Moving Transit Forward

Metro Transit Planning Community Workshops
Round Two

Thank you for attending round two of Moving Transit Forward’s community workshops. Metro, in cooperation with East-West Gateway Council of Governments and several community groups, are working together to plan the future of our region’s transit system. Your involvement in our long-range planning process will help determine service improvements and system enhancements for the next five, ten and thirty years. The purpose of this round of community workshops is to summarize your input from the first round of workshops and to present potential service enhancements and expansion projects that address your concerns. This community workshop centers on a five-section presentation. After each section, we will ask you a series of questions to get your input.

Section #1 – Community Workshop Results Our presentation will begin with a summary of what the community told us during the first round of workshops. We will also review future population and employment trends for the St. Louis region. This information is important when considering future potential projects. Section #2 – Foundation Values This section of the presentation will outline the eight values that we consider when evaluating potential routes and service enhancements. We want to hear what you think of these values, which ones are most important to you, and whether you think any additional values should be considered. Section #3 – Potential System Enhancements During this section, we will outline potential service enhancements, which include restoring the services that were reduced earlier this year because of budget constraints. After hearing these potential enhancements, we will ask you which ones are more important to you and why. Section #4 – Potential Expansion Projects Here we will present potential expansion projects that include a range of options. Afterwards, we want to hear which routes you think are most important for the region and why. Section #5 – Financial Challenges and Opportunities In this final section, we will explain the local, state and federal financial challenges and opportunities we face as a community when it comes to moving transit forward.

Before you leave, please complete a comment form. We want to make sure that we have both your verbal and written input in the process. Be sure to join us at our third and final round of public meetings for Moving Transit Forward that will take place the week of January 18, 2010. We will present the draft of the long-range plan for your review and comments.

How to Get Involved or Contact Us
Write: Moving Transit Forward c/o Metro 707 North First Street Mailstop 144 St. Louis, MO 63102 314-335-3433 mtf@metrostlouis.org www.movingtransitforward.org

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