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comprehensive selection of flow and

fluid correlations to better match
measured well data to identify the most
suitable correlation for the analysis

black oil properties with option for
extensive PVT laboratory data, viscosity
calibration, and emulsion effects

prediction of reservoir performance
by inflow methods, with the option to
consider water cut

complete gas handling or gas separation
performance analysis

advanced features for changing the
performance of the pump or any other
components to match the measured

motor and pump heat-increase effects
on equipment performance

complete heat transfer from reservoir to
the separator

pump test data for design and analysis
instead of catalog curves

MicrosoftWord and PDF report gen-
eration capability.
DesignPro* ESP design and analysis software
is a sophisticated software package for sizing
and analyzing an entire ESP system. Designed
to be intuitive with a highly logical workflow,
the software is extremely user friendly. In addi-
tion, it has some of the most advanced models
in the software engine to accurately predict
the performance of each ESP component.
The DesignPro software was developed with
the assistance and close cooperation of REDA
ESP domain experts.
The software contains an intuitive workflow
to navigate through the application design in
a logical and concise manner. Modules define
the wellbore schematic and accurately size all
the downhole and surface components. The
software simplifies the process of optimizing
and accurately predicting future performance
under different conditions with extensive case
comparison capability.
DesignPro software provides the latest
information about ESP equipment and uses
the fluid, well, and reservoir information to
predict the inflow and outflow performance of
an ESP system design. The software features
helpful error messaging and a detailed limita-
tion report to aid in properly selecting ESP
DesignPro software uses animated simulations
to view fluid levels in the annulus and tubing. It
simulates the system condition from the start
of the operation to the time when the system
stabilizes and the fluid level is constant. It also
generates a well schematic diagram detail-
ing the equipment type and the associated
DesignPro ESP Software
DesignPro ESP Software
*Mark of Schlumberger
Other company, product, and service names
are the properties of their respective owners.
Copyright 2013 Schlumberger. All rights reserved. 13-AL-0081
Pump sizing screen with design and operation information.
Visualization screen after the system stabilizes under defined conditions.
Visualization screen after the system stabilizes under defined conditions.