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Said Mchaalia, Susanne Weber, Elizabeth f. Schneider & Mylene Sylvestre
(draft copy September 25

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&ear best lovely lust 'rofessor all time, 'rofessor "usanne (chaalia,
so far away, ), "aid (chaalia, would li*e to improve symbolic synchroni+ation of human desirable soul
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to information theory through alphabet that is using to #udge the worth of linguistic logics. %hus,
3. f . find foundation of dynamic description imposing clear customi+ation of 2to comply with
4 define, handle, hold, define newly5 or to obey to higher holy $oo*s2. ,eathering functionalism of
symbolic synchroni+ation operating faithfulness and financial ob#ects should then deal with
intentional inspiration and should impose intellectual intelligence insight to support modeling modes
of lifetimes and of aware wellness. %herefore, any rules should sha*e financial outfits.

6. i .. insight . to appraise any advancing ad#ustment of lifetimes and aware well based upon growing
upon translation traceability tools of *nowledge cultures and using issues of under custom0s seal
symboli+ation that is obey completely to unicity of God. ,or more details:: %he "upreme $eing,
regarded as the 7reator, Author, and ,irst 7ause of the universe, the 8uler of the world and of the
affairs of men, the "upreme 9udge and ,ather, tempering #ustice with mercy, wor*ing out His
purposes through chosen agents:individuals as well as nations:and communicating His will
through prophets and other appointed channels. Hence, %he existence of God is presupposed
throughout the $ible, no attempt being anywhere made to demonstrate His reality. 'hilosophical
s*epticism belongs to a period of thought generally posterior to that covered by the $iblical boo*s,
Ecclesiastes and some of the 'salms -xiv., liii., xciv./ alone indicating in any degree in $iblical )srael
a tendency toward Atheism. %he controversies of the Earlier 'rophets never treat of the fundamental
problems of God0s existence or non;existence< but their polemics are directed to prove that )srael,
ready at all times to accept and worship one or the other god, is under the obligation to serve human
people and none other. Again, the manner of His worship is in dispute, but not His being. %he
following are the main $iblical teachings concerning God: 'hilo0s Logos. 'hilo is also the first
9ewish writer who underta*es to prove the existence of God. His arguments are of two *inds: those
drawn from nature, and those supplied by the intuitions of the soul. (an0s mind, also invisible,
occupies in him the same position as does that of God in the universe -2&e =pificio (undi,2 > 6?/.
,rom this one arrives at a *nowledge of God. %he mind is the sovereign of the body. %he cosmos
must also have a *ing who holds it together and governs it #ustly, and who is the "upreme -2&e
Abrahamo,2 > 3@< 2&e (igratione Abrahami,2 > ??/. ,rom a ship man forms the idea of a ship;
builder. "imilarly, from the cosmos he must conceive the notion of the ,ather and 7reator, the great
and excellent and all;*nowing artist -2&e (onarchia,2 i. A< 2&e 'rBmiis et 'Cnis,2 > D/. ,or a first
and an efficient cause man must loo* outside of the material universe, which fails in the points of
eternity and efficiency -2&e 7onfusione Linguarum,2 >> 63, 6E< 2&e "omniis,2 i. ??/. %his cause is
mind. $ut man has the gift of immortal thoughts -2&e Eo Fuod &eterius 'otiori )nsidiatur,2 > 6A/:
these culminate in the apprehension of God< they press beyond the limits of the entire phenomenal
world to the Gnbegotten -2&e 'lantatione Hoe,2 > E/. %his intuition of God was the especial
prerogative of the 'rophets, of Abraham, and of 9acob.
%he essence of God is un*nown to man, whose conceptions are colored through the medium of his own
nature. Anthropopathisms and anthropomorphisms are wic*ed. God is incorporeal. He is without any
irrational affections of the soul. God is a free, self;determining mind. His benevolence is due not to any
incapacity of His for evil, but to His free preference for the good -ib. > 6I/.
(an0s personality lifts him above the rest of the creatures. )n analogy therewith, 'hilo gives God the
attributes of personality, which are not restrictive, but the very reverse -&rummond, 2'hilo 9udBus,2 ii. 3E/.
Efficiency is the property of God<susceptibility, that of the begotten -2&e 7herubim,2 > 6A/. God, therefore,
is not only the ,irst 7ause, but He is the still efficient ground of all that is and comes to pass. He never
pauses in His creative activity -2&e Allegoriis Legum,2 i. ?/. %he feebleness of the human mind precludes the
possibility of man0s *nowing God as He is in Himself -ib. iii. D?/. God is without 1ualities -ib. i. 3?/. God is
transcendent. He contains, but is not contained -JKLMNOPQ R JKLMKOSTKQRU/< yet He is also within the ὐ
universe. He is omnipresent -comp. 2&e 7onfusione Linguarum,2 > 6D, 2&e 'osteritate 7aini,2 > E/< still He
is above the conditions of space and time -2&e 'osteritate 7aini,2 > E< 2Fuod &eus "it )mmutabilis,2 > @/. He
is complete in Himself, and contains within His own being the sum of all conceivable good -2&e (utatione
Hominum,2 > A/. He is perfect< He is omniscient -2&e Eo Fuod &eterius 'otiori )nsidiatur,2 > A6/< He is
omnipotent< He is free from evil and, therefore, can not be its source -2&e 'rofugis,2 > 3E/< He is without
passion as the most perfectly reasonable being, as the efficient and not the susceptible. God cares for the
world and its parts -see 'rovidence/ -2&e =pificio (undi,2 > @3/. He is the 2Archon of the great city,2 2the
pilot managing the universe with saving care2 -2&e &ecem =raculis,2 > 36/.
)t is in the development of his theory of the divine powers that 'hilo in#ects into his theology elements not
altogether in concordance with antecedent 9ewish thought. %hese intelligible and invisible powers, though
sub#ect to God, parta*e of His mystery and greatness. %hey are immaterial. %hey are uncircumscribed and
infinite, independent of time, and unbegotten -2Fuod &eus "it )mmutabilis,2 > 3D/. %hey are 2most holy2
-2,ragmenta,2 ii. @EE/, incapable of error -2&e 7onfusione Linguarum,2 > 6?/. Among these powers, through
which God wor*s His ends, is the Logos. 2God is the most generic %hing< and His Logos is second2 -2&e
Allegoriis Legum,2 ii. 63/. 2%his Logos is the divine seal of the entire cosmos2 -2&e "omniis,2 ii. @/. )t is the
archetypal idea with which all things were stamped -2&e (utatione Hominum,2 > 6?/. )t is the law of and in
all things, which is not corruptible -2&e Ebrietate,2 > ?E/. )t is the bond of the universe, filling a function
analogous to that of the soul in man -2Fuis 8erum &ivinarum Heres "it,2 > AV/. )t is God0s son -see Logos<
Wacillating though it was, the theory of the divine powers and the Logos, as elaborated by 'hilo, certainly
introduced views into the theology of 9udaism of far;reaching conse1uences in the development of the God;
idea if not of the "ynagogue at least of the 7hurch. %he absolute unity and transcendence of God were
modified materially, though the $iblical notion of the li*eness of man to God was in the system developed in
a manner adopted again by the modern 9ewish theologians -see below/. %almudic and medieval 9udaism
were only indirectly affected by this bold attempt to save the transmundane and supramundane implications
of the God;concept and still find an explanation for the immanence of the divine in man and in the world.
%he 'harisaic 'salms of "olomon, for instance, echo without the least e1uivocation the theological
constructions of the $iblical boo*s -see ii. 3E;3V, ?6;?D/< and the other apocalyptic writings -Enoch< $oo* of
9ubilees< %estaments of the %welve 'atriarchs/ present no essentially new points of view or even any
?. r .. real resulting in responsible robust reality fashion flow orders :: rectifying rules should operate
ob#ective outfits of faithfulness functionalism and financial ob#ects. %his is why 4define, handle,
hold, define newly5 is discrete event simulation *ernel that is used to impose and integrate rules of
8eglement or regulation for usury reforms and for any any performing practical proposal lifestyle.
Although, surround symbolism of performing practical proposal lifestyle has to fix neat narrow
networ*ing, whereby centric metric approach should then be lin* translation traceability tools to any
translation transformation processing of desirable human soul, satisfaction and faithful
functionalism. Hence, desirable human soul satisfaction has to mount modeling modes of intellectual
inspiration belong to driven dynamics of exerting exploitation -hierarchy homes of handling and
holding ideal ideas/.
A. e .. exert and exploit . sometimes, intellectual inspiration insight should comply with driven
dynamics of get up into wrapping point overviews of *nowledge cultures :: herewith #oining in pair
logics should compute across futures wor*s and faithful features of any proposal disposal under
custom0s seal symbolism. %herefore, symbol :: A visible representation of an ob#ect or an idea. )n
Hebrew the word denoting symbol is 2ot,2 which in early 9udaism denoted not only a sign, but also a
visible religious to*en of the mystic relation between God and man. )n the latter sense ancient )srael
had two fundamental symbols, each regarded as representing the pledge of the covenant made by
God with His people. %hese were -3/ the "abbath, 2a sign for ever2 -Ex. xxxi. 3D/, and -6/
circumcision, the to*en of the covenant made by God with Abraham and his descendants -Gen. xvii.
33< comp. Ex. xiii. X and &eut. vi. V/. All other instances of symbolism in the 9ewish ritual and in
Hebrew poetry may be divided into the following groups: -3/ the %emple and its accessories< -6/ the
sacrifices< -?/ the officiating priests< -A/ numbers< -E/ metals and colors< -@/ the 7herubim< -D/
festivals and holy days< -V/ the visions of the 'rophets.
3/ %he %emple -2ohel mo0ed,2 2mi* Ydash,2 2mish*an2/. %he state of )srael became a theocratic one as a result
of the establishment in its midst of the %emple, the dwelling;place and throne of God and the place of
mediation between God and man. =n the other hand, the 2mish*an2 was also interpreted
anthropomorphically, as a symbol of man or of human nature, while 'hilo explained the %abernacle
cosmically -2Wita (osis,2 ed. "chwic*ert, iii. 6I3;63X, Leipsic, 3V6V< similarly, 27u+ari,2 ii., >> 6@;6V/. %he
two cherubim, the only images in the %emple, were intended to symboli+e the concentration of all natural
life, and as ad#uncts to the throne of God they were the immediate witnesses and representatives of His glory.
'hilo regarded them as symboli+ing the two hemispheres, in contrast to the other cherubim mentioned in the
$ible, which represented divine omnipotence -2Wita (osis,2 iii. 6I@/. 'hilippson drew a sharp distinction
between the cherubim in the vision of E+e*iel and all others, holding that the former were mere inventions of
the imagination, while the latter were *nown under a definite form and shape -2)sraelitische $ibel,2 i.
AE?/.As the &ecalogue represented the heart and soul of all the people, so the Ar* of the 7ovenant was set in
the Holy of Holies, while the mercy;seat -2*apporet2/ and the two cherubim, the center of the dwelling of
Zhwh, formed the place where the people were cleansed once a year from all their sins< and as the Ar* was
*ept in its particular place simply as a to*en of God0s covenant with )srael, so the Ar*, mercy;seat, and the
cherubim together symboli+ed both the place where the holiness of God was revealed, and the place where
the people0s sins were removed and where they renewed their fellowship with God -Zal* Yut Y 8e0ubeni, vi. 6<
(aimonides, 2(oreh,2 i. EA, iii. AE< Abravanel on Ex. xl. ?A/.%he table with the showbread served as a
symbol of the ac*nowledgment of all the people that they owed to God their bread, or, in other words, all
that they needed for their sustenance, and that they must extol Him and glorify Him accordingly -Zarh Yi and
Abravanel ad loc./. %he candlestic*, according to 'hilo -l.c. iii. 6ID/, typified the seven planets, while later
exegetes interpreted it as the symbol of the congregation of the people of God -Hengstenberg, 2$eitr[ge,2 iii.
@AE/. %he altar of incense was a symbol of prayer, since the perfume and fragrance which it spread typified
the outward manifestation of the inward excellence of some person or thing. )n li*e manner, the altar of
sacrifice represented the place where the Godhead was revealed, and accordingly its four horns were
symbols of power and dominion< so that he who grasped them signified that he placed himself under the
protection of God -) \ings i. EI, ii. 6V/.
-6/ %he "acrifices: %he burnt offering -20olah2< Lev. xiv. 6I/ symboli+ed perfection and entirety, typifying the
general as distinguished from the particular, and the complete as contrasted with the incomplete. )t therefore
denoted the all;inclusive, and was regarded by 'hilo as the emblem of absolute dedication to God -2&e
Wictimas =fferentibus,2 pp. ?6A;?6@, Leipsic, 3V6V/. )bn E+ra, in his introduction to Leviticus, considered it
the atonement of the heart for sinful thoughts. %he than*;offering -2todah,2 2+ebah,2 2shelamim2/, together
with the meal;offering and the wave;offering, typified the relation of fellowship and friendship between God
and )srael< and since Zhwh was also the 7reator of the universe, the act of turning toward every side
symboli+ed the conviction that God held all the world and the ends thereof. %he sin;offering -2h Yat Yt Yat2/
denoted complete atonement -i.e., covering and concealment/, and the mercy;seat was accordingly sprin*led
seven times. %he guilt;offering -2asham2/ was brought to arouse and maintain a sense of sin< it was divided
by (aimonides -2Hil*ot ]ebah Yim,2 ix./ into sacrifices for doubtful and for certain guilt,while 'hilo -l.c./
asserted that the guilt;offering could be brought only by one whose awa*ened conscience and conviction of
guilt had obliged him to accuse himself. %he sacrifice for purification from leprosy consisted of two
sparrows -Lev. xiv. ?;D/< one of them was *illed and its blood drained into running water, into which the
other bird was dipped, being then liberated, while the leper was sprin*led with the blood by means of a piece
of hyssop bound to a stic* of cedar;wood by a scarlet cord. %his ceremony typified the sinful and unclean
past and the sinless future, while the purification by means of cedar;wood and hyssop was intended to
indicate that high and low ali*e must bow to God in their sinfulness -HYul. 3?Ab< Lev. 8. xvi. @/. %he brea*ing
of the calf0s nec* -20eglah arufah2/ was a #udicial act symboli+ing the punishment of death #ustly meted out to
the murderer, and the washing of the hands typified the purification from crime, while the re1uirement that
the blood from the carcass must be entirely washed away by the broo* flowing beneath indicated that guilt
was altogether removed. %he laying on of hands -2sama*2/ signified, according to 'hilo -l.c./, that the hands
performing this act had done no evil, but in the view of $ahr -27hristliche "ymboli* des (osaischen
7ultus,2 ii. ?A3/ it symboli+ed the devotion of one0s self to Zhwh even unto death, and hence dedication to
death for His sa*e, the burning of the sacrifice representing the place and the goal of the sacrificial gift.
-?/ %he =fficiating 'riests: %he priests mediated between God and man by offering sacrifices and by other
services in the %emple. %he chief representative among them was the high priest, who wore eight vestments,
twice as many as the others, these garments being symbols of holiness and sanctification from sin. ^hy, as*s
the %almud, is the high priest clothed in white on the &ay of Atonement_ and it answers: $ecause the service
in the terrestrial %emple must e1ual that in the heavenly %emple -Zoma AAb/. %he coat was woven in one
piece, in contrast to the idea of 2* Yara02 -to rend/, the latter being the symbol of mourning< the miter was a
blossom, and the priest might not uncover his head -2para02< Lev. x. @/ lest thereby he should suggest the
dropping of blossoms. %he breeches symboli+ed the abolition of the distinction between the heavenly and the
mortal part of man, as contrasted with the divine nature, which is absolutely holy and living. %he girdle was
the emblem of the priest as the servant of the Lord, and it was made in the same four colors as the curtains of
the Holy of Holies< it is said to have been ?6 ells long, to indicate the windings of the heart -Zer. Zoma AAb<
Lev. 8. x./. %he priests went barefoot to express their sense of the sanctity of the %emple.%he vestments of
the high priest were interpreted in three ways. %he explanation of 'hilo is as follows -2Wita (osis,2 iii. 6IX/:
His upper garment was the symbol of the ether, while the blossoms represented the earth, the pomegranates
typified running water, and the bells denoted the music of the water. %he ephod corresponded to heaven, and
the stones on both shoulders to the two hemispheres, one above and the other below the earth. %he six names
on each of the stones were the six signs of the +odiac, which were denoted also by the twelve names on the
breastplate. %he miter was the sign of the crown which exalted the high priest above all earthly
*ings.9osephus0 explanation is this -2Ant.2 iii. D, > D/: %he coat was the symbol of the earth, the upper
garment emblemi+ed heaven, while the bells and pomegranates represented thunder and lightning. %he ephod
typified the four elements, and the interwoven gold denoted the glory of God. %he breastplate was in the
center of the ephod, as the earth formed the center of the universe< the girdle symboli+ed the ocean, the
stones on the shoulders the sun and moon, and the #ewels in the breastplate the twelve signs of the +odiac,
while the miter was a to*en of heaven.Zerushalmi -(en. vii. 3/ and Leviticus 8abbah -x./ give the following
interpretation: %he coat symboli+ed atonement for murder or for the sin of wearing mixed garments, and the
undergarment typified atonement for unchastity. %he miter denoted atonement for pride, and the belt for theft
or tric*ery. %he breastplate represented atonement for any perversion of the Law, the ephod for idolatry, and
the robe for slander.
-A/ Humbers: %he rules governing calculations of dimension and number were not merely external, but
represented the divinity as the supreme intelligence. %he arrangement of the %abernacle especially was
determined according to numbers. %he number three was the symbol of holiness, so that the Holy of Holies
occupied one;third and the Holy 'lace two;thirds of the entire %emple< the tapestries were ten times three ells
in length, and there were three vessels each for the altar of burnt offering, the altar of incense, and the Ar*.
%he candlestic* had twice three arms -besides the shaft, which also held a lamp/, and each arm had three
*nobs. %he blessing of the priest consisted of three sections -Hum. vi. 6A, 6E/, and in the invocation of God
the word 2holy2 -2* Yadosh2/ was repeated thrice -comp. )sa. vi. ?/.%he symbolism of the number four was
based on the most simple contemplation of the 1uaternity as found in the universe, which included both
heaven and earth -comp. 9ob xxxvii. ?< )sa. xi. 36< E+e*. vii. 6< ) 7hron. ix. 6A< &an. viii. V/, and it therefore
connoted heaven as the throne of God in contradistinction to earth, thus revealing the glory of God and
bearing witness to Him. %he Holy of Holies was in the form of a cube, and the Holy 'lace was a double cube
in length. All the vessels of the %emple except the candlestic* were s1uare. According to E+e*. i. 6@;6V, four
symboli+ed the divine revelation, while in the view of 'hilo it was the number of complete harmony -2&e
=pificio (undi,2 pp. 3?;3E/.%he number five typified semicompletion. %he dimensions of the curtain of the
Holy of Holies were four ells by five< the altar in the court covered a surface of five s1uare ells< and there
were five pillars at the entrance to the %abernacle.%he number seven was the general symbol for all
association with God, and was the favorite religious number of 9udaism, typifying the covenant of
holinessand sanctification, and also all that was holy and sanctifying in purpose. %he candlestic* had seven
lamps, and the acts of atonement and purification were accompanied by a sevenfold sprin*ling. %he
establishment of the "abbath, the "abbatical year, and the year of #ubilee was based on the number seven, as
were the periods of purification and of mourning -Lev. iv. @, 3D< xxiii. 3E< xxvi. 63< &eut. xv. 3< )) \ings v.
3A< 's. cxix. 3@A/.%he number ten symboli+ed absolute completeness. %he court to the %abernacle was ten
times ten ells long, and five times ten ells wide, and in the Holy of Holies the %en 7ommandments were
preserved.%he number twelve, being the product of three and four, typified the union of the people with God.
=n the table were twelve loaves of show;bread, and the breastplate of the priest contained twelve precious
stones as emblems of the twelve tribes of )srael, which camped round about the "anctuary. %welve victims
were sacrificed during the dedication of the %abernacle -Hum. vii. VD/. ,our times twelve cities were
assigned as the dwelling;places of the Levites, and &avid divided the priests into twice twelve orders -)
7hron. xxiv. D et se1./. "ee Humbers and Humerals.
-E/ (etals and 7olors: Gold was the symbol of the divine or celestial light, the glory of God -]ech. vi. 33 et
se1.< &an. xi. 63/, and silver the emblem of moral innocence and of holiness -)sa. i. 66< 9er. vi. ?I/, while
brass typified hardness, strength, and firmness -Lev. xxvi. 3X< 9er. xv. 36< 9ob xl. 3V/. $rass was a substitute
for gold, and iron for silver -)sa. lx. 3D/. %he metals were in general symbols of splendor, and in the %emple a
certain classification of them was observed, so that the ma#ority of the vessels in the Holy of Holies were of
gold, while those used in the other parts of the %emple were of silver or brass. )n mystic passages paradise
was similarly pictured: its apartments were made of gold, silver, and crystal, and contained beds, chairs, and
candlestic*s of gold and precious stones -comp. Eisenmenger, 2Entdec*tes 9udentum,2 ii. ?I6, ?IX/."alt was
expressly declared to be necessary for the completion of the covenant between God and )srael, since it must
be included in every meal;offering, in which it ta*es the place of the blood in the animal sacrifices -Lev. ii.
3?< but comp. E+e*. xliii. 6A/. %he heave;offering incumbent on every )sraelite was called 2berit melah Y
0olam2 -Hum. xviii. 3X/. )n the %almud salt symboli+es the %orah, for as the world can not exist without salt,
so it can not endure without the %orah -"oferim xv. V/.2%e*elet2 represented heaven, according to the view of
(aimonides -2Zad,2 ]Yi+ Yit, ii./< while Abravanel and \YimhYi on Ex. xxv. A regarded it as the greenish color of
the sea, most of the other commentators agree with (aimonides in interpreting it as the symbol of the
dwelling;place of Zhwh, and thus as corresponding to the color of the divine revelation -Hum. 8. xv./.
2Argaman2 was the symbol of sublimity, of power, and of glory -)sa. lx. @< 9udges viii. 6@/, so that Alexander
$alas robed 9onathan in purple -) (acc. x. 6I/, which was especially used to designate royal dignity -) (acc.
x. 6I, xi. EV/. 2%ola0at2 and 2shani2 -2scarlet,2 2crimson2/ symboli+ed blood, and thus fre1uently typified life,
although this color often designated sin, as well as #oy and happiness -Gen. xxxviii. 6V< 9osh. ii. 3V, 63< 9er.
iv. ?I/. 'urification from sin was also symboli+ed by purple -Lev. xvi. 3I< Hahum ii. A `A. W. ?a/. 2"hesh2
-white/, li*e 2bu+ Y2 -byssus/, was the symbol of physical and intellectual purity, being the true color of light,
without any modification -7ant. v. 3I< &an. iv. 3I, 3A, 6I< ]ech. xiv. E/.
-@/ "ee 7herubim.
-D/ ,estivals and Holy &ays: %he system of the 9ewish festivals was ternary, since the year, li*e the day and
the night, was divided into three parts. %he first of these festivals was the 'assover, which celebrated the
rebirth of nature, and thus symboli+ed the origin of the 9ewish people. %he yearling lamb typified innocent
youth. )t was regarded as especially holy, and might neither be boiled nor its bones bro*en, but had to remain
entire. "ince anything sour was regarded as unclean, and as the people were obliged to refrain from touching
anything unclean during 'assover, leavened food was forbidden. Even in the $ible the eating of the bitter
herbs typified the miseries of the Egyptian bondage. )n the evenings four cups were drained, to symboli+e the
four world;*ingdoms -Zer. 'es. ?Dc< Gen. 8. lxxx./, and those who partoo* of the 'assover meal reclined in
to*en of their liberation from slavery. %he 'assover was li*ewise the ,east of the ,irst;$orn, since it was
regarded as typifying also the death of the first;born in Egypt.%he second festival was that of "hebu0ot, the
,east of ^ee*s, and as the 'assover mar*ed the beginning of a definite period, so "hebu0ot mar*ed its close,
the former denoting the day of ripening, and the latter mar*ing the last day of using the scythe, whence it
received the alternative names of 20a+ Yarta2 or 20a+ Yeret shel 'esahY2 -'es. A63b/. %he third of the festivals was
the ,east of "u**ot, or the ,east of %abernacles, originally observed as an autumnal festival, but
subse1uently as a feast of #oy -Lev. 8. v. ?I/, being regarded at a still later time as commemorating the huts
occupied by the children of )srael in the desert -"u*. EEb< (en. xiii. E/. %he stem of the palm;branch
corresponded to the human spine, the leaf of the myrtle to the eye, the willow;leaf to the mouth, and the
etrog to the heart, these being the most important members of the body -Lev. 8. xxx./. %he palm;branches
borne by the 9ews on the ,east of %abernacles typified their victories over the heathen -'esi* Y. 3VIa< Lev. 8.
l.c./.%here were two other special festivals, the Hew;Zear and the &ay of Atonement. %he distinguishing
feature of the former was the blowing of the shofar, to signify that )srael was remembered in the presence of
Zhwh, while the %almud emphasi+ed the fact that only a straight shofar was blown, to symboli+e the
straightening of the heart, as distinguished from the usage on fast;days, when a curved shofar was blown, to
symboli+e the heart writhing in repentance -Zer. 8. H. EVd/. Abravanel on Lev. xxiii. 6A represented Hew;
Zear0s &ay as the symbol of complete freedom, while 'hilo regarded the blowing of the shofar on Hew;Zear
as a commemoration of the giving of the Law, and as a proclamation of the benefits which the world would
derive from thedissemination of righteous laws, as well as the end, set by God, to the strife among the forces
of nature -2&e "eptennario,2 pp. A?;AA/. %he &ay of Atonement was considered the most holy day of the
entire year, and was regarded as the symbol of the complete atonement of the people and of their absolution
from their sins -comp. the various articles on the festivals/.
-V/ %he Wisions of the 'rophets: 9erermiah beheld an almond;tree as a to*en of the speedy fulfilment of the
word of God -play on 2sha* Yed2 in 9er. i. 33/, and Amos saw a bas*et of summer fruit as a symbol of the
approaching end of )srael -play on 2* Yayi+ Y2 in Amos viii. 3/. Ahi#ah the "hilonite tore 9eroboam0s mantle into
twelve pieces, to typify the division of the *ingdom of )srael -) \ings xi. ?I/, and ]ede*iah made horns of
iron to encourage Ahab to engage in war with 8amoth;gilead -) \ings xxii. 33/. \ing 9oash, at the command
of the prophet Elisha, shot arrows from the open window into the air, to symboli+e the destruction of his
enemies -)) \ings xiii. 3E;3X/. )saiah wal*ed na*ed and barefoot to show how the Egyptians and Ethiopians
would be treated when ta*en captive by the Assyrians -)sa. xx. 6/, while 9eremiah wore a yo*e upon his nec*
to induce the nations to submit to the \ing of Assyria -9er. xxvii. 6;A, 3I;36/. E+e*iel was commanded to
inscribe the names of certain tribes upon separate pieces of wood, to show that God would reunite those
tribes -E+e*. xxxvii. 3E et se1.< comp. )sa. vi.< E+e*. i.< &an. vii./.
(iscellaneous "ymbols.
%he following symbolic acts may also be mentioned: the dedication of the priest by sprin*ling his ears,
hands, and feet with blood, since they were the members which performed the most important functions< the
wearing of fringes on the garment, since they typified the word of the Law, the liberation from Egypt, the
fulfilment of all the commands of God, and the warning against idolatry and other sins< and the prohibition
of a garment of divers materials, as a symbol of the commandment not to trespass against the divine order of
nature. %he presentation of the shoe was ta*en to symboli+e the transferring of one0s rights to another -8uth
iv. D/< at weddings the bride was sprin*led with grains of wheat as a symbol of fruitfulness -\et. ii. 3/.
"eals and gems of the sixth and seventh centuries $.7. li*ewise contain symbolic figures, although their
meaning is no longer clear. %hus, a steer facing to the right appears on the seal of "hemariah, son of A+ariah,
and the seal of Hathan, son of Abadiah, has ibexes and deer above and below the name, either as a symbol of
some "yrian goddess or to show that the owner of the gem was fond of hunting. %he seal of "hebaniah, son
of G++iah, bears a man with a large stic* in his right hand, while the reverse shows butterflies above and
below the legend.
%he coins of the time of "imon (accabeus have an almond;blossom to symboli+e the priesthood of Aaron,
and other coins of the same period bear a lulab and an etrog, which are difficult to explain. (ost of the coins
of the time of 9ohn Hyrcanus show two interlaced horns as a symbol of power, while the rulers of the house
of Herod had ships, helmets, "yrian shields, and grapes engraved upon their coins. A coin of Agrippa ). bears
two clasped hands as a to*en of his friendship with 7laudius. %he coins struc* during the first revolution
present grapes, the lyre, and the palm.
%he symbolism on 9ewish tombstones is very simple, the same emblems appearing on most of them. %wo
hands with outspread fingers indicated that the dead man was descended from priestly stoc*, and a #ug was
carved on the tombstones of the Levites as an emblem of the priest who washed his hands before he
pronounced the blessing. =ther gravestones show a tree with branches either outspread or bro*en off,
symboli+ing the death of a young man or an old man respectively< or they have a cluster of grapes as an
emblem of )srael. %he (agen &awid occurs fre1uently, and an erect female figure was carved on the
tombstone of a virgin, to typify the life which rises upward. (ost fre1uently, however, the figures
symboli+ed the name of the deceased, as the figure of a lion for Loeb, a wolf for $en#amin, and a rose for the
name $lume.
)nfluence on 7hristian "ymbols.
%he influence of 9udaism upon 7hristian symbolism as early as the second and third centuries 7.E., is
apparent both in painting and in sculpture, the most fre1uent motives being those which occur in the
(ishnah as formulas for prayer on fast;days. %he prayer beginning with the words 2(i she;0anah,2 which
was included in the selih Yah at an early date, was adopted in the 7hristian ritual as the litany 2Libera
domine,2 and this litany was figuratively used in a certain se1uence as a symbol, for the sacrifice of )saac
was regarded as a symbol of the crucifixion of 9esus, since the primitive 7hurch considered )saac the
prototype of 9esus, and the act of sacrifice emblemi+ed the death on the cross< Abraham was represented as
the symbol of the power of faith and )saac as the sacrificed redeemer. %he ascension of Eli#ah was believed
to typify the ascension of 9esus, who was regarded by 7hristian symbolism as an analogue to Eli#ah,
although this ascension was also ta*en as a type of the general resurrection from the dead. 9ob sitting among
the ashes was the symbol of patience and of the power of resistance of the flesh< and Hananiah, (ishael, and
A+ariah in the fiery furnace typified steadfastness in persecution and faith in the aid of God. %he sarcophagi,
moreover, contained representations of the fall of man, Hoah and the ar*, scenes from the life of (oses in
three variations, 9oshua, &avid, and &aniel.
)n later times pictorial symbolism gradually gave place to verbal. =riginally there were three *inds of such
verbal symbolism: 2peshat Y,2 referring to the past or the changeable< 2derash,2 to the present, with the
interests and emotions expressed by it< 2sod,2 to the future, or to the investigation of the eternal.
"ubse1uently, and up to the eleventh century, a fourth form of symbolism was used, namely, 2reme+,2 or the
symboli+ing of the supernatural. %hese four *inds were designated either as 2the four legs of the table of the
Lord2 or as the four rivers issuing from paradise. %he literalinterpretation was said to express the facts, the
allegorical interpretation to teach the doctrine, the moral interpretation to teach right living, and the mystical
interpretation to indicate the order of the supernatural world of spirit.
)n recent times ]ionism has encouraged pictorial symbolism by adopting an erect lion for its escutcheon, in
symbolic interpretation of Gen. xlix. X. =ther examples are the famous window in the $0nai $0rith Lodge of
Hamburg, where %heodor Her+l is represented as (oses 2the liberator,2 and the symbolic illustrations and
cover;designs of the painter Lilien. "ee also %itles of $oo*s.
"ince first generation and based upon historic story of #oining in pair [existence, focus on] = [0, 1], because
existence deals with concrete customi+ation for faithful success across self autonomy integrated within
mount management of feature intellectual inspiration itinerary. %hus, flat wraps up accumulation advancing
ad#ustment, whereby translation transformation techni1ues and traceability tools are re1uired to be used
within converting mechanisms of logic theology of flammable fire production and theory fear fire
functionalism including within investigation of hierarchy homes. %hus, "caring tempting and seduction
could stri*e with sudden fear or advancing alarm should bring up into ingenuity which determine
corresponding imaginative and clever design or construction of inventive s*ill or cleverness to achieve real
fashion flow of surround symbolism that feathers optimistic faithfulness operating financial outfits. Even
though, translation transformation techni1ues have transparent root and roof faces belong to talent
environment. %herefore, nuclear networ*ing of net narrow networ*ing operates theological traceability tools
based upon wait 4to hold driven design5 when 4retrievable centric metric .
[ ( , b] ∨[ a , (] ,∀(∈[ a , b] , (=
a+ b
5 is achievable! using 4-metric, driven/, -wa*e up, grow upon/,
-custom, event/, -handle, hold /5 set of -binary, exploitation/ such that:
3+ Ma(

3+ Ma(


(3+ f) )
(3+ f) )
,{ e
} ,
* f) . &) .( f) −&) )
( f) + &) )b
( f) −&) )c
( f) −&) )c
* f)
sin).cos). (sin) −cos) )
, { ( sin) , cos) ) }
)n fact, readbyte! #ob scheduling entity invests integrated intellectual inspiration inside translation
transformation techni1ues of measurable core processing and centric metric approaches. Even though,
storage space could handle chaotic translation transformation, faithful organi+ed transition translation rules
actually main mount management re1uired by human desirable probabilistic stochastic symbolism and
supports. "liding slice window simulation is however another advancing theory instills intentional inspection
of intellectual insight and integrated intelligence for modeling modes of artificial architecture arrangements.
dd declaration:
typedef vectorecharf grow
integer position . I<
mapechar, floatf table
mapechar, vectorecharff hash
vectorecharf flow<
std::mapechar, growf::iterator it . hash.begin-/<
integer sum . 3<
dd interface reading charg ptrch . hread -byte/ dd could be from in port integrated interface
dd main processing
if -ptrch i. HGLL/ 4
if -hash.find-gptrch/ i. HGLL/ 4
5 else 4
hash.insert -it, std::pairechar, growf-gptrch, flow//<
5 5
std::mapechar, growf::iterator it . hash.begin- /<
for- it, it i. hash.end- /, itkk/ 4
integer number . --git/.second/.si+e- /<
sum . sum k number<
dd occurrence event
std::mapechar, growf::iterator it . hash.begin- /<
for- it, it i. hash.end- /, itkk/ 4
integer number . --git/.second/.si+e- /<
float balance . number d sum<
table.insert - std::pairechar, floatf --git/.first, balance/ /<
ddfill in file
dd possible to use coma as
ddseparator instead of new
ddline character ln!
ddnotice that character lb! .
bac* space
std::mapechar, floatf::iterator it . table.begin- /<
,)LE gfptr . fopen-file name, w!/<
for- it, it i. table.end- /, itkk/ 4
fprintf-fptr, -git/.first/< fprintf-fptr, lb/< fprintf- -git/.second/<
fprintf-fptr, ln!/
)n fact, driven dynamics of #ob scheduling description consist to use measurable processing across translation
transformation techni1ues such as any possible image, or sound, or temperature, or windy effect, or
burrowing law, m could be converted into corresponding edge flow value accordingly to basic built in
behavior of control data flow graph theory and chart flow theology. &ue to intentional important interest of
using float functionalism inside waveform compression, intellectual inspiration operates comparative
customi+ation of ratio returns resulting within integrated interface programming.
)n fact, supporting symbolism functions dealing within optimistic fashion flows and faithful outfits is
important investigation of social diagrammatic diagnostics. %herefore, #oining in pair mechanism proposes
-soul . psyche, soul0s pair . psyche0s pair/ mapping couple to be used within traceability tool of translation
transformation techni1ues. Even though, basic built in behavior of chemical composition production comply
with Lavoisier .: nothing has been got lost, nothing is creating, everything comply with or obey to
translation transformation techni1ue processing! . Hence, growing upon within huge hard hierarchy homes
of philosophy engineering of creation and creationism, several theological aspects and exerting effects of
concerning customi+ation operates safe scientific function ordering financial outfits to govern and #udge
human population and groups. %hus, to thin* up any logic thought of driven dynamics involving inside
burrowing balance of resigning rules that are linguistic laws #udging people across town, tower, tallness,
talentless, talent, m Even thought, towns depict reality fashion flows ordering concrete customi+ation of
civil laws and centric metric howtos belong to choosy description of *nowledge cultures that invo*e
mathematical mount management resulting in ratio return responsibility. %hus, converting any measurable
exploitation into integrated amount 1uantity of corresponding current edge flow is theologically fundamental
functionalism fashion flow of detectable sensor effects and exerting exhausts. Hence, based upon growing
upon traceability tools, which have accumulated since existence, translation transformation techni1ues
become more ade1uate and have to reali+e achievable ob#ects. $ecause wellness and faithful trusts re1uire
more important processing across soul satisfaction, theological insight could help many inventor to invest
time and more within concrete comparative customi+ation of integrated intelligence. &ue to next state
statement processing, mount management of binary diagrammatic decision approaches is intensive dynamics
and mechanism. A transition translation is driven dynamics to support surround symbolism, which could be
described through depicting diagrammatic decision approaches that is similar to a flowchart for -a part of/
the logics lexer, whereby each possible to*en flow is shown as scene shows of focussing on decisions that
must be made based on theological or theoretical surround symbolism belong to surround scene show shown
[0, 1] +end, first, :: endogenous things depicts mathematical nulls
[0, 1] +enemy, friend, :: enemy should be opposite then its associate assignment . false
[0, 1] +e(ert, flo$, :: to exert . to forth re1uired using of nap0s structure
[0, 1] +e(ternal, further, , but further . advancing accumulation that has to arrange either advancing
ad#ustment of timing algorithms or to ad#ust index in;dependency
[0, 1] +evident, faithful, :: evident . clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or #udgment< 2the
effects of the drought are apparent to anyone who sees the parched fields2< 2evident hostility2<
2manifest disapproval2< 2patent advantages2< 2made his meaning plain2< 2it is plain that he is no
reactionary2< 2in plain view2, evident . capable of being seen or noticed< 2a discernible change
in attitude2< 2a clearly evident erasure in the manuscript2< 2an observable change in behavior2,
evident . easily perceived by the senses or grasped by the mind< 2obvious errors!
[0, 1] +e(istence, focus on, clearly existence . no interest,:: focus . point at which rays of light or
other radiation converge or from which they appear to diverge, as after refraction or reflection in
an optical system.
However thin* up processing around probabilistic and stochastic based upon ∣amount∣⩽3, ∀( ,∣(∣⩾I .
7entric metric amount 1uantities should define to satisfy linguistic logics involving inside theological
translation transformation techni1ues. Hotice that probabilistic stochastic validation and evaluation should
satisfy following functionalism involving within mathematical illustration defined below :
∣amount∣={ e
} ,
(3+ f) )
(3+ f) )
(n−i ).∗i .

3+ Ma(


/=I... n−3
(n− / ), p=



, f =ed&e
, () ≈ fre1∗time , ...
Gsing driven dynamics effects of converting under custom0s to*en ob#ects into current edge flows is
theological aspects of chart flow theory.
$inary decision diagrammatic description has to evaluate binary balance of #oining in pair (truth, un/ust'
surround symbolism, which could simply be a mathematical insight of float variation including inside `I, 3a
segment. Although, `I, 3a segment is used to ensure probabilistic stochastic validation belong to resulting
ratio returns of driven dynamics invest inside float variations in `I, 3a such that:
Measurable e(ertin&

(3+ Ma(



(3+ Ma(


(3+ f) )

(3+ f) )
7omparative computable dynamics designation is surround symbolism functioning optimistic fashion outfits
dealing with mapping pair `existence, fashiona . `I, 3a. %herefore, theological aspects use existence! for
nothing to manipulate but fashion! for something achievable and would be reali+able reachable.
%raceability tools are re1uired tools for translation transformation, which has to sha*e any responsible
running faithful outfit belong to performing2$ait 3to hold driven4 $hen 3retrievable centric metric 5
[ ( , b] ∨[ a , (] ,∀(∈[ a , b] , (=
a+ b
4 is achievable6 usin& 3(metric, driven', ($a7e up, &ro$ upon',
(custom, event', (handle, hold '4 set of (bit, envelop'. %herefore, traceability tools using for translation
transformation should comply with specific semantics based upon %hus to invest insight surround symbolism
functioning optimistic fashion orders using integrated intellectual inspiration of mount managements and
modeling modes belong to financial outfits and faithful ob#ects of industrial manufacturing, unifying issue of
simple algorithm could be defined as below:
3. float f . inport current edge flow
6. float a 5 f 8 f in order to support xc and 3dxc driven function flows
?. float 9 5 f) : (!; f)' in order to define logics description involving inside +, !,
A. float < 5 !:(! ; f)' in order to describe complete variation of binary bit dynamics
E. float = 5 sin)(f'.cos)(f' : (sin)(f' > cos)(f'') in order to lin* general fu++y fashion flow to this returns
@. float W 5 (sin)(f' > cos)(f'') : sin)(f'.cos)(f' in order to lin* general fu++y fashion flow to this
D. vectorefloatf store : such that: "hile#$nputBuffer%empty!! do &store%psuh'back(!)
?. comparative customization of surround symbolism has to invest inside ensurin& envelops of modulation
%hus to invest insight surround symbolism functioning optimistic fashion orders using integrated intellectual
inspiration of mount managements and modeling modes belong to financial outfits and faithful ob#ects of
industrial manufacturing, unifying issue of simple algorithm could be defined to manipulate comparative
customi+ation of surround symbolism which has to invest inside ensuring envelops of modulation dynamics.
%herefore, `I, 3a fixing functionalism segment of logics dynamics could be translated into traceability tools
of linguistic logics such as `I, 3a . `evident, faithfula :: evident . clearly revealed to the mind or the senses
or #udgment< 2the effects of the drought are apparent to anyone who sees the parched fields2< 2evident
hostility2< 2manifest disapproval2< 2patent advantages2< 2made his meaning plain2< 2it is plain that he is no
reactionary2< 2in plain view2, evident . capable of being seen or noticed< 2a discernible change in attitude2<
2a clearly evident erasure in the manuscript2< 2an observable change in behavior2, evident . easily perceived
by the senses or grasped by the mind< 2obvious errors!. However, since first soul satisfaction focus in
artificial architecture articles dealing with scaring seduction surround symbolism that is own one more
contemporary psyche model, which would pass over theology theory, whereby safe ensuring expertise is
re1uired to overdrive design designation instead of focussing on recently developed psychological analogy
advancing arrangement, ad#ustment, modeling modes, #oys, motion in action scene of surround specification
functioning optimistic financial outfits growing upon centric metric howtos #udging governable howtos,
etc ... %herefore, centric metric howtos belong to `enemy, frienda surround segment. 7onsider motion in
action n inside `exert, flowa , if n is healthy or en#oyably exciting exploitation, then limit-n/ tends into
focus on otherwise limit-n/ tends into evident description....
8eaching destination ^hile -destination not identified/ do 4
=perating obstacle
i. convert detectable signal of obstacle into current edge flow though
symbolic sensor effect
7ontrol data flow graph
ii. use control data flow graph theory or chart flow theory to perform next
state statement processing.
7entric metric
approach to invo*e
uncertainty dynamics
iii. 7onvert control data flow graph dynamic into centric metric approach of
using amount 1uantity filling in processing and, which has to invo*e uncertainty
Logics language. 5
Even though, logics thought search until nowadays to instill bout balance effects for many advancing
ad#ustment of metric howtos and governable howtos too. %herefore, while-constraint condition/ do
4 statements5 is exerting exploitation of expertise environment. =n the other hand, `I, 3a fixing
functionalism segment of logics dynamics could be translated into traceability tools of linguistic logics.
,aithful functionalism, however, deals with surround symbolism concerning our supporting lin*, which
could easy called 2this is the story2 of hashing tables defined below
,ocus on faithful fashion flow orders,
`I, 3a . `end, firsta :: endogenous things
depicts mathematical nulls
عم لا نإ اوربصاو مكحير بهذتو اولشفتف اوعزات !و "#و$رو لا او%&'(و
"caring tempting and seduction could stri*e
with sudden fear or advancing alarm then
should bring up into surround symbolism

!و او,,-ت !و م.إ )/#ا 0%* نإ )/#ا )م ار&12 اوبت3ا اوم4 )يذ#ا ا5ي( اي
نإ لا او6تاو 7و8تهركف ات&م "&9( مح# :2;ي ن( م2<=( بحي( ا>%* مك>%* بت?ي
م&=ر @اوت لا

9udge operating exerting expertise of logics
language should unify mount management
:مAا م55ليو او%ت8تيو اول2;ي مهرB C )&8ل,م اوDا2 و# اورف2 )يذ#ا Eوي ا8*ر
نو8ل%ي Fو,ف
7omparative computing across gentic
advances and advise issues, good, better,
best, but could be bad, worse, worst too
Gر1كت$! ب&?#ا ملع( H2 و#و لا IاJ ام !إ ارK !و ا%فD L,ف# Mلم( ! :N
نومOي Pو6# ر&ش*و ريذD !إ اD( نإ Iو,#ا L,م امو ر&Q#ا )م
9oining in pair dynamics and driven design
of multiplication description,
`I, 3a . `exert, flowa :: to exert . to forth
re1uired using of nap0s structure
اهاش?ت ا8لف ا5&#إ )ك,&# ا53وز ا5م :%3و R<=او SفD )م مك6ل9 Tذ#ا وه
)Dوك# اح#اص ات&ت4 )U# ا85*ر لا اوعE Hل6.( ا8لف "* Gر8ف اف&ف9 V8= Hل8=
)ير2اش#ا )م
)ntentional inspiration resulting in return
relationships لا :&ب$ )ع نو<+يو Wا#ا IاXرو ارY* مهرايE )م او3ر9 )يذ#ا2 اوDوكت !و
Z&حم نول8%ي ا8* لاو
8esponsive responsibility complies with
retievable re1uests belong to mapping pair
primordial psyche, productive homology!
مك# را3 LDإو Wا#ا )م Pو&#ا مك# ب#ا[ ! \اNو م5#ا8ع( ناY&ش#ا م5# )يز Bإو
نورت ! ام ]ر( LDإ مكم ITر* LDإ \اNو "&ب6ع ^لع _كD ناتUف#ا GIارت ا8لف
@ا6%#ا <ي<J لاو لا Fا9( LDإ

Enhance exerting `abcodefedog to invest
exciting effects within implementation of
`ab`redh` `gidorgj`ge k comparative
computing across symbolism and insight
maintaining intellectual inspiration
^لع :2وتي )مو م5يE I!Oه ر[ lرم م5*ولN Lف )يذ#او نو6فا8#ا \و6ي Bإ
م&ك= mيmع لا نnف لا
=n this way of seeing the two disciplines, if at least one of the premises of an argument is derived from
revelation, the argument falls in the domain of theology< otherwise it falls into philosophy0s domain. "ince
this way of thin*ing about philosophy and theology sharply demarcates the disciplines, it is possible in
principle that the conclusions reached by one might be contradicted by the other. According to advocates of
this model, however, any such conflict must be merely apparent. "ince God both created the world which is
accessible to philosophy and revealed the texts accessible to theologians, the claims yielded by one cannot
conflict with the claims yielded by another unless the philosopher or theologian has made some prior error.
"ince the deliverances of the two disciplines must then coincide, philosophy can be put to the service of
theology -and perhaps vice;versa/. How might philosophy play this complementary role_ ,irst, philosophical
reasoning might persuade some who do not accept the authority of purported divine revelation of the claims
contained in religious texts. %hus, an atheist who is unwilling to accept the authority of religious texts might
come to believe that God exists on the basis of purely philosophical arguments. "econd, distinctively
philosophical techni1ues might be brought to bear in helping the theologian clear up imprecise or ambiguous
theological claims. %hus, for example, theology might provide us with information sufficient to conclude
what a single person is with two natures, one human and one divine, but leave us in the dar* about exactly
how this relationship between divine and human natures is to be understood. %he philosopher can provide
some assistance here, since, among other things, he or she can help the theologian discern which models are
logically inconsistent and thus not viable candidates for understanding the relationship between the divine
and human natures in concrete customi+ation. ,or most of the twentieth century, the vast ma#ority of English
language philosophy:including philosophy of religion:went on without much interaction with theology at
all. ^hile there are a number of complex reasons for this divorce, three are especially important rules shown
"urround symbolism of start up
allows to*en simulation issue uses
o*و ا53وز ا5م pل9و R<=او SفD )م مك6ل9 Tذ#ا مك*ر او6تا Wا#ا ا5ي( اي
Iا,Dو ار&12 !ا3ر ا85م
"upport synchronism of burrowing
balance aspects allow transition
translation theory and issue uses of
traceability tools of thin* up
Hب,ت2ا ام ا5&لعو Hب,2 ام ا5# ا5%$و !إ ا,فD لا qلكي !
"afe study of end off ad#usts return
bac* to faint sources
^%3ر#ا M*ر ^#إ نإ C ^?ت$ا 74ر ن( C ^?Y&# نا,Drا نإ V2
,ire focussing on functionalism,
`I, 3a . `external, focusa :: focus .
point at which rays of light or other
radiation converge or from which
they appear to diverge, as after
refraction or reflection in an optical
s t GV#ا :ه( م5# \و6&ف u م5*وDذ* را#ا نول9<ي لا !إ "#إ ! :ه( )م ا$اD نإ
م5# لا ب>?&ف u را#ا Lف ا%م متD(و لا !إ "#إ ! s مك#وN مكع ^[( ام s ]m%#او
)م ر86#ا (ربي ا82 م5Nر= )م نوIرب&ف u Rا&ح#ا ر5D Lف م5&6ل&ف u م53رQ&ف u
HD( u SD( اي s :3ر \ا6ف t )&&85-#ا ا5&ف نو8,يو u v-#ا نول9<&ف u "فو,9
لا \و$ر H%8$ s SD( \ا6ف w x مل$و "&لع لا ^لص x لا \و$ر )م اذه H%8$
را#ا )م 7<%6م (وبت&لف ا<8%تم Lلع @ذ2 )م t s \و6ي x مل$و "&لع لا ^لص x
اذه \و6ي x مل$و "&لع لا ^لص x لا \و$ر H%8$ اD( u م%D y t
"cientific specification of social
signs and society description allows
to*en simulation issue uses
)م @ا9 <Nو C اها2ز )م zلف( <N C اهاو6تو اهرو-ف ا585#;ف C اهاو$ امو SفDو
"cientific specification of social
society description allows to*en
simulation issue uses
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]<5#ا م5*ر )م مهIا3 <6#و SفDAا ]و5ت امو
"caring exciting environment could
be final fire,
`I, 3a . `enemy, frienda :: enemy
should be opposite then its
associate assignment . false
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"cientific specification of social
signs and society description allows
to*en simulation issue uses
احلص ا85&* احل+ي ن( ا85&لع |ا3 Vف اKارعإ و( ازوشD ا5ل%* )م Hفا9 R(رما نإو
ر&9 zل+#او ار&ب9 نول8%ت ا8* نا2 لا نnف او6تتو او,حت نإو zش#ا SفDAا Gر>=(و
"cientific specification of social
signs and society description allows
to*en simulation issue uses
vشXاع )ع u <يmي )* لا <بع )ع u v*VN L*( )ع u @وي( )ع u v8ل$ )* Eا8= oي<= )م
\و6ي م. u ###BOT_TEXT###lt;%&ف "Xا,D )&* م,6ي مل$و "&لع لا ^لص لا \و$ر نا2 s H#اN
t Mلم( !و Mل8ت ا8&ف L8لت Vف u Mلم( ا8&ف L8,N اذه م5ل#ا t
"cientific specification of social
signs and society description allows
to*en simulation issue uses
مل$و "&لع لا ^لص لا \و$ر \اN s \اN Rريره L*( )ع
t ZNا$ "&6J <=(و vما&6#ا Pوي Iا3 u ا8ها<=إ ^#إ \ا8ف نات(رما "# HDا2 )م t
"cientific specification of social
sign and society description allows
to*en simulation issue uses
Wا#او v-#ا )م C Wا#ا رو<ص Lف Wو$وي Tذ#ا
%he first reason is that atheism was the predominant opinion among English language philosophers
throughout much of that century. A second, 1uite related reason is that philosophers in the twentieth century
regarded theological language as either meaningless, or, at best, sub#ect to scrutiny only insofar as that
language had a bearing on religious practice. %he former belief -i.e., that theological language was
meaningless/ was inspired by a tenet of logical positivism, according to which any statement that lac*s
empirical content is meaningless. "ince much theological language, for example, language describing the
doctrine of the %rinity, lac*s empirical content, such language must be meaningless. %he latter belief,
inspired by ^ittgenstein, holds that language itself only has meaning in specific practical contexts, and thus
that religious language was not aiming to express truths about the world which could be sub#ected to
ob#ective philosophical scrutiny.
%herefore, surround symbolism brings up me into 2performing psychological modeling model2, what doe
this mean_ )t is concrete customi+ation of byte level music mount management -involving silent level . nil,
nothing to do . be 1uiet please/. Hence, many investing implementation use supporting segment `I , 3 a,
whereby I . enemy . E . binary 33, and 3 . friendship . , . fashion . binary 3. %hus, consider `enemy,
friendshipa surround segment to be translated into basic built in behavior of centric metric howtos following
by governable howtos, many intentional intelligence insight could be herewith invo*ed such as :
3. between friendship and enemy, there is a symbolic synchroni+ation of two alphabet states, which are
2i . investigation and implementation of tools or translation traceability techni1ues to allow robust
reali+ation of supporting surround symbolism2 and 2r . reality resulting within robust responsible
re1uests of ratio returns2.
6. )nvestigation inside intentional implementation of basic built in behavior through theological theory
across 2fire2 using alphabet advance ad#ustment since old wor*s belong to information theory and
dictionary languages, lin* features operating functionalism of any proposal theology or theory to
govern and unify social expertise environment. Hence, discrete event simulation evolve wrapping up
points of 4define, measure, handle, hold, define newly5 overviews to sha*e all probabilistic and
stochastic dynamics and to maintain mainly mount management of growing upon translation
traceability techni1ues.
?. what is #oining in pair -custom, event/ to deal with theology that has loo*ed to features of the human
mind or psyche! to find models to help illuminate the doctrine of the trinity_
A. Historically, supporting story uses psychological analogy since first surround soul satisfaction,
whereby the fourth 2Ath dimension should be used, which is this fourth -Ath/ dimension_, this a
surround symbolism operating #oining in pair of primordial performance for wellness and reaching
higher holy hierarchy home of 1uietness :: 4to drin* as would, to eat as wish, to try any cloth, to
relax as it could be5 in order to especially assign associated with thin* ups within insight inspiration,
particularly across onward sign selecting faithful option feathering opportunity of translation
traceability trust.
E. However, since first soul satisfaction focus in artificial architecture articles dealing with scaring
seduction surround symbolism that is own one more contemporary psyche model, which would pass
over theology theory, whereby safe ensuring expertise is re1uired to overdrive design designation
instead of focussing on recently developed psychological analogy advancing arrangement,
ad#ustment, modeling modes, #oys, motion in action scene of surround specification functioning
optimistic financial outfits growing upon centric metric howtos #udging governable howtos, etc ...
%herefore, centric metric howtos belong to `enemy, friendshipa surround segment. 7onsider motion
in action n inside `enemy, friendshipa , if n is healthy or en#oyably exciting exploitation, then
limit-n/ tends into friendship otherwise limit-n/ tends into enemy destruction .... Hotice that evident
; clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or #udgment< 2the effects of the drought are apparent to
anyone who sees the parched fields2< 2evident hostility2< 2manifest disapproval2< 2patent
advantages2< 2made his meaning plain2< 2it is plain that he is no reactionary2< 2in plain view2,
capable of being seen or noticed< 2a discernible change in attitude2< 2a clearly evident erasure in the
manuscript2< 2an observable change in behavior2, easily perceived by the senses or grasped by the
mind< 2obvious errors2
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