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Nativity of the Holy Virgin Church

Jackson, NJ
T'T('N' )$(N* 'N+ ,'-($.
*$OR. BE TO JE#/# CHR(#T0
"E$CO-E H(# *R'CE B(#HO%
-(CH'E$& On the 1eeken2 of Octo3er
an2 25
Our #he6her2 of our 3elove2
2iocese 1ill 3e 7aking his 6astoral visit to
our 6arish8 His *race Bisho6 -ichael 1ill
6resi2e at #atur2ay Evening Ves6ers
3eginning at 5 %- an2 after services 1ill
3e 6resent for a 2inner after the Ves6ers
#ervice8 On #un2ay, Octo3er 25
*race Bisho6 -ichael 1ill serve the
Hierarchical +evine $iturgy 3eginning at
0'-8 'fter the $iturgy all the faithful of
our 6arish are encourage2 to co7e to the
%arish Hall to en9oy a luncheon an2
6ersonally 7eet our Belove2 #he6her2 of
our 2iocese8 #o #'VE THE#E +'TE# ON
.O/R C$'EN+'R#8
On Tues2ay, Octo3er !
the feast 2ay of
the %rotection of the -other of *o2 1ill
3e cele3rate2 1ith a +ivine $iturgy
3eginning at 0 '-8 %lease 7ake an
effort to co7e to church on this 2ay8
*ENER'$ CON,E##(ON& *eneral
Confession 1ill 3e serve2 on #un2ay
Octo3er 4
8 %lease 7ake an effort to 3e
1ith us 3eginning at :&;0'-8 This is a
great ti7e to reconcile 1ith Our $or2 an2
receive the Bo2y an2 Bloo2 of Our $or2
an2 #avior Jesus Christ8
'+/$T E+/C'T(ON < CH/RCH
#CHOO$ C$'##E#& This initiative 1ill
3egin on #un2ay Octo3er 2
8 "e are
going to co73ine 3oth the '2ult
E2ucation Class an2 Church #chool
classes this year8 ' lesson 1ill 3e taught
3eginning at :&4 '- on Octo3er 2
en2 at :&!4 '-8 %lease co7e an2 en9oy a
class on Ortho2o=y 008 $essons 1ill
inclu2e #cri6ture te=ts, +ivine $iturgy,
an2 $ives of the #aints8 "e nee2 you to
co7e to church early an2 3e 1ith us to
hear the teachings of the Holy Ortho2o=
,aith8 %roto2eacon John #uchernick 1ill
teach 3oth classes in Octo3er8 Classes for
Octo3er 1ill 3e hel2 on the 2
an2 :
only for the 7onth of Octo3er 2ue to His
*race Bisho6 -ichael>s %astoral Visit on
the 25
of Octo3er8
.O/N* *(R$># RETRE'T& %lease 3e
a2vise2 that our +iocese is s6onsoring a
.oung *irl>s Retreat the 1eeken2 of
Nove73er !
? 5
8 (t 1ill 3e hel2 on the
3eautiful groun2s of #aint Basil>s
'ca2e7y that is locate2 in *arrison, Ne1
.ork8 This retreat is free of charge an2
only re@uires our young girl>s in A
? 2
gra2e to atten28 (f you 1oul2 like
infor7ation on this retreat 6lease go to
our +iocesan 1e3site for infor7ation8
%'R(#H +(NNER#& "e are kno1n for
the great hos6itality that 1e offer to our
guests8 On Octo3er 24
an2 25
1e are
s6onsoring 2inners for our 3elove2 guests
an2 6arishioners8 "e are looking for
2onations to cover the cost of these
2inners8 %lease see -atushka $u27ila at
the can2le 2esk to res6on2 to this 6lea8
"e nee2 your hel60
+(#T(N*/(#HE+ +(OCE#'N
+ONOR#& ,or a cou6le of years no1 our
+iocese has esta3lishe2 an initiative to
raise 7oney to su66ort our +iocesan
6rogra7s8 This 7oney is ear7arke2 to
su66ort 6arishes that are in nee2, our
se7inarians, an2 other 6rogra7s8 One
can contri3ute to this 6rogra7 through
our 2iocesan 1e3site or here at the can2le
2esk8 There are 2ifferent levels 2e6en2ing
on the siBe of one>s 2onation8 "ill you
3eco7e the first to 2onate C00 to this
+iocesan (nitiativeD 'll 7oney collecte2
1ill 3e given to His *race Bisho6 -ichael
1hen he visits us on the last 1eeken2 of
Octo3er8 (f you 2onate, you 1ill 3e invite2
to the +eanery +inner 1here all
+istinguishe2 +iocesan +onors are
invite2 to atten28 %lease see -atushka
$u27ila at the can2le 2esk8
RENOV'T(ON /%+'TE& There are
7any 6ro9ects going on an2 1e ho6e that
you are noticing the 3right fresh look that
is ha66ening no18 The 6ainting of the
e=terior an2 interior of the church is
co76lete8 %lease note that the church
2oor has 3een refinishe2 an2 looks
3eautiful8 's you 1alk u6 the e=terior
ste6s they have 3een refinishe2 1ith
2rains to avoi2 the stan2ing 1ater that
has 3een accu7ulating after 7a9or rain
an2 6ainte2 as 1ell8 Ne=t, 1ill 3e the
refinishing of our har21oo2 floors8 Then
the renovation 6ro9ect 1ill 3e co76lete8
#6ecial Thanks to Nikolai (B3itski for
2onating his ti7e an2 energy to co76lete
this 6ro9ect8