Vati-
can Basilica and in St. Peters Square
(:,:8:,ooo), Angelus and Regina Coeli
Te Vatican stressed that the num-
bers refer exclusively to activities
which took place within the Vatican,
and do not include other events
1ii uis arrest in October :oo,, Mikhail Khodor-
kovsky, the oligarch and oil executive, was the richest
man in Russia. He might have still been the richest man
in Russia today if he hadnt started thinking about politics,
and objecting to the fact that under President Vladimir Pu-
tin, Russia had abandoned all prospects for democracy.
Whereas in :oo,, Khodorkovsky thought it was possible
to transform Russia into a democracy by simply winning
an election, afer :o years behind bars, he recognizes that
elections are not enough.
In other words, until the Russian people come to the
conclusion that they want liberty, no one can give it to
them. Tey will just replace one dictator with another one.
In his words, If you have a most important person in the
opposition you will get another Putin.
Khodorkovskys remarks show that you cant instantly
import democracy from abroad. Te U.S. defeated the
Soviet Union in the Cold War. But the Soviet defeat didnt
make the Russians liberal democrats. Until the seeds of
democracy are planted in a nations hearts and minds, the
overthrow of its overlord will make little dierence to the
aspirations of the people.
Over the past two months, in neighboring Ukraine, we
have seen the ipside of Khodorkovskys warning. Tere,
hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been braving
the winter cold to protest President Viktor Yanukovychs
decision to ignore the publics desire to associate with the
European Union, rather than with Russia.
At this point, the opposition and Yanukovych are dead-
locked. According to National Reviews Askold Krush-
elnyck, the protesters are trying to break the deadlock by
turning to the U.S. and the EU for help.
What Ukraines protesters actions show is that they un-
derstand that when you are dealing with an authoritarian
regimeparticularly one supported by Putins authoritari-
an regimeit is not enough for a nation to seek democracy
and independence. Outside help is also necessary. So far,
however, aside from throwing out a few angry condemna-
tions of Yanukovychs assaults on the protesters, neither
the U.S. nor the EU has done anything to indicate that it
cares whether or not the Ukrainians live freely or under
the Russian jackboot.
Many Americans, who rightly rue Obamas betrayal of
Americas allies, wish to see a reinstatement of George W.
Bushs freedom agenda. For them, Khodorkovskys message
must serve as a warning.
Bush called the battle in Iraq Operation Iraqi Freedom.
He called the battle in Afghanistan Operation Enduring
Freedom. But what the resurgence of al Qaeda in Iraq and
the Taliban in Afghanistan make clear is that true promo-
tion of freedom cannot be a simple slogan. A yearning for
freedom cannot be imported to an indierent or hostile
The Freedom Agenda
Carolone Glick | December 27
Ukraine Crisis Prophesied
THE KEY OF DAVID | January 3
There has been a supreme crisis in Ukraine, located between
Russia and Europesome of our very best media journalists
have said it is a monumental crisis. This event will change the
course of world history. Its going to take us a giant step closer
to World War III, and youre going to see that happen. GERALD FLURRY
JANUARY 3, 2014
Imperial Japan Rising?
Tyrel Schlote | December 29
.v.isi Pvimi Minister Shinzo
Abe escalated tension in the already
volatile Asia-Pacic region on Decem-
ber :o when he made a controversial
visit to the Yasukuni shrine. Te visit
came on the one-year anniversary
of his tumultuous presidency. Abes
leadership has been marked with a
forcefulness not seen from Japan since
World War ii.
Te Yasukuni shrine is a Shinto
shrine built in :8o that commemo-
rates those individuals who made
the ultimate sacrice defending their
nation. Tere are currently more than
:,oo,ooo people enshrined at Yasu-
kuni. According to the shrines ocial
website, Tese people, regardless
of their rank or social standing, are
considered to be completely equal and
worshiped as venerable divinities of
Tis shrine became a source of
controversy in :,8 when : class
A war criminals from World War ii,
including Hideki Tojo, were enshrined
there, along with other individuals
directly connected with many of the
atrocities committed by the Japanese
during World War ii. Te shrine has
been a constant source of controversy
over the last ,, years, with Japanese
politicians frequently visiting the site.
Tese trips have repeatedly caused
strife between Japan and its neighbors,
namely China and South Korea, who
view the shrine as a glorication of
Japans militaristic past.
Prime Minister Abes visit to
the shrine was the rst by a sitting
Japanese leader in seven years. Since
coming into oce, Abe has stated that
his lifes work was to change the
pacist constitution drafed by the
Americans afer World War ii. He has
repeatedly voiced his desire to amend
Article , which limits Japans ability
to wage war.
Abes policies have received plenty
of support in Japan. He is one of the
most popular leaders in recent years;
his approval rating is at oo percent.
Japans so called self-defense force is
very well equipped, ranking in as the
sixth best-equipped army in the world,
according to some sources. As our
booklet Russia and China in Prophecy
1 is ocial: Britain is no longer among the worlds top
ve weapons exporters. It has been replaced on that list
by China. Tis reects a radically changing global power
Trends in International Arms Transfers :o:: reported
that exports of conventional arms increased :, percent in
the period between :oo8 and :o:: from where it stood in
the ve previous years. During that time, the ve biggest
exporters were the United States, Russia, Germany, France
and China. Tis is the rst time since the end of the Cold
War that a state from outside Europe and North America
has appeared among the ve largest arms exporters, it said.
Not since the Cold War has the U.S., Britain and Europe
been challenged like this by communism.
Historically, the top weapons export countries have been
drawn from the elite economies of the world. As such, the
weapons report is a signicant gauge of present and future
economic and military power projection.
Bible prophecy declares that events such as this Com-
munist rise in international arms will increase to an apex
of equipping an emergent Asiatic :oo million-man army
(Revelation ::o; :o:::). For detailed prophetic analysis, read
our editor in chief s article in the February :o: Trumpet,
Is Vladimir Putin the Prophesied Prince of Rosh:
Underscoring the present-day relevance of that proph-
ecy, the arms report went on to state that the ve biggest
weapons importers in the last ve years were India, China,
Pakistan, South Korea and Singapore.
Te Trumpet has long forecast, based on biblical
prophecy, the latter-day emergence of a power from the
East bursting with global ambition, evidencing un-
matched numerical power, and culminating in a bloody
world war. Te ascendency of these two Asian power
blocs points to a grave future for the two Anglo-Saxon,
English-speaking Atlantic powers. Read our booklet Rus-
sia and China in Prophecy and download Herbert Arm-
strongs compelling book Te United States and Britain
in Prophecy for deeper understanding of the fulllment
of end-time prophecies that will impact these nations in
the immediate future.
Britain Out, China In: Top World Arms Exporters
Gareth Fraser | December 31
such as apostolic visits in Rome and
further aeld. Te total number of
faithful who have participated in
those events is estimated at o,o:,,ooo,
it said.
Last year, the Vatican said :., mil-
lion pilgrims and visitors joined Pope
Benedict xvi for an audience, liturgy
or prayer at the Vatican in :o::. Te
year before, an estimated :., million
attended papal Vatican events.
Te Vatican also announced
today that ,., million people visited
the Vatican Museums in :o:,. Te
Pope Francis eect has also had an
impact on our museums, said the
attractions director, Prof. Antonio
JANUARY 3, 2014
brings out, as far back as :o,, the
Plain Truth stated that, Tere is an
utter inevitability of the ultimate tie-
up between Japan and Red China! As
unlikely as that may seem right now,
Bible prophecy clearly shows that the
major Asian powers will unite against
a common threat: a mighty European
superpower spearheaded by Germany.
To understand more, request a free
copy of Russia and China in Prophecy.
Vladimir Putin Vows
Total Annihilation
THE TELEGRAPH | December 31
i.uimiv PU1i has vowed to pursue
terrorists to their total annihilation,
in his rst public comments since the
Volgograd suicide bombings.
In his traditional New Years Eve
address, which was broadcast at
midnight from the Far Eastern city
of Khabarovsk, he praised Russias
unity in the face of both terrorism
and natural disasters and promised to
continue an unrelenting ght against
the bombers.
We will strongly and decisively con-
tinue the battle against terrorists until
their total annihilation, he said.
Two more victims of Mondays bus
bombing and one victim of Sundays
suicide attack in the citys main railway
station died overnight, bringing total
fatalities from the attacks to ,. More
than :oo people have been injured.
Mr. Putin summoned the heads
of both the interior ministry and the
vsn, the domestic security service, to
the Kremlin before sending vsn Chief
Alexander Bortnikov to Volgograd to
take control of the investigation.
Mr. Putin on Monday ordered
security to be tightened across Russia
and later met with Prime Minister
Dmitry Medvedev to discuss all ques-
tions connected with providing medi-
cal help, nancial assistance and other
forms of support for the injured and
families of those killed in the terror
attacks in Volgograd. [British Prime
Minister] David Cameron oered
British support to bring to justice the
perpetrators of what he called the
disgusting crime, extending his
condolences and promising help to
prevent further attacks.
Ethnic Warfare
Becomes New Normal
1ui space of two weeks, the worlds
youngest nation has tumbled from
a promising protg of the West to a
broken state with little hope for peace.
South Sudan now stands divided be-
tween government and rebel-controlled
territory. Te battle between the presi-
dent and his former deputy has split
much of the nation along ethnic lines.
And in a country where oil is power,
the rebels control one oil-producing
state and the government the other.
Now, many Sudanese worry that
their chance at peace is over, and the
new normal is ethnic warfare.
Tis is something we were trying
to prevent for a long time. And we did
not manage to, said Garang Majak
Bol, the governments head of legal
aairs and human rights.
Fighting continues despite calls
for a truce. More than :,ooo people
have been killed in this nation of :o
million and well over ::o,ooo have
ed their homes. Te countrys two
largest ethnic groupsthe Dinka and
the Nuerhave gone on killing sprees
against each other.
Tis wasnt the future South Sudan
was supposed to have afer Western
governments used aid and inuence to
help carve the republic from Sudan in
:o:: afer its decades long struggle for
independence. Without the religious
battle with the largely Muslim regime
to the north, the largely Christian
south was expected to drill for oil and
We Hacked Your
Internet Gear
WIRED | December 31
ui ui.uiii news is that the s.
has surreptitiously burrowed its
way into nearly all the security archi-
tecture sold by the worlds largest
computer networking companies, in-
cluding everyone from U.S. mainstays
Cisco and Juniper to Chinese giant
Huawei. But beneath this bombshell of
a story from Der Spiegel, youll nd a
rather healthy bit of irony.
Afer all, the United States govern-
ment has spent years complaining
that Chinese intelligence operations
could nd ways of poking holes in
Huawei networking gear, urging both
American businesses and foreign allies
to sidestep the companys hardware.
Te complaints grew so loud that, at
one point, Huaweiindicated it may
abandon the U.S. networking market
all together. And, yet, Der Speigel
now tells us that U.S. intelligence
operations have been poking holes
in Huawei networking gearnot to
mention hardware sold by countless
other vendors in both the States and
Der Spiegel cites leaked s. docu-
Related: Africas Future
JANUARY 3, 2014
ui v.s1 year may go down not only as the least produc-
tive ever in Washington but as one of the worst for the
In both the executive branch and Congress, Americans
witnessed an unwinding of the countrys founding principles
and of their governments most basic responsibilities. Te
rule of law gave way to the rule of rulers. And the rule of real-
ityin which politicians are entitled to their own opinions
but not their own facts gave way to some politicians belief
that they were entitled to both their own opinions and their
own facts.
On health care, President Obama oversaw a disastrous
and, sadly, dishonest launch of his signature achievement.
Te president gave an exception to employers, but not to
individuals, without any legal basis, and made other adjust-
ments according to his whim. Even more troubling was
his message over the past three years that if you like your
plan, you can keep it, and that if you like your doctor, you
can keep your doctor. We now know that the administra-
tion was aware that these claims were false, yet Mr. Obama
continued to make them, repeatedly.
In :o:, millions of Americans will likely discover that
the presidents claim that the average family will save
s:,,oo on health insurance was equally disconnected from
Taking unilateral, extralegal actionlike delaying the
employer mandate for a year when Mr. Obama realized the
trouble it would cause for businessesis part of a pattern
for this administration. Immigration and border-security
laws that might displease certain constituencies if enforced:
Ignore the laws. Unhappy that a deep-water drilling mora-
torium was struck down in court: Reimpose it anyway.
Internal Revenue Service agents using the power of the
state to harass political enemies: Deny and then stonewall.
Unhappy with the pace of Senate conrmations for nomi-
nees: Ignore the Constitution and appoint people anyway
and claim that the Senate is not in session.
Te Obama administration hardly has a monopoly on
contributing to Washingtons dysfunction.
Congresss most signicant action this year was Senate
Majority Leader Harry Reids decision to undo :oo years of
precedent that requires a supermajority to change Senate
rules. To speed the approval of executive appointments
and judicial nominations . In a republic, if majorities
can change laws or rules however they please, youre on the
road to life with no rules and no laws.
Te supermajority safeguard that prevented senators
from destroying the institution in which they serve is now
largely gone. Gone also are members of the majority who
understood the need to protect minority rights.
Instead, we have a majority leader who has appointed
himself a Rules Committee of one. Referring to the right of
the minority to oer changes to bills under consideration,
Mr. Reid said: Te amendment days are over. Like Presi-
dent Obama, Mr. Reid is great at message discipline but
weak on the rule of law and reality. Mr. Reid had already
used Senate rules to cut o debate and prevent the minority
from oering amendments ,8 timesmore than all other
Senate majority leaders combined.
On the budget, Democrats and Republicans alike are
celebrating the avoidance of another nihilistic government
shutdown as a great victory. Te choice to not commit
mass political suicide may be a step toward sanity, but it
isnt reform. [E]ven in this year of budget-sequestration
anguish, the federal government still managed to fund the
study of romance novels, provide military benets to the
Fort Hood shooter and even help the State Department buy
itself Facebook fans.
How the nations leaders perform in Washington is a
reection of the country, and culture, they represent. Moral
relativism and postmodern disregard of truth has been pro-
moted by academia for decades; sometimes it seems that the
best students of that thinking can be found in Washington.
We live in a time when laws and rules are dened however
the holders of power decree, and messaging is paramount,
regardless how far the message is from reality.
The Year Washington Fled Reality
mentsthat the U.S. government has
compromised gear on a massive scale.
Do I see the irony: Certainly the
Chinese will, [senior fellow for China
Studies at the Center for Foreign
Relations Adam] Segal says, noting
that the Chinese government and the
Chinese press have complained of U.S
hypocrisy ever since former govern-
ment contractor Edward Snowden
rst started to reveal s. surveillance
practices last summer.
Der Spiegel says the s. is
exploiting hardware without help
from anyone inside the Ciscos and the
Huaweis, focusing instead on compro-
mising network gear with clever hacks
or intercepting the hardware as its
shipped to customers. And over the
last six months, Snowdens revelations
have indicated that the s. is not
only hacking into networks but also
collaborating with large American
companies in its hunt for data.
Te thing to realize, as the revela-
tions of s. snooping continue to
pour out, is that everyone deserves
scrutinythe U.S government and
its allies, as well as the Chinese and
others you may be more likely to view
with skepticism. All big countries,
[director and senior fellow with the
Center for Strategic and International
Studies Jim] Lewis says, are going to
try and do this.
New York City is a
DAILY CALLER | January 1
Bvooxiv pastor gave an invoca-
tion at Bill de Blasios mayoral in-
auguration on Wednesday comparing
JANUARY 3, 2014
New York City to a Civil War-era
plantation and asking for Gods help
in ending inequality in the city.
End the civil wars and usher in a
new Reconstruction era that builds
upon the many successes and achieve-
ments of yesterday while proclaiming
the beginning of a new beginning,
said Rev. Fred A. Lucas Jr., of Brook-
lyn Community Church.
Let the plantation called New York
City be the city of God, a city set upon
the hill. A light shining in the dark-
ness, Lucas prayed.
Lucas, who gave an invocation
along with three other city religious
leaders continued, Oh God, Oh
God, Oh God; break every chain,
break every chain, break every chain.
During his inauguration speech,
de Blasio rearmed his commitment
to his progressive agenda. He also
thanked Rev. Lucas and the other reli-
gious leaders for their thoughts.
We are called to put an end to
economic and social inequalities that
threaten to unravel the city we love.
And so today we commit to a new pro-
gressive direction in New York, said
de Blasio with former Mayor Michael
Bloomberg, New York Gov. Andrew
Cuomo, and Bill and Hillary Clinton
in attendance.
In the :8os, previous to his time
in city government, de Blasio was an
ardent supporter of the Sandinistas, a
Nicaraguan lef-wing rebel group op-
posed most prominently by President
Ronald Reagan.
40,000 New Laws
for 2014
CNN | December 31
1 m.v have been the least produc-
tive year for Congress in history, at
least in terms of passing lawsfewer
than oo of which made it through the
House and Senate and were signed by
President Barack Obama.
Across the country, however, state
lawmakers were busy getting more
than o,ooo bills passed, ones that
tackle everything from drones to food
stamp benets.
In Illinois for example, teenagers

Its 1914 All Over Again
One hundred years after the outbreak of world war, history is
repeating itself.
n How the True Gospel Was Suppressed
Click to Play
will no longer get to use tanning beds
without a doctors note. [I]n Cali-
fornia, new laws take eect that will
let students take part in school sports,
or use bathrooms based on their gen-
der identity, regardless of the gender
noted in their birth certicates.
Legendary attorney, Harvard law
professor, and author of Taking the
Stand Alan Dershowitz joins Te Lead
to discuss some of the other fascinat-
ingand controversialnew laws of
Legal Recreational Pot
in Colorado
vowus wivi serenaded by live mu-
sic as they waited for the nations
rst legal recreational pot shops to
open. Tey ate doughnuts and funnel
cakes as a glass-blower made smoking
pipes. Some tourists even rode around
in a limo, eager to try weed but not so
eager to be seen buying it.
And when the sales began, those
who bought the drug emerged from
the stores, receipt held high and carry-
ing sealed shopping bags, to cheers.
Im going to frame the receipt
when I go home, to remind myself of
what might be possible: Legal every-
where, said musician James Aaron
Ramsey, :8, who did some time in jail
for pot possession in Missouri and
played folk tunes with his guitar for
those in line.
Activists hope hes right, and that
the experiment in Colorado will prove
to be a better alternative to the costly
American-led drug war, produce the
kind of revenue that state ocials
hope and save the government costs in
locking up drug oenders.
Just on the rst day, prices in some
places rose to more than s,oo an
ounce, and some shops announced
midafernoon they would close early
because of short supply. Its too soon
to say whether the price spikes and
long lines will persist.
Washington state will open its pot
industry later this year. Both states
programs will be watched closely not
just by ocials in other states, but by
JANUARY 3, 2014
activists and governments in other
countries because the industries will
be the rst to regulate the production
and sale of the drug.
Some countries have decriminal-
ized the drug, and the Netherlands
lets people buy and sell it, but its
illegal to grow or process it.
In Denver, pot users welcomed the
new year and the new industry by r-
ing up bongs and cheering in a cloud
of marijuana smoke at a ::os-themed
Prohibition Is Over partya refer-
ence to the :,os-era law that outlawed
I feel good about it. Te moneys
going to schools, said shopper Joseph
Torres of Denver.
Te price for high-quality weed
at some shops was around soo an
ounce. Tats about four times what
smokers are paying on the black mar-
ket in Colorado, according to crowd-
sourced Internet surveys. Much of the
extra cost was attributed to state and
local taxes in excess of :, percent.
A group of addiction counselors and
physicians said theyre seeing more
marijuana addiction problems, espe-
cially in youths, and that wider pot
availability will exacerbate the problem.
Tis is just throwing gas on the
re, said Ben Cort of the Colorado
Center for Dependency, Addiction
& Rehabilitation at the University of
Colorado Hospital.
Public Finance: Day of
ui nUuci1 gap in Chicagos school
district alone is s: billion, mainly
because of pension liabilities, while
the combined unfunded pension
liabilities of the city and the school
district runs to over s:, billion.
Rahm Emanuel, Chicagos Demo-
cratic mayor, has said the school
closuresalong with ,,ooo job cuts in
the school systemwere necessary to
close the yawning hole in the district
budget. Karen Lewis, head of the
union, called the school closures rac-
ist and classist.
Te woes of the city and the state
of Illinoiswhich has its own, worst-
in-the-nation, s:oo billion unfunded
pension liability have been driven
primarily by the governments failure
to pay its share to keep its pension
Te Chicago teachers pension fund
is roughly , percent funded, far below
the 8o percent threshold considered
healthy. But it is better o than the
citys municipal workers, police, labor
and reghters pension funds, which
Fitch, the credit rating agency, estimates
are collectively ,, percent funded.
Mayors across the U.S. are facing
[similar] predicaments . From De-
troit to Chicago to San Diego, Ameri-
can cities have found their budgets
choked by unfunded pension obliga-
tions. Part of the national problem lies
in the swelling number of pensioners
and the ruinous eect the :oo8 crisis
had on public nances. But mainly it
is because politicians failed to pay for
pension promises, choosing instead to
pass the burden on to future taxpayers.
Chicago and Illinois, with their
worst-in-the-nation status, are outliers.
Even Detroit, whose huge pension gap
was one reason it was forced to le
for bankruptcy this year, is in better
Yet even those states and cities that
paid their fair share of costs are prob-
ably understating the actual cost of
the pension promises they have made.
Current rules allow them to make
assumptions each year based not on
what their portfolios actually earnor
losebut on what they expect to earn.
Tese expectations are ofen too rosy;
oiiowic Uv on the latest stunning revelations re-
leased yesterday by German Spiegel which exposed the
spy agencys ,o page catalog of backdoor penetration
techniques, today during a speech given by Jacob Apple-
baum at the ,oth Chaos Communication Congress, a new
bombshell emerged: specically the complete and detailed
description of how the s. bugs, remotely, your iPhone.
Te way the s. accomplishes this is using sofware
known as Dropout Jeep, which it describes as follows:
uvovoU1 ,iiv is a sofware implant for the Apple iPhone
that utilizes modular mission applications to provide
specic sici1 functionality. Tis functionality includes
the ability to remotely push/pull les from the device. sms
retrieval, contact list retrieval, voicemail, geolocation, hot
mic, camera capture, cell tower location, etc. Command,
control and data exltration can occur over sms messaging
or a cvvs data connection. All communications with the
implant will be covert and encrypted.
What is perhaps just as disturbing is the following
rhetorical sequence from Applebaum: Do you think Apple
helped them build that: I dont know. I hope Apple will
clarify that. Heres the problem: I dont really believe that
Apple didnt help them, I cant really prove it but [the s.]
literally claim that anytime they target an iOS device that
it will succeed for implantation. Either they have a huge
collection of exploits that work against Apple products,
meaning that they are hoarding information about critical
systems that American companies produce and sabotaging
them, or Apple sabotaged it themselves. Not sure which
one it is. Id like to believe that since Apple didnt join the
vvism program until afer Steve Jobs died, that maybe its
just that they write [crummy] sofware. We know thats
Either way, now everyone knows that their iPhone is
nothing but a gateway for the s. to peruse everyones
private data at will.
How ironic would it be if Blackberry, lef for dead by vir-
tually everyone, began marketing its products as the only
smartphone that does not allow the s. access to ones data
(and did so accordingly).
How the NSA Hacks Your iPhone
ZEROHEDGE | December 30
JANUARY 3, 2014
many state and municipal schemes as-
sume investment returns will be much
higher in future than those earned in
the past decade. Even then, a pension
scheme can tell members it is well
funded when it has only 8o percent of
the assets needed to meet its promises.
In scal :o:o, the most recent year
in which data are available for all
states, the state pension gap in the U.S.
hit s,,, billion, according to a report
from the Pew Center on the States.
But the high assumed rate of return
most states use to calculate the cost of
benets understates the problem, ac-
cording to research by Joshua Rauh, a
nance professor at Stanford Univer-
sity. Based on a more realistic rate,
the actual nationwide unfunded state
pension liability would be closer to
s., trillion, his research has found.
Record Debt Now
Invested in the Market
YAHOO NEWS | January 1
uiNiw Yovx Stock Exchangere-
cently updated its stock market
margin-debt data, showing that Main
Street and Wall Street are continuing
to dump billions in borrowed dollars
into the stock market.
Borrowed money in the stock
market, known as margin debt, hit
an all-time high of s:,., billion in
November. Tis puts margin debt,
adjusted for ination, .o percent
below levels seen during the housing
bubble and above highs set during the
dot-com bubble.
Margin debtis accrued when
someone takes out a loan and invests
that money into the stock market. Due
to historically low interest rates, the
appeal of margin debt is much greater
today than in previous bull markets.
Based on the attractiveness of low-
interest debt, its likely that margin
debt could surpass the adjusted highs
set during the housing bubble.
Marines Female
Fitness Plan: Half Fail
ovi 1u. half of female Marines
in boot camp cant do three pull-
ups, the minimum standard that was
supposed to take eect with the new
year, prompting the Marine Corps to
delay the requirement, part of the pro-
cess of equalizing physical standards
to integrate women into combat jobs.
Te delay rekindled sharp debate in
the military on the question of whether
women have the physical strength for
some military jobs, as service branches
move toward opening thousands of
combat roles to them in :o:o.
Although no new timetable has
been set on the delayed physical
requirement, Marine Corps Comman-
dant Gen. James Amos wants training
ocials to continue to gather data
and ensure that female Marines are
provided with the best opportunity
to succeed, Capt. Maureen Krebs, a
Marine spokeswoman, said Tursday.
Starting with the new year, all fe-
male Marines were supposed to be able
to do at least three pullups on their
annual physical tness test and eight
for a perfect score. Te requirement
was tested in :o:, on female recruits
at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Par-
ris Island, S.C., but only , percent of
women met the minimum, Krebs said.
Te Marines had hoped to institute
the pullups on the belief that pullups re-
quire the muscular strength necessary
to perform common military tasks such
as scaling a wall, climbing up a rope or
lifing and carrying heavy munitions.
Ocials felt there wasnt a medical
risk to putting the new standard into
eect as planned across the service, but
that the risk of losing recruits and hurt-
ing retention of women already in the
service was unacceptably high, she said.
Because the change is being put o,
women will be able to choose which
test of upper-body strength they will
be graded on in their annual physical
tness test. Teir choices:
Pullups, with three the mini-
mum. Tree is also the mini-
mum for male Marines, but they
ivii are criticizing Ohio police for ar-
resting a driver because his car contained a compart-
ment that could theoretically store illegal drugs, though no
drugs were found at that time.
Te driver, ,o-year-old Norman Gurley of Michigan,
was pulled over for speeding. A highway patrolman noticed
wires running to a secret compartment in the car and ar-
rested Gurley, even though there were no drugs in the com-
partment. Te ocer also claimed he smelled marijuana
in the compartmentgiving him probable cause to search
itthough none was ultimately discovered.
It makes no dierence whether police nd drugs or not,
according to a new Ohio law that prohibits secret compart-
No person shall knowingly operate, possess, or use a
vehicle with a hidden compartment with knowledge that
the hidden compartment is used or intended to be used to
facilitate the unlawful concealment or transportation of a
controlled substance, the law states.
Gurley is actually the rst person to be arrested under
the law. A police spokesperson praised the arrest, noting
that even one fewer drug trap car on the streets was a
positive thing and downplaying the fact that Gurley didnt
have any drugs.
Its a justication that rings hollow to John Whitehead,
president of civil liberties group the Rutherford Institute.
Although Norman Gurley had no drugs on his person,
nor in his car, nor could it be proven that he intended to
conceal drugs, he was still arrested for the crime of having
a hidden compartment in the trunk of his car, he wrote.
Tis is what a world without the Fourth Amendment looks
Driver Arrested for Having Empty Compartment
Daily Caller | December 30
JANUARY 3, 2014
need :o for a perfect rating.
A exed-arm hang. Te mini-
mum is for :, seconds; women
get a perfect score if they last for
,o seconds. Men dont do the
hang in their test.
Te delay on the standard could be
another wrinkle in the plan to begin
allowing women to serve in jobs previ-
ously closed to them such as infantry,
armor and artillery units.
Te decision to suspend the sched-
uled pullup requirement is a clear
indication that plans to move women
into direct ground combat ghting
teams will not work, said Elaine Don-
nelly, president of the conservative
Center for Military Readiness and a
critic of allowing women into infantry
When ocials claim that men
and women are being trained the
same, they are referring to bare mini-
mums, not maximum qualications
that most men can meet but women
cannot, Donnelly wrote in an email
to the Associated Press. Awarding
gender-normed scores so that women
can succeed lowers standards for all.
Women will suer more injuries and
resentment they
do not deserve,
and men will be
less prepared for
the demands of
direct ground
Military brass
has said repeat-
edly that physical
standards wont
be lowered to
female appli-
cants. Success
for women in
training for the
upcoming open-
ings has come in ts and starts.
In fall :o::, only two female
Marines volunteered for the :,-week
infantry ocers training course at
Quantico, Va., and both failed to
complete it.
ivovciu v.vi1s are ofen in denial about how badly the
break-up has damaged their children, a survey has found.
More than three quarters believed their children had
coped welleven though just :8 percent of youngsters
said they were happy with the situation.
Many parents fail to notice that their children are turn-
ing to drink and drugs, or even considering suicide, the
poll found. Some were insensitive enough to break the
news of the divorce to their children by text.
One in ve of the children polled felt there was no point
conding in either their mother or father because they
were too wrapped up in themselves.
Te survey, by parenting website Netmums, polled about
:,ooo divorced parents and :oo children aged eight to :8
from broken homes.
Although it featured only a relatively small pool of young-
sters, a stark picture emerged of the struggles that many of
them face when coping with their parents break-up.
One in :o had turned to alcohol and one in nine had
deliberately wounded themselves. A further o percent had
considered suicide, while two of those polled had tried to
kill themselves.
Almost a third described themselves as devastated by
divorce, while one in :: thought that it meant their moth-
ers and fathers didnt love them and had let them down.
But despite the damage wrought by their parents split-
ting, few children felt able to speak openly and honestly
about their emotions.
Nearly o percent said they hid their feelings from their
parents because they did not want to upset them.
Many children felt forced to look afer their mothers and
fathers as the relationship broke down, and ,, percent claimed
that one parent had tried to turn them against the other.
To make things worse, parents ofen vastly underes-
timated the impact of their behavior on their sons and
daughters, the survey found. Only 8 percent admitted try-
ing to turn their children against their partner.
And just :o percent said their children had seen them
ghtingeven though ,: percent of youngsters told of
witnessing rows.
One in :o knew their children were hiding their true feel-
ings about the divorce but fewer than : percent were aware of
them drinking, self-harming or taking drugs to cope.
Meanwhile, just , percent guessed their children blamed
themselves for the spliteven though :, percent of young-
sters admitted feeling this way.
One in :o parents thought their ospring were actually
relieved they had lef their partner.
Almost a quarter of youngsters said that they had not
seen their father since the split.
How Divorcing Parents Delude Themselves
DAILY MAIL | December 29
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JANUARY 3, 2014
Te rst supposed promise of the Geneva deal that should
be noted is that of enriching uranium. For its energy pur-
poses, Iran need only enrich to , percent; for medical uses,
it must be :o percent. When it comes to weapons-grade ura-
nium, enrichment must be at least o percent, which is rela-
tively simple once :o percent enrichment has been achieved.
In the Geneva deal, Iran promised to cap its enrich-
ment at , percent. Following the deal in Geneva, President
Obama told the world that Iran has committed to halting
certain levels of enrichment. But can we all breathe a col-
lective sigh of relief: Not when we hear what Iran has to say.
Te structure of our nuclear program has been main-
tained and the :o percent enrichment can be resumed in
less than : hours, Mohammad Javad Zarif told Iranian
students in Tehran. So if Iran wants to disregard the Ge-
neva deal, it will take less than a day to do so.
And the decision to enrich to higher levels may be closer
than many realize. Members of the Iranian parliament
are hard at work to counter the Geneva deal. Over a third
of Irans parliament signed a bill introduced on January :
that, if approved, will oblige the government to enrich
uranium to oo percent level in order to provide fuel for
submarine engines if the sanctions are tightened, accord-
ing to Irans Press TV website.
Te bill is aimed at giving an upper hand to our
government and the negotiating team. It will allow the
government to continue our nuclear program if the Geneva
deal fails, iv. quoted Hossein Taghavi Hosseini, spokes-
man for parliaments National Security and Foreign Aairs
committee, as saying.
Tehran isnt going to play by the rules. It is too savvy. It
has no intention of stopping its nuclear program. It is using
the reprieve the Geneva talks provided to prepare itself for
a confrontation when the six months are over. It is plan-
ning for when the Geneva talks fail.
Iran will halt work at its plutonium reactor. So says
President Obama, who is condent that Irans second path
to nuclear weaponsa plutonium core nuclear bombis
now shut down. Does Iran think the same thing:
Irans chief nuclear negotiator, Javad Zarif said, Capac-
ity at the Arak site is not going to increase. It means no new
nuclear fuel will be produced and no new installations will
be installed, but construction will continue there.
Just like the enrichment bill, this sounds like Iran is pre-
paring for large-scale work in the future. While the plant
may not produce fuel now, why continue construction un-
less Iran has bigger plans for the plant in the future:
Te Iranians are exploiting loopholes in the Geneva
deal. While work cant be done at the facility for six months
(when the six months actually begins nobody knows), Iran
can still build the parts o-site and then simply install
them at the end of that period.
Iran cannot install or start up new centrifuges, and
its production of centrifuges will be limited. Tat is what
President Obama told us all afer the deal was signed.
Yet the head of Irans Atomic Energy Organization, Ali
Akbar Salehi, said on December :,, A new generation of
centrifuges is being built. Maybe our leaders thought Iran
didnt need to add to the :,ooo centrifuges it already had.
But according to Salehi, Iran has no intention of stopping
with its production.
Te speed at which Iran is breaking its promises is
matched only by its speed at proceeding with its nuclear
Te burden is on Iran to prove to the world that its nucle-
ar program will be exclusively for peaceful purposes, Obama
warned. But is the burden falling on Iran: Trumpet editor in
chief Gerald Flurry explains: Churchill kept crying out as a
voice in the wilderness of political confusion. Tere was still
a possibility, Churchill believed, of preserving peace. Niviv
mUs1 wi uisv.iv, he said, iviv mUs1 wi civi i, nU1
wi mUs1 v.c1s .u uv.w 1vUi cociUsios vvom
1uim. It was now essential for Britain to retrieve the woeful
miscalculations of which we are at present the uUvis, and of
which, unless we take warning in time, we may someday be
the vic1ims (Martin Gilbert, Te Prophet of Truth).
We are not facing the facts. Our people are being duped
by leaders who want to hear smooth things in a world
lled with unparalleled dangers.
Churchill warned of the rise of Nazi Germany that men
like Neville Chamberlain failed to acknowledge. Mr. Flurry
proclaimed a similar warning in :oo8as seen in the ex-
cerpt above. How much worse is the situation today: Iran is
on the cusp of obtaining nukes! Hitler never had what Iran
is so close to achieving. Trumpet columnist Brad Macdon-
ald explains: Most obviously, Adolf Hitler didnt have an
advanced nuclear weapons program. Hitler led a ruthless
regime bent on extinguishing tens of millions, but he had
to do it the long, hard waywith troops, tanks, and gas
chambers. Irans mullahs have similar genocidal ambitions.
While they may not have the military physique of Nazi
Germany, they are on the cusp of owning something Hitler
could only dream about: A means of instant mass extermi-
nation. Imagine Chamberlain letting Hitler acquire nuclear
weapons. Tats what happened in Geneva.
Just like those dark days of World War ii, most world
leaders today are blind to the dangers. Tey believe that Iran
will keep its promises, just as Chamberlain believed Hitler
would keep his. Yet repeatedly, Iran is showing that it has no
intention of abiding by the promises it made at Geneva.
Te fulllment of Daniel :::o is woven throughout
Irans actions. Iran is the prophesied king of the south, sup-
ported by other radical Islamic nations. When Iran dashes
for the nuclear bomb, we should all pay close attention. Te
prophesied rise of the king of the south is one of the early
signs of the coming Great Tribulation. Te war against the
king of the north will be the initial conict that will drag
the world into the horrors of World War iii. Tat is why
you must be aware of what is happening in Iran today.
Order and read a copy of our booklet Te King of the
South to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is
going on in Iran and where the deadly conict is headed.
You may be surprised by the ultimate positive outcome that
will result from man being brought to repentance afer
years of suering.
GENEVA from page 1