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DBMS Unitwise important questions


Short questions:
1. What is a database,dbms,metadata? (*)
2. Explain why DB design is important.
. What are DB systems?
!. Explain di""erent types o" databases?
#. What are the ad$antages o" DB%&?(**)
'. What are (eys?
). *ist o+t ,odd-s relational DB r+les (*)
.. Disting+ish between simple and ,omposite attrib+tes
/. Explain DB system en$ironment
10. Explain DB basi, b+ilding blo,(s (*)
11. Write abo+t tables and their ,hara,teristi,s
12. What is logi,al independen,e? (*)
1. *ist the limitations o" DB%&?(*)
Essay questions:
1. Dis,+ss abo+t histori,al roots o" a database?
2. What are the problems with "ile system data management?(*)
. Explain abo+t data red+ndan,y?
!. *ist and explain the "+n,tions and ,apabilities o" DB%&? (*)
#. Des,ribe abo+t data modeling and data models? (*)
'. Explain in detail why databse is important?
). What are b+siness r+les?dis,+ss in detail? (**)
.. Explain the e$ol+tion o" data models? (*)
/. Explain the disad$antages o" data models? (*)
10. Explain in brie" abo+t the degree o" data abstra,tion? (****)
11. Write abo+t the logi,al $iew o" data in relational database model.
12. De"ine a relation?and explain the ,hara,teristi,s o" relational table. (*)
1. What is a relationship?dis,+ss abo+t relationships within the relational database.
1!. De"ine the terms data di,tionary and system ,atalog? (**)
1#. What is an index?explain? (*)
1'. Dis,+ss in detil abo+t integrity r+le in relational data model. (**)
1). Explain in detail the ,omponents o" DB system en$ironment? (*)
1.. Explain with example the relational set operators. (**)
Short questions:
1. What is an entity,entity type,entity instan,e and domain? (**)
2. What is a relationship, relationship type and relationship instan,e.
. De"ine data red+ndan,y?
!. What is denormali1ation?
#. What is a s+rrogate (ey?
'. De"ine E2 model? (*)
). De"ine "+n,tional dependen,y?
.. What is an entity?explain di""erent types o" entities? (*)
/. What is an attrib+te?explain di""erent types o" attrib+tes? (***)
10. Explain re,+rsi$e relationship with example? (**)
11. Explain Degree o" relationship? (*)
Essay questions:
1. What is entity relationship model ?explain with example?
2. What are the basi, ,onstr+,ts o" E2 model.
. Dis,+ss abo+t the ,hallenges o" DB design ,on"li,ting goals.
!. Explain with example how to de$elop an E2 diagram
#. What is normali1ation?explain abo+t DB tables and normali1ation(*)
'. Explain 1st, 2nd and
normal "orms(**)
). Explain in detail abo+t higher normal "orms.
.. Explain B345 and !
normal "orm with example. (*)
/. Explain how to impro$e the DB-s ability to pro$ide in"ormation and to enhan,e its operational
,hara,teristi,s (6mpro$ing Design).
10. What is a &+rrogate 7ey? What are its ad$antages and disad$antages?
11. What is an EE2 %odel and how to represent &+pertype and &+btype relationships? (*)
12. Explain 6nherritan,e and &+btype dis,riminator with examples. (***)
1. Des,ribe in brie" abo+t spe,iali1ation and generali1ation. (**)
1!. What is entity ,l+stering?Explain the +se o" entity ,l+sters in E2D. (**)
1#. What is a 8rimary 7ey? Explain some desirable 8rimary 7ey ,hara,tersti,s(g+idelines). (*)
1'. Explain *earning 5lexible DB Design 3ases. (*)
1). Explain the +sage o" ,omposite primary (ey with an example. (*)
1.. Explain with example the disad$antages o" storing deri$ed attrib+tes. (*)
Unit III

Short questions:
1. Explain sele,t 9+ery in s9l
2. Explain how to ,reate table with syntax in s9l
. What are $iews and indexes? (*)
!. What is a ,+rsor,stored pro,ed+res? (*)
#. What are the se$eral parts o" s9l
'. Explain $ario+s data types +sed is s9l and pl:s9l (**)
). What is the syntax to ,reate se9+en,es in ora,le?
.. Explain ,ol+mn ,onstraint in s9l (*)
/. What is physi,al se,+rity? (*)
10. De"ine trigger? (**)
Essay questions:
1. *ist and explain $ario+s D%*,DD* ,ommands in s9l? (*)
2. *ist o+t some important s9l "+n,tions? (**)
. Explain arithmeti, "+n,tions? (*)
!. What is a ;oin?dis,+ss abo+t $ario+s ;oins +sed in s9l? (**)
#. Explain order by,gro+p by and ha$ing ,la+ses with example?
'. *ist and explain s9l relational set operators (***)
). *ist and explain s9l logi,al operators
.. Explain spe,ial operators?
/. Explain in brie" abo+t s+b9+eries and ,orrelated 9+eries? (**)
10. Dis,+ss in brie" abo+t pro,ed+ral s9l?
11. What is &D*3?explain $ario+s steps +sed in &D*3? (**)
12. What is DB*3?what are the steps in$ol$ed in DB*3? (**)
1. Dis,+ss in detail abo+t the strategies o" DB design
1!. Disting+ish two di""erent design philosophies in DB design(,entrali1ed < de,entrali1ed).
1#. What is a trigger?explain?
1'. Explain $ario+s types o" ,+rsors?
1). What is ex,eptional handling with example? (*)
Short questions:
1. What is ,on,+rren,y ,ontrol?
2. Write abo+t distrib+ted transparen,y
. What is a transa,tion? =nd what is transa,tion log? (*)
!. What is DDB%&?
#. *ist the main ,ategories o" ,on,+rren,y ,ontrol me,hanism?
'. Explain the ad$antages and disad$antages o" DDB%&? (*)
). Explain DDB%& ,omponents? (*)
.. What is data "ragmentation? (*)
/. Write abo+t transa,tion =36D r+les:transa,tion properties? (**)
10. Explain di""erent lo,(s? Explain binary lo,(? (**)
11. Explain deadlo,(? (*)
12. Explain ,ommit and rollba,( ,ommands?
1. What is s,hed+ler? (*)
Essay questions:
1. What is ,on,+rren,y ,ontrol? Explain the main problems asso,iated with it? (*)
2. Explain abo+t the ,on,+rren,y ,ontrol with lo,(ing methods? (*)
. Des,ribe in detail abo+t time>stamp based ,on,+rren,y ,ontrol method? (**)
!. Des,ribe in detail abo+t optimisti, ,, method?
#. What are the types o" DB ,riti,al e$ents that ,an trigger the DB re,o$ery pro,ess? gi$e some
examples "or ea,h one
'. Explain in detail the need "or DB re,o$ery management? (*)
). Des,ribe the e$ol+tion o" DDB%& "rom ,entrali1ed DB%& to distrib+ted DB%&?
.. What is data repli,ation? Explain repli,ated strategies? (*)
/. Explain the di""eren,e between distrib+ted pro,essing and distrib+ted DB?
10. Explain the ,hara,teristi,s o" DDB%&. (**)
11. Dis,+ss in brie" abo+t le$els o" data and pro,ess distrib+tion? (*)
12. Explain the distrib+ted database transparen,y "eat+res?
1. Explain the transa,tion transparen,y?
1!. Explain in detail two phase ,ommit proto,ol? (**)
1#. Explain per"orman,e transparen,y and 9+ery optimi1ation?
1'. Explain data "ragmentation, repli,ation and allo,ation?(distrib+ted DB design) (**)
1). Explain the di""eren,e between distrib+ted DB and ,lient:ser$er ar,hite,t+re
1.. Explain how to ens+re seriali1ability +sing two>phase lo,(ing? (*)
Short questions:
1. De"ine ?*=8?
2. De"ine %?*=8?
. *ist o+t the ,omponents o" star s,hema (*)
!. What is data mining?
#. What is de,ision s+pport system?
'. What is data wareho+se? (***)
). *ist o+t the bene"its o" de,ision s+pport system?
.. *ist o+t the ad$antages o" ,:s appli,ations?
/. De"ine data administrator,"a,ts? (*)
10. Data as a ,orporate assest ;+sti"y? (*)
11. Des,ribe 12 r+les to de"ine data wareho+se? (*)
12. De"ine sli,e and di,e te,hni9+es? (*)
Essay questions:
1. Explain in detail the need "or data analysis?
2. What are de,ision s+pport systems and what role do they play in the b+siness en$ironment?
. What are the main ,hara,teristi,s o" datawareho+se?also state its ad$antages and
disad$antages?and ,hara,teristi,s o" operational db data.(*)
!. What is ?*=8?what are its main ,hara,teristi,s?
#. What is ?*=8?explain ?*=8 ar,hite,t+re?(**)
'. Explain what 2?*=8 is and why yo+ wo+ld re,ommend its +se in the relational DB en$ironment?
). Dis,+ss the di""erent phases in data>mining pro,ess?(**)
.. Write in detail abo+t &@* extension "or ?*=8
/. Explain the need "or and role o" DB in an organi1ation.(*)
10. Des,ribe the e$ol+tion o" DB in an organi1ation.(*)
11. Explain the $ario+s types o" data di,tionary.explain their "eat+res?and ,ase tools.(**)
12. Dis,+ss in brie" abo+t managerial and te,hni,al roles o" DB=-s.(**)
1. 3ompare and ,ontrast the a,ti$ities and ,hara,teristi,s o" data administrator and DB=.(*)
1!. Explain with a diagram the tools o" b+siness intelligen,e?(*)
1#. Explain the ,omponents o" b+siness intelligen,e with a diagram?(*)