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The Book of Imhotep

Horus Michael the Conqueror
Copyright 2005
1. Preparation for Rebirth
2. Medical Magic Papyrus
3. House of Life Papyrus
4. Modern Liturgy of Ceremonial Offerings
5. Ceremony of Confiscation
1. Preparation for Rebirth:
I. Offering Ritual:
Before a false-door in the northern wall, place the offerings and recite the following. O Osiris-
Ra, the Good God, who speaks for the souls of the righteous does grant, to the friend of the Sovereign, son
of NN and NN, a kilometer of land in Neter-Khertet with fields, vineyards, mills, and Ushabtis. From the
royal coffers and granaries, the Good King Osiris-Ra does grant unto his most loyal servant: loaves of
fresh bread, baskets of fruit and vegetables, vases of Neferu wine and beer, slabs of cattle meat, geese, fish,
jars of perfumed oils and potions, boxes of incense, chests of fine linen clothing, and fine jewelry. For your
loyalty to the Crown, the son of Osiris does grant an estate in Neter-Khertet, with canals, boats, irrigated
gardens, gold and turquoise mines, equipment, and a palace. May your heart be content thereby.
II. Opening of the Mouth ceremony:
To be recited upon entrance into the tomb or grave, by a Kheri-Heb, and performed in part by a
Setem (Anubis) priest in the presence of the mummy.
O Osiris-Ra, the enemy has fallen, and you are vindicated before the Tribunal.
Here sprinkle holy water.
The evil which was upon you has been cast down. Walk across the firmament in triumph, and sit
at the right hand of the Great God Ptah. Repeat 4 times.
The Great Gods advance with their Kau. Geb advances with his Ka. Nu advances with his Ka.
Shu advances with his Ka. Kheper advances with his Ka. Atum advances with his Ka. Nefertum advances
with his Ka. Amun advances with his Ka. Sobek advances with his Ka. Khnum advances with his Ka.
Ptah advances with his Ka. Thoth advances with his Ka. Anubis advances with his Ka. Horus advances
with his Ka. May you, son of NN / daughter of NN, advance with your Ka. Repeat 4 times and burn
Osiris NN, I have given to you the (Udjat) Eye of Horus so that your heart may be content.
Repeat 4 times and give libations of water or beer nearby.
Open thy mouth, O Osiris-Ra, that you may sense the incense and be revived by it. Repeat 4
times with incense.
You are purified by Natron, that salt from the southern cities nearest Nubia and Kush. Your
body has been cleansed and purified, wrapped and shrouded with linen. You are in perfect form. The
Gods are purified with Natron, and cleansed in the Lakes of Natron. As they are reborn in a new form, so
shall you be reborn in a new form.
Offer a cup of Natron or Salt.
Hail Osiris-Ra, son of NN / daughter of NN, your two jaws are unlocked by the Peseh-Kef
wand. Touch lips with ritual tool. Hail Osiris-Ra the two Gods have opened your mouth. The Eye of
Horus becomes the milk of your newborns mother. You are filled therewith. Give a jar of milk.
The Gods are at peace with your presence. Give a loaf of bread.
O Osiris-Ra, you who are above all life, O Lord of Life and Prince of the Righteous, the Great
Gods give to you your scepter, robe, and crown. Offer clothing and papyrus scepter (amulet).
O Osiris-Ra, your mouth is open, your mouth is open, your senses are restored by the iron
scepter of Shu and the iron adze of Amun. All magic set against you is removed and is in the hand of
Thoth, who has vindicated you in the presence of Anubis.
Touch lips and eyes of image with ritual tool.
O Osiris-Ra, your rebirth in the womb of Nut is complete. Thoth has restored your Ka, your Ba
is in the care of Isis and Selqet, and your tongue has been fashioned by Horus, the god of vindication. May
you speak again like a righteous Akh. May you breathe again like a righteous Akh. May you eat and drink
again like a righteous Akh. May you make love again like a righteous Akh. May you perform great works
again like a righteous Akh, given life, liberty, strength, good health, and happiness by Ra and Maat. Offer
a vase of wine, a bottle of beer, and a slab of meat to the image.
O Osiris-Ra, you are vindicated in truth. The Hippopotamus tramples your enemies in the fields
of papyrus plants. You are one with virtue, and are welcome in the Duat and Neter-Khertet. Your feet are
firmly planted in the soil of the Duat; the cool waters of the Duatian Nile river refreshes you. You are safe
within the walls of the Citadel. Horus has come and has given you an emerald scarab, a lotus chalice of
white alabaster, and a collar of gold. Toth has come and has given you a book of magic, and a set of
scribe equipment. Anubis has come and has given you a coffer of gold and silver coins, a bed and
headrest, and a striped nemes headdress. You are a benevolent Akh, says Ptah, Lord of Maat.
Offer a ripe fruit, an amulet, and a bottle of water.
III. Becoming an Akh:
Your arms are Ptah, your shoulders are Ptah, your abdomen is Ptah, your back is Ptah, your
buttocks are Atum, your legs are Horus, your hands are Montu, your feet are Ra, your head is Shu, and
your face is Toth.
O Imperishable Star, you are one within Nut. Your light flickers gently. Your radiance is
immeasurable. You stand among others who illuminate the world. Your light is pure energy, and it is
collected upon the faces of the living.
The Westerners envy you, O Great Celestial Power! You are an Akh on board the Barque of Ra-
Atum. He who gives love and light unto the worlds of the living has given you authority, sovereignty, and
dominance with which you may rule in your own kingdom.
Tauret has given you a scepter, Toth has given you a crown, Horus has given you a spear, Montu
has given you a shield, Seth has given you a cuirass and mail, Isis has given you a robe, Nephthys has
given you power, Selqet has given you ability, and Nut has given you dominion.
IV. Becoming one with the Sun:
The Horizon of Atum has given way to the Horizon of Kheper; behold the newborn Sun! The
Lord of Righteousness has been refashioned. Khnum has given Osiris-Ra NN a new Khat and Ka through
the body of Nut. Life, health, strength, truth, says the fair Unnefer in Duat. The westerner has entered
the east, for the rebirth is established. Firm are the footprints of Kheper. He who jumps across the Abyss
into Geb has come, fortified and vindicated, everliving in the domain of Ra.
Ra has united Osiris-Ra NN with himself, who rules in the day as Pharaoh, and in the night as
Sokar. He casts away the clouds and storms of Seth, which would block his path across the sky. He lets
down stairs of light unto his people. His powers cause to grow and germinate plants, as eaten by animals
and people. His wrath causes the earth to cake in dryness, fires to germinate as storms, and people to
become ill with heatstroke. O Ra, who are in Heaven, holy are thy names. Grant the rebirth of Osiris-Ra
NN, son of NN / daughter of NN, to be successful and uninterrupted.
2. Medical Magic Papyrus:
[Book of Seshet]:
Prepare a room that is pure (clean), and build a small altar (platform, statuary, cover cloth, stone or
crystal pyramid, incense, and offering) in the center. Make certain there is no one to disturb you during the
If performed during the day each deity of the hour must be addressed and honored. Call out its
name (as follows) and use a sistrum or bell for acknowledgment.
1. Shu
2. Hu
3. Sau
4. Asbet
5. Aqert
6. Tehuti
7. Hor-em-au-ab
8. Khonsu
9. Isis
10. Heq-ur
11. Maa-ennu-am-uaa
12. Aa-am-khekh
If performed during the night each deity of the hour must be addressed and honored. Call out its
name (as follows) and use a sistrum or bell for acknowledgment.
1. Khepera
2. Ab-em-tu-f
3. Neb-Neteru
4. An-mutef
5. Bapi-f
6. Hor-sebati
7. Sokar
8. Hor-hor-khet
9. Maa-hera
10. Pesh-hotep-f
11. Ka-taui
12. Ka-khu
The Address to be spoken: O Neteru of the hours of day and night, I call upon thee. O you
who are greater than the entities of Duat, great gods of light and shadow, ministers of water, earth, air and
energy; O you who are of the void and substance, of the firmament and of the oceans, come forth. I, thy
loyal scribe Osiris-Ra, NN, invoke thy name(s) so as to procure medicine, cures, healing, and relief from
all ailments of myself, my family, my friends, or my clients. Only you can provide this in thy name(s), and I
only ask of this for the welfare of my patients. For once complete, you have honor, power, strength, and
eternal life in Maat. May you come and perform as necessary, then depart knowing that your power was
used for goodwill, that you may endure in happiness knowing you have helped another. I ask of this in my
name of Osiris-Ra, NN, scribe of the Duat and vindicated before Osiris.
Once the deity is properly addressed you will be required to produce a name of healing. This
name will be as follows. The deity will heal the person once the name has been spoken, written, thought
of, or otherwise communicated. Focus on the nature of the illness, think positive thoughts and without fear,
be determined, and write the spell description and name of person to be healed on a small paper kept in
view of the Sun for 3 to 7 days at a time. Then the person is relieved. If not, then try using more energy
and repeat, or find someone else who is of stronger willpower. You may burn incense while invoking the
names, or offer fragrant flowers / perfumed oils on the altar.
To cure or remove Cancer cells:
To cure or remove Tumors or Acne:
To cure Parkinsonss or Alzheimers Diseases:
To cure Influenza:
To cure Common Cold virus:
To cure or remove Gall or Bladder Stones:
To cure or relieve Fever:
To cure Frostbite:
To cure or relieve Chills or Seizures:
To stop Nightmares:
To end a Coma or to awaken from a Coma:
To restore life to the dead andcall back spirits:
To cure blindness:
To cause the deaf to hear:
To cure drunkenness:
To repair tissue or remove infection:
To rebuild muscles:
To reduce fat:
To relieve heart conditions:
To remove a cough or congestion:
To repair broken bones or heal sprains:
To procure fertility (in orgasm):
To procure fertility (in males):
To procure attraction (in love):
To relieve the pains of childbirth:
To calm anger or anxiety:
To relieve depression or sadness:
To relieve boredom or listlessness:
To lower Cholesterol:
To relieve sunstroke or dehydration:
To relieve fear or Paranoia:
To stop voices or hallucinations or distractions:
To heal bruises or other blemishes of the skin:
To cure Diabetes, Asthma, or Leukemia:
To cure viruses or kill bacteria:
To cure infertility (in females):
To heal Gout, bodily pain or Arthritis:
To cure Poison:
For animal bites:
For insect bites:
To stop menstrual bleeding (in females):
To test for pregnancy (in dream or vision):
To remove a demon possession:
To restore ones personality to normal:
To relieve eye illnesses:
To stop drainage:
To heal cuts of the skin:
To cure Diarrhea:
To cure Constipation:
To destroy all forms of Pestilence:
To heal Leprosy and skin pigmentation diseases:
To stop Sea Sickness or Motion Sickness:
To stop Giddiness, Vertigo, and Terror:
To cure inveterate paralysis, spinal cord injuries, or whiplash:
To cure dry skin:
To relieve or cure a migraine headache or toothache:
To relieve Epilepsy:
To relieve inflammation (internal):
To procure sleep (cure Insomnia):
For a good dream:
For victory / success:
For peace of mind, contentment:
To procure affection (love):
To build up immunity (in blood cells):
To restore Health and goodwill
To increase Memory or Intelligence:
For Inspiration, Creativity:
For Translucence, Invisibility (from danger):
For good luck (in surgery):
To cause the heart to beat normally:
To cure Paralysis, Stroke or Shock:
To relieve Ulcers, stomach pain, or Acid Reflux disease:
To cure Tuberculosis or Bronchitis:
To strengthen bone density:
To pure the body from all ailments (temporary):
3. House of Life Papyrus:
The following are magical expressions for daily life. Read each one several times and write it in a
place where you will notice it for a length of time. Do not change your faith for any reason for that will
only lessen the ability to cause change in your environment with your individual willpower. Avoid being
near skeptics or nonbelievers, for they will distract you from your goal. Also avoid being near evangelists
who try to dissuade you from practicing this system they are merely envious of your abilities or are afraid
(even their Christ did this, so dont worry). Incense and ceremony is unnecessary once the basics are
To obtain and acquire 1000 units of whole currency:
To obtain and acquire 10,000,000 units of whole currency:
To obtain and acquire an amount of precious metals and stones, jewels, gems, negotiable
documents, banknotes, or credits:
To obtain and acquire antiquities or artifacts, lost or buried treasure, shipwrecks, statues, or
To find missing items:
To find and acquire a job or occupation:
To catch a thief / vandal / criminal, or prevent a crime:
To succeed in business and industry:
To acquire business secrets:
To win a court case or dispute:
To catch a liar in Court:
To unlock doors or locked items:
To find an oil field or mine:
To win a battle or argument:
To find free items:
To acquire medicine, dental products, or personal protection:
To cause visions or repressed memories:
To procure food and drink in any place or region:
To stop a war or dispute:
For protection against all magical forces:
To dispel all curses or negative energies:
To reflect all hostile forces:
To cease storms, earthquakes, or tidal waves:
To neutralize electricity or negative energy clouds:
To procure rain for a drought:
To procure sunlight for wet fields or solar power:
To procure wind for air pollution or refreshment:
To procure a flood to create mud or clay:
To procure dryness:
For Protection, to summon police, military, guards, or Akhu:
For an amulet:
For inspiration or knowledge sent telepathically from Duat:
For a cure or solution to a problem or issue:
To become invisible or concealed among people:
To consecrate an item:
To find a piece of Jade or Adventurine:
To acquire new Psychic abilities (develop):
To change traffic lights to your choice of color:
For liberty or freedom:
To see in the dark:
To procure Fog:
To be disguised or incognito:
To cause one to appear paralyzed by trance:
To procure the elements:
To win a contest, lottery, exam, or test:
To acquire positive energy clouds:
For good fortune:
To undo all Magic, Sorcery, Necromancy, etc.:
For World Peace (only lasts 24 hours):
To acquire an Estate:
To find any book, compact disc, papyrus, or diskette:
To find a Library:
To acquire or find a bottle of drink (alcohol or water-based):
To acquire a loaf of bread or a cake:
To acquire a plate of meat (Cattle, Fish, Livestock):
To acquire a basket of fruit & vegetables:
To acquire utensils or tools:
To acquire machinery, computers, or equipment:
4. Modern Liturgy of Ceremonial Offerings
The bodily organ sacrificed in the battle of light over darkness is represented as
the sacrificial offering to Osiris. This is an offering of light or energy. Food and
drink are sources of energy. The repaired organ is an example of technology. Osiris
will devour the technology that produces energy as an offering. Osiris being the
nuclear higher self of Ra, his consumption of energy produces radiation within the
Pyramid or generator. The Egyptian sacrifices his energy to produce power for his
city via his Pyramid / Reactor. The worshipper then acquires psychic energy /
radiation by focusing on the Pyramid in prayer. The wrath of Ra in the Book of the
Destruction of Mankind (on Tutankhamons gold shrine) is a nuclear attack by Ra on
the earth. Nuclear power is solar power. To have the Secret Name of Ra (Isis &
Ra Legend) is to have the command codes to nuclear war. When Seth eats the lesser
Eye (said to be the Moon) he is actually consuming Plutonium (Osiris), for Seth is
the god of destruction. The greater Eye must then be Uranium before it decays.
Egyptians did not want the solar body to decay, so they mummified it with Natron
The Ka statue was a battery for the nuclear aspect of the solar god. It was first
cleansed with holy water (Natron solution), incensed, and wrapped before given
offerings of energy. The salt solution in cold water helped to isolate the battery from
leaking radiation. The incense masked the radiation with a clean scent. The
wrapping was cushioning so it would not be damaged when placed in the sarcophagus
Once given energy the statue would light up or glow. This emanation is a
halo (Sa) or light disturbance. Such ceremonies preserve Egyptian knowledge of
nuclear physics.
The solar rebirth is the explosion of a nuclear charge, when a new sun
emerges (nuclear fireball) from an underwater detonation (rising from the ocean of
Nu). The Blue Lotus may represent the appearance of this explosion.
The golden coffins in which Osiris was placed are the shielding of the battery,
conductive of energy once active. The golden shrines are further shielding from
radiation, and the underground / stone tombs act as bomb shelters.
The concept of uniting the dead Osiris with Ra indicates a desire to send all
nuclear cores back into the Sun. Egypt being a dry and desolate place, ideal for
nuclear testing while China was still perfecting gun powder and the Greeks with their
Petroleum based Greek Fire.
The effluxes of Osiris are the drainage of nuclear waste from this process.
There is some mention in the Book of the Dead of the effluxes being purified, and
compared to the liquid emission from the embalming process. The body being
purified (just as in modern times the necessity to be clean from radiation) it is then
presented with offerings in the name of the Eye of Horus. These offerings are a list of
every known type of food and drink, clothing, or item of importance in their daily
lives, providing an eternal supply of materialism. If the possibility of a Fusion
Reactor requiring normal items as fuel is any indication of the level of advanced
thinking, then the Egyptians would have been the first nuclear power of modern times
(of the last 14,000 years).
Before the Altar of Osiris place offerings at the base of the Altar or statue (Ka statue), with coffin
in attendance. Around the coffin or image burn incense and sprinkle sacred water from a spigot or
container, and on the coffin place one lit candle. The offerings represent needed components for achieving
completion of the Vessel of Light in the form of the mummy or statue. The candle here represents the
flame of eternal life, and power of the deceased being honored. The Kheri-Heb is the priest in charge of
the liturgy and his attendants present the offerings. The Chorus is the audience or a group of musicians.
All offerings are later either consumed by priests or given to the family.
(Kheri-Heb says): Holy are thou, O Heart, that thou shall receive the Eye of Horus in victory.
Here present a loaf of bread. The Eye may be impressed into the sacrificial offerings to clarify its purpose
(a seal impression or stamp).
(Chorus): Holy are thou, Son of Osiris. (Or use Daughter of Osiris for females).
(Kheri-Heb says): Holy are thou who seeks eternal life with the Neteru, be peaceful and accept
this offering. Here present a can of Cola Drink.
(KH): Holy are thou O child of Osiris, for even the children of Horus are equally blessed by thy
presence. NN___, the Udjat (Wadjet or Eye) has been presented and thou are made whole by it. Present a
basket of offerings (bathing products, towels, fruit, candy, or flowers).
(KH): O Osiris NN____, thou are our Shepherd and our Overseer. Protect us when we pray unto
thee. Shower us with your blessings, and guide our paths so that they are true. We pray in your name of
Hor-ur Maaxeru.
(Chorus): You are our Protector, Hor-ur Maaxeru.
(KH): O Osiris, Our Father, we give unto thee My Eye of Sacrifice. (Presents an apple) This
apple is my Eye, sacrificed through war and contests, for the glorification and sanctity of the restoration of
thy Throne. I offer it to you to honor you, for I have restored your throne by it and owe gratitude to Thoth
who created it. Eat it in remembrance of me.
(Chorus): O Osiris, Our Father, accept our sacrifice in the name of your son Horus the
(KH): O Osiris, your celestial body is our food, your celestial blood is our drink, may we eat in
remembrance of you so that we may become one with you. Osiris the inventor of the harvest, the creator of
the plow and flail, and the source of all seed, our food is from your design. Osiris the inventor of wine, the
creator of the wine press and mill, holy are your designs. Osiris has created food for us and drink for us,
may we offer to Him a portion of our products as holy tribute. We thank you O Lord of Eternal Life, may
you bless us with your regenerative powers, and cause us rebirth into your Celestial Kingdom. Praise
Amon. Here offer a box of technology products.
(Chorus): Holy, Holy are the works of Osiris.
(KH): The emission from Isis has been collected for your new form, O Osiris the reborn child.
Here present a vessel of milk or cheese.
(KH): Thy mouth is purified with incense, and is able to breathe once more. Here present Lotus
incense (or Sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose, or tropical flower scent).
(KH): Thy enemies of the Four Directions are slain; here is an offering to Ra and Osiris.
Present 4 barbecued ribs.
(KH): The evil spirits have been captured; here is an offering to Amun. Present a basket of
roasted fowl.
(KH): The semen of Seth has been seized; here is an offering to Isis so that you may be
victorious. Present a vial of honey.
(KH): The Heart of Osiris is vindicated; his head was not severed nor shall the head of NN___ be
severed. Here offer two cupcakes.
(KH): O Osiris, your effluxes have been restored so that you may walk among mortals again.
Offer a pitcher of chocolate milk.
(KH): O Osiris your organs are functional and are restored. Live life O lover of life. Offer
seven forms of vegetables.
(KH): O Osiris your skin is free of blemishes and is youthful once more. Offer a melon, a
coconut, and a banana.
(KH): The House of Osiris is serviced by Ushabtis, while the blessed ones rest in their homes.
Offer a sack of coins.
(KH): Amun has given you the Breath of Life. Present lit incense (in holder).
(KH): Selqet has taken away disease or discomfort. Present a pillow & sheet.
(KH): Ptah has given you illumination and knowledge. (Light candle).
(Chorus): I am the light of the universe.
(KH): All the royal offerings have been presented unto you, O Osiris NN__, that you may rejoice
in eternal life and in peace. Present a chest of varied offerings of ones choosing.
(Chorus): Hail, Hail O Osiris, the reborn flower of life.
5. Ceremony of Confiscation:
This ceremony is for the removal of an incumbent Spirit of a native body, and to replace it with
another. Prepare an empty room as follows:
Place a bier or bed in the center of a room
Place 4 tall lamps at each corner of the bed (Ch.137a, BOD).
Place 4 empty Canopic Jars below the bed, and one Ushabty.
Have a container for incense ready, using Sandalwood, Lotus, or a floral
combination incense.
Place the victim (Male or Female) on the bed, heavily sedated.
When victim is asleep, exorcise the body 1
from all interference using the Pyramid
Then remove the incumbent Spirit as it is dreaming, by calling its name and casting
it out.
Then call forth the intended Spirit to enter the body and restore the body, using
Chapter 178 of the Book of the Dead.
Add follow up evocations, chapters: 23, 26, 11, 1, 61, 77, 175.
Place the former Spirit into the Ushabty figure, temporarily.
To undo this process, sedate the new incumbent on the bier until asleep, exorcise the
body, and cast out the resident by calling its name. Then summon the original Spirit
from the Ushabty and have it enter the body as indicated above. The second Spirit
will return where it had came from initially.
This concludes this ceremony.
[From The Practical Kheri-Heb by MJC/M7; also in Applied Superphysics & Occult Archaeology 2004]
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