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Baltimore, MD 21230

Seeking to apply 25+ years of global retail experience focused on process re-engineering in planning, allocation and replenishment in a Consultancy role in the U.S.

PROVEN EXPERTISE Merchandise planning/allocation/replenishment Logistics/fulfillment Business intelligence/analytics

Process automation Multi-unit P&L analysis Recruitment/training/retention

Change management Process re-engineering

TEAM BUSINESS Experiential business education Baltimore, MD

2002 present

Co-founder and VP Programs

Business development, financial planning, and accounting.

Lead facilitator of training programs in the U.S.

M.H. ALSHAYA CO. International retail franchise operator Kuwait

1999 2002

Allocation and Replenishment Manager

Led systems development team to produce a high-level, retail franchise planning process, allocation system, and SKU replenishment model

Implemented at 22 franchise brands in 400 stores across seven countries through three Distribution Centers.

Dropped 5% to the bottom line.

Facilitated process to onboard and align 22 franchise Brand Managersusing different systems, processes, and reporting toolswith new system.

Improved reporting of sales and stock actuals information from being available 30 days after month-end to being available the following workday with 99% accuracy.

FOSCHINI (PTY) LTD Fashion brand with 350+ stores Cape Town, South Africa

Head of Production Planning

Head of Supply Logistics

Head of Branch Merchandise Planning

As Head of Supply Logistics: Identified in October that +_$10 million worth of Christmas merchandise from their design and manufacturing arm, TFG, was line-loaded for after Christmas.


Seconded to TFG as Head of Production Planning for 30 CMT’s.

Delivered 92% of merchandise to stores by December 1.

Improved adverse relationship that pre-existed between Head Office Buying Staff and Store Operations.

Reduced this discord by facilitating a pre-emptive program of face-to-face engagements.

Resulted in improved relations, communication, and productivity between Head Office and Store Operations.

WOOLWORTHS (PTY) Ltd Chain of 80 + retail stores Cape Town, South Africa

Head of Planning and Budgeting reporting to Managing Director

Manager Sales, Distribution, and Finance for Girlswear Division


Managed successful implementation of Quick Response manufacturing process.


Reduced lead-time of “prepared for printing” fabric from 6 months to 1 month.

Reduced lead-time of manufacture and dispatch to stores from 3 months to 2-½ days.

Resulted in less than 4% stock-outs operating on 3-½ weeks of inventory.

Executive references available upon request.