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PRPC is a comprehensive platform for building and deploying business

process management, customer relationship management, decision

management, and case management applications
1. True
2. False
PRPC rules are used to define __________________?
1. The manipulation of data
2. The display of the user interface
3. The logic
4. Operators
Which of the following is not part of automating work?
1. Defining work types
2. Defining work items
3. Defining the processes
4. Writing code to move the work items through the process
Which relational database is not supported by PRPC?
1. Oracle
2. DB2
3. Teradata
4. SQL Server
PRPC does not use rules to _________________. ?
1. Define processes
2. Display the user interface
3. Define the logic
4. Manipulate data
5. Store information about work

Work is something that we receive, route, research, respond to,
report on, and ultimately resolve.
1. True
2. False
A work type is the fundamental unit of work to be processed and
1. True
2. False
What is a strategy for the coordinated processing of multiple work
1. Case Management
Mock Questions(mcq) for PRPC CSA
2. Business Process Management
3. Decision Management
4. Customer Relationship Management
A business process _________________________.?
1. Describes how people connect with other people
2. Controls how people connect with applications
3. Defines how information flows internally and externally between
4. Does not define how we get work done
Which best describes the role a developer typically performs in PRPC?
1. System Architect
2. System Admi ni strator
3. Busi ness Archi tect
4. Pega Engi neer
Which standard portal allows an end user to create reports?
1. Case Worker portal
2. Case Manager portal
3. Desi gner Studi o
4. Busi ness Anal yst Portal
An operator can have multiple roles, but can access only one portal?
1. True
2. False
Which two standard portals have access to the Application Explorer?
1. Designer Studio
2. Case Worker
3. Case Manager
4. Business Architect
Which of the following is true with regard to customizing PRPC portals?
1. You shoul d customi ze the standard PRPC portal s based on your companys
organi zati onal hi erarchy
2. Users cannot customi ze thei r own portal
3. Managers can customi ze portal s for thei r end users
4. You can customize the standard PRPC portals based on your companys specific roles
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