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Filipino Values and Traits:

- The strength of a nation greatly depends on the beliefs, goals, ideals, aspirations and values of its citizens, not
only themselves but also for the common good to achieve national unity and progress.
- Our values as people and as nation give us the identity that makes us different from other races. These values
either boost or hinder our development and progress.

Values - a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life.

Productive values and beliefs of Filipinos:

1. Close Family Ties
- The family is the basic unit of the society.
- Filipinos recognize the family as an important social structure that they should take care of.
- They give importance to the safety of the family.
- Filipinos get strength to their families.

The Filipino family is so intact, that even when children grow old and get married, the parents still
make sure they are close to one another. Close family ties make the family stronger and more

How do we show our closeness to the family?
- Filipino families celebrate reunions during secular
and religious holidays such Christmas, fiestas and
other activities.
- Family members help each other during times when
some members need financial support, moral
support and others.
2. Respect for elders
- Filipinos are respectful.
- The use of po and opo in conversing or addressing older people is a manifestation of the Filipinos
respect for elders.
- Filipinos take care of their elders by taking them into their homes and care for them.
- Filipino kisses the hands of their elders.
- Filipinos do often seek and follow the advice of their elders.

3. Hospitality
- The Filipinos are very warm and hospitable. We welcome visitors into our homes and treat them with
kindness and utmost hospitality.
- The Filipino host expresses gratitude to the visitors for partaking the food served to them and for
gracing important occasion.
- Filipinos also give pasalubong (welcome gifts) and pabaon (farewell gifts) to guests.
- To show hospitality, we sacrifice at times their own comfort to accommodate their visitors very well.

4. Faith in God
- Filipinos have strong faith in God.
- We believe that with God on our side, we can overcome all hardships and difficulties in life.
- Filipinos put their hopes in God, always trusting that He will never fail them.
- Our faith in God keeps us united to overcome all the problems and challenges of life.

5. Flexibility/Adaptability/ Resiliency
- Filipinos have the ability to laugh at themselves and the misfortunes or failures. This is an important
mechanism that contributed to emotional balance and the capacity to survive. This is also their
manifestation of their ability to adjust to difficult situations and physical and social environment.
- The Filipinos sense of Joy and humor is evident in their optimistic approach to life and its challenges.
Filipinos can smile in the midst of problems and hardships. They can crack jokes despite the
misfortunes or calamities. They are strong and cheerful.

6. Ingenuity and Creativity
Ingenuity - the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.
Creativity - is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created.
- Filipinos are very creative.
- They are good inventors.
- They often improvise and make productive and innovative use of any available materials.

7. Patience and Self-sacrifice
- The capacity to endure difficulties and hardships is one of the most remarkable qualities of Filipinos.
This may be caused by their long suffering they endured during their struggle for freedom from
ancient colonizers.
- Patience and endurance are dominant characters traits of Filipinos. These traits give them the
strength to face the difficulties, challenges and uncertainties of life.

8. Hard Work and Industry
- The capacity to hard work and industry among Filipinos is widely recognized in the Philippines and
- Filipinos are recognized as excellent workers who perform well in any manual and technical jobs or
- This inclination for hard work is often driven by the desire for economic security and advancement for
oneself and ones family.

9. Fairness and Justice
- Filipinos have sense of justice and fairness. They always show concern for the well- being of others.
- They recognize the essential humanity of all people and regard others with respect and empathy.
- Filipinos are very much aware of the nature and quality of their interpersonal relationships which are
their primary source of security and happiness
- Fairness and justice can only be achieved if there is equality among the people. The promotion of
equality is very important in the achievement of development and progress.
EQUALITY is the key element in the attainment of
social justice which refers to the equitable sharing of all the countries
resources and equal participation of the government affairs and activities.

10. Readiness to share and Help
- The Filipinos are generous and helpful.
- They are always ready to lend a hand, not only in times of need, like calamities and disasters, but also
during festive occasions, like fiestas, baptisms and weddings.
- This outstanding trait of Filipinos is manifested in the so-called bayanihan spirit (giving help without
expecting anything in return).