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Censorship in Hollywood: Celebrities Being

Blacklisted by Pro-Israeli Media?

,le-ander .'/an0 1ilent Crow
2ews 3 1pain4s ost notable actors0
5a6ier Barde and Penelope Cr'/
ay be soon 'neployed0 well at
least in Hollywood. +he .'ardian
reported that the 7+he co'ple were
aong (%% 8il pro8essionals to sign the open 1panish letter calling on the
9'ropean :nion to end Israel4s ilitary operation in .a/a0 along with director
Pedro ,lodo6ar in 5'ly.; 2ow since they signed the letter to end Israel4s
operation0 they will 8ace the conse<'ences. 7B't their actions ha6e sparked
anger in top Hollywood e-ec'ti6es0 which has reportedly called their careers
in to <'estion. =ne top e-ec told the Hollywood >eporter that he was 78'rio's
at 5a6ier and Penelope; and <'eried whether he wo'ld want to work with the
co'ple again; the report said. ,ccording to the Hollywood >eporter0 5a6ier
Barde and Penelope Cr'/ co'ld be blacklisted 8ro e6er working again with
a*or o6ie st'dios. +he article called ?1tars @ace Hollywood Backlash in Aar
o8 Aords o6er Israel4 stated how a*or st'dios 8elt towards the actor4s
position towards Israel4s war cries which they considered 7.enocide;:
Ahen the latest battle in .a/a 8inally is o6er0 as soeday it will be0 hard
8eelings co'ld linger in the corner o88ices o8 Hollywood toward the stars who
ha6e 6oiced anti-Israel sentients. B't will the artists who critici/e Israel
ilitary strikes B partic'larly arried 1paniards 5a6ier Barde and
Penelope Cr'/0 who acc'sed the co'ntry o8 7genocide; in a widely circ'lated
5'ly #C letter B s'88er career backlash in a town whose power brokers tend
to be strong s'pporters o8 Israel?
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Censorship in Hollywood: Celebrities Being Blacklisted by Pro-Israel...
1 de 8 19/08/2014 14:55
Barde and Cr'/ is not the only actor4s that 8aced a backlash in recent years.
Iethal Aeapon4s 8ranchise stars Mel .ibson who was stopped by
and-Cr'/.*pg& police in Malib'0 Cali8ornia
8or drinking while into-icated in #%%H. +he
edia also reported that he ade
anti-1eitic rearks in the process.
.ibson was <'oted as saying 7;@JJJJJg
5ews +he 5ews are responsible 8or all
the wars in the world ,re yo' a 5ew?; I do not agree with .ibson4s 8irst part
beca'se as we all know0 not all 5ews are bad people0 in 8act there is a great
di6ision aong 5ews that are both anti-Kionist as well as those that are
pro-Kionist. B't any wars were started by Israel since it4s4 creation. Israel
has been in6ol6ed in at least G a*or wars in the Middle 9ast incl'ding its Aar
o8 Independence in (F)$0 +he 1i--Lay Aar0 +he Aar o8 ,ttrition0 +he Mo
Nipp'r Aar0 (F$# Iebanon Aar0 +he .a/a Aar o8 #%%$ and now =peration
Protecti6e 9dge that has ca'sed the li6es o8 ore than (F%% Palestinians and
close to G% Israeli4s. 2ot entioning Israel4s co6ert operations with its
Aestern allies. Mel .ibson did e-press soe tr'th0 altho'gh he was
into-icated. .ibson4s partner in the 8ils Lanny .lo6er has p'blicly called 8or
boycotting Israel. ,ccording to ondoweiss.co0 +he 9lectronic Inti8ada
website which was one o8 the 8irst news organi/ations to p'blish the
stateent which detailed why Lanny .lo6er along with acti6ist .race Iee
Boggs s'pported the action:
Ae stand in solidarity with the people o8 Palestine0 and s'pport their call 8or
c'lt'ral and acadeic boycott o8 Israel0; .lo6er0 Boggs and ten others said in
a stateent 8irst p'blished by the 9lectronic Inti8ada. 7Ae iediately took
action to ha6e the 8il withdrawn 8ro the 8esti6al. +he 8esti6al organi/ers
and 8il prod'cers in8ored 's that this was not possible and they wo'ld
o6e 8orward with the screening0 o6er o'r ob*ections. +his 8il 'pli8ts the li8e
work and legacy o8 .race Iee Boggs. 1he has e-plicitly stated her s'pport o8
the boycott and belie6es this screening is in direct contradiction to her legacy
and ongoing work as a re6ol'tionary
,ccording to the stateent ?Call 8or ,cadeic and C'lt'ral Boycott o8 Israel4
p't the spotlight on Hollywood:
Ahereas Israel4s colonial oppression o8 the Palestinian people0 which is based
on Kionist ideology0 coprises the 8ollowing:
Lenial o8 its responsibility 8or the 2akba B in partic'lar the wa6es o8 ethnic
cleansing and dispossession that created the Palestinian re8'gee proble B
and there8ore re8'sal to accept the inalienable rights o8 the re8'gees and
displaced stip'lated in and protected by international lawO
Military occ'pation and coloni/ation o8 the Aest Bank (incl'ding 9ast
5er'sale& and .a/a since (FHG0 in 6iolation o8 international law and :2
7.'ilty 'ntil
Barack =baa
Arites 9-cl'si6e
,rticle 8or Israeli
Media: 7='r
Coitent to
Israel4s 1ec'rity
Middle 9ast
Intensi8ies: Israel
,irstrikes inside
.o6ernent in
+alks with Israel
to P'rchase
+he =baa
Piews Ira< and
1yria as a 71ingle
7,ir 1trikes; and
to 7+rain and
9<'ip; >ebels in
Censorship in Hollywood: Celebrities Being Blacklisted by Pro-Israel...
2 de 8 19/08/2014 14:55
+he entrenched syste o8 racial discriination and segregation against the
Palestinian citi/ens o8 Israel0 which resebles the de8'nct apartheid syste
in 1o'th ,8rica
Being called an anti-1eite labels yo' in Hollywood0 sort o8 like an oen.
Barde released a stateent to reb'88 acco'nts o8 hi being an anti-1eite
by the M1M:
Barde wrote:
My signat're was solely eant as a plea 8or peace. Lestr'ction and hatred
only generate ore hatred and destr'ction.
Ahile I was critical o8 the Israeli ilitary response0 I ha6e great respect 8or
the people o8 Israel and deep copassion 8or their losses. I a now being
labeled by soe as anti-1eitic0 as is y wi8e QPenRlope Cr'/S 3 which is the
antithesis o8 who we are as h'an beings. Ae detest anti-1eitis as 'ch
as we detest the horrible and pain8'l conse<'ences o8 war
+he Hollywood >eporter also said that n'ero's pro-Israel celebrities had
s'pported Israel4s operation in .a/a and e6en long-tie actor 5on Poight
e-pressed anger o6er what Barde and Cr'/ had said abo't Israel:
,ong Hollywood 8ig'res0 the typically o'tspoken Howard 1tern0 5oan >i6ers
and Bill Maher ha6e e-pressed s'pport 8or Israel in the con8lict0 which has
killed ore than (0$%% people0 ostly Palestinians. ,nd >ay Lono6an actor
5on Poight penned an open letter ,'g. # deanding that Cr'/0 )%0 and
Barde0 )C0 7hang yo'r heads in shae.; Arote Poight: 7I a asking all y
peers who signed that poison letter against Israel to e-aine their oti6es.
Can yo' take back the 8ire o8 anti-1eitis that is raging all o6er the world
, con8lict o8 interest also has hit the entertainent ind'stry as well0
concerning actor .eorge Clooney and his @iancRe ,al ,la'ddin0 the
Iondon-based international law and h'an rights lawyer t'rned down an
o88er 8ro the :nited 2ations to in6estigate Israel4s war cries in .a/a
regarding =peration Protecti6e 9dge. I8 yo' reeber0 .eorge Clooney was
one o8 the celebrities that s'pported a o6eent called ?1a6e Lar8'r4 that
started in #%%). It was 8o'nded by the :nited 1tates Holoca'st Meorial
M'se' and ,erican 5ewish Aorld 1er6ice in an e6ent called the ?Lar8'r
9ergency 1'it in 2ew Mork City4 that was held at the C:2M .rad'ate
Center. Neith Haron 1now wrote an article 8or .lobal >esearch in #%%G
s'ari/ed the tr'th abo't Hollywood4s hypocritical concerns abo't
,8ricans called ?Lar8'ris0 :ganda and the :.1. Aar in ,8rica4 and said:
Hollywood personalities d'bbed 7actor6ists0; incl'ding Mia @arrow0 Lon
Cheadle and .eorge Clooney0 ha6e helped to whip 'p the 71a6e Lar8'r;
hysteria. @ro 9lie Aiesel to Barak =baa0 people are 7o'traged; by
+he >es'lts o8
the :1
Leocracy; in
Ira<: +erroris0
Ci6il Aar and 5oe
Media D
2ews ,nalysis
1cience D
Censorship in Hollywood: Celebrities Being Blacklisted by Pro-Israel...
3 de 8 19/08/2014 14:55