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KSRTC Regional Workshop Hassan

Regional Workshop Hassan

Basically the company is relating to body building. The work start 1996, first in that place one
company the name is KIMKO (agriculture related material produced) ,It was merged with
KSRTC. Its changed the name is Ksrtc Regional workshop. Of the 185 staff members whoare
employed here, about 30 are women in KSRTC Regional workshop is not only catering to Hassan
buses, but also ton those from mangalore, chickmagalore, puttur and other.

KSRTC Regional Workshop Hassan


Karnataka state road transport corporation (KSRTC), the implementing agency was established
in August 1961 under the provisions of the road transport corporation Act 1950 with the
objective of providing adequate, efficiency, economic and properly coordinated road transport
services. Three corporation viz., BMTC, Bangalore from 15-08-1997, NWKRTC, Hubli from
01-11-1997 and NEKRTC, Gulbarga from 01-10-2000 were formed out, on regional basis, with
KSRTC doing operations covering Southern Karnataka and interstate areas.
KSRTC operates its services to all villages in the state, which have motorable roads. 92%of the
villages in monopoly area (6743 out of 7298) and 44% in non-monopoly area (5158 out of
11789) has been provided with transport facility by KSRTC. At present it has one corporate
office, 11 divisional offices, 57 depots, 110 bus station, 2 bus bodybuilding workshops, 1
printing press, 3 training institutes and 1hospital. It operates 5100 schedules with 5400 vehicles
(including 164 hired private vehicles) covering 19.50 lakh kms. And carries on an average 22
lakh passengers daily. About 25000 employees are working in the corporation.
Data collection: -
Primary data: - primary data have been collected through observations, personal interview
and discussion with managers and employees of various departments of the organization.
Secondary data: - secondary data have been collected from companys internal records,
publications, annual reports etc..,
Scope of the study :-
The study is being conducted on KSRTC Regional workshop Hassan and this study gives an
overview of the organization and functions carried out different departments like Human
Resource, Administration, Accounts, Stores, Manufacturing etc.,
KSRTC Regional Workshop Hassan

Objectives of the study:-
To develop my attitude conductive to effective interpersonal relationship.
To acquire good work habits and sense of responsibility.
To observe, analyze and interpret the relevant data completely.
Limitations of the study:-
Time is the major limiting factor.
Lack of co-operation from certain departments due to their work loa

KSRTC Regional Workshop Hassan

Chapter- 1
Industry profile
KSRTC was established in the year 1961 under the road transport Act for providing
adequate, efficient, economic and comfortable passenger transport provide vital
connectivity in a developing society. KSRTC was divided into three corporation namely,
BMTC for Bangalore city from 15.08.1997, NWKRTC for Hubli from 1.11.1997 and
NEKRTC for Gulbarga from 1.10.2000 for effective monitoring. KSRTC is operating 5400
schedules covering 20,000 lakh kms carrying 25,000 lakh passengers every day KSRTC is
serving 92% of the villages in monopoly area (7529 out of 7824) and 46% in non-
monopoly area (5616 out of 12166)with transport facility KSRTCs infrastructure one
corporate offices, 13 divisional offices, 5 depots, 108 bus stand and 5800 buses.

Back ground of the company

In order to provide efficient adequate economic and well- coordinated service to the
(K,S,R,T,C) was established facilitate people travelling to reach this desirable destination.
K, S, R, T, C came into existence on 1961 under road transport corporation act(R, T, C, A)
1950. It initially started of a government. Of India being its major shareholder.

Range of services

Airavath Volvo - semi sleeper and executive services
Meghadoot AC - sleeper and executive services
Mayura AC - semi sleeper and executive services
Raja hamsa semi sleeper and executive services
Semi deluxe services
Karnataka saarige branded and regular services
Mofussil - express and ordinary services
Mini buses, city and suburban services
Shithal Ac
Ambaari AC(korona sleeper/executive)
Mercedes Benz bus AC
Airavath club class(high-end Volvo and Mercedes - Benz multi axle buses)
Non AC sleeper bus
Karnataka vaibhav
KSRTC Regional Workshop Hassan


The KSRTC was started in 19961. It was because of the invention of the transport facility are
given to customer and rural peoples it is one of the services industry in the country. The growth
of the industry however received a good boost by century end, after 1996 KSRTC merged
KIMCO (production of agricultural products) into places one in Bangalore another in Hassan.
When it comes to Hassan, it is a regional workshop of KSRTC this workshop as produced buses
in year around 500 buses, 171 employees daily with expect Sunday and public holidays. At
present vice chairman and managing director of KSRTC is AP JOSHI. At present there are 13
operating division and 2 regional workshops one is Hassan and Bangalore, 3 civil engineering
division, one printing press and training center, it is mainly related to the production of buses in
these way the profile is to purchase chassis TATA, Asoka Leyland the regional workshop it will
build body of the new buses, accident repairs, production of new water tanker and the
company produce trucks also. Excellence comes not from mere words producers, it comes
from an urge to strive and deliver the best. A mindset that say when it is good enough, improve
it. It is a way of thinking that from power within.

Other facilitates provides of commuters

Country coaches : -

Are introduced in Bangalore in Mangalore, Davanagere and Mysore cities connecting
different parts of the city. Passenger with advances reservation tickets is permitted free
travel, where as other passengers will be charged a nominal fare.

Pick up / drop services the corporation is operating long distance services
from / to various extension areas of Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore.
KSRTC operating 43 services in Bangalore connecting 22 pick-up points, 10
services in Mysore connecting 9 pick-up points and 6 services in mangalore
cities connecting 15 pick-up points. Recently the facility is extended to
Chikmagalore and Hassan districts.

Reservation of lady passengers: The seats have been reserved in semi deluxe
and higher classes of services for lady passengers travelling single, mofussil
KSRTC Regional Workshop Hassan

buses, 9 seats and 14 seats in city/ sub urban services are reserved for lady

Reservation of seats for physically handicapped person: Two seats have been
reserved in mofussil and city/ sub urban services for the physically
handicapped person.

Free / concessional passes :

KSRTC is extending free/ concessional travel facility to students, physically
handicapped person, blind, freedom fighter, journalists.

Free travelling city limits: Advance reservation tickets holders permitted to
travel free from the bus stand to their place of residence to central bus
stands in Bangalore / Mysore / mangalore, two hours before departure time
for long distance travel.

Discount on return journey tickets: A discount of 10% offered on returns
journey tickets / if both onwards and return journey tickets are booked

Discount on group booking : A discount of 5 percent on the fare, if 4 are more
passenger book a single tickets, further, discounts of 8% is given for a group of
10 are more passenger.

Special promotion fares: (less than regular fares) are charged to selected long
distance destination in Volvo Mayura, Rajahamsa.

Special serves: Additional services are given to pilgrimage / tourist places are
operated during festival, summer vacation, other fairs, festivals, weekends and

Casual contract services: For special vaccines like wedding excursions,
pilgrimage or study tour etc., KSRTC is providing dedicated bus services for
higher basis at competitive rates.
KSRTC Regional Workshop Hassan


Chartered contract services: KSRTC IS also providing buses on chartered
contract basis to industry, institution, schools, college, and parents teachers
association etc., to meet the daily travel needs of the employees / students of
these organization

Freedom tickets or weekly pass: Are available to the passenger for travelling 7
days within the state are outside the state irrespective of distance of travel by
using class of service he prepares. Most suited to marketing executives
businessman and tourist.

Monthly season tickets: Are available to the passenger travelling between to
selected destination daily. This passes are most suited for office / industry
employees, teachers, businessman and tourist etc.,

May I help u: Counters set up at all the district and thaluk headquarters bus
stand for providing information to the public?

Pass issue counters: Are present at all s bus stands for the convince of the
travelling public obtaining student passes, monthly season tickets and freedom

Accidents relief fund: As been introduced entitling the depends on the
passenger for compensation of Rs.2lakh in cases of accidental death of any
KSRTC passengers. This relief is in addition to the regular compensation
awarded by the motor accidents claims tribunals.

Advance reservation booking network (AWATAR): KSRTC as implemented
online advance reservation network called AWATAR (anywhere any time
advance reservation), where in tickets can be booked through internet.
Presently 41 KSRTC counters and 204 franchises are working on this system
there are 100 online booking counters in Bangalore city. 21 online booking
counters in Mangalore, 11 counters in Mysore, 77 counters at other important
places in KSRTC jurisdiction and 37 counters in neighboring states i.e.
thamilnadu, andrapradesh , Kerala, Pondicherry, goa and Maharashtra. Tickets
KSRTC Regional Workshop Hassan

can be booked 10 days in advance including return journey tickets from
selected destination.

Electronic ticketing machines: Enhance the usage IT in day two day
operation ETMs have been deployed in on 58 depots. ETMs are convenient,
user- friendly, light in weight apart from other benefits like speedy issue of
tickets, reduction in manual entry of waybills, generation of MIS reports on the
number of passenger travelled, distance of travel, integration with DCS etc.

Passengers amenities bold : Refreshment rooms drinking water facility seating
arrangements, display of time tables, enquiry counters pass issues counters,
advance booking counters, luggage booking counters, separate toilets / annals
for gents / ladies, cycle/ shooters / car parking stands, CC TV book stall fruit
stall STD / local telephone booths are provided at bus stands. The entire bus
stand KSRTC jurisdiction is taken up for of graduation.

Advertisement media: KSRTC as on extensive media for advertisement like bus
panels, hoardings on the back side of bus tickets, advance reservation tickets,
various types of passes which can be utilized for display commercial

KSRTC Regional Workshop Hassan

Chapter 2
Company profile:

NAME KSRTC Regional workshop
Address KSRTC Regional workshop. BM Road. Hassan

KSRTC Regional Workshop Hassan


KSRTC Regional Workshop Hassan