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097050592046 Darji Rinkal Pravinbhai

Consumer Perception on Banking Services

097050592032/16 Mohini Patel & Isha

Performance Evaluation of Mutual Fund
097050592052/53 Rohit Chauhan &
Narayan Prajapati

Study of PSU Bank with special reference to Dena Bank
097050592026/42 Charmi Shah & Rinkal

Factors affecting purchasing decision of Residential Property
097050592005/33 Ronak Chavda & Jigar

A Study of Ultra Mega Power Project in India (critical analysis)
097050592040/12 Sushank Kadam &
Chirag Rupani

Comparative analysis of direct tax code & Income tax Act
097050592044 Sweta Shah

Employee Engagement at Lupin Ltd., Ankleshwar
097050592009/23 Priyank Shah & Moxit

Brand Awareness of Jewellery Items in Vadodara
097050592002/10 Chirag Chauhan &
Rachana Verma

A report on Feasibility Study on Carbon Fiber
097050592025/49 Jaymin talati &
Himanshu Pardesi

Analysis of Ice-Cream Industry
097050592022/17 Jatin Shah & Sapan
Impact of Media Communication : A study of Vodafone
097050592056/24 Samkiti Gandhi &
Dimpal Ramoliya

Inclusive study of Cotton Textile Industry
097050592011/21 Rinkesh Parekh & Ravi

Impact of Financial Inclusion : Inclusion of Excluded
097050592050/45 Rakesh Bambhania &
Jignesh Parmar

Employee Satisfaction at ONGC Ltd., Ankleshwar
097050592034/20 Sneha Ahmedabadkar Foreign Institutional Investors & Indian Stock Market : A Causality
& Neha Patel

097050592051/27 Krunal Shah & Gunjan
A study on Cement Industry with special reference to Ultra Tech
Cement Ltd. & Status of Cement in India
097050592058/48 Vihang Shah & Nikesh

Portfolio Construction, Comparison and Evaluation
097050592036/35 Rachit Shah & Deven

Technical Analysis on Script of Nifty
097050592013/31 Pareen Raval &
Ruchi More
Causes & Consequences of Attrition in Retail Industry
097050592028/14 Ghata Ankleswaria &
Vishva Jhaveri

Identifying Barriers & Enablers for Internet Banking in Baroda
097050592003/06 Shreyans Shah &
Shreya Shah

Market Reaction to Bonus Issue announcement & Stock Split
event : An Empirical Evidence of semi strong form efficiency in
Indian Stock Market.
097050592007/004 Gajanand Bihani &
Mahipatsinh Dabhi

Perception of Investors towards Mutual Fund
097050592037/18 Umangi Shah & Hetal
Customer preference for Anti-Cancer Therapies
097050592060/41 Akshita Patadiya &
Rohan Pandya

Comprehensive Study of Customer Preference towards Small Car
Brands in Vadodara
097050592047/57 Sneha Shah & Dipen

Customer preference for Tea : A Study of Mohanlal Tea
097050592008/59 Tejas Mehta & Palak

Comparative analysis of wireless measurement instruments of
Honeywell & Emerson
097050592015/55 Krupa Majmudar &
Mitul Mistry

Day effect in Indian Stock Market : Dummy Variable Analysis

097050592029/19 Samir Rupani & Vishal

IPO Pricing : Growth rates implied in offer prices
097050592038/30 Hansa Karena & Pankti

A case study on five women entrepreneur

097050592043/54 Ajay Vaghela & Krunal

Fundamental analysis of Thermax
097050592039 Sunny Talsania

Consumer Preference for Aerated Soft drink in Vadodara City : A
Study of Coca Cola & Pepsi