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Article appeared Friday, September 26th, 2014 in The News Today, Bangladesh

The e!elation "#46$ yo%s%& mahb%b%l 'slam, (h)

*rimes are committed all o!er the world each and e!ery day+ )o those committing crimes worry
abo%t the conse,%ences- For e.ample, do they consider that they might ha!e to stand in a
co%rt in &ront o& e!eryone, do a /ail sentence or pay a &ine- 0r perhaps they &eel that they won1t
get ca%ght or that they are abo!e the law-
*rimes are generally committed against other indi!id%als, comm%nities, b%sinesses or the state+
*rimes are easier to commit gi!en an opport%nity+ There is a partic%lar crime that is easily done+
This crime may be classi&ied as 2ab%se3o&3power45 (eople in a pri!ileged position may ab%se
those towards whom they ha!e a d%ty or a responsibility+ For e.ample, elders may ab%se6ill3
treat those yo%nger, seniors may ab%se their /%niors, a h%sband may ab%se his wi&e, parents or
relati!es may ab%se children %nder their care, a teacher may ab%se a st%dent, a go!ernment
o&&icial may ab%se6ill3treat or e!en ta7e ad!antage o& his6her position, etc.
These are all crimes or injustices against other h%man beings 8 h%man beings who ha!e an
e,%al right to li&e /%st as the pri!ileged person in power+ The additional and perhaps a more
important ,%estion that needs to be addressed is whether h%man beings commit crimes against
the *reator+ 0ne may as7, 2's it possible to commit a crime against the *reator-4 A&ter all, 9e is
All3(ower&%l+ 9ow can a h%man being, a h%man being that has been 2created4, commit a crime
against his6her *reator- The %nderlying theme in the &ollowing :erses &rom the most recent and
&inal e!elation &rom the *reator answers this ,%estion+
't is Allah ;ho has created the hea!ens and the earth and sends down rain &rom the
s7ies and with it brings o%t &r%its to &eed yo%< it is 9e ;ho has made the ships s%b/ect to
yo% that yo% may sail thro%gh the sea by 9is *ommand< and the ri!ers "also$ has 9e
made s%b/ect to yo%+ =14+#2>
And 9e has made s%b/ect to yo% the s%n and the moon both diligently p%rs%ing their
co%rses? and the Night and the )ay 9e "also$ made s%b/ect to yo%+ =14+##>
And 9e @i!es yo% &rom all that yo% as7 &or+ '& yo% co%nt the &a!ors o& Allah ne!er will
yo% be able to n%mber them? but verily man is given up to injustice and ingratitude.
;hat is the %nderlying theme in the three :erses ,%oted &rom *hapter 14 or S%ra 'brahim o& the
A%r1an- Allah enlightens %s regarding some o& the things 9e has done &or h%man beings 8 so
that all these things can be o& ser!ice+ For e.ample, the hea!ens and the earth, the rain cycle,
&r%its and !egetation, trade winds, ri!ers with all their bene&its, night and day+ 9e also gi!es what
we as7 &or yet, 9e says, man is given up to injustice and ingratitude! So how can man do an
in/%stice to the *reator- 't is the *reator1s right to be ac7nowledged as the So%rce and
0riginator &or the &a!ors that 9e has la!ished, to be re!ered, to be tr%sted, to be adored and
lo!ed &or all the things that 9e has done &or %s+
The *reator simply e.pects the tr%th to be ac7nowledged by intelligent h%man beings+ 0nce an
indi!id%al %nderstands the Bo!e with which the *reator has made him6her and created the li&e
that he6she is en/oying and deri!ing satis&action, nothing b%t h%mble gratit%de sho%ld come o%t
o& the person1s heart+ 9owe!er, who do the scientists credit when they st%dy the stars in the
hea!en, the rain cycle, the trade winds, the ri!ers or the precise planetary motions- They
ass%me that e!erything is go!erned by a 2law4, yet do not o&&icially ac7nowledge the *reator
who has made the law+ 0&ten they credit 2Cother Nat%re4, random beha!ior, and6or come %p
with a !ariety o& theories o& how all these things came abo%t 8 anything to deny the *reator 9is
ight to be o&&icially 7nown as the 0riginator and So%rce+ 'n addition, religions attach sons,
da%ghters, idols, s%perstition, l%c7y charms and attrib%te power to persons who are dead+
(eople en/oy e!erything other than ac7nowledging the *reator+
;ith s%ch in/%stice and ingratit%de, where does this lea!e the *reator- 9ow sho%ld 9e react-
Allah s%mmariDes the p%rpose o& o%r so/o%rn on earth,
To 9im will be the ret%rn o& all o& yo%+ The promise o& Allah is tr%e and s%re+ 't is 9e
;ho began the process o& *reation and will repeat it "a&ter death so$ that 9e may
reward with /%stice those who belie!e "in 9im$ and wor7 righteo%sness b%t those who
re/ect 9im will ha!e nothing b%t dra%ghts o& boiling &l%ids and a (enalty grie!o%s?
beca%se they did re/ect 9im+ =10+4>
;hen will we all ret%rn to the *reator-
10.45 One day He will gather them together: (it will be) as if they had tarried but
an hour of a day: they will reogni!e eah other: assuredly those will be lost who
denied the meeting with "llah and refused to reei#e true guidane.
;hen we arise &rom o%r gra!es, we will ha!e no recollection o& the time spent in the gra!e, as
we will ha!e no senses operating 8 it wo%ld seem li7e only an ho%r a&ter o%r death+ ;e will all
stand be&ore o%r Ca7er on the )ay to gi!e an acco%nt o& what we did on earth+
10.4$ %hether %e show you some &art of what %e ha#e &romised them or %e
ta'e your soul (to Our (ery) (before that) in any ase to )s is their return:
ultimately "llah is witness to all that they do.
Allah 7eeps trac7 o& e!ery little thing that we do+ Allah may show %s, i& 9e wills, part o& the &%t%re
in the dreams that 9e gi!es %s+
10.4* +o e#ery &eo&le (was sent) an "&ostle: when their "&ostle omes (before
them) the matter will be ,udged between them with ,ustie and they will not be
0n the )ay o& E%dgment, the Apostle "one who ga!e g%idance regarding Allah d%ring o%r time
on earth$ will stand as a witness+ No one can say that they did not 7now abo%t Allah or was not
gi!en g%idance+ Those who do not belie!e ,%estion the appointed meeting with the *reator on
the )ay o& E%dgment+
10.4- +hey as': .%hen will this &romise ome to &ass if you s&ea' the truth/.
The 7nowledge o& when the )ay o& E%dgment will ta7e place is reser!ed with Allah+
10.40 1ay: .2 ha#e no &ower o#er any harm or &rofit to myself e3e&t as "llah
wills. +o e#ery 4eo&le is a term a&&ointed: when their term is reahed not an hour
an they ause delay nor (an hour) an they ad#ane (it in antii&ation).
Fach o& %s has a &i.ed time on earth+ Allah has 7ept the end o& this time a secret only to test %s+
The best policy is to do o%r best by Allah each and e!ery day 8 each day is a @i&t &rom 9im
gi!ing %s blessings as well as testing whether we ac7nowledge 9im+