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A Review of the Field from 19! " #$$#

Ri%h&rd Al&' Miller( Io'& Miller( &'d B)rt *e++( ,#$$#
drr&m-m&.i%/0'et1 io'&2m-3&hoo0%om( 4hoe'i5-e6/imo0%om
Or.&'i7&tio' for the Adv&'%eme't of 8'owled.e( Gr&'t6 P&66(
AB9TRA:T; :om4le5 i'form&tio' %&' +e e'%oded i' <M field6( &6
we &ll /'ow from %odi'. &'d de%odi'. of televi6io' &'d r&dio 6i.'&l60
<ve' more %om4le5 i'form&tio' %&' +e e'%oded i' holo.r&4hi%
im&.e60 =NA &%t6 &6 & holo.r&4hi% 4ro>e%tor of &%o)6ti% &'d <M
i'form&tio' whi%h %o't&i'6 the i'form&tio'&l ?)i'te66e'%e of the
+ioholo.r&m0 O'l3 !@ of h)m&' =NA e'%ode6 the 4h36i%&l +od30
The rem&i'i'. 9@ of the ! +illio' +&6e 4&ir .e'ome %o't&i'6 over &
millio' .e'eti% 6tr)%t)re6 %&lled tr&'64o6o'6( th&t h&ve the %&4&%it3 to
>)m4 from o'e %hromo6om&l lo%&tio' to &'other A8elleher( 1999B0 *e
&re 9909@ &li/e i' o)r .e'eti% le.&%30 O)r i'divid)&lit3 i6 e54re66ed
i' three millio' 6m&ll v&ri&tio'6 i' o)r %ell6( %&lled 6i'.le ')%leotide
Ge'eCe54re66io' i6 the me%h&'i6m +3 whi%h 'ew 4&tter'6 &re %&lled
i'to +ei'. ARo66i( #$$$B0 There i6 &l6o & 6tro'. %orrel&tio' +etwee'
mod)l&tio' of the +r&i'D6 <M field &'d %o'6%io)6'e66 APer6i'.er(
19E1 M%F&dde'( #$$#B0 The G&ri&ev .ro)4 h&6 di6%overed & w&veC
+&6ed .e'ome &'d =NA 4h&'tom effe%t whi%h 6tro'.l3 6)44ort6 the
holo.r&4hi% %o'%e4t of re&lit3 AMiller( *e++( =i%/6o'( 19FB0 Thi6
m&i' i'form&tio' %h&''el of =NA i6 the 6&me for +oth 4hoto'6 &'d
r&dio w&ve60 9)4er4o6ed %ohere't w&ve6 of differe't t34e6 i' the %ell6
i'ter&%t to form diffr&%tio' 4&tter'6( fir6tl3 i' the &%o)6ti% dom&i'(
6e%o'dl3 i' the ele%trom&.'eti% dom&i' CC & ?)&'t)m holo.r&m CC &
tr&'6l&tio' 4ro%e66 +etwee' &%o)6ti%&ll &'d o4ti%&l holo.r&m60
:re&tive( 'ovel &'d e'ri%hi'. 463%hother&4e)ti% e54erie'%e6 %&' le&d
to 'e)ro.e'e6i6( .e'e e54re66io'( &'d he&li'. whi%h f&%ilit&te
mi'd+od3 %omm)'i%&tio' &'d %&' h&ve & lo'.Cterm tr&'6form&tive
effe%t o' the whole 4er6o' ARo66i( #$$#B0 Th)6( +ioholo.r&4h3 h&6
relev&'t &44li%&tio'6 for o4timi7i'. he&lth( wellC+ei'. &'d eve' 6elfC
re&li7&tio'0 It i6 relev&'t i' +io4h36i%6( medi%i'e( 463%ho+iolo.3(
463%hother&43 &'d the holi6ti% he&li'. &rt60 It 4rovide6 )6 with &
more .e'eti%&ll3 i'te.r&ted model of the %om4le5 d3'&mi%6 of the
mi'd+od3 CC o'e &ri6i'. i' the dom&i' )'derl3i'. the 6t&'d&rd
.e'eti% %ode tri4let model0
8e3word6; =NA( =NA 4h&'tom( w&ve +io%om4)ter( .e'ome( w&veC
+&6ed .e'ome( ?)&'t)m holo.r&4h3( +ioholo.r&4h3( or.&'i6mi%
evol)tio'( v&%))m 6)+6tr)%t)re( +io4h36i%6( 463%ho+iolo.3( .e'e
e54re66io'( 463%hother&4e)ti% &44li%&tio'60

Hypothesis: The organization of any biological system is established by
a complex electrodynamic field which is, in part, determined by its
atomic physiochemical components. These, in part, determine the
behavior and orientation of these components. This dynamic is
mediated through wave-based genomes wherein D! functions as the
holographic pro"ector of the psychophysical system # a $uantum
A model of the mi'dC+od3 rel&tio'6hi4 i6 develo4ed i' whi%h 'ovel
+io4h36i%&l 4ri'%i4le6 i' .e'ome f)'%tio' .e'er&te & d3'&mi%
4o66e66i'. &ttri+)te6 %o'6i6te't with +oth o)r 463%ho4h36i%&l '&t)re
&'d %o'6%io)6'e660 The model i'vo/e6 & fr&%t&l li'/ +etwee'
'e)rod3'&mi%&l %h&o6 &'d ?)&'t)m )'%ert&i't30 Tr&'6&%tio'&l w&ve
%oll&46e &llow6 thi6 li'/ to +e )tili7ed 4redi%tivel3 +3 the e5%it&+le %ell(
i' & w&3 whi%h +34&66e6 &'d %om4leme't6 form&l %om4)t&tio'0 The
form&l )'4redi%t&+ilit3 of the model &llow6 mi'd to i'ter&%t )4o' the
+r&i'( the 4redi%tivit3 of %o'6%io)6'e66 i' 6)rviv&l 6tr&te.ie6 +ei'.
6ele%ted &6 & tr&it +3 or.&'i6mi% evol)tio' A8i'.( #$$1B0 Thi6
?)&'t)m evol)tio' i6 or%he6tr&ted +3 the i'form&tio' tr&'6d)%tio' of
The G&ri&ev .ro)4 A199GB h&6 4ro4o6ed & theor3 of the *&veC+&6ed
Ge'ome where the =NACw&ve f)'%tio'6 &6 & Bio%om4)ter0 The3
6)..e6t A1B th&t there &re .e'eti% Hte5t6H( 6imil&r to '&t)r&l %o'te5tC
de4e'de't te5t6 i' h)m&' l&'.)&.e1 A#B th&t the %hromo6ome
&44&r&t)6 &%t6 6im)lt&'eo)6l3 +oth &6 & 6o)r%e &'d re%eiver of the6e
.e'eti% te5t6( re64e%tivel3 de%odi'. &'d e'%odi'. them1 A!B the
%hromo6ome %o'ti'))m &%t6 li/e & d3'&mi%&l holo.r&4hi% .r&ti'.(
whi%h di64l&36 or tr&'6d)%e6 we&/ l&6er &'d 6olito'i% ele%troC
&%o)6ti% field60
The di6tri+)tio' of the %h&r&%ter fre?)e'%3 i' .e'eti% te5t6 i6 fr&%t&l(
6o the ')%leotide6 of =NA mole%)le6 &re &+le to form holo.r&4hi% 4reC
im&.e6 of +io6tr)%t)re60 Thi6 4ro%e66 of Hre&di'. &'d writi'.H the
ver3 m&tter of o)r +ei'. m&'ife6t6 from the .e'omeI6 &66o%i&tive
holo.r&4hi% memor3 i' %o'>)'%tio' with it6 ?)&'t)m 'o'lo%&lit30
R&4id tr&'6mi66io' of .e'eti% i'form&tio' &'d .e'eCe54re66io' )'ite
the or.&'i6m &6 holi6ti% e'tit3 em+edded i' the l& *hole0 The
636tem wor/6 &6 & +io%om4)ter CC & w&ve +io%om4)ter0
The ?)&'t)m 'o'lo%&lit3 of the .e'eti% i'form&tio' i6 f)'d&me't&l0
<54erime't&l wor/ of the G&ri&ev .ro)4 6how6 how ?)&'t)m
'o'lo%&lit3 i6 dire%tl3 rel&ted to l&6er r&di&tio' from %hromo6ome6
A%ohere't li.htB( whi%h >itter+).6 it6 4ol&ri7&tio' 4l&'e to r&di&te or
o%%l)de 4hoto'60 =NA &'d the .e'ome h&ve 'ow +ee' ide'tified &6
&%tive Hl&6erCli/eH e'viro'me't60 Ro).hl3 64e&/i'.( =NA %&' +e
%o'6idered &6 & li?)id %r36t&l .elCli/e 6t&te th&t &%t6 o' the i'%omi'. i' the m&''er of & 6olito'i% l&tti%e0
A 6olito' i6 &' )ltr& 6t&+le w&ve tr&i' th&t &ri6e6 i' the %o'te5t of 'o'C
li'e&r w&ve o6%ill&tio'0 The =NA re&di'. 4ro%e66 %&' +e modelled &6
& %om4le5 me%h&'i%&l o6%ill&tor %&4&+le of 4rod)%i'. 6olito'i% w&ve
tr&'6mi66io'60 =NA( modelled &6 & /i'd of rot&r3 4e'd)l)m %&' +e
6im)l&ted &6 & %h&i' of 'o'Cli'e&r o6%ill&tor60 :om4le5 d3'&mi%
4&tter'6 &ri6e whe' t&/i'. i'to &%%o)'t the 'o'Cli'e&r %ov&le't
%o''e%tio'6 +etwee' ')%leotide60
The 6&me re6e&r%her6 6)64e%t the &+ilit3 of %hromo6ome6 to tr&'6form
their ow' .e'eti%C6i.' l&6er r&di&tio'6 i'to +ro&d+&'d .e'eti%C6i.'
r&dio w&ve60 The 4ol&ri7&tio'6 of %hromo6ome l&6er 4hoto'6 &re
%o''e%ted 'o'lo%&ll3 &'d %ohere'tl3 to 4ol&ri7&tio'6 of r&dio w&ve60
Th)6( we h&ve &' e54li%it 4h36i%&l &'&lo.)e for the tr&ditio'&l
m36ti%&l &44rehe'6io' of i''er &'d the A)di+le Life 9tre&m0
Thi6 i6 the m&i' i'form&tio' %h&''el of =NA( the 6&me for +oth
4hoto'6 &'d r&dio w&ve60 9)4er4o6ed %ohere't w&ve6 of differe't
t34e6 i' the %ell6 i'ter&%t to form diffr&%tio' 4&tter'6( fir6tl3 i' the
&%o)6ti% dom&i'( 6e%o'dl3 i' the ele%trom&.'eti% dom&i' CC &
?)&'t)m holo.r&m CC & tr&'6l&tio' 4ro%%e66 +etwee' &%o)6ti%&l &'d
o4ti%&l holo.r&m60

I' %anguages of the &rain A191B( Pri+r&m 4o6t)l&ted & 'e)r&l
holo.r&m m&de +3 the i'ter&%tio' of w&ve6 i' the %orte5( whi%h i'
t)r' i6 +&6ed o' & holo.r&m of m)%h 6horter w&vele'.th6 formed +3
the w&ve i'ter&%tio'6 o' the 6)+C&tomi% level0 Th)6( we h&ve &
holo.r&m withi' & holo.r&m( &'d the i'terrel&ted'e66 of the two
6omehow .ive6 ri6e to o)r 6e'6or3 im&.e60 Bohm A19E$B( i' 'holeness
and the (mplicate )rder we't f)rther( de%l&ri'. the +r&i' i6 &
holo.r&m i'ter4reti'. & holo.r&4hi% )'iver6e0 I' & holo.r&4hi%
model thi6 i'6e4&r&+le i'ter%o''e%ted'e66 +e.i'6 &t the eve' more
f)'d&me't&l level of h)m&' e5i6te'%e( rooted i' o)r e5i6te'ti&l
+l)e4ri't( =NA0 The +r&i' i6 & holo.r&m( e'folded withi' o)r
holo.r&4hi% mi'dC+od3( e'folded withi' & holo.r&4hi% )'iver6e0
Re%e't di6%overie6 +3 R)66i&' 6%ie'ti6t6 Peter G&ri&ev( et &l &'d l&ter
64e%)l&tio'6 +3 Jl&dimir Po4o'i' 6hed treme'do)6 o' o)r
4ro4o6&l th&t the h)m&' +ei'. i6 & tr&'6d)%er of )'iver6&l e'er.3 &'d
%o'6%io)6'e66 CC e66e'ti&ll3 & +io%om4)ter0 The 'eww fe&t)re of thi6
re6e&r%h i6 the &+ilit3 to 4h36i%&ll3 demo'6tr&te 6)+tle field6 emer.i'.
from the ?)&'t)m fo&m or v&%))m 4ote'ti&l0 Thi6 m&/e6 the effe%t
?)&'tifi&+le &'d me&6)r&+le CC o+>e%tive0
Thi6 t&/e6 the 4he'ome'o' &'d 6)+>e%tivit3 of %o'6%io)6'e66 o)t of
the re&lm of ?)&'t)m met&4h36i%6 &'d 4l&'t6 it firml3 )'der the
r)+ri% of h&rd 6%ie'%e0 It her&ld6 the )'ifi%&tio' of ?)&'t)m
me%h&'i%&l &'d %h&oti% d3'&mi%6 i' h)m&' %o'6%io)6'e660 *e %&'
'ow model the h)m&' +ioC%om4)ter0
Po4o'i' A199FB +oldl3 6)..e6t6 th&t thi6 dee4er )'der6t&'di'. of the
me%h&'i6m6 )'derl3i'. 6)+tle e'er.3 4he'ome'& i'%l)de m&'3 of the
o+6erved &lter'&tive he&li'. 4he'ome'& &'d i'%l)de6 & 4h36i%&l
theor3 of %o'6%io)6'e660 Thi6 h34othe6i6 i6 +&6ed o' & 4re%i6e
?)&'tit&tive +&%/.ro)'d &'d %om+i'e6 +oth ?)&'t)m me%h&'i%6 &'d
%om4le5it3 or %h&o6 d3'&mi%6 i' & 6t&rtli'. &'d %om4elli'. 'ew w&30
It 4o6it6 th&t 6ome 'ew field 6tr)%t)re i6 +ei'. e5%ited from the
4h36i%&l v&%))m +3 &' i'tri'6i% &+ilit3 th&t emer.e6 thro).h =NA0
G&ri&ev di6%overed the =NA Ph&'tom <ffe%t i' 19EF( whe' he wor/ed
i' %orrel&tio' 64e%tro6%o43 of =NA( ri+o6ome6 &'d %oll&.e' i' the
I'6tit)te of Ph36i%6( i' the A%&dem3 of 9%ie'%e of the U99R0 He w&6
fir6t &+le to 4)+li6h hi6 re6)lt6 i' 1991( le&di'. to & +oo/ i' 199G(
'ave &ased *enome. Hi6 =NA Ph&'tom <ffe%t demo'6tr&te6 &
d3'&mi% 'ew field i' the v&%))m 6)+6tr)%t)re +3 +om+&rdi'. it with
%ohere't l&6er &'d %o)4li'. it to %o've'tio'&l ele%trom&.'eti%
field60 The e54erime't&l 4roto%ol6 for thi6 4ro%ed)re &re ri.oro)6(
&'d h&ve +ee' re4rod)%ed i' Mo6%ow &'d &t 9t&'ford0
R0 A0 Miller( I0 Miller( &'d B0 *e++ A#$$1B &re 'ow %o'6)lti'. o' the
4ro>e%t to 6)..e6t the 'e5t re6e&r%h dire%tio'6 &'d &44li%&tio'60
Miller &'d *e++ h&ve & lo'.C6t&'di'. +&%/.ro)'d i' thi6 field0 Lo'.
+efore =&vid Bohm 4)+li6hed hi6 'holeness and the (mplicate )rder
A19E$B( Miller &'d *e++ 4)+li6hed HA Holo.r&4hi% :o'%e4t of
Re&lit3H i' the >o)r'&l +sychoenergetic ,ystems( ed0 9t&'le3 8ri44'er(
Jol0 1( 19F0 FFCK#0 Gordo' L Bre&%h 9%ie'%e P)+li6her6 Ltd0( Gre&t
HHolo.r&4hi% :o'%e4tH w&6 l&ter re4ri'ted i' the +oo/
+sychoenergetic ,ystems( 90 8ri44'er( editor0 1990 #!1C#!0 Gordo'
L Bre&%h( New Yor/( Lo'do'( P&ri60 It w&6 re4ri'ted &.&i' i' the
>o)r'&l +sychedelic -onographs and .ssays, Jol0 F( 199#0 9!C1110
Bo3'to' Be&%h( FL( Tom L3ttle( <ditor0
Thi6 fo)'d&tio'&l 4&4er w&6 followed 6hortl3 +3 H<m+r3o'i%
Holo.r&4h3; A' A44li%&tio' of the Holo.r&4hi% :o'%e4t of Re&lit3H(
&l6o i' 19!0 Pre6e'ted &t the Om'iver6&l 93m4o6i)m( :&lifor'i&
9t&te :olle.e &t 9o'om&( 9&t)rd&3( 9e4tem+er #9( 19!0 Re4ri'ted i'
L3ttleI6 >o)r'&l +sychedelic -onographs and .ssays, Jol0 K( 199!0 1!C
1FK0 Miller followed thi6 4ro>e%t with & 4ro4o6&l 4re4&red for the
.over'me't thro).h M&'/i'd Re6e&r%h U'limited( de6%ri+ed i' &
formerl3 )'4)+li6hed( 4ro4riet&r3 4&4er %&lled HBiol)mi'e6%e'%e(
8irli&' Photo.r&4h3 &'d Medi%&l =i&.'o6ti%6H A19GB( whi%h i6 o'l3
'ow 6eei'. the of d&30 It w&6 &' &44li%&tio' of hi6 4&4er o' HThe
Ph36i%&l Me%h&'i6m6 of 8irli&' Photo.r&4h30H
I' 199!( Io'& Miller 4)+li6hed HThe Holo.r&4hi% P&r&di.m &'d the
:o'6%io)6'e66 Re6tr)%t)ri'. Pro%e66(H &'other &44li%&tio' to
463%hother&4e)ti% mi'd+od3 he&li'.0 9)+6e?)e'tl3 6he h&6 4)+li6hed
e5te'6ivel3 o' the role of %om4le5 d3'&mi%6 i' rel&tio'6hi4 to
%o'6%io)6'e66 &'d 4ro%e66Corie'ted 463%hother&43( thro).h A6/le4i&
Fo)'d&tio'0 A dee4 i'tere6t i' the '&t)re of ,ynergetics AF)ller( 19FB(
%o6mi% 7ero( the v&%))m 4ote'ti&l( or ?)&'t)m fo&m h&6 led her to
develo4 i''ov&tive &44li%&tio'6 of %h&o6 theor3 i' %o'6%io)6'e66
6t)die60 9he h&6 dovet&iled m&'3 of tho6e di6%overie6 with the re4ort6
of m36ti%6 of their i't)itive i''erC4l&'e e54erie'%e6 of &'d
9o)'d A9h&+dB thro).ho)t hi6tor3 A9i'.h( 1991 Bl&v&t6/3( 19E1
P)ri( 19KG1 Miller &'d Miller( 19E!B0 :o)ld it +e th&t the6e m36ti%6
6omehow 4er%eive holo.r&4hi% 4ro%e66e6 whe' the3 loo/ i'6ide
them6elve6M B)t th&t 4hilo6o4hi%&l ?)e6tio' i6 +e6t &ddre66ed
Here( i' thi6 4re6e't&tio'( the >oi't wor/ of de%&de6 +3 Miller( Miller
&'d *e++ %ome6 to fr)itio' &'d 4erh&46 fi'd6 & 4h36i%&l 4roof0
The or.&'i7&tio' of &'3 +iolo.i%&l 636tem i6 e6t&+li6hed +3 & %om4le5
ele%trod3'&mi% field0 Thi6 em field i6( i' 4&rt( determi'ed +3 it6
&tomi% 4h36io%hemi%&l %om4o'e't6 &'d whi%h( i' 4&rt( determi'e6 the
+eh&vior &'d orie't&tio' of the6e %om4o'e't60 The holo.r&4hi%
model of re&lit3 emer.i'. from thi6 4ri'%i4le 4rovide6 & 6%ie'tifi%
e54l&'&tio' of 463%hoe'er.eti% 4he'ome'&( AMiller( *e++( =i%/6o'(
I' 19!( Miller &'d *e++ 6)..e6ted +ioholo.r&m6 &6 the 4ro>e%tor6 of
o)r m&teri&l re&lit3; i' the ')%lei of e&%h %ell i' the h)m&' +od3( the
=NA Adeo53ri+o')%lei% &%idB %&rrie6 the 6tr)%t)re of o)r whole +od30
Not >)6t o)r 4h36i%&l form( +)t &l6o the 4ro%e66e6 th&t th&t form
)'der.oe6 i' term6 of 6)rviv&l0 If &ll of the6e thi'.6 &re i' tr)th
lo%/ed i' the =NA( how doe6 th&t t)r' i'to & f)'%tio'i'. +ei'.M
The =NA %o)ld 4o66i+l3 +e the holo.r&4hi% 4ro>e%tor60 The =NA
%o)ld +e 4ro>e%ti'. & field th&t wo)ld +e e54erie'%ed +3 other =NA i'
the +od30 The =NA mole%)le6( i' & 6e'6e( %o)ld +e li'/ed to.ether0
The =NA6 &re &l6o li'/ed to their ow' %ell( whi%h the3 &re %o'trolli'.
vi& me%h&'i6m6 of RNA tr&'6fer &'d e'73m&ti% &%tio' i' the %ell0 *e
+elieve th&t it i6 li/el3 th&t the =NA &'d the RNA &re i' 'o'Clo%&l
%omm)'i%&tio'0 It i6 /'ow' from the <PR 4he'ome'o' th&t
e't&'.led 4hoto'6 ret&i' & m)t)&l i'form&tio'&l +o'd eve' &t &
di6t&'%e( thro).h 4ol&ri7&tio'( &'d &llow & /i'd of ?)&'t)m
tele4ort&tio'( whi%h h&6 fi'&ll3 +ee' e54erime't&ll3 verified0
D! molecules, included in chromosomes, possess a
substance--wave duality which is similar to the dualism of
elementary particles. (n accordance with it, D! codes
an organism in two ways, both with the assistance of
D! matter and by D! sign wave functions, including
coding at its own laser radiation level - /012.
The genetic apparatus can be non-local at the molecular
level 3holographic memory of a chromosome continuum4
and at the same time $uantum mechanically non-local in
compliance with the .instein-+odols5y-6osen effect /72.
The latter means that the genome genetic and other
regulatory wave information is recorded at the
polarization level of its photons and is non-locally
3everywhere and in no time4 transferred 3plays out4
throughout the entire space of a biosystem by the
polarization code parameter. This helps to set a $uic5-
response information contact among the billions of cells
constituting an organism.
The genome on the whole and the individual nucleus of
cells can generate and recognize text-associative
regulatory structures with the application of a
bac5ground principle, holography and $uantum non-
locality. AG&ri&ev( et &l( #$$$B0
*e +elieve th&t the =NA i6 the 4ro>e%tor of the +ioholo.r&m( +oth &t
the %ell)l&r level &'d &t the wholeCor.&'i6mi% level0 Thi6 me&'6 th&t
the =NA %re&te6 & 6it)&tio' of & %om4le5 4&tter' of threeCdime'6io'&l
ele%trom&.'eti% 6t&'di'. &'d movi'. w&ve fro't6 i' the 64&%e th&t the
or.&'i6m o%%)4ie60
)ther researchers soon obtained similar results, and not
only based on photons. -ulti-fre$uency physical fields
are now teleported. &ased on this data, it8s possible to
suppose that photon fields, emitted by chromosomes as
sign fields, can be teleported within or even outside the
organism8s space. The same is true for wave photon
fronts, which were read from the chromosome continuum
similar to reading from a multiplex hologram. (f photons
are transformed into radio waves 3the situation we found
- ref. to /1, 99,9:24 through the .+6-mechanism, then
this phenomenon is vital. (n fact, the importance of
$uantum non-locality existence for a genome is hard to
overestimate. AG&ri&ev( et &l( #$$1B0
*e thi'/ th&t the6e w&ve fro't6 i'ter&%t with( i'ter4e'etr&te with(
&'d i'terdetermi'e the 4h36i%&l 6)+6t&'%e th&t m&/e6 )4 the
%re&t)re0 A%%ordi'. to the holo.r&4hi% model of re&lit3( &ll the
o+>e%t6 we %&' o+6erve &re threeCdime'6io'&l im&.e6 formed of
6t&'di'. &'d movi'. w&ve6 +3 ele%trom&.'eti% &'d ')%le&r
4ro%e66e60 All the o+>e%t6 of o)r world &re threeCdime'6io'&l im&.e6
formed ele%trom&.'eti%&ll3( i0e0 holo.r&m60 N)6t li/e & holo.r&m
e'%ode6 & !C= im&.e( the +ioholo.r&m e'%ode6 &'d 4ro>e%t6 the
+l)e4ri't of the h)m&' +ei'.( &6 well &6 other +iolo.i%&l 636tem60
*e &l6o +elieve th&t the 'ervo)6 636tem %o'6tit)te6 & %oordi'&tio'
me%h&'i6m th&t i'te.r&te6 =NA 4ro>e%tio'6 of the re6t of the %ell6 i'
the 636tem( th&t it i6 fir6t &'d foremo6t & %oordi'&tio' me%h&'i6m
whi%h &li.'6 the6e %ell)l&r holo.r&m60
Im&.i'e the i'form&tio' 4lerom&( +e3o'd e'er.3 &'d m&tter( &6 the
6o)r%e of &ll i'fi'itel3 %ohere't O6hi'i'.P it6elf i'to it6 ow'
e'tro4i% wom+ where o)r tem4oroC64&ti&l )'iver6e i6 .ive' it6 lifeC
4ote'ti&l &6 & 6i'.le l&6er +e&m0
The =NA i' & 4&rti%)l&r %ell i6 'ot tot&ll3 &%tive0 It h&6 +ee'
determi'ed th&t there m&3 +e &6 little &6 1@ of the =NA 4re6e't i' the
')%le)6 of the %ell &%ti'. &6 the determi'&'t for the 6tr)%t)re of th&t
%ell0 The 'ervo)6 636tem( i'tere6ti'.l3 e'o).h( h&6 the hi.he6t
4er%e't&.e of o4er&ti'. =NA of &'3 %ell 636tem i' the +od3( of )4 to
&t le&6t 1$@ of the =NA i' the +r&i' %ell60 The 'e)ro' ')%lei &re
mo6t &%tive0
*e 6)..e6t th&t the 'ervo)6 636tem 4ro>e%t6 & .lo+&l +ioholo.r&m
whi%h i'ter&%t6 with the %ell)l&r +ioholo.r&m60 If the mem+r&'e
6tr)%t)re of the 'e)ro' ')%lei i6 e5&mi'ed %lo6el3( it will +e 6ee' th&t
the differe't %&vit3 636tem6 th&t e'ter the o)ter mem+r&'e &l6o e'ter
the i''er mem+r&'e6( therefore to4olo.i%&ll3( the6e &re o'e &'d the
6&me0 He'%e the ')%le)6 i6 l&%/i'. & mem+r&'e( or the 'e)ro'6 &re
l&%/i'. & mem+r&'e i' the 6e'6e th&t two of their mem+r&'e6 &re
to4olo.i%&ll3 o'e0
*e 6)..e6t th&t the 'e)ro'6 &re 'ot &%t)&ll3 +r&i' %ell6 &6 6)%h0 *e
+elieve th&t the +r&i' i6 the %ell( &'d the 'e)ro'6 &re li/e & di6tri+)ted
')%le)6 for th&t %ell0 Th&t m&/e6 the .li&l %ell6 or.&'elle6 i' the .i&'t
+r&i'C%ell0 B)t the3 &re &l6o %ell6 i' their ow' m)%h more 6o
th&' 'e)ro'6 &re0 *e +elieve the .li&l %ell6 &re i'fi'itel3 i'volved
with the +ioholo.r&m( i' it6 4ro>e%tio'6( &'d it6 %oordi'&tio'0
To .o f)rther( the +ioholo.r&m( 4ro>e%ted +3 the +r&i'( %re&te6
6t&'di'. &'d movi'. ele%trom&.'eti% w&ve 4&tter'6 &t differe't
fre?)e'%ie6 of the 64e%tr)m i' order to effe%t differe't +io%hemi%&l
tr&'6form&tio'60 There m&3 +e 64e%ifi% ele%tro6t&ti% field6( or there
m&3 +e ele%trod3'&mi% field6 v&r3i'. &t v&rio)6 fre?)e'%ie6( from low
Ar&dio w&ve6B &ll the w&3 )4 the 64e%tr)m i'to vi6i+le &'d
A'other 4ro%e66 of holo.r&4h3 i6 %&lled H&%o)6ti%&l holo.r&4h3H0
A%o)6ti%&l holo.r&4h3 em4lo36 6o)'d w&ve6 to %re&te & moveme't o'
& 6)rf&%e th&t i6 )6ed &6 the +&6i6 for %re&tio' of &' o4ti%&l holo.r&m0
9o we e66e'ti&ll3 %o'vert +etwee' & 4&tter' of 6o)'d w&ve6 refle%ted
off &' o+>e%t i' 64&%e i'to & 4&tter' of w&ve6 th&t %&'
re%o'6tr)%t the 6h&4e of th&t o+>e%t0 *e h&ve & tr&'6form&tio'
+etwee' two level6 of vi+r&tio'( two medi& &6 it were( 4re6ervi'. &
4&tter' i' 64&%e0 AMiller &'d *e++( 19!B0
*e 6)..e6t th&t thi6 h&44e'6 to & m)%h .re&ter de.ree i' the =NA
%o'trol of o)r +odie60 The liver( for e5&m4le( %o't&i'6 64e%i&l f)'%tio'
%ell60 The 64e%i&l f)'%tio' of the liver %ell6 i6 %re&ted +3 the i'fl)e'%e
of the 4ro>e%tio' of the liver 4&tter' o' the =NA i' the %ell6 i' the
&re& where the liver i6 %re&ted0 *e &re 6)..e6ti'. &' im4ort&'t
feed+&%/ me%h&'i6m +etwee' the &%tiv&tio' of the =NA i' &
4&rti%)l&r %ell)l&r ti66)e t34e th&t %&)6e6 it to +e th&t ti66)e t34e( &'d
the +ioholo.r&m +ei'. 4ro>e%ted +3 the 'ervo)6 636tem0 Thi6 i6
Ret)r'i'. to the re%e't R)66i&' di6%overie6 AG&ri&ev( &'d re4orter
Po4o'i'B( whi%h 6eem to %o'firm the 6emi'&l di6%over3 of Miller &'d
*e++; +oth ?)&'tit&tive &'d ?)&lit&tive d&t& &re %r)%i&l for the
develo4me't of & 'ew )'ified 'o'li'e&r ?)&'t)m field theor3 whi%h
i'%l)de6 the 4h36i%&l theor3 of %o'6%io)6'e660 The =NA 4h&'tom
field effe%t m&3 +e i'ter4reted &6 & m&'ife6t&tio' of & 'ew 4h36i%&l
v&%))m 6tr)%t)re whi%h h&6 +ee' 4revio)6l3 overloo/ed0 It i6
4erh&46 & 64e%ifi% e5&m4le of & more .e'er&l %&te.or3 of
ele%trom&.'eti% 4h&'tom effe%t60
Re6)lt6 of the e54erime't6 &6 de6%ri+ed +3 Po4o'i' 6howed th&t whe'
=NA w&6 4)t i' & 6%&tteri'. %h&m+er &'d +om+&rded with l&6er
& H4h&'tomH w&6 reve&led( eve' whe' the =NA it6elf h&d +ee'
removed0 The3 +om+&rded it with we&/ %ohere't l&6er r&di&tio' i'
two fre?)e'%ie60 The i'te'6it3 of the 6%&ttered w&6 me&6)red( &6
well &6 'o'Cli'e&r lo%&li7ed e5%it&tio'60
The3 fo)'d & 6)r4ri6e effe%t while me&6)ri'. the vi+r&tio'&l mode6 of
=NA i' 6ol)tio' )6i'. & 6o4hi6ti%&ted OMALJ<RNP l&6er 4hoto'
%orrel&tio' 64e%trometer ALP:9B( whi%h te6t6 the fl)%t)&tio' d3'&mi%6
of =NA 6ol)tio'60
;(n each set of experimental measurements with D!
samples, several double control measurements are
performed. These measurements are performed prior to
the D! being placed in the scattering chamber. 'hen
the scattering chamber of the %+<, is void of physical
D!, and neither are there any phantom D! fields
present, the autocorrelation function of scattered light
loo5s li5e the one shown in =igure 0a. This typical
control plot represents only bac5ground random noise
counts of the photomultiplier. ote that the intensity of
the bac5ground noise counts is very small and the
distribution of the number of counters per channel is
close to random. =igure 0b demonstrates a typical time
autocorrelation functions when a physical D! sample is
placed in the scattering chamber, and typically has the
shape of an oscillatory and slowly exponentially decaying
function. 'hen the D! is removed from the scattering
chamber, one anticipates that the autocorrelation
function will be the same as before the D! was placed
in the scattering chamber. ,urprisingly and counter-
intuitively it turns out that the autocorrelation function
measured "ust after the removal of the D! from the
scattering chamber loo5s distinctly different from the one
obtained before the D! was placed in the chamber. . .
Two conditions are necessary in order to observe D!
phantoms. The first is the presence of the D!
molecules and the second is the exposure of the D! to
wea5 coherent laser radiation.> APo4o'i'B0
Re6e&r%her6 h34othe6i7e th&t 6ome 'ew field 6tr)%t)re i6 +ei'. e5%ited
from the 4h36i%&l v&%))m 6)+6tr)%t)re0 A6 lo'. &6 the %h&m+er i6 'ot
di6t)r+ed( it i6 me&6)r&+le for lo'. 4eriod6 of time0 *h&t i6 me&6)red
i6 6%&tteri'. from the =NA 4h&'tom field60 *h&t i6 &tt&i'ed i6
?)&lit&tive &'d ?)&'tit&tive i'form&tio' &+o)t the 'o'li'e&r
d3'&mi%&l 4ro4ertie6 of the 4h&'tom =NA field60 It6 ori.i' i6 rel&ted
to 4h36i%&l =NA0 A6 3et( the3 h&ve fo)'d 'o other 6)+6t&'%e whi%h
re%re&te6 or em)l&te6 the effe%t of the =NA mole%)le0
It i6 thi6 model whi%h 6)..e6t6 & more .e'er&l 'o'li'e&r ?)&'t)m
theor3 whi%h m&3 e54l&i' m&'3 of the o+6erved 6)+tle e'er.3
4he'ome'& &'d le&d to & 4h36i%&l theor3 of %o'6%io)6'e660
Thi6 6)..e6t6 th&t the ele%trom&.'eti% 4h&'tom effe%t i6 & more
f)'d&me't&l 4he'ome'o' whi%h %&' +e )6ed to e54l&i' other
o+6erved 4h&'tom effe%t6( tho).h 'ot to +e %o'f)6ed with the ofte'
mi6i'ter4reted 6e%o'd&r3 emi66io' of ele%tro'6 6ee' i' 8irli&'
Photo.r&4h3 &'d d)++ed H4h&'tom60H Qref0 R0A0 Miller o' HThe
Ph36i%&l Me%h&'i6m6 of 8irli&' Photo.r&4h3(H +sychoenergetic
,ystems( 9t&'le3 8ri44'er( ed0( 19GR0 <vide'%e 6)..e6t6 &
rel&tio'6hi4 to the 4he'ome'& of Qe'do.e'o)6R +iol)mi'e6%e'%e(
li?)id %r36t&l6( &'d 6)4er%o'd)%tivit3( whi%h we i'te'd to 4)r6)e(
Biol)mi'e6%e'%e %&' +e %o'6idered &' i'di%&tor of life &%tivit30 It i6
the emi66io' of 4hoto'6 of 4rod)%ed whe' %ert&i' e'er.i7ed
ele%tro'6 dro4 i'to & lower or .ro)'d 6t&te0 A %ommo' e5&m4le i6 the
vi6i+le Aor ele%trom&.'eti% r&di&tio'B .e'er&ted +3 the firefl30
The im4ort&'%e of thi6 4he'ome'o' i6 6ee' +3 t&/i'. the +ro&d view
of the life 4ro%e66 &6 we /'ow it; 4hoto'6 from the 6)' e5%ite ele%tro'6
here o' e&rth1 thi6 hi.h e'er.3 6t&te i6 tr&'6formed i'to hi.h e'er.3
4ho64h&te +o'd6 +3 the 4ro%e66 of 4hoto63'the6i61 the rele&6e of the
e'er.3 6tored i' the6e +o'd6 i6 the f)el of life1 ele%tro'6 &re
tr&'6ferred +etwee' mole%)le6 i' & dow'w&rd %&6%&de f&6hio' to
lower e'er.3 6t&te61 thi6 &%tio' 4rod)%e6 the ele%tri% %)rre't th&t
4rod)%e6 the motio' th&t we %&ll life0 AMiller( 19GB0
<'titie6 %&' &l6o l)mi'e6%e &t hi.her fre?)e'%ie6 th&' the 'orm&l
vi6i+le 64e%tr)m( 6)%h &6 i' the UJ or mi%row&ve'0 It h&6 +ee'
6how' th&t the h)m&' +ei'. i6 &' emitter of v&rio)6 ele%trom&.'eti%
r&di&tio'60 =iffere't emi66io'6 %orre64o'd to differe't +od3
6tr)%t)re6 &%ro66 the emi66io' 64e%tr)m0 The6e ele%trom&.'eti%
r&di&tio'6 &re of %o)r6e i'di%&tive of the e'er.3 6t&te of the or.&'i6m(
&'d %&' +e i'di%&tive of the 6t&te of he&lth0
Other re6e&r%h A:hildre( 199#1 P&ddi6o'( 199#1 8i'.( #$$1B 6)..e6t6
th&t %o'6%io)6'e66 i6 'o'Clo%&li7ed i' the +od3mi'd0 No6e4h :hilto'
Pe&%e i' hi6 l&te6t( The &iology of Transcendence: ! &lueprint of the
Human ,pirit, A#$$1B 4oi't6 o)t th&t we h&ve five 'e)r&l %e'ter6 or
+r&i'6CC&'d e6t&+li6he6 th&t o)r fo)rth &'d mo6t re%e'tl3 develo4ed
+r&i' i6 lo%&ted i' the he&d while the fifth i6 lo%&ted i' the he&rt0
It i6 the d3'&mi% i'ter&%tio' of thi6 he&d +r&i' Ai'telle%tB &'d he&rt
+r&i' Ai'telli.e'%eB( of +iolo.3 &'d 64irit( whi%h &llow6 tr&'6%e'de'%e
from o'e evol)tio'&r3 4l&%e to the 'e5t0 Pe&r%e de%l&re6 we &re ?)ite
liter&ll3( m&de to tr&'6%e'd0 He 6&36( HTr&'6%e'de'%e i6 o)r
+iolo.i%&l im4er&tive( & 6t&te we h&ve +ee' movi'. tow&rd for
I' le66 6%ie'tifi% &'d more m36ti%&l term6( we emer.e thro).h 6elfC
or.&'i7&tio' from the Joid &'d to the Joid we %&' ret)r' for re'ew&l
&'d 6)6te'&'%e0 It i6( i' f&%t the Heart ,utra th&t i'form6 )6 th&t
HForm i6 'ot other th&' Joid1 Joid i6 'ot other th&' Form0H O)r
h)m&' form i6 'ot other th&' thi6 void( &'d +io4h36i%6 'ow
demo'6tr&te6 thi6 ?)&'tit&tivel3 &'d ?)&lit&tivel30
*e &re more f)'d&me't&ll3 ele%trom&.'eti%( r&ther th&' %hemi%&l
+ei'.60 The void 6t&te( H%o6mi% 7ero(H i6 the 4rim&l m&tri5 &'d
4ro4ortio'&tel3 o)r mo6t f)'d&me't&l re&lit30 I' e66e'%e( we emer.e
from 4reC.eometri%&ll3 6tr)%t)red 'othi'.'e66( &'d =NA i6 the
4ro>e%tor of th&t field whi%h 6et6 )4 the 6tre66 .r&die't6 i' the v&%))m
or ?)&'t)m fo&m to i'iti&te th&t 4ro%e66 of em+r3o'i% holo.r&4h3(
AMiller &'d *e++( 19!C9!B0 The holo.r&4hi% 4&r&di.m i6 o'e of
re%i4ro%&l e'foldi'. &'d )'foldi'. of 4&tter'6 of i'form&tio'0 All of
the 4ote'ti&l i'form&tio' &+o)t the )'iver6e i6 holo.r&4hi%&ll3
e'%oded i' the 64e%tr)m of fre?)e'%3 4&tter'6 th&t %o'6t&'tl3
+om+&rd )60
*e %&' im&.i'e th&t the 6elfCor.&'i7i'. emer.e't f)'%tio' of the
Ori44li'.P effe%t6 of imme'6e ')m+er6 of %ri66C%ro66i'. i'terfere'%e
w&ve6 m)6t +e o'e w&3 of m&/i'. m)t)&ll3 i'ter&%tive( or re%i4ro%&l(
holo.r&4hi% 4ro>e%tio'6 of holo.r&4hi% 4ro>e%tio'60 O)r =NA
4ro>e%t6 o)r 463%ho4h36i%&l 6elf( &'d li/ewi6e Oo)r +r&i'6
m&them&ti%&ll3 %o'6tr)%t o+>e%tive re&lit3 +3 i'ter4reti'. fre?)e'%ie6
th&t &re )ltim&tel3 4ro>e%tio'6 from &'other dime'6io'( & dee4er
order of e5i6te'%e th&t i6 +e3o'd +oth 64&%e &'d time; The +r&i' i6 &
holo.r&m e'folded i' & holo.r&4hi% )'iver6e(P AT&l+ot( 1991( 40 FFB0
Re6e&r%her6 h&ve fo)'d th&t &t the mome't of ov)l&tio' there i6 &
defi'ite 6hift i' the ele%tri%&l field6 of the +od3 of the wom&'0 The
mem+r&'e i' the folli%le +)r6t6 &'d the e.. 4&66e6 dow' the f&llo4i&'
t)+e0 The 64erm i6 'e.&tive with re64e%t to the e..0 *he' the 64erm
&'d e.. )'ite( the mem+r&'e &ro)'d the e.. +e%ome6 h34er4ol&ri7ed(
6h)tti'. o)t other 64erm0 It i6 &t thi6 mome't th&t the
ele%trom&.'eti% e'tit3 i6 formed0 The fertili7ed e.. %ell %o't&i'6 &ll
the i'form&tio' 'e%e66&r3 to %re&te & %om4lete o4er&tio'&l h)m&'
The +ioholo.r&m +e.i'6 to f)'%tio' &t %o'%e4tio' &'d %e&6e6 o'l3 &t
de&th0 O)r %o'te'tio' i6 th&t the =NA &t the %e'ter of e&%h %ell
%re&te6 the m)ltiC%ell)l&r %re&t)re holo.r&m +3 e54re66i'. the =NA i'
the %e'ter of the %ell60 The +ioholo.r&m 4ro>e%ted +3 the em+r3o'i%
'ervo)6 636tem form6 & threeCdime'6io'&l 4&tter' of re6o'&'t
6tr)%t)re60 The6e i'%l)de 4oi't6( li'e6( &'d 4l&'e6 th&t
ele%trom&.'eti%&ll3 +eh&ve &6 the &%o)6ti% w&ve6 " the m&teri&l w&ve6
" of the dr)mhe&d( &%ti'. &6 field .)ide6 to flowi'. m&tter &'d
The G&ri&ev .ro)4 h&6 4ro4o6ed & theor3 of the =NACw&ve
Bio%om4)ter0 The3 6)..e6t A1B th&t there &re .e'eti% Hte5t6H( 6imil&r
to '&t)r&l %o'te5tCde4e'de't te5t6 i' h)m&' l&'.)&.e1 A#B th&t the
%hromo6ome &44&r&t)6 &%t6 6im)lt&'eo)6l3 +oth &6 & 6o)r%e &'d
re%eiver of the6e .e'eti% te5t6( re64e%tivel3 de%odi'. &'d e'%odi'.
them1 A!B the %hromo6ome %o'ti'))m &%t6 li/e & d3'&mi%&l
holo.r&4hi% .r&ti'.( whi%h di64l&36 or tr&'6d)%e6 we&/ l&6er
&'d 6olito'i% ele%troC&%o)6ti% field60 The di6tri+)tio' of the %h&r&%ter
fre?)e'%3 i' .e'eti% te5t6 i6 fr&%t&l( 6o the ')%leotide6 of =NA
mole%)le6 &re &+le to form holo.r&4hi% 4reCim&.e6 of +io6tr)%t)re60
I' other word6( the +&6i% &66)m4tio'6 of the G&ri&ev te&m i'%l)de the
10 the .e'ome h&6 & %&4&%it3 for ?)&6iC%o'6%io)6'e66 6o
th&t =NA Oword6P 4rod)%e &'d hel4 i' the re%o.'itio'
of O6em&'ti%&ll3 me&'i'.f)l 4hr&6e6P1
#0 the =NA of %hromo6ome6 %o'trol f)'d&me't&l
4ro.r&m6 of life i' & d)&l w&3; &6 %hemi%&l m&tri5e6
&'d &6 & 6o)r%e of w&ve f)'%tio' &'d holo.r&4hi%
!0 4ro%e66e6 i' the 6)+6t&'%eCw&ve 6tr)%t)re6 of the
.e'ome %&' +e o+6erved &'d re.i6tered thro).h the
di64er6io' &'d &+6or4tio' of & +i4ol&r l&6er +e&m0
Thi6 4ro%e66 of Hre&di'. &'d writi'.H the ver3 m&tter of o)r +ei'.
m&'ife6t6 from the .e'omeI6 &66o%i&tive holo.r&4hi% memor3 i'
%o'>)'%tio' with it6 ?)&'t)m 'o'lo%&lit30 R&4id tr&'6mi66io' of
.e'eti% i'form&tio' &'d .e'eCe54re66io' )'ite the or.&'i6m &6 holi6ti%
e'tit3 em+edded i' the l& *hole0 The 636tem wor/6 &6 &
+io%om4)ter CC & w&ve +io%om4)ter0
The ?)&'t)m 'o'lo%&lit3 of the .e'eti% i'form&tio' i6 f)'d&me't&l0
<54erime't&l wor/ of the G&ri&ev .ro)4 6how6 how ?)&'t)m
'o'lo%&lit3 i6 dire%tl3 rel&ted to l&6er r&di&tio' from %hromo6ome6
Ali.htB( whi%h >itter+).6 it6 4ol&ri7&tio' 4l&'e to r&di&te or o%%l)de
4hoto'60 The 6&me re6e&r%her6 6)64e%t the &+ilit3 of %hromo6ome6 to
tr&'6form their ow' .e'eti%C6i.' l&6er r&di&tio'6 i'to +ro&d+&'d
.e'eti%C6i.' r&dio w&ve60 :)rio)6l3( m36ti%6 h&ve &lw&36 %&lled the
4erv&6ive %re&tive 6&%red 9o)'d( Lo.o6 or *ord( the A)di+le Life
9tre&m ABl&v&t6/3( 19E1 Hi'e6( 199KB0 The3 de%l&re the &'d
the 9o)'d &re o'e( &'d holo.r&4hi% %o'%e4t i6 &'other '&me for
The 4ol&ri7&tio'6 of %hromo6ome l&6er 4hoto'6 &re %o''e%ted
'o'lo%&ll3 &'d %ohere'tl3 to 4ol&ri7&tio'6 of r&dio w&ve60 The 6i.'&l
%&' +e Hre&d o)tH witho)t &'3 lo66 of the e66e'ti&l i'form&tio' i' the
form of 4ol&ri7ed r&dio w&ve60 The li?)id %r36t&l 4h&6e6 of the
%hromo6ome &44&r&t)6 Al&6er mirror &'&lo.)e6B %&' +e %o'6idered &
fr&%t&l e'viro'me't whi%h 6tore6 the lo%&li7ed 4hoto'60 Thi6 %re&te6 &
%ohere't %o'ti'))m of ?)&'t)mC'o'lo%&ll3 di6tri+)ted 4ol&ri7ed
r&dio w&ve .e'omi% i'form&tio'0
The .e'eti% w&ve i'form&tio' from =NA( re%orded withi' the
4ol&ri7&tio'6 of %o''e%ted 4hoto'6( +ei'. ?)&'t)m 'o'lo%&l(
%o'6tit)te6 & +ro&d+&'d r&dio w&ve 64e%tr)m0 Thi6 64e%tr)m i6
%orrel&ted +3 me&'6 of 4ol&ri7&tio'6 with the 4hoto'60 Thi6 i6 the
m&i' i'form&tio' %h&''el of =NA( the 6&me for +oth 4hoto'6 &'d
r&dio w&ve60
Thi6 +io%om4)ter memor3 &'d retriev&l 4ro.r&m fe&t)re6 4hoto'C
l&6erCr&diow&ve 4ol&ri7&tio' 64e%tro6%o430 :om4le5 d3'&mi%6 &re
e54re66ed &6 fr&%t&l 4&tter'6 &t &ll level6 of or.&'i7&tio' i' '&t)re0
A'd thi6 i6 'o e5%e4tio'0 The f)'d&me't&l 'otio' i6( th&t the 4hoto'C
l&6erCr&diow&ve fe&t)re6 of differe't o+>e%t6 Athe Fo)rierC64e%tr& of
the r&diow&ve6 of %r36t&l6( w&ter( met&l6( =NA( et%0B &re 6tored for
defi'ite +)t v&r3i'. time6 +3 me&'6 of l&6er mirror6( 6)%h th&t the
Hmirror 64e%tr&H %o'%er' %h&oti% &ttr&%tor6 with & %om4le5 fr&%t&l
d3'&mi%6( re%)rri'. i' time0
Thi6 re6e&r%h i6 the fir6t e5&m4le of & 'ovel 6t&ti% 6tor&.eSre%ordi'.
e'viro'me't Al&6er mirror6B %&4&+le of dire%tl3 re%ordi'. the 64&%eC
time &tomi%Smole%)l&r rot&r3 d3'&mi%&l +eh&vior of o+>e%t60 It &l6o
demo'6tr&te6 &' e66e'ti&ll3 'ew t34e of r&dio 6i.'&l( where the
i'form&tio' i6 e'%oded +3 4ol&ri7&tio'6 of ele%trom&.'eti% ve%tor60
Thi6 %o)ld eve' +e the +&6i6 of & 'ew t34e of 6till or video re%ordi'.(
le&di'. to & 'ew form of %i'em&0
Thi6 'ewl3 dete%ted 4he'ome'o' of ?)&'ti7ed o4ti%&l &%tivit3 %&' +e
%o'6idered &6 the me&'6 +3 whi%h &' or.&'i6m o+t&i'6 )'limited
i'form&tio' o' it6 ow' met&+oli6m0 9)%h i'form&tio' i6 re&d +3
e'do.e'o)6 l&6er r&di&tio'6 of %hromo6ome60 The %hromo6ome( i'
t)r'( 4rod)%e6 the re.)l&tive AH6em&'ti%HB r&dio emi66io' of the
.e'ome +io%om4)ter0 9em&'ti% re6o'&'%e6 i' the +io636temI6 64&%e
&re re&li7ed &t +oth the w&vele'.th level( &'d level of fre?)e'%ie6 &'d
&'.le6 of twi6t of the 4ol&ri7&tio' mode60
A .e'e h&6 & holo.r&4hi% memor3( Awhi%h i6 t34i%&ll3 di6tri+)ted(
&66o%i&tive( &'d 'o'lo%&lB( where the holo.r&m6 H&re re&dH +3
ele%trom&.'eti% or &%o)6ti% field60 The6e %&rr3 the .e'eCw&ve
i'form&tio' o)t +e3o'd the limit6 of the %hromo6ome 6tr)%t)re0 At
thi6 &'d 6)+6e?)e't level6( the 'o'lo%&lit3 t&/e6 o' it6 d)&li6ti%
m&teri&lCw&ve '&t)re( &6 m&3 &l6o +e tr)e for the holo.r&4hi%
memor3 of the %ere+r&l %orte5 APri+r&m( 1991B0
Pri+r&m 4o6it6 & 'e)r&l holo.r&4hi% 4ro%e66( wherei' im&.e6 &re
re%o'6tr)%ted whe' re4re6e't&tio'6 i' the form of di6tri+)ted
i'form&tio' 636tem6 &re &44ro4ri&tel3 e'.&.ed0 The6e
re4re6e't&tio'6 o4er&te &6 filter6 or 6%ree'60 The tem4or&r3
or.&'i7&tio' of %orti%&l %ol)m'6 &'d the &rriv&l of im4)l6e6 &t
'e)ro'&l >)'%tio'6 %o'ver.e from &t le&6t two 6o)r%e6( formi'.
i'terfere'%e 4&tter'60 The6e 4&tter'6 &re m&de )4 of %l&66i%&l
4o6t63'&4ti% 4ote'ti&l6( %oordi'&ted with &w&re'e660 Thi6
mi%ro6tr)%t)re of 6low 4ote'ti&l6 i6 &%%)r&tel3 de6%ri+ed +3 the
e?)&tio'6 th&t de6%ri+e the holo.r&4hi% 4ro%e66 whi%h i6 &l6o
%om4o6ed of i'terfere'%e 4&tter'60
From thi6 it follow6 th&t i' the +r&i' i'form&tio' re4re6e'ti'. i'4)t i6
di6tri+)ted over the e'tire e5te't of the 'e)r&l 4&tter'0 I' the
+od3mi'd i'form&tio' i6 &l6o holo.r&4hi%&ll3 di6tri+)ted( e&%h
H4&rtH h&vi'. more or le66 i'form&tio' &+o)t the whole or.&'i6m0
I'form&tio' i6 fr&%t&ll3 di6tri+)ted &'d 4re6e't i' .re&ter or le66er
A 'e)r&l holo.r&4hi% or 6imil&r 4ro%e66 doe6 'ot me&' th&t i'4)t
i'form&tio' i6 di6tri+)ted will3C'ill3 over the e'tire de4th &'d 6)rf&%e
of the +r&i'0 It i6 %o'fi'ed 4rim&ril3 to tho6e limited'6 where
re&6o'&+l3 6t&+le >)'%tio'&l de6i.'6 &re i'iti&ted +3 the i'4)t
4&rti%i4&ti'. i' the di6tri+)tio'0 Holo.r&4hi% memor3 4ro%e66i'.
doe6 &w&3 with the 'eed for /ee4i'. tr&%/ of where i'form&tio' i6
6tored0 The Hfilter(H H6ieve(H or H6%ree'H of holo.r&4hi% 4&tter'6 i6
%om4o6ed 'ot o'l3 of the l&tti%e of mem+r&'e m&%romole%)le6
m&/i'. )4 the 63'&4toCdedriti% 'et( +)t &l6o of & f&%ilit&tio' of &ll
te'de'%ie6 tow&rd Im&.e form&tio' &'d the i'iti&tio' of %ert&i'
de4&rt)re 4&tter'6 of 'erve im4)l6e6 APri+r&m( 191B0
At the >)'%tio'&l 4&tter'6 of 'e)r&l &%tivit3( Im&.e formi'. %&4&%it3
i6 e'h&'%ed0 9)4er4o6itio'( i0e0 64&ti&l i'ter&%tio'6 &mo'. 4h&6e
rel&tio'6hi46 of 'ei.h+ori'. >)'%tio'&l 4&tter'6 o%%)r6( with
4ro4ertie6 &/i' to tho6e of o4ti%&l i'form&tio' 4ro%e66i'. 636tem6 CC
the 4ro4ertie6 of holo.r&m60
:h&oti% d3'&mi%6 &re 4&rt of thi6 im&.eCformi'. 4ro%e660 There i6
order eve' i' di6order0 There i6 order( m&'&.e&+le %h&o6 Afr&%t&l6B
&'d )'m&'&.e&+le %h&o60 The fr&%t&l dime'6io' e54re66e6 the
%om4le5it3 of & 4&rti%)l&r fr&%t&l form0 OFr&%t&lP %ome6 from the
L&ti' fractus( whi%h me&' +ro/e' or fr&.me'ted0 Fr&%t&l6 deli'e&te &
whole 'ew w&3 of thi'/i'. &+o)t 6tr)%t)re &'d form CC eve' the form6
of di6Ce&6e( whi%h t&/e root or.&'i%&ll3 i' the +od3 &'d 463%he0
Li/e holo.r&m6( m&.'if3 & fr&%t&l &.&i' &'d &.&i' &'d more det&il
emer.e6 from it6 i'fi'itel3 em+edded 6tr)%t)re0 The 6&me 6elfC6imil&r
4&tter'6 re4e&t( over &'d over( 'o m&tter wh&t level 3o) %&re to
e5&mi'e0 Yo) loo/ %lo6er &'d %lo6er &'d 6till 6ee the 6&me form0 A
6i'.le im&.e i6 i'fi'itel3 reiter&ted0 Th)6( & we&lth of 6tr)%t)re
emer.e6 from 6im4li%it30 9o( too( the di6Ce&6e 4ro%e66 %&' +e 6ee' &t
the 4h36i%&l( emotio'&l( me't&l( &'d 64irit)&l level60 Yet( the form
rem&i'6 the 6&me0
?!t the most fundamental level of our individual being,
we too, our bodies and our psyches are part of the
interference patterns caused by the interaction of
consciousness and wave fronts arising from fields of
infinite possibility. 'e then must also operate by
holographic principles, thus our internal perception of
this reality is itself a hologram in our brain. (t is the
means of perception that gives the universe its apparent
forms and solidity. (t is also this holographic perception
that influences the dynamics of our brain@s and our
body@s chemistry, our self-hologram. (n this perceptual
hologram resides the fundamental basis of our structure
and our sense of self and external environment, including
our health and illness in both our physiological and
psychological being. )ur disease structures are
incorporated within it. (t is here, at this level of our being
where fundamental healing and physical-psychic
restructuring occur. This hologram is what ( have termed
the primal existential sensory self-image or existential
hologram. . .our sense of self is a holographic, existential,
multi-sensory image.? A9wi''e3( 1999B0
The /e3 to thi6 4ro%e66 lie6 i' o)r =NA( i' o)r .e'e6 &'d .e'eC
e54re66io'0 O)r )'der6t&'di'. of the h)m&' +io%om4)ter m)6t +e
+&6ed o' & 'ew )'der6t&'di'. of the hi.her form6 of the =NA
memor3( &'d the %hromo6ome &44&r&t)6( &6 the re%ordi'.( 6tor&.i'.(
tr&'6d)%i'.( &'d tr&'6mitti'. 636tem for .e'eti% i'form&tio'( to +e
%o'6idered 6im)lt&'eo)6l3 &t the level of m&tter &'d 4h36i%&l field60
The w&veC+io%om4)ter model hel46 e54l&i' the &44&r&t)6 of 4rotei'
+io63'the6i6 of livi'. or.&'i6m6( 4rovidi'. &' im4ort&'t
i'ter4ret&tio' of the i'iti&l 6t&.e6 withi' the hier&r%hi% %h&i' of
m&teri&l &'d field( 6i.'( holo.r&4hi%( 6emioti%C6em&'ti% &'d( &'d
fi.)r&tive e'%odi'. &'d de%i4heri'. of %hromo6ome f)'%tio'60 At the
.e'eC6i.' %o'ti'))m of &'3 +io636tem( =NA form6 4reCim&.e6 of
+io6tr)%t)re6 &'d the or.&'i6m &6 & whole &6 & re.i6tr3 of d3'&mi%&l
Hw&ve %o4ie6H or Hm&tri%e6H( 6)%%eedi'. e&%h other0 Thi6 %o'ti'))m
i6 the me&6)ri'.( %&li+r&ti'. field for %o'6tr)%ti'. or %re&ti'. &'3
+io636tem( AG&ri&evB0

A ?)i%/ review of the Holo.r&4hi% :o'%e4t refre6he6 )6 o' the +&6i%6
of +io4h36i%60
P&rti%le6 fo)'d i' +iolo.i%&l 4ro%e66e6 i'%l)de 4hoto'6( ele%tro'6(
4roto'6( eleme't&r3 io'6( i'or.&'i% r&di%&l6( or.&'i% r&di%&l6(
mole%)le6( &'d mole%)l&r & Photo'6 &%t )4o' ele%tro'6 +3
r&i6i'. their e'er.3 6t&te0 Thi6 4ro%e66 i6 %&lled e5%it&tio'0 <5%ited
ele%tro'6 %&' dro4 +&%/ to more 6t&+le e'er.3 level6 &'d emit
4hoto'60 <le%tro' e5%it&tio' %&' le&d to the form&tio' of &' ele%tro'i%
+o'd +etwee' mole%)le60 Thi6 i6 the tr&ditio'&l +o'd of %l&66i%&l
%hemi6tr30 The +re&/i'. of 6)%h +o'd6 %&'( +3 rever6e 4ro%e66( le&d
to the e5%it&tio' of ele%tro'60
I' livi'. 636tem6 the e5%it&tio' of ele%tro'6 +3 4hoto'6 &'d the
6)+6e?)e't %o'ver6io' of th&t e5%it&tio' i'to the +o'd e'er.3 i6 %&lled
4hoto63'the6i6 &'d i6 the +&6i% +)ilder of +iolo.i%&l 6tr)%t)re60 The
rever6&l of thi6 4ro%e66 i6 %&lled +iol)mi'e6%e'%e0 Thi6 4he'ome'o' i6
the tr&'6fer of e'er.3 from & +o'd to &' e5%ited ele%tro'( re6)lti'. i'
the emi66io' of & 4hoto'0 It h&6 +ee' 6)..e6ted +3 97e'tCG3or.3i
A19F; EB th&t the e'er.eti%6 of livi'. %re&t)re6 %&' +e )'der6tood i'
term6 of 4hoto63'the6i6 &'d it6 rever6&l( +iol)mi'e6%e'%e0
All %ell)l&r 4ro%e66e6 &re drive' +3 e'er.3 derived from the +re&/i'.
of %hemi%&l +o'd6 &'d the e5%it&tio' of ele%tro'60 =e4e'di'. )4o'
the 4&rti%)l&r e'viro'me't &'d %ir%)m6t&'%e6( the e5%it&tio' of the
ele%tro' %&' +e %o'verted i' o'e of three w&36; A1B %o'ver6io' i'to
he&t &'d di66i4&tio' A#B tr&'6l&tio' of mole%)le6 or io'6 thro).h the
%ell( or A!B tr&'6form&tio' of the mole%)le6I 6h&4e6 whi%h 4rofo)'dl3
i'fl)e'%e6 their +iolo.i%&l re&%tivit30
The form&tio' of & %ert&i' t34e of %hemi%&l +o'd /'ow' &6 the
re6o'&'%e +o'd Awhi%h i6 mo6t e&6il3 6ee' i' the %&6e of the Be'7e'e
mole%)leB le&d6 to & 4e%)li&r 6it)&tio' i' whi%h %ert&i' ele%tro'6 &re
freed from & lo%&l or 4&rti%)l&r lo%&tio' i' the mole%)le0 The6e &re
the' free to tr&vel &ro)'d the e'tire mole%)le0 Thi6 me&'6 th&t the
ele%tro'6 o%%)43 &' e'er.3 6hell of the whole mole%)le &6 o44o6ed to
&'3 4&rti%)l&r &tom i' the mole%)le0 The e5i6te'%e of mole%)l&r
636tem6 with mo+ile ele%tro'6 h&6 +ee' fo)'d to +e of 4rofo)'d
6i.'ifi%&'%e i' the 4he'ome'& of life0
H3dro.e'( %&r+o'( 'itro.e'( &'d o53.e'( whi%h %om4o6e 99 4er%e't of
&ll livi'. 636tem6( &re &mo'. the &tom6 i' the 4eriodi% t&+le whi%h
form the m)lti4le +o'd6 mo6t e&6il3 le&di'. to mo+ile ele%tro'60
9)l4h)r &'d 4ho64hor)6( whi%h &re e5tremel3 im4ort&'t for life
4ro%e66e6( &l6o form 6)%h m)lti4le +o'd6 ?)ite e&6il30
All the e66e'ti&l +io%hemi%&l 6)+6t&'%e6( whi%h 4erform the
f)'d&me't&l f)'%tio'6 of livi'. m&tter( &re %om4o6ed %om4letel3 or
4&rti&ll3 of 6)%h mo+ile ele%tro'60 Mole%)le6 whi%h %o't&i' the6e
ele%tro'6 &re /'ow' &6 %o'>).&ted 636tem6 AP)llm&' &'d P)llm&'(
19K!( %h&4ter 1EB0 The e66e'ti&l fl)idit3 of life m&3 %orre64o'd with
the fl)idit3 of the ele%tro'i% %lo)d i' %o'>).&ted mole%)le60 9)%h
636tem6 m&3 +e6t +e %o'6idered &6 +oth the %r&dle &'d the m&i'
+&%/+o'e of life0
:o'>).&te +o'ded mole%)le6 m&3 i'ter&%t i' & v&riet3 of w&360
Amo'. the6e t34e6 of i'ter&%tio' %&' +e fo)'d the i'ter4e'etr&tio' of
ele%tro' or+it&l6 whi%h 4ermit6 &' ele%trom&.'eti% %o)4li'.0 Thi6
%o)4li'. %&' 4ermit &%tiv&ted ele%tro' e'er.3 to 4&66 from o'e
mole%)le to &'other i' the 6&me w&3 & r&dio %&' tr&'6mit & me66&.e
to & r&dio re%eiver0 There i6 &l6o the 4o66i+ilit3 of the tr&'6fer of &'
e'tire ele%tro' whi%h i6 /'ow' &6 %h&r.e tr&'6fer0
It i6 4o66i+le for & mole%)l&r %om4le5 to %o't&i' 6ever&l r&di%&l6 &t
differe't 4o6itio'6 o' the m&i' mole%)le( e&%h of whi%h &re
%o'>).&ted0 If the6e &re i' %lo6e e'o).h 4ro5imit3( or %&' +e +ro).ht
i'to 4ro5imit3 +3 %h&'.e6 i' the 6tr)%t)r&l %o'fi.)r&tio' of the
mole%)le( & %h&r.e %&' 4&66 +etwee' the6e two .ro)460 Thi6 i6 the
%&6e of the tr&'6fer of ele%tro' %h&r.e6 o' or &ro)'d & 6i'.le
mole%)l&r %om4le50 It h&6 +ee' 6)..e6ted +3 97e'tCG3or.3i A19KEB
th&t the 6).&r6 &'d 4ho64h&te6 th&t m&/e )4 the 6ide of the &l4h&
heli5 of =NA %&' 4ermit the 4&66&.e of ele%tro'6( f)'%tio'i'. &6 &
The +iolo.i%&l %o'd)%tio' 636tem6 o4er&te 4rim&ril3 o' &'
&mor4ho)6 6emi%o'd)%tor mode &6 o44o6ed to re6em+li'. met&lli%
%o'd)%tor60 The6e do 'ot h&ve 6h&r4l3 defi'ed e'er.3 +&'d6 i' whi%h
ele%tro'6 m&3 flow( &6 o44o6ed to other +&'d6 i' whi%h the3 &re
+o)'d ri.idl30 There i6 & 64re&d or +ellC%)rve i' whi%h the 4oi't6 or
t&il6 &re +o)'d more %lo6el3 to & 4&rti%)l&r mole%)le0 The h)m4
i'di%&te6 & %o'd)%ti'. +&'d th&t 4ermit6 ele%tro'6 to flow &%ro66 the
6)rf&%e of & 4&rti%)l&r mole%)le or +etwee' mole%)le6 AM%Gi''e66(
Thi6 me&'6( i' e66e'%e( th&t 4rotei' mole%)le6 whi%h &re %om4o6ed of
&mi'o &%id 6e?)e'%e6( m&3 &%t &6 or.&'i% %ir%)it60 The &mi'o &%id6
e&%h h&ve & do'or .ro)4 &'d &' &%%e4tor .ro)4 o' o44o6i'. e'd60
Thi6 me&'6 th&t & 6tri'. or 6erie6 of &mi'o &%id6 %o)ld 4&66 & %h&r.e
&lo'. &6 if it were +ei'. 4&66ed &lo'. & 6erie6 of 64i'e6 6ti%/i'. )4
from the m&i' +od3 of the mole%)le0
=iffere't 4&thw&36 %o)ld +e defi'ed &%ro66 the 6)rf&%e of & 4rotei'
mole%)le +3 the &mi'o &%id r&di%&l6 4ro>e%ti'. o)t from the 6)rf&%e of
the 4rotei'0 The 6h&4e of the 4rotei' mole%)le6 i6 & f)'%tio' of the
%h&r.e6 &'d the %o'>).&te 636tem6 o' the r&di%&l6 th&t m&/e )4 the
4rotei'0 *he' & 4rotei' i6 m&')f&%t)red &'d 4eel6 off the ri+o6ome(
it immedi&tel3 &66)me6 & threeCdime'6io'&l 64&ti&l 4&tter' th&t i6
dire%tl3 rel&ted to the %h&r.e6 o' it6 6)rf&%e &'d the w&36 i' whi%h
the3 i'ter&%t0
The +iolo.i%&l &%tivit3 or 64e%ifi%it3 of &%tio' of v&rio)6 mole%)le6 i6
i'tim&tel3 rel&ted to their 6tr)%t)re or their e5&%t threeCdime'6io'&l
64&ti&l %o'fi.)r&tio'0 <le%tro'i% e'er.3 &'d ele%tro'6 %&' move
thro).h & 4rotei' mole%)le +etwee' it6 differe't 4&rt6 &'d %&' 4&66
&mo'. differe't mole%)le60 *e 'ow %ome to )'der6t&'d & 4o66i+le
me%h&'i6m for +iolo.i%&l re.)l&tio' i'volvi'. flow6 of ele%tro'6 &'d
tr&'6fer of ele%tro'i% e'er.3 +etwee' mole%)le60 The6e %&' %h&'.e
their 6h&4e &'d there+3 %h&'.e their 64e%ifi% &%tio' &'d &%tivit30 The
f)6io' of ele%tro' %lo)d6 %&' e5i6t withi' & %o'>).&ted 636tem &'d
&mo'. %o'>).&ted 636tem60 Thi6 %&' &%%o)'t for %ohe6io' or the
&dhere'%e of 6)%h mole%)le6 to e&%h other0 9)%h f)6io' i6 & ver3
im4ort&'t determi'&te of the 6tr)%t)re of l& & of
mole%)le6 &'d 4ortio'6 of livi'. %ell6( 6)%h &6 mem+r&'e60

A li?)id %r36t&l i' & %ell thro).h it6 ow' 6tr)%t)re +e%ome6 & 4rotoC
or.&' for me%h&'i%&l &'d ele%tri%&l &%tivit3( &'d whe' &66o%i&ted i'
64e%i&li7ed %ell6 i' hi.her &'im&l6 .ive6 ri6e to tr)e or.&'6 6)%h &6
m)6%le6 &'d 'erve60 The orie'ted mole%)le6 i' li?)id %r36t&l6 f)r'i6h
&' ide&l medi)m for %&t&l3ti% &%tio'( 4&rti%)l&rl3 of the %om4le5 t34e
'eeded to &%%o)'t for .rowth &'d re4rod)%tio'0 A li?)id %r36t&l h&6
the 4o66i+ilit3 of it6 ow' 6tr)%t)re thro).h 6i'.)l&r li'e6( rod6 &'d
%o'e6( et%0 9)%h 6tr)%t)re6 +elo'. to the li?)id %r36t&l &6 & )'it &'d
'ot to it6 mole%)le6 whi%h m&3 +e re4l&%ed +3 other6 witho)t
de6tro3i'. them( &'d the3 4er6i6t i' 64ite of the %om4lete fl)idit3 of
the 6)+6t&'%e ANeedh&m( 19!KB0
Ber'&lI6 6t&teme't A19!!B wo)ld 6eem to 6)44ort B)rr &'d Northro4I6
m&%roC&tomi% theor3 A19!FB( whi%h 4o6t)l&te6 th&t there &re two
&64e%t6 to re&lit3( the field &'d the 4&rti%le0 The3 &66o%i&te the field
with wh&t the3 term the m&%ro6%o4i% &64e%t &'d the ele%tro' with the
4&rti%le0 The3 &66o%i&te the field with wh&t the3 term the m&%ro6%o4i%
&64e%t &'d the ele%tro' with the 4&rti%le0 The 4&rti%le i6 &66o%i&ted
with moveme't0 The 6tr)%t)re of +iolo.i%&l m&teri&l 6eem6 to +e
&66o%i&ted with the field &64e%t0 The ele%tri% field %&)6e6 4ol&ri7&tio'
of the m&%romole%)le6 i' the 6ol)tio' d)e to the f&%t th&t mole%)le6
4o66e66 & di4ole mome't( &'d %h&'.e6 the 4o6itio' of 4roto'6 i' the
mole%)le0 9)%h &%tio' %&' &ffe%t the rel&tive 6t&+ilit3 of differe't
4o66i+le %o'fi.)r&tio'6 of the m&%romole%)le60 The field &ffe%t6 the
de.ree of 6tr)%t)re 4re6e't i' the 6ol)tio'0
A %o'6t&'t m&.'eti% field %&'( i' 4ri'%i4le( &ffe%t the v&rio)6
4ro%e66e6 i' +iolo.i%&l o+>e%t60 Three 4o66i+le me%h&'i6m6 for thi6
+iom&.'eti% &ffe%t &re A1B the orie't&tio' of di&m&.'eti% or
4&r&m&.'eti% mole%)le6 +3 the m&.'eti% field A#B di6tortio'6 of the
&'.le6 i' the mole%)le6 &'d A!B orie't&tio' of the 64i'6 of mole%)le6 i'
& m&.'eti% field AFowler &'d Ber'&l( 19!!1 Freederi%/6 &'d Uoli'&(
19!!1 J&' Iter6o'( 19!!1 O6+or'e( Am+ro6e &'d 9t)&rt( 19$B0
Pre6m&' A19$B h&6 4o6t)l&ted th&t 6)%h ele%trom&.'eti% field6
'orm&ll3 6erve &6 %o've3or6 of i'form&tio'( from the e'viro'me't to
the or.&'i6m( withi' the or.&'i6m( &'d &mo'. or.&'i6m60 He
6)..e6t6 th&t or.&'i6m6 em4lo3 the6e field6 i' %o'>)'%tio' with the
well /'ow' 6e'6or3( 'ervo)6( &'d e'do%ri'e 636tem6( i' effe%ti'.
%oordi'&tio' &'d i'te.r&tio'0
M)6e6 A19$B h&6 4ro4o6ed the 4o66i+ilit3 of )'it im4)l6e f)'%tio'6
evolvi'. from the G&)66i&'0 Hi6 wor/ tr&%e6 the rel&tio' of th&t
m&them&ti%&l %o'%e4t to ?)&'t)m +iolo.i%&l i'determi'&%3 i' term6
of & 4ro%e66 of the mod)l&tio' of r&'dom fl)%t)&tio'6 +3 t&r.etC
6ee/i'. 4ert)r+&tio'6 whi%h 4oi't6 the w&3 to the )'der6t&'di'. &'d
%om4)ti'. of the 4&r&meter6 of volitio'&l e54erie'%e i' ?)&'t)m
+iolo.i%&l term60 He m&i't&i'6 th&t we &re de&li'. with G&)66i&'
w&ve 4&%/et6( 4)t to )6e i' term6 of & %lo6eCr&'.e re&%tio' i' t)r'
re6)lti'. i' the re6o'&'t mi%ro+iolo.i%&l 64e%ifi%it3 A&ri6i'. from the
rel&tivel3 l&r.e ')m+er of 64e%ifi% mole%)l&r 4&r&meter6B 'e%e66&r3 to
the e66e'ti&l life &'d evol)tio'&l 4ro%e66e6 of %hromo6ome 63'&46e6(
re4li%&tio'( &'d m)t&.e'e6i60
M)6e6 hold6 th&t i'here'tl3 i'determi'&te 4ro%e66e6 m&3 +e
+iolo.i%&ll3 )6ed i' &%hievi'. determi'&te o'e6 6)%h &6 o)r re4e&t&+le
&'d %ommo'l3 &%%e4ted volitio'&l e54erie'%e6 of effort &'d dire%tio'0
The r&'.e of ?)&'t)m i'determi'&te fl)%t)&tio' of +iolo.i%&l effi%&%3
i6 i' the f&r )ltr&violet( &'d it i6 i' thi6 64e%tr&l' th&t we 6ho)ld
e54e%t to loo/ for &'3 mod)l&tio' effe%t6 o' G&)66i&' w&ve 4&%/et6
+3 volitio'&l e'er.ie6 m&'ife6ti'. &6 )ltr&mi%ro+iolo.i%&l field
Biolo.i%&ll3( there i6 & thre6hold of 'o'Cr&'domi%it3 +elow whi%h
4e&/6 te'd to emer.e th&t &re 6h&r4 e'o).h to 4o66e66
+iodire%tive'e66 i' &' e'73meC.)idi'. 6e'6e0 R&'dom +iolo.i%&l
?)&'t)m e'er.ie6 whi%h &re 4h36iolo.i%&ll3 )'&66i.'ed &re the %l)e to
463%ho6om&ti% dire%ti'.( whi%h %&' +e +e'efi%i&l or deleterio)6 to the
or.&'i6m0 M)6e6 A19$B de6%ri+e6 the me%h&'i6m of thi6 effe%t &6 &
mi%ro+iol&6er t34e 4ro%e660
Hei6e'+er. e54lored the 4o66i+le relev&'%e of the ?)&'t)m
i'determi'&%3 of eleme't&r3 4&rti%le6 for +iolo.i%&l 636tem6(
e64e%i&ll3 h)m&' 636tem6 Adi6%)66ed i' 8oe6tler( 19#B0 He 6t&ted th&t
there &re two 4l&%e6 i' the h)m&' 636tem where the ?)&'t)m
i'determi'&%3 of & 6i'.le 4&rti%le %&' h&ve & 4rofo)'d i'fl)e'%e0 The
fir6t im4ort&'t effe%t i6 th&t of m)t&tio' i' the .e'eti% %ode0 The
6e%o'd im4ort&'t i'fl)e'%e i6 the &lter&tio' of the +eh&vior of 'e)ro'6
d)ri'. h)m&' tho).ht 4ro%e66e60
Tie' A19K9B h&6 %o'%e4t)&li7ed mi'd &6 m&66 i' rel&tive motio' &'d
+r&i' &6 e'er.3 &t rel&tive ele%tri%&l %h&r.e6 i' motio'( li/e ele%tro'6
+om+&rdi'. & televi6io' 6%ree'( &'d 4er6o'&lit3 i6 6ee' &6 & time
6erie6 of 6%i'till&ti'. fr&me6 of %o'6%io)6'e660 Per6o'&lit3 +e%ome6 &
rever+&ti'. i'4)tCo)t4)t 4&tter' of 6elfC%re&tio'( 6ee/i'. i'form&tio'
or 4&tter'6 of e'er.3 from the e'viro'me't &6 well &6 from it6 ow'
memorie60 The 6t&+ilit3 of &'3 .ive' 4er6o'&lit3 of it6 ide'tit3 i6
m&i't&i'ed +3 feed+&%/ )4o' the 4ri'%i4le of mo6t 6imil&rit30
The 4er6o'&lit3 'ever re%re&te6 it6elf( +)t %re&te6 o'l3 & %lo6e
&44ro5im&tio' whi%h i6 &%%e4ted d)e to the 4ri'%i4le of %o'6t&'%3 &6
+ei'. the 6&me0 The 4he'ome'& of )'i?)e i'divid)&lit3 &'d 4er6o'&l
%o'ti')it3 de4e'd o' memor3( of whi%h %o'6%io)6'e66 i6 the mo6t
re%e't &'d( there+3( the mo6t 6)+>e%t to er&6)re &'d loo6e'i'.0
Per6o'&lit3 tr&'6form&tio' +e%ome6 e'er.3 4&tter' modifi%&tio' of
'ot o'l3 6%i'till&ti'. %o'6%io)6'e66 +)t &l6o of re%e't %ir%)l&ti'.
memorie6 &'d older 6tored memorie6 of %hildhood0
A%%ordi'. to the holo.r&4hi% model of re&lit3( &ll the o+>e%t6 we %&'
o+6erve &re threeCdime'6io'&l im&.e6 formed of 6t&'di'. &'d movi'.
w&ve6 +3 ele%trom&.'eti% &'d ')%le&r 4ro%e66e60 All the o+>e%t6 of
o)r world &re threeCdime'6io'&l im&.e6 formed ele%troCm&.'eti%&ll3(
i0e0( holo.r&m60
Thi6 %o'%e4t &'d the model6 of h)m&' i'form&tio' 4ro%e66i'. +&6ed
o' the holo.r&m( throw i'tere6ti'. o' the 4hilo6o4hi%&l tr&ditio'
whi%h hold6 th&t the world of o+>e%t6 i6 &' ill)6io'0 *ith the tri)m4h
of rel&tivit3 &'d ?)&'t)m 4h36i%6( the i'ter4e'etr&tio' of the
4hilo6o4hi%&l &'d the 6%ie'tifi% i6 4o66i+le0
Le9h&' A19K9B h&6 o+6erved( i' di6%)66i'. 6ome i'divid)&l6 who
4)r4ortedl3 e54erie'%e 463%hoCe'er.eti% 4he'ome'&( th&t their view
of the )'iver6e &6 & .re&t tho).ht of whi%h the3 &re & 4&rt i6 ?)ite
6imil&r to m&'3 4h36i%i6t6I view th&t the3 6ee re&lit3 o'l3 i' their ow'
me't&l im&.e0
*e 4ro4o6e th&t the Hre&lit3 holo.r&mH whi%h &44e&r6 &6 & 6t&+le
world of m&teri&l o+>e%t6 i6 the eleme't&r3 4&rti%le whi%h h&6 & lo'.C
term e5i6te'%e &'d f&irl3 6im4le r)le6 of i'ter&%tio'0 *e &l6o 4ro4o6e
the e5i6te'%e of & H+ioholo.r&mH whi%h &44e&r6 &6 mo+ile &'d
evolvi'.( thro).h the =NA mole%)le0 Thi6 H+ioholo.r&mH 4ro>e%t6 &
d3'&mi% threeCdime'6io'&l im&.e th&t 6erve6 &6 & .)idi'. m&tri5 for
the m&'i4)l&tio' &'d or.&'i7&tio' of the Hre&lit3 holo.r&m0H AMiller(
*e++( =i%/6o'( 19!B0
Th)6 we h&ve mo+ile 6elfCor.&'i7i'. holo.r&m6 movi'. thro).h &
rel&tivel3 6t&ti% 6im4ler holo.r&m0 The 4o66i+ilit3 e5i6t6 th&t 6)%h
H+ioholo.r&m6H %o)ld &%hieve 6)ffi%ie't %ohere'%e to %o'ti')e
e5i6te'%e &6 & 4&tter' of r&di&'t e'er.3 &4&rt from & m&teri&l
6)+6tr&te0 *e feel th&t 6)%h &' o%%)rre'%e %o)ld form the 6%ie'tifi%
+&6i6 of 6)%h 463%hoe'er.eti% 4he'ome'& &6 463%hoC/i'e6i6(
%l&irvo3&'%e( tele4&th3( &'d 4re%o.'itio'0
Q)&'t)m holo.r&4h3 &66ert6 th&t =NA 6&ti6fie6 the 4ri'%i4le of
%om4)ter %o'6tr)%tio' &6 defi'ed +3 Jo' Ne)m&'' A19KKB0 It %&rrie6
& %o43 of it6elf &'d i6 it6 ow' +l)e4ri't writte' i' the .e'eti% te5t6
where the me%h&'i6m e'.i'eeri'. the =NA re4li%&tio' i6 the
+io4hoto'i% ele%trom&.'eti% field( while the Hletter6H of the .e'eti%
te5t6( A( G( :( U &re held i'v&ri&'t0 I' re4li%&tio' of the or.&'i6m(
the +l)e4ri't %re&te6 the H&%o)6ti% fieldH whi%h me%h&'i%&ll3
%o'6tr)%t6Se'.i'eer6 the or.&'i6m6 o)t of the &v&il&+le m&tter( i'
&%%ord&'%e with the i'form&tio' held i' the ele%trom&.'eti% field
Both ?)&'t)m e't&'.leme't &'d therefore ?)&'t)m tele4ort&tio' %&'
+e rel&ted to ?)&'t)m holo.r&4h3( thro).h 6olito'6( re6o'&'%e effe%t6(
&'d 6)4er%o'd)%tivit30
<54erime't&l evide'%e %o'firm6 th&t the m)t)&l re%o.'itio' of o'e
=NA &'ti4&r&llel h&lf %h&i' AVB +3 the other ACB %o'%er'6 64e%i&l 6)4er
4er6i6te'tSre6o'&'t &%o)6ti%Cele%trom&.'eti% w&ve6 or 6olito'60 =NA
6olito'6 e54re66 two t34e6 of memor3 whi%h %o'%er' the %&4&+ilit3 of
'o'Cli'e&r 636tem6 to remem+er i'iti&l mode6 of e'er.i6&tio' &'d to
4eriodi%&ll3 re4e&t them Q=)+oi6( 199#R0 The =NA li?)id %r36t&l6
withi' the %hromo6ome 6tr)%t)re form 6)%h & 'o'Cli'e&r 636tem0 The
=NAC%o'ti'))m i6 ?)&6iCholo.r&4hi%Sfr&%t&l &'d rel&te6( &6 i6 the %&6e
for &'3 holo.r&m or fr&%t&l( to the f)'d&me't&l 4ro4ert3 of
+io636tem6( i0e0 their &+ilit3 to re6tore the whole o)t of the 4&rt0
=NA 6olit&r3 w&ve6 A6olito'6B( &'d i' 4&rti%)l&r( the ')%leotide w&ve6
of o6%ill&tor3 rot&tio'( Hre&dH the .e'omeI6 6i.' 4&tter'6( 6o th&t 6)%h
6i.' vi+r&tor3 d3'&mi%6 m&3 +e %o'6idered &6 o'e of m&'3 .e'omi%(
'o'Cli'e&r d3'&mi% 6emioti% 4ro%e66e60 The /e3 4&r&meter of 6)%h
4&tter'6 i6 fr&%t&lit30 It %&' therefore +e h34othe6i7ed th&t the
.r&mm&r of .e'eti% te5t6 i6 & 64e%i&l %&6e of the .e'er&l .r&mm&r of
&ll h)m&' l&'.)&.e60 *e %&' re&li7e the w&veC%odi'. %&4&+ilitie6 of
the m&tterCw&ve 6i.' f)'%tio'6 of =NA &6 tr)e w&ve %o'trol
%&4&+ilitie6 f&%ilit&te6 i' &' &?)eo)6 6ol)tio' &%ti'. &6 & li?)idC%r36t&l
%o'ditio'0 The livi'. %ell i6 & %om4)ter +&6ed o' =NA0
The .e'ome h&6 +ee' ide'tified &6 &' &%tive Hl&6erCli/eH
e'viro'me't0 Yet thi6 &44ro&%h to =NACw&ve +io%om4)t&tio' me&'6
e'teri'. i'to 'ew 6emioti% &re&6 of the h)m&' .e'ome &'d the
+io64here i' .e'er&l0 The6e &re the &re&6 whi%h &re )6ed +3 N&t)re to
%re&te h)m&'/i'd0 The ?)&6iC64ee%h of %hromo6ome6 of &ll
or.&'i6m6 %o'%er'6 6em&'ti% e5o+iolo.i%&l i'fl)e'%e6 wherei' =NA
&%t6 &6 & /i'd of &eri&l o4e' to the re%e4tio' of i'ter'&l i'fl)e'%e6 &'d
%h&'.e6 withi' the or.&'i6m &6 well &6 tho6e o)t6ide it0 Thi6 e5te'd6
+e3o'd it to the e5te't of the e'tire )'iver6e thro).h %om4le5 fr&%t&l
em+eddi'. &'d 'o'Clo%&lit30
:re&tio' of +io%om4)ter6 %&' +e +&6ed o' the6e tot&ll3 'ew 4ri'%i4le6
of =NACw&ve +io%om4)t&tio'( whi%h )6e ?)&'t)m tele4ort&tio'
Q9)d+)r3( 199R( A6ee &l6o 9%iAmer o' ?)&'t)m tele4ort&tio'B0
<54erime't6 6how th&t =NA %o'6idered &6 & li?)idC%r36t&l .elCli/e
6t&te( reve&l6 & 4eriodi%&ll3 reo%%)rri'. 4&tter' whi%h &%t6 o' the
i'%omi'. i' the m&''er of & 6olito'i% l&tti%e0 *h&t %o)ld 6)%h
&' &%tio' &%hieveM
A 6olito' i6 &' )ltr& 6t&+le w&ve tr&i' ofte' with & 6eemi'.l3 6im4le
%lo6ed 6h&4e( whi%h %&' &ri6e i' the %o'te5t of 'o'Cli'e&r w&ve
o6%ill&tio'60 Re&ll3 it %o'6i6t6 of & r&ther %om4le5l3 i'terrel&ted
&66em+l3 of 6)+ w&ve 6tr)%t)re6( whi%h /ee4 the whole 6oloto'i%
4ro%e66 i' & 6t&tio'&r3 6t&te over & %om4&r&tivel3 lo'. time0 The
6olito' i6 'either & 4&rti%le 'or w&ve i' m)%h the 6&me &6 & ?)&'t)m
i6 %h&r&%teri7ed +3 w&veC4&rti%le d)&lit30 It i6 & me&'6 to %&rr3
i'form&tio'0 It 4ro+&+l3 re&d6 the %odo'6( &6 & tr&velli'. Hwi'dowH
th&t o4e'6 i' the do)+le heli5 6tr)%t)re &6 the re&di'. t&/e6 4l&%e0 I'
thi6 model the re&di'. 4ro%e66 i6 & %om4le5 me%h&'i%&l o6%ill&tor
AG&ri&ev( 199GB( %&4&+le of 4rod)%i'. 6olito'i% w&ve tr&'6mi66io'6(
whi%h t&/e the form of & 636tem of rot&r3 4e'd)l)m60
=NA form6 6)%h 4e'd)l)m6 i' thi6 model whi%h &re 6im)l&ted &6 &
%h&i' of 'o'Cli'e&r o6%ill&tor60 The wi'dow &6 it tr&vel6 i6 hi.hl3
%o'te5t de4e'de't o' the &%t)&l l&3o)t of the eleme't6 &6 64e%ified +3
the &%t)&l .e'eti% %ode 6e?)e'%e i'volved0 :om4le5 d3'&mi% 4&tter'6
&ri6e i' the 'o'Cli'e&r %ov&le't %o''e%tio'6 +etwee' ')%leotide60
O6%ill&tor3 &%tivitie6 &re lo%&ted 6omewhere to.ether i' the H&%o)6ti%H
w&ve dom&i'0
A6 & li?)id %r36t&l( =NA 4ro+&+l3 i'fl)e'%e6 the 4ol&ri7&tio' of the
we&/ emi66io' /'ow' to e5i6t i' %ell6( &6 6oC%&lled +io4hoto'60
9)%h +io4hoto'i%( mito.e'i% r&di&tio' or mito.e'i% while +ei'.
)ltr&we&/( i6 3et hi.hl3 %ohere't0 It h&6 &' i'here't l&6erCli/e
?)&lit30 <'do.e'o)6 i'tr&%ell)l&r %ohere't i6 emitted +3 the
=NA mole%)le it6elf0
The 6)4er4o6ed %ohere't w&ve6 of differe't t34e6 i' the %ell6 &re
i'ter&%ti'. to form diffr&%tio' 4&tter'6( fir6t i' the H&%o)6ti%H dom&i'
&'d the' i' the ele%trom&.'eti% dom&i'0 Thi6 i6 & /i'd of ?)&'t)m
holo.r&m0 I'ter&%tio'6 of 6olito'i% o6%ill&tio'6 i' the li?)id %r36t&l
6tr)%t)re of =NA &'d the 4ol&ri7&tio' ve%tor of the )ltr&we&/
+io4hoto'i% hi.hl3 %ohere't %o)ld +e )'der6tood &6 &
me%h&'i6m of tr&'6l&tio' +etwee' holo.r&m6 i' the H&%o)6ti%H
fre?)e'%3 dom&i' of 6hort r&'.e effe%t6 &'d tho6e i' the
ele%trom&.'eti% dom&i'( &'d vi%e ver6&0
Q)&'t)m holo.r&4h3 h&6 +ee' )6ed to 4redi%t the wor/i'.6 of MRI
A9%hem44( 199#(199EB0 The =NACw&ve +io%om4)ter model i6 &l6o i'
&.reeme't with the ?)+it model e54l&'&tio' of =NA0
I' the ?)&'t)m holo.r&4hi% =NACw&ve +io%om4)ter theor3( =NA i6 &
6elfC%&li+r&ti'. &'te''& wor/i'. +3 4h&6e %o'>).&te &d&4tive
re6o'&'%e %&4&+le of +oth re%eivi'. &'d tr&'6mitti'. ?)&'t)m
holo.r&4hi% i'form&tio' 6tored i' the form of diffr&%tio' 4&tter'6 CC
?)&'t)m holo.r&m60 The model de6%ri+e6 how d)ri'. the
develo4me't of &' em+r3o of the =NAI6 or.&'i6m( the6e holo.r&4hi%
4&tter'6 %&rr3 the e66e'ti&l holo.r&4hi% i'form&tio' 'e%e66&r3 for
th&t develo4me't0
The ?)&'t)m holo.r&4hi% theor3 re?)ire6 th&t the =NA %o'6i6t6 of
two &'ti4&r&llel A4h&6e %o'>).&teB heli%e6( +etwee' whi%h &re lo%&ted
holo.r&m 4l&'e6Sholo.r&4hi% .r&ti'.6( where the 'e%e66&r3 ! 64&ti&l
dime'6io'&l holo.r&4hi% im&.e d&t& of the or.&'i6m i6 6tored0
<'do.e'o)6 l&6er ill)mi'&tio' %&' +e e54e%ted to t)r' the =NA i'to &
6erie6 of &%tive &d&4tive 4h&6e %o'>).&te mirror6Sholo.r&4hi%
tr&'6d)%er60 A +e&m of r&di&tio' re6o'&'tl3 emer.e6 o' whi%h i6
%&rried the holo.r&4hi% i'form&tio' &6 e'%oded i' the =NA0 Thi6
%o'firm6 the ?)&'t)m holo.r&4hi% 4redi%tio' th&t =NA f)'%tio'6 &6
&' &'te''& %&4&+le of +oth e'%odi'. &'d de%odi'. holo.r&4hi%
*e %&' &l6o model the ?)&'t)m holo.r&4h3 of the 'e)ro'0 Thi6
model i6 i' .ood &%%ord with the +iolo.i%&l 'e)ro'I6 i'form&tio'
4ro%e66i'. mor4holo.3 &'d 6i.'&l d3'&mi%60 Thi6 i6 the ?)&'t)m
holo.r&4hi% model of the +r&i' &6 & %o'6%io)6 636tem0 *e %&'
i'%or4or&te 6i.'&l theor3 i'to ?)&'t)m 4h36i%6 thro).h the %o'%e4t
of the 4ilot w&ve or r&d&r0
Q)&'t)m holo.r&4h3 4redi%t6 4ol&ri7ed or ortho.o'&ll3 rot&ted
holo.r&m6 e'%oded o' & H4&.edH &66o%i&tive holo.r&4hi% memor30
9h&r4 fre?)e'%3 &d&4tive %o)4li'. %o'ditio'6 64e%if3 ver3 '&rrow
64e%tr&l wi'dow6( i0e0 the H4&.e60H HM&.i% wi'dow6H &re & '&t)r&ll3
t)'ed fre?)e'%3 of & .ood h34er%h&''el +etwee' ortho.o'&l fr&me6
where 6%&l&r w&ve &'e'er.ie6 %ro66t&l/ re&dil30 The3 &re fre?)e'%3
de4e'de't i'terdime'6io'&l 'od&l 4oi't60 9ome m&.i% wi'dow6 &re
!ECG$ lH71 1F$C1K$ /H71 101C10! MH71 10$F AL&m+6hiftB &'d the 'e&r
)ltr&violet Alife e'er.3 fre?)e'%3B( ABe&rdo'( 19EEB0
=e6%ri+ed i' term6 of te'6or m)lti4li%&tio'( the orth.o'&lit3 %o'ditio'
%&' +e 6ee' &6 64e%if3i'. & 6et of di&.o'&l eleme't6( whi%h tr&%e6 i' &
)'it m&tri5 i' the fre?)e'%3 dom&i'0 The 4l&'e6 o' whi%h the +&6e
4&iri'. t&/e6 4l&%e %o'%er'6 two ?)&'t)m holo.r&m60 The te'6or
o4er&tio'( i' ?)&'t)m holo.r&4h3( de6%ri+e6 & ?)&'t)m
M)rr&3 GellCM&'' de6%ri+e6 ?)&'t)m e't&'.leme't i' The Auar5
and the Baguar A199GB0 He fir6t 4oi't6 o)t th&t %o&r6e .r&i'i'. %&'
w&6h o)t i'terfere'%e term60 The i'terfere'%e term6 +etwee' two
%o&r6eC.r&i'ed hi6torie6 i6 the 6)m of &ll the i'terfere'%e term6
+etwee' 4&ir6 of fi'eC.r&i'ed hi6torie6 +elo'.i'. to tho6e two %o&r6eC
.r&i'ed o'e60 The )'derl3i'. e54l&'&tio' for de%ohere'%e i6 the
me%h&'i6m th&t m&/e6 i'terfere'%e term6 6)m to 7ero &'d 4ermit6
the &66i.'me't of 4ro+&+ilitie60 It i6 the e't&'.leme't of wh&t i6
followed i' the %o&r6eC.r&i'ed hi6torie6 with wh&t i6 i.'ored &'d
6)mmed over0
There &re'It +)t & few /'ow' for%e6 i' '&t)re &'d we &re &ll 6t)%/
whe' it %ome6 to fi'di'. o)t wh&t their &%t)&l 6o)r%e6 &re0 The +e6t
4h36i%6 h&6 +ee' &+le to do i6 &6%ri+e them to 6ome f)'d&me't&l
%h&r&%teri6ti%6 of the )'iver6e( & %h&r.e of 6ome /i'd0 Th&tI6 wh3 we
%&' more &+6tr&%tl3 view & for%e &6 the v&ri&tio' of & %ert&i' 4ote'ti&l
&'d therefore 4r&%ti%&ll3 ever3 i'fl)e'%e field %&' +e tho).ht of &6 &
for%e field0 Thi6 4ote'ti&l %&' +e & 6%&l&r &6 i' the %&6e of :o)lom+I6
l&w1 & ve%tor &6 i' the %&6e of the ele%trom&.'eti% ve%tor 4ote'ti&l
whi%h 'e&tl3 6tre&mli'e6 the m&them&ti%6 of M&5wellI6 e?)&tio'61 or(
eve' & te'6or( whi%h i6 the %&6e of the metri% te'6or of the Riem&''
64&%e i' <i'6tei'I6 GTR e?)&tio'60
There i6 & 4redomi'&'%e of 'o'Cli'e&r 4ro%e66e6 i' +iolo.i%&l
636tem60 9ever&l t34e6 of ?)&6iC4&rti%le6( e&%h with their ow'
%h&r&%teri6ti% re6o'&'t fre?)e'%ie6 h&ve +ee' 4ro4o6ed to medi&te
the6e 'o'Cli'e&r 4he'ome'o'( i'%l)di'. 6olito'6( e5%ito'6( &'d
4l&6mo'60 The fre?)e'%ie6 of 'o'Cli'e&r e'er.ie6 h&ve
4rofo)'d he&li'. 4ro4ertie6( &%%ordi'. to 9t&'ford re6e&r%her =r0
Gle' Rei'0 =)e to the 'o'Cli'e&r '&t)re of +iolo.i%&l 636tem6 it i6
4ro4o6ed th&t 6%&l&r w&ve6 6ho)ld +e more +iolo.i%&ll3 &%tive th&'
their li'e&r ele%trom&.'eti% %o)'ter4&rt60
(n the simplest cases, scalar resonance can be imagined
as two ordinary single-fre$uency .- standing waves in a
resonant cavity, with the two waves coupled exactly C1D
degrees out of phase so that --externally--their . fields
sum to zero and the capacity is said to be in scalar
resonance. The cavity walls must act as phase con"ugate
mirrors 3+<-4. -ass itself is simply a standing scalar
resonance, with the standing walls tapped by particle
spin. The atomic nucleus continually bombarded by
virtual photon flux from the vacuum is a pumped +<-.
,ince the nucleus is positively charged, it produces +hase
<on"ugate +eplicators 3+<6s4, having negative energy
and negative time. (t thus produces negentropy, which
prevents the entropic decay of the atom. .ssentially all
fre$uencies can be and are present at once, but certain
nuclear resonance fre$uencies are thought to
predominate. &y increasing the amplitude of the
standing scalar wave that is the nuclear pseudopotential,
inertia and mass of the nucleus are increased. Eeroing
the amplitude dematerializes the nucleus. ABe&rdo'(
9o( 6%&l&r e'er.3 i6 tr&'6d)%ed i'to li'e&r ele%trom&.'eti% e'er.3 i'
the +od3 +3 li?)id %r36t&l6 i' the %ell mem+r&'e &'d 6olid %r36t&l6
fo)'d i' the +lood &'d i' 6ever&l +iolo.i%&l ti66)e60 :li'i%&l 6t)die6 of
the effe%t6 of 6%&l&r e'er.3 o' the mi'dC+od3 &'d +r&i'w&ve6 h&ve
+ee' %o'd)%ted 6i'%e the 19E$60 If the3 %&' +e +elieved( re6e&r%h from
9t&'ford U'iver6it3 Medi%&l :e'ter 4rod)%ed 6ome t&'t&li7i'.
<le%tro%hemi%&l o6%ill&tio' +etwee' mem+r&'eC+o)'d li4id6 'e&r
4h&6eCtr&'6itio' tem4er&t)re h&ve +ee' &'&l37ed with &'d de6%ri+ed
+3 'o'li'e&r ?)&'t)m me%h&'i%&l e?)&tio'60 The3 &l6o &'&l37ed the
%o)4li'. +etwee' h&rmo'i% o6%ill&tor6 re4re6e'ted +3 &%tio'
4ote'ti&l6 .e'er&ted from &%tive 'e)ro'&l 'etwor/6 i' the %e'tr&l
'ervo)6 636tem( fi'di'. evide'%e of %h&o60 The e5tr&%tio' of 6%&l&r
%om4o'e't6 from M&5wellI6 ori.i'&l ele%trom&.'eti% e?)&tio'6 &'d
from 9%hrodi'.erI6 e?)&tio' )6i'. im&.i'&r3 ')m+er6 h&6 +ee'
re4orted( &'d their )')6)&l 'o'Cli'e&r w&ve6 de6%ri+ed +3 m&'3
A :r36t&lli'e Tr&'6d)%tio' Theor3 h&6 +ee' 4)t forth to e54l&i' the
i'ter&%tive me%h&'i6m of 6%&l&r w&ve6 with +iolo.i%&l 636tem60
A'other 4o66i+ilit3 i6 tr&'6d)%tio' i' mi%rot)+)le6 di64er6ed
thro).ho)t the whole or.&'i6m0 Ti66)e %)lt)re 6t)die6 im4l3 th&t the
&%tio' of 6%&l&r6 o' +iolo.i%&l 636tem6 i6 more th&' & 4l&%e+o effe%t
medi&ted +3 the +r&i'Smi'd( 6)%h &6 6tre66( mood6 or +elief60 9tr&3
<M e'er.3 i' the &m+ie't &tmo64here m&/e6 it diffi%)lt to 6t)d3 the
he&li'. 4ro4ertie6 of 6%&l&r e'er.ie6 i' & %li'i%&l 6etti'.0
:li'i%&l he&li'. 6ometime6 o%%)rred 6ever&l mo'th6 &fter i'iti&l
e54o6)re to the 6%&l&r w&ve60 It i6 /'ow' th&t the +r&i' &'d +od3(
e&%h the imm)'e 636tem( %omm)'i%&te +idire%tio'&ll30 Th)6( & dire%t
&%tio' of 6%&l&r e'er.3 o' the +od3 %o)ld %&)6e & 6)+6e?)e't %h&'.e
i' +r&i' 6t&te0 Therefore <<G 6t)die6 do 'ot i'di%&te whether 6%&l&r
e'er.3 &l6o effe%t6 the +od3 dire%tl3 or whether the +r&i' &'d the
+od3 &re +oth &ffe%ted0 <ve' if 6%&l&r e'er.3 dire%tl3 &ffe%t6
i'divid)&l %ell6( it m&3 &l6o &ffe%t the mi'd re6)lti'. i' &' &ltered
463%holo.i%&l o)tloo/ whi%h re6)lt6 i' %li'i%&l im4roveme't0
=r0 Mi%h&el Per6i'.er A19EB w&6 the fir6t 4er6o' to te6t the effe%t6 of
6%&l&r e'er.3 )6i'. i6ol&ted %ell60 The 6%&l&r w&ve6 were .e'er&ted +3
4&rti&ll3 %&'%eli'. two vorte5Ct34e m&.'eti% field6 A$09H7( 1$4TB +3
i'ter6e%ti'. them i' the &ir0 The +iolo.i%&l e'd4oi't( de.r&')l&tio' of
m&6t %ell6( w&6 i'%re&6ed +3 the 6%&l&r field60 =r0 P)h&ri%h( i' &'other
6t)d3( .rew ti66)e 6&m4le6 of <0 :oli( &'d dete%ted &' i'%re&6ed
&%tivit3 of )+i?)ito'e( & 4rotei' i'volved i' =NA re4&ir0 The6e re6)lt6
i'di%&te th&t 6%&l&r e'er.3 %&' h&ve & dire%t effe%t &t the 6)+%ell)l&r
level &6 well &6 & dire%t effe%t o' the imm)'e 636tem0
A'other 4ro>e%t dete%ted &' effe%t of 6%&l&r e'er.3 o'
'e)rotr&'6mitter f)'%tio'( whi%h mimi%/ed the effe%t of
&'tide4re66&'t medi%&tio'0 9%&l&r6 &44e&r to mod)l&te the +&6i%
+io%hemi%&l %omm)'i%&tio' +etwee' 'erve %ell6 medi&ted +3
'e)rotr&'6mitter60 :)lt)red 'erve %ell6 %&lled P: 1# %ell6 were
i6ol&ted from r&t6( &'d the f)'%tio'&l 4ro4ertie6 of 'or&dre'&li'e
rele&6e from P: 1# %ell6 w&6 6how' to +e i'%re&6ed +3 & F$$H7
mo'o4ol&r 6?)&re w&ve( &'d 'or&dre'&li'e )4t&/e w&6 i'hi+ited +3 &
1FH7 +io4ol&r 6?)&re w&ve( ARei'B0
Nor&dre'&li'e )4t&/e w&6 %ho6e' +e%&)6e it i6 dire%tl3 medi&ted +3
the 4l&6m& mem+r&'e vi& &' i'tr&mem+r&'e 4rotei' %&rrier0 The
4l&6m& mem+r&'e( with it6 li?)idC%r36t&l 6tr)%t)re( i6 the %riti%&l
%ell)l&r +&rrier whi%h i'terf&%e6 with the %hemi%&l &'d
ele%trom&.'eti% e'viro'me't0 9i'%e other i'tr&mem+r&'e 4rotei'6
6how 'o'Cli'e&r 4ro4ertie6( the 4l&6m& mem+r&'e i6 & li/el3 t&
for 6%&l&r e'er.30
The 4h36iolo.i%&l f)'%tio' of %&rrier medi&ted 'e)rotr&'6mitter
)4t&/e i6 to remove e5%e66 'e)rotr&'6mitter from the 63'&4ti% %left
&fter it6 rele&6e from 4re63'&4ti% 'erve60 Th)6( i'hi+iti'. )4t&/e
re6)lt6 i' the &%%)m)l&tio' of the 'e)rotr&'6mitter i' the 63'&4ti%
%left0 Thi6 i6 the me%h&'i6m of &%tio' of tri%3%li% &'tide4re66&'t6(
6i'%e the3 i'hi+it 'or&dre'&li'e )4t&/e0
=e4re66io' i6 &66o%i&ted with de%re&6ed 'or&dre'&li'e level60 Rei'
e54o6ed %o'fl)e't mo'ol&3er %)lt)re of P:1# %ell6 to 'or&dre'&li'e i'
the 4re6e'%e or &+6e'%e of 6%&l&r e'er.30 After !$ mi')te6( the %ell6
were w&6hed &'d %e'trif).ed&'d 'or&dre'&li'e )4t&/e me&6)red0
Over&ll( )4t&/e w&6 i'hi+ited +3 190F@ i' the 4re6e'%e of the 6%&l&r
field &6 %om4&red with the %o'trol v&l)e o+t&i'ed i' it6 &+6e'%e0 Thi6
i6 & 6i.'ifi%&'t 6t&ti6ti%&l differe'%e of 4 $0$10
Re6e&r%her6 thi'/ & wide v&riet3 of 4h36iolo.i%&l %h&'.e6 %o)ld +e
%re&ted re6)lti'. i' im4roveme't of & v&riet3 of %li'i%&l di6e&6e6( o'l3
o'e of whi%h %o)ld +e de4re66io'0 9%&l&r e'er.3 %&' h&ve & dire%t
effe%t o' the %ell mem+r&'e0 Re6e&r%her6 w&'t to te6t whether
di6e&6ed %ell6 &re 4refere'ti&ll3 6e'6itive to 6%&l&r e'er.31 &'d wh&t
%h&r&%teri7e6 it6 me%h&'i6m6 of &%tio'0

<r'e6t Ro66i A19991 #$$#B h&6 develo4ed & 4erti'e't %re&tivit3
h34othe6i6; O<'ri%hi'. life e54erie'%e6 th&t evo/e 463%ho+iolo.i%&l
&ro)6&l with 4o6itive f&6%i'&tio' &'d fo%)6ed &tte'tio' d)ri'. %re&tive
mome't6 of &rt( m)6i%( d&'%e( dr&m&( h)mor( 64irit)&lit3( ')mi'o6it3(
&we( >o3( e54e%t&tio'( &'d 6o%i&l rit)&l6 %&' evo/e immedi&te e&rl3
.e'e 4rotei' %&6%&de6 to o4timi7e +r&i' .rowth( mi'd+od3
%omm)'i%&tio'( &'d he&li'.0P
;/The2 psychotherapeutic approach can contribute to
psychobiological arousal, enrichment and relaxationF it
may be possible to help people find optimal levels of
mental stimulation to facilitate actual growth in the
hippocampus of their brain to encode new memory,
learning and behavior...optimizing psychobiological
growth and healing.>
Ro66i A1999B de6%ri+e6 & mi'dS+od3 %omm)'i%&tio' %h&''el th&t i6
4erti'e't i' th&t it m&3 de6%ri+e &'other w&3 'e)r&l 4l&6ti%it3 &'d
he&li'. m&'ife6t6 from R<M0 He de6%ri+e6 how immedi&teCe&rl3
.e'e6 A&l6o %&lled OPrim&r3 Re64o'6e Ge'e6P or third me66e'.er6B
4l&3 & %e'tr&l role i' the d3'&mi%6 of w&/i'.( 6lee4i'.( dre&mi'.( &'d
mi'dC+od3 he&li'. &t the %ell)l&r level0
There i6 evide'%e th&t Oimmedi&teCe&rl3 .e'e6 AI<G6B f)'%tio' &6
medi&tor6 of i'form&tio' tr&'6d)%tio' +etwee' 463%holo.i%&l
e54erie'%e( +eh&vior&l 6t&te6( &'d .e'e e54re66io'0 A wide r&'.e of
+eh&vior&l 6t&teCrel&ted .e'e e54re66io' Afrom rel&5&tio'( h3'o6i6 &'d
6lee4 to hi.h &ro)6&l( 4erform&'%e( 6tre66 &'d tr&)m&B %)lmi'&te i'
the 4rod)%tio' of 'ew 4rotei'6 or homeo6t&6i6( 4h36i%&l &'d
463%ho6o%i&l &d&4t&tio'0P
Beh&vior&l 6t&te6 mod)l&te %ert&i' 4&tter'6 of .e'e e54re66io'0
I'ter&%tio' +etwee' the .e'eti% &'d +eh&vior&l level6 i6 & two w&3
6treet0 Ge'e6 &'d +eh&vior &re rel&ted i' %3+er'eti% loo46 of mi'dC
+od3 %omm)'i%&tio'0 How doe6 thi6 rel&te( for e5&m4le( to m&'i%
A loo/ &t the 636tem6 rel&ted to I<G6( 6how6 th&t the3 &ffe%t &ll the
636tem6 di6r)4ted i' +i4ol&r di6order0 The3 &re e54re66ed %o'ti')&ll3
i' re64o'6e to hormo'e me66e'.er mole%)le6 medi&ti'. 4ro%e66e6 of
&d&4t&tio' to e5tr&%ell)l&r 6i.'&l6 &'d 6tim)li0 <5tr&%ell)l&r 6tim)li
%ome from the o)t6ide e'viro'me't( i'%l)di'. tem4er&t)re( food(
6e5)&l %)e6( 463%ho6o%i&l 6tre66( 4h36i%&l tr&)m&( &'d to5i'60 I<G6
&re f)'d&me't&l i' the 6lee4Cw&/e %3%le( &44etite re.)l&tio'( 6e5)&l
re64o'6e( &'d re&%tio'6 to 6tre66( tr&)m&( &'d to5i'6 ARo66i( 19EK1
19991 #$$#B0
There &re 4er6i6te't &lter&tio'6 i' I<G e54re66io' i' the 4ro%e66 of
&d&4tive +eh&vior o' &ll level6 from the 6e5)&l &'d emotio'&l to the
%o.'itive0 The3 %&' tr&'6d)%e rel&tivel3 +rief 6i.'&l6 from the
e'viro'me't i'to e'd)ri'. %h&'.e6 i' the 4h36i%&l 6tr)%t)re of the
develo4i'. 'ervo)6 636tem &6 well &6 it6 4l&6ti%it3 i' the form of
memor3 &'d le&r'i'. thro).ho)t life0 If e5ter'&l %)e6 %&' mod)l&te
%ell f)'%tio' thro).h re.)l&tio' of .e'e e54re66io'( thi6 %o)ld &l6o +e
tr)e for i'ter'&l %)e60
I<G6 &re &l6o f)'d&me't&l i' the re.)l&tio' of R<MCo'( R<MCoff
'e)ro'6( 'e)ro'&l 'etwor/6 th&t &re &66o%i&ted with R<M 6lee4 &'d
dre&mi'.0 Th&t m&/e6 them 6i.'ifi%&'t &6 mole%)le6 whi%h %&'
mod)l&te mi'd( emotio'6( le&r'i'. &'d +eh&vior0 The3 i'fl)e'%e the
rh3thm of the '&t)r&l he&li'. 4ro%e66 &'d %ir%&di&' &'d )ltr&di&'
rh3thm6 of the +od3( i' .e'er&l0 Ultr&di&' rh3thm6 &re tho6e 6horter
th&' the #GCho)r %ir%&di&' rh3thm6 ARo66i1 :hee/( 19EEB0
Milto' <ri%/6o' di6%overed th&t hi6 ther&43 6e66io'6 )6)&ll3 too/
from o'e &'d & h&lf to two ho)r6 to %ome to '&t)r&l %lo6)re0 L&ter it
w&6 di6%overed th&t thi6 deli'e&te6 the '&t)r&l wor/ %3%le th&t i6
h&rmo'io)6 with o)r ow' i'ter'&l rh3thm60 I<G6 mod)l&te thi6
4ro%e660 Thi6 )ltr&di&' time fr&me i6 rel&ted to the &%tiv&tio' or
de&%tiv&tio' of the e54re66io' of 64e%ifi% .e'e6 &'d %&' o%%)r i' &
m&tter of ho)r6 or eve' mi')te60
;-ost arousing environmental stimuli that have been
studied can induce immediate-early genes within minutes,
their concentrations typically pea5 within fifteen to
twenty minutes and their effects are usually over within
an hour or two. These time parameter (.* expressions
and their ultimate translation into the formation of new
proteins correspond to the parameters of a complete wor5
cycle of mind-body communication and healing. The
changes in gene transcription and new protein formation
initiated in this time frame, however, can lead to lasting
changes in the central nervous system by converting short
term memory to long lasting learning by the process of
long term potentiation. . .the activation or deactivation of
the expression of specific genes can occur in a matter of
hours or even minutes.?36ossi, CGGG4.
Thi6 me%h&'i6m &66e66e6 the d)r&tio' &'d i'te'6it3 of 4rior w&/i'.
&'dSor the homeo6t&ti% or e5e%)tive me%h&'i6m6 th&t +ri'. &+o)t
6lee40 9lee4 de4riv&tio' le&d6 to & wide v&riet3 of 463%hoti% &'d 'o'C
463%hoti% 63m4tom60 Thi6 636tem i6 &l6o &66o%i&ted with the 'e)ro'&l
'etwor/ &66o%i&ted with the d3'&mi%6 of R<M 6lee40 =e4riv&tio' of
R<M &'d dre&mi'. %re&te6 it6 ow' 4he'ome'olo.30
;The study of (.*s indicates that sleep and wa5e, as well
as synchronized and desynchronized sleep, are
characterized by different genomic expressions, the level
of (.*s being high during wa5e and low during sleep.
,uch fluctuation of gene expression is not ubi$uitous but
occurs in certain cell populations in the brain.
Thus...(.* induction may reveal the activation of neural
networ5s in different behavioral states. Do the areas in
which (.*s oscillate during sleep and wa5e subserve
specific roles in the regulation of these physiological
states and a general Hresetting8 of behavioral stateI (s
gene induction a clue to understanding the alternation of
sleep and wa5e, and of 6.- and non-6.- sleepI>
36ossi, CGGG4.
I' Ro66iD6 =re&mCProtei' H34othe6i6( O'ew e54erie'%e i6 e'%oded +3
me&'6 of 4rotei' 63'the6i6 i' +r&i' ti66)e000dre&mi'. i6 & 4ro%e66 of
463%ho4h36iolo.i%&l .rowth th&t i'volve6 the 63'the6i6 or modifi%&tio'
of 4rotei' 6tr)%t)re6 i' the +r&i' th&t 6erve &6 the or.&'i% +&6i6 for
'ew develo4me't6 i' the 4er6o'&lit3000'ew 4rotei'6 &re 63'the6i7ed i'
6ome +r&i' 6tr)%t)re6 &66o%i&ted with R<M dre&m 6lee40P
Ro66i .e'er&li7e6 the dre&mC4rotei' h34othe6i6( Oto i'%l)de &ll 6t&te6
of %re&tivit3 &66o%i&ted with the 4e&/ 4eriod6 of &ro)6&l &'d i'
.e'er&tio' i' 463%ho+iolo.i%&ll3 orie'ted 463%hother&430P
<'ri%hed i'ter'&l &'d e5ter'&l e'viro'me't6 le&d6 to the .rowth &'d
develo4me't of 'ew %ell60 I<G %&6%&de6 le&d to the form&tio' of 'ew
4rotei'6 &'d 'e)ro'6 &lo'. with i'%re&6ed 63'&46e6 &'d de'drite6
th&t e'%ode memor3 &'d le&r'i'.0 O' the other h&'d( e5%e66ive
tr&)m& &'d 463%ho6o%i&l 6tre66 %&' le&d to 6)44re66io' of .rowth
4ro%e66e6 i' the +r&i'0 *he' 463%hother&43 %o'tri+)te6 to &ro)6&l(
e'ri%hme't( &'d rel&5&tio' it f&%ilit&te6 &%t)&l .rowth i' the +r&i' to
e'%ode 'ew memor3( le&r'i'. &'d +eh&vior( o4timi7i'. .rowth &'d
;<ommunication within the neuronal networ5s of the
brain is modulated by changes in the strengths of
synaptic connections...meaning is to be found in the
complex dynamic field of messenger molecules that
continually bathe and contextualize the information of
the neuronal networ5s in ever changing patterns. -ost
of the sexual and stress hormones...have state dependent
effects on our mental and emotional states as well as
memory and learning, a constantly changing dynamical
field of meaning.> 36ossi, CGGC4.
Novel &'d e'ri%hi'. 463%hother&4e)ti% e54erie'%e6 %&' le&d to
'e)ro.e'e6i6 &'d .e'e e54re66io' whi%h f&%ilit&te mi'd+od3
%omm)'i%&tio' &'d %&' h&ve & lo'.Cterm tr&'6form&tive effe%t o' the
whole 4er6o' ARo66i( #$$#B0 Ro66i 4oi't6 o)t th&t m&'3 of the
e66e'ti&l d3'&mi%6 of .e'e e54re66io' i'volved i' the form&tio' of the
+r&i' &'d +od3 i' em+r3olo.3 &re 'ow re%o.'i7ed &6 & %o'ti')i'.
%re&tive develo4me't thro).h &' i'divid)&lI6 lifetime0 He &l6o &66ert6
th&t & l&%/ of o4tim&l .e'e e54re66io' &'d 'e)ro.e'e6i6 i6 &66o%i&ted
with 463%holo.i%&l de4re66io' &'d 6tre660 Th)6( +ioholo.r&4h3 h&6
relev&'t &44li%&tio'6 for o4timi7i'. he&lth &'d wellC+ei'. &%ro66
di6%i4li'e6( 6)%h &6 +io4h36i%6( medi%i'e( 463%ho+iolo.3(
463%hother&43 &'d the holi6ti% he&li'. &rt60

9idorov A#$$#B h&6 6)mm&ri7ed the thr)6t of the G&ri&ev .ro)4;
,ince the early @GDs, *ariaev@s team has been developing
a new theoretical and experimental approach to the study
of genetic material encoding and expression. (n a
pioneering paper 3*ariaev 0DDC, B%6-(4, he and his
colleagues challenge the limits of the genetic code triplet
model and propose instead a dual, substanceJwave basis
for the encoding and expression of genetic material. The
wave-li5e, non-local aspect of genetic regulation is
recorded at the polarization level of D!-associated
photons, and the genome is seen as a $uasi-hologram of
light and radio waves which create the bac5ground
necessary for the appropriate expression of genetic
The authors argue that the genome emits light and radio-
waves whose delocalized interference patterns create
calibration fields 3blueprints4 for a system@s space-time
organization. This holographic-type information is being
constantly and simultaneously read in billions of cells,
accounting for the $uic5 coordinated response typical of
living systems.
*e %&' )6e the o+6erv&tio'6 of the G&ri&ev .ro)4 to f)rther
6)mm&ri7e the e66e'%e of the h)m&' +io%om4)ter;
?Thus, nonlocality can be postulated to be the 5ey factor
explaining the astonishing evolutionary achievement of
multicellular biosystems. This factor says that
bioinformatic events, can be instantaneously coordinated,
ta5ing place ?here and there simultaneously?, and that in
such situations the concept of ?cause and effect? loses
any sense. This is of a great importanceK The
intercellular diffusion of signal substances and of the
nervous process is far too inertial for this purpose. .ven
if it is conceded that intercellular transmissions ta5e
place electro-magnetically at light speeds, this would still
be insufficient to explain how highly evolved, highly
complex biosystems wor5 in real time.?
G&ri&ev &66ert6 th&t ?)&'t)m 'o'lo%&lit3 &'d holo.r&4h3 i6
i'di64e'6&+le to & 4ro4er e54l&'&tio' of 6)%h re&l time wor/i'.0
?/T2he genes can act as $uantum ob"ects, and that, it is
the phenomenon of $uantum non-localityJteleportation,
that ensures the organism@s super coherency, information
super redundancy, super 5nowledge, cohesion, and, as a
totality or whole, the organism@s integrity 3viability4.?
Q)&'t)m Holo.r&4h3 defi'e6 &' &dmitterS&+6or+er ?)&'t)m v&%))m
model of ?)&'t)m me%h&'i%6 i' term6 of &''ihil&tio'S%re&tio'
o4er&tor6 Q9%hem44( 199!R0 Thi6 im4lie6 th&t =NA doe6 i'deed
+eh&ve li/e & 6i'.le ?)&'t)m( whi%h i'd)%e6 & HholeH tem4or&ril3 i'
the v&%))m +3 it6 remov&l0
Thi6 'ew )'der6t&'di'. of +io%om4)ter6( %o'6tit)te6 & f)rther 6te4 i'
& develo4me't of %om4)ter te%h'olo.3 i' .e'er&l0 A' )'der6t&'di'.
th&t +ri'.6 &+o)t & tot&l %h&'.e of the %o'6tit)e't +&6i6 of th&t
te%h'olo.3 to the fi.)r&tive 6em&'ti% A'o'lo%&lB w&ve %om4)ter or
+io%om4)ter( +&6ed o' =NA memor3( &'d the %hromo6ome &44&r&t)60
Q)&'t)m Bioholo.r&4h3 6&36 th&t =NA 6&ti6fie6 the 4ri'%i4le of
%om4)ter %o'6tr)%tio'( 6i'%e it %&rrie6 & %o43 of it6elf( it6 ow'
+l)e4ri't( while the me%h&'i6m e'.i'eeri'. the =NA re4li%&tio' i6 the
+io4hoto'i% ele%trom&.'eti% field( while the Hletter6H of the .e'eti%
te5t6 A( G( :( U &re held i'v&ri&'t0 The e5i6te'%e of the .e'eti% te5t
%o'6tit)te6 the %l&66i%&l 6i.'&l 4ro%e66 of ?)&'t)m tele4ort&tio'( &'d
f&%ilit&te6 the ?)&'t)m me%h&'i%&l 6i.'&l 4ro%e66e6 of +oth the
%o43i'. of the =NA &6 it6 ow' +l)e4ri't( &'d of the %o'6tr)%tio' of
the or.&'i6m i' & m&66ivel3 4&r&llel w&3 +3 me&'6 of ?)&'t)m

Be&rdo'( Thom&6 A19E$( 19EE( #$$#B( <5%&li+)r Briefi'.( 9tr&w+err3 Hill Pre66( 9&'
Bere7i'( A0A0( G&ri&ev( P0P0( et &l A199KB( HI6 it 4o66i+le to %re&te l&6er +&6ed o'
i'form&tio' +iom&%romole%)le6MH( L&6er Ph36i%6( v0K( NK( 440 1#11C1#1!0
Bl&v&t6/3( H0P0 A19E( 199#B( The Joi%e of the 9ile'%e( Theo6o4hi%&l P)+li6hi'.(
*he&to'; Illi'oi60
Bohm( =&vid A19E$B *hole'e66 &'d the Im4li%&te Order( Ro)tled.e( Lo'do'0
G&ri&ev( Peter( Bori6 Bir6htei'( Ale5&'der I&ro%he'/o( et &l( OThe =NACw&ve
G&ri&ev( P0P0 A199GB( *&ve Ge'ome( P)+li% Profit( Mo6%ow( #9 4&.e6 Qi' R)66i&'R0
G&ri&ev( P0P0 A199!B *&ve +&6ed .e'ome( =e440 JINITI 1F;1#0 199!( N !$9#M9!(
#E440 Qi' R)66i&'R0
G&ri&ev( P0( Terti'6h'3( G0( &'d Leo'ov&( 80 A#$$1B( HThe *&ve( Pro+&+ili6ti% &'d
Li'.)i6ti% Re4re6e't&tio'6 of :&'%er &'d HIJ(H NNLRMI( v01( No0#0
GellCM&''( M)rr&3 A199GB The Q)&r/ &'d the N&.)&r( New Yor/; *0 H0 Freem&'
&'d :om4&'30
Hi'e6( Bri&' A199KB( GodI6 *hi64er1 :re&tio'I6 Th)'der( Thre6hold Boo/6(
Br&ttle+oro( Jermo't0
8elleher( :olm A0 A1999B( ORetrotr&'64o6o'6 &6 <'.i'e6 of H)m&' Bodil3
Tr&'6form&tio'(P No)r'&l of 9%ie'tifi% <54lor&tio'( 1!( 'o 1( 94ri'. 1999( 440 9C#G0
8i'.( :hri6 A1999B OFr&%t&l Ne)rod3'&mi%6 &'d Q)&'t)m :h&o6; Re6olvi'. the
Mi'dCBr&i' P&r&do5 Tho).h Novel Bio4h36i%6(P Fr&%t&l6 of Br&i'1 Fr&%t&l6 of
Mi'd( Adv&'%e6 i' :o'6%io)6'e66 Re6e&r%h 0 O'li'e &t
Le9h&' A19K9B( Tow&rd & .e'er&l theor3 of the 4&r&'orm&l0 P&r&463%holo.i%&l
Mo'o.r&4h6( No0 90
M&r%er( P0 &'d 9%hem44( *0 A199KB( A M&them&ti%&ll3 94e%ified Tem4l&te for =NA
&'d the Ge'eti% :ode( i' Term6 of the Ph36i%&ll3 Re&li7&+le Pro%e66e6 of Q)&'t)m
Holo.r&4h3( Pro%eedi'.6 of the Gree'wi%h 93m4o6i)m o' Livi'. :om4)ter6(
editor6 Fedore%( A0 &'d M&r%er( P0( GFCK#0
M&r%er( P0 &'d 9%hem44( *0 A199&B( The Model of the Pro/&r3ote :ell &6 &'
A'ti%i4&tor3 936tem *or/i'. +3 Q)&'t)m Holo.r&4h3( Pro%eedi'.6 of :A9Y9 9(
11C1F( A).)6t( H<:CLie.e( Bel.i)m( I'ter'&tio'&l No)r'&l of :om4)ti'.
A'ti%i4&tor3 936tem6( v#( !$C!1F0
M&6lov( M0U0 &'d G&ri&ev( P0P0 A199GB( Fr&%t&l Pre6e't&tio' of N&t)r&l L&'.)&.e
Te5t6 &'d Ge'eti% :ode( #'d I'tl :o'fere'%e o' Q)&'tit&tive Li'.)i6ti%6( 9e4t0 #$C
#G( Mo6%ow 9t&te U'iver6it3( Philolo.i%&l F&%)lt3( 440 19!C19G0
M%F&dde'( Noh'>oe A#$$#B( O93'%hro'o)6 Firi'. &'d It6 I'fl)e'%e o' the Br&i'D6
<le%trom&.'eti% Field; <vide'%e for &' <le%trom&.'eti% Field Theor3 of
:o'6%io)6'e66(P A:<MI Theor3B( No)r'&l of :o'6%io)6'e66 9t)die6 A#$$#B 9; #!CF$0
M%Gi''e66( N0<0 A19#B( Mo+ilit3 G&46; A me%h&'i6m for +&'d .&46 i' mel&'i'60
9%ie'%e( 19#( 1( E9KCE90
Miller( R0A0( *e++( B0 =i%/6o'( =0 A19FB( OA Holo.r&4hi% :o'%e4t of Re&lit3(P
P63%hoe'er.eti% 936tem6 No)r'&l Jol0 1( 19F0 FFCK#0 Gordo' L Bre&%h 9%ie'%e
P)+li6her6 Ltd0( Gre&t Brit&i'0
HHolo.r&4hi% :o'%e4tH w&6 l&ter re4ri'ted i' the h&rd+&%/ +oo/ P63%hoe'er.eti%
936tem6( 9t&'le3 8ri44'er( editor0 1990 #!1C#!0 Gordo' L Bre&%h( New Yor/(
Lo'do'( P&ri60 It w&6 re4ri'ted &.&i' i' the >o)r'&l P63%hedeli% Mo'o.r&4h6 &'d
<66&36( Jol0 F( 199#0 9!C1110 Bo3'to' Be&%h( FL( Tom L3ttle( <ditor0
Miller( R0 A0( *e++0 B0( O<m+r3o'i% Holo.r&4h3(P P63%hoe'er.eti% 936tem6( 9t&'le3
8ri44'er( <d0 Pre6e'ted &t the Om'iver6&l 93m4o6i)m( :&lifor'i& 9t&te :olle.e &t
9o'om&( 9&t)rd&3( 9e4tem+er #9( 19!0 Re4ri'ted i' L3ttleI6 >o)r'&l P63%hedeli%
Mo'o.r&4h6 &'d <66&36( Jol0 K( 199!0 1!C1FK0
Miller( R0A0A19GB( HBiol)mi'e6%e'%e( 8irli&' Photo.r&4h3 &'d Medi%&l
=i&.'o6ti%6H1 M&'/i'd Re6e&r%h U'limited( & formerl3 )'4)+li6hed( 4ro4riet&r3
Miller( Io'& A199!B( OThe Holo.r&4hi% P&r&di.m &'d the :o'6%io)6'e66
Re6tr)%t)ri'. Pro%e66(P :h&o6o4h3 X9!( O0A080( Gr&'t6 P&660
Miller( R0A0 &'d Miller( Io'& A19E!B( The Holi6ti% Q&+&l&( O0A080 Gr&'t6 P&66(
M)6e6( :0 A19$B( O' the modifi%&tio' of r&'dom fl)%t)&tio'6 +3 & t&r.etC6ee/i'.
4ro%e66 )tili7i'. r&'dom e'er.ie60 BioCmedi%&l :om4)ti'.( 1( FCE$0
Needh&m( N0 A19!KB( The Hier&r%hi&l :o'ti')it3 of Biolo.i%&l Order( Oder &'d Life(
1( 1$9C1KE0
P&tel( A0 A#$$$B( Q)&'t)m Al.orithm6 &'d the Ge'eti% :ode( Pro%eedi'.6 of the
*i'ter I'6tit)te of Q)&'t)m Theor3 &'d Q)&'t)m O4ti%6( 1C1! N&')&r3( 90N0 Bo6e
N&tio'&l :e'tre for B&6i% 9%ie'%e6( :&l%)tt&( I'di&0
Pe&r%e( No6e4h :hilto' A#$$1B( The Biolo.3 of Tr&'6%e'de'%e; A Bl)e4ri't of the
H)m&' 94irit( I''er Tr&ditio'6( Ro%he6ter( Jermo't0
Per6i'.er( Mi%h&el A A19EB( Ne)ro463%holo.i%&l B&6e6 of God Belief6( Pr&
P)+li6her6( New Yor/0
Po4o'i'( Jl&dimir( OThe =NA Ph&'tom <ffe%t; =ire%t Me&6)reme't of A New Field
i' the J&%))m 9)+6tr)%t)re0
Pre6m&' A19$B( <le%trom&.'eti% Field6 &'d Life0 New Yor/; Ple')m0
Pri+r&m( 8&rl A191B( L&'.)&.e6 of the Br&i'( Pre'ti%eCH&ll( I'%0( <'.lewood
:liff6; New Ner6e30
Pri+r&m( 8&rl A1991B( Br&i' &'d Per%e4tio'; Holo'om3 &'d 9tr)%t)re i' Fi.)r&l
Pro%e66i'.( L&wre'%e <rl+&)m A66o%i&te6( P)+li6her6( Hilld&le; New Ner6e30
P)llm&' &'d P)llm&' A19K!B( Q)&'t)m Bio%hemi6tr3( New Yor/; I'ter6%ie'%e( 19K!0
P)ri( Le/h R&> A19KGB( M36ti%i6m; the 94irit)&l P&th( R&dh& 9o&mi 9&t6&'. Be&6(
Ro66i( <r'e6t A19EKB The P63%ho+iolo.3 of Mi'dCBod3 He&li'.; New :o'%e4t6 of
Ther&4e)ti% H34'o6i6( *0*0 Norto' L :o1 New Yor/0
Ro66i( <r'e6t &'d :hee/( =&vid A19EEB( Mi'dCBod3 Ther&43; Method6 of
Ideod3'&mi% He&li'. i' H34'o6i6( *0*0 Norto' L :o0( New Yor/0
Ro66i( <r'e6t A1999B1 O9lee4( dre&m( h34'o6i6 &'d he&li'.; +eh&vior&l 6t&teCrel&ted
.e'e e54re66io' &'d 463%hother&43(P i' 9lee4 &'d H34'o6i6; A' i'ter'&tio'&l
No)r'&l of 9lee4( =re&m( &'d H34'o6i6( 1;!( 1999( 440 1G1C1F0
Ro66i( <0 A1999C#$$1B O9lee4( =re&m6( H34'o6i6 &'d He&li'. Behvior&l 9t&teC
Rel&ted Ge'e <54re66io'0P htt4;SShome0e&rthli'/0'etSYro66iS
Ro66i( <0 A#$$$C#$$#B( O<54lori'. Ge'e <54re66io' i' 9lee4( =re&m6 L H34'o6i6
with the New =NA Mi%ro&rr&3 Te%h'olo.30P htt4;SShome0e&rthli'/0'etSYro66iS
Ro66i( <0 &'d Li44i'%ott( B0M0( OThe *&ve N&t)re of Bei'.; Ultr&di&' Rh3thm6 &'d
Mi'dCBod3 :omm)'i%&tio'0 htt4;SShome0e&rthli'/0'etSYro66iS
Ro66i( <0( OP63%he( 9om& &'d Ge'e <54re66io'P htt4;SShome0e&rthli'/0'etSYro66iS
Ro66i( <0 A#$$#B0 The P63%ho+iolo.3 of Ge'e <54re66io'; Ne)ro6%ie'%e &'d
Ne)ro.e'e6i6 i' H34'o6i6 &'d the He&li'. Art60 New Yor/; *0*0 Norto'
Profe66io'&l Boo/60
9%hem44( *0 A199#B( HQ)&'t)m Holo.r&4h3 &'d Ne)ro%om4)ter Ar%hite%t)re6H(
No)r'&l of M&them&ti%&l Im&.i'. &'d Ji6io'( #( #9C!#K0
9%hem44( *0 A199!B HBohrD6 I'determi'&%3 Pri'%i4le i' Q)&'t)m Holo.r&4h3(
9elfCAd&4tive Ne)r&l Networ/ Ar%hite%t)re6( :orti%&l 9elfCor.&'i7&tio'( Mole%)l&r
:om4)ter6( M&.'eti% Re6o'&'%e Im&.i'. &'d 9olito'i% N&'ote%h'olo.3H(
N&'o+iolo.3 #( 1$9C1KG0
9%hem44( *0 A199EB( M&.'eti% Re6o'&'%e Im&.i'.( M&them&ti%&l Fo)'d&tio'6 &'d
A44li%&tio'6( Noh' *ile3( New Yor/0
9h%he.lov( J0A0( G&ri&ev( P0P0 A199KB L&7erCl&7er i'ter&%tio'6 &'d 4h&'tom effe%t6 i'
.e'eti% 6tr)%t)re60 O9%ie'%e o' the thre6hold TTI &.e " New P&r&di.m6P Qi'
9idorov( L0 A#$$#B( The No)r'&l of No'CLo%&lit3 &'d Remote Me't&l I'ter&%tio'6(
o'li'e &t htt4;SSwww0emer.e'tmi'd0%om0
9i'.h( :h&r&' A199B( =ie To Live( R&dh& 9o&mi 9&t6&'. Be&6( I'di&0
9)d+)r3( T0 A199B( The F&6te6t *&3 From A to B( N&t)re( !9$( 11th =e%em+er( FF1C
9wi''e3( Gr&3wolf A1999B( Holo.r&4hi% He&li'.( A6/le4i& P)+li6hi'.( *ilderville;
97e'tCG3or.3i A19FB Bioe'er.eti%60 New Yor/; A%&demi% Pre660
97e'tCG3or.3i A19K$B( I'trod)%tio' to & 9)+mole%)l&r Biolo.30 New Yor/;
A%&demi% Pre660
T&l+ot( Mi%h&el A1991B( The Holo.r&4hi% U'iver6e( H&r4er :olli'6 P)+li6her6( New
Tie'( H0:0 A19K9B( P&tter' Re%o.'itio' &'d P63%ho63'the6i60 Ameri%&' No)r'&l of
P63%hother&43( #!( F!CKK0
Jo' Ne)m&''( N0 A19KKB( Theor3 of & 9elfCRe4rod)%i'. A)tom&to'( U'iver6it3 of
Illi'oi6 Pre66( Ur+&'& &'d Lo'do'0