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, , -691 002, ASRAMAM, KOLLAM, KERALA -691002
Website: www.esichsuperspeciait!"#a$.c#$, E$ai: $h-ashra$a$%esic.&ic.i&
'h: 0()( * 2)(2+,,, 2)6661+ -M.S. /a0: 0()(- 2)6++,)
[!"..# 9001:200+ $ ISO 9001:200+ CERTIFIED]
542/E-13/12/7/2011Admn Dt:-05.04.2011
The Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model & Super speciality
Hospital, Asramam, Kollam invites sealed tenders from reputed centres for supply of
Wellness Moile !an "ith driver for the period from #$%#&%'#$$ to ($%#(%'#$'%
General Conditions
1% A)encies* Estalishments must have at least three years standin) in the field% Evidence
to this effect should e for"arded alon) "ith tender%
2% Each tenderer must remit earnest money deposit of +s%'###*, y means of a -emand
-raft dra"n in favour of account .o% I ESIC and the -- should e attached "ith tender
3% The contract "ill normally e valid for a period of one year ut can e e/tended upto a
ma/imum of t"o more years on mutual consent and su0ect to the instructions of ESIC
Head1uarters 2ffice, .e" -elhi% The Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model & Super
speciality Hospital, Asramam, Kollam reserves the ri)ht to terminate the contract at any
time, efore the e/piry of one year, y )ivin) one months notice% The selected tenderer
should si)n an a)reement "ith the Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model and Super
speciality Hospital, Asramam, Kollam%
4% The selected tenderer should deposit an amount e1ual to & 3 of value of the estimated
tender value for one year as security deposit "ithin 4 days from the date of si)nin) of the
contract% The amount e refunded after satisfactory completion of contract "ithout
5% The tenderer should have valid 5A. *TA. .o% Copy of the same should e attached
"ith the tender document% Income ta/ and other ta/es due to the 6overnment "ill e
deducted from the holdin) char)es payale to the contractor every month at the
prevailin) rate as per rules%
6% Contractor should comply "ith all laour la"s and other statutory provisions
)overnin) employment of persons, "or7in) hours, payment of minimum "a)es, onus
and similar enefits%
7% The contractor8s personnel*staff shall have to maintain strict discipline as per the rules
of the Hospital and maintain asolute inte)rity at all times%
8% Any loss to ESIC on account of non performance of the contract, deficiency in
performance due to lac7 of 1uality, non performance in time or similar deficiencies, "ill
e recovered from the contractor and the contract shall e liale for termination *
forfeiture of security%
E"D !s% 2&&&'(
(1) +e1uire one "ellness moile van "ith a minimum sittin) capacity of four plus
one driver and specious for 7eepin) medical e1uipments re1uired for a medical
(2) Wellness moile van service on contract asis is for 9 AM to 9 5M% In the event
of non availaility of the vehicle on contract for service for any reason or any
alternative vehicle, the hospital "ill ma7e its o"n arran)ement and the cost
incurred for such arran)ements "ill e realised from the contractor%
(3) :uote, Monthly retainin) char)es for the vehicle inclusive of char)es such as
vehicle rent driver8s "a)es *ata and all incidental char)es% Hospital "ill not pay
any e/tra amount e/cept the monthly char)es 1uoted%
(4) +eimursement of fuel char)es "ill e made on the asis of a)reed to y the
(5) .o milea)e char)e "ill e paid for the first '### 7m* month% Milea)e char)es
upto the first '### 7m each month is to e included in the retainer fee%
(6) The "ellness moile van to e deployed should e in perfect condition in all
respects and should e of latest model% A rand ne" one "ill e preferred%
(7) !ehicle should ear the .ame and Emlem of the Hospital durin) the period of
contract for "hich no e/tra char)es "ill e paid% .ame and address of the
contractor and instructions should e displayed inside the vehicle%
(8) ;inancial ac7)round of the 1uotationers "ill also e a factor for consideration of
the 1uotation% The vehicle should e produced for inspection efore acceptance of
1uotations% Alternative vehicle can also e 1uoted%
(9) -etails such as .ame, Address, Telephone .o% etc% if any, in respect of client "ith
"hom they are havin) tie,up presently may e furnished%
(10) -river should have moile phone "ith him and he should e availale on
phone round the cloc7% The driver should "ear uniform "hile on duty%
+efusal*non,attendance of call "ill tantamount to termination of contract%
(11) The driver provided should have a pleasin) personality, 7no"led)e of
Malayalam, ale to ma7e announcements aver pulic address system, asic
7no"led)e of health, nutrition, hy)ienic etc% and should e ale to handle the
affairs of a small medical camp%
(12) The cost of "a)es of the driver en)a)ed y the contractor "ill e orne y the
contractor alon) "ith other allo"ance applicale% The driver so en)a)ed y the
contractor shall not e the employee of the Corporation% He "ill not e entitled to
)et any amount from the Corporation as allo"ances, "a)es, onus, )ratuity or
retrenchment compensation etc%
(13) ESIC shall not e liale for any dama)e to vehicle durin) the tenure of the
(14) -rivers provided to the vehicle should possess valid drivin) license and also
should posses the certificates re1uired y +TA staff% <=icence, Insurance,
5ollution, +%C%, +oad Ta/, Ta/i licence, etc%>
(15) In case of rea7 do"n or non supply of vehicle, the loss suffered or
e/penditure incurred y the ESIC "ill e recovered from the contractor%
=ast date for receipt of tender is '9%#?%'#$$ till $ 5M%
Tender "ill e opened on the same day at ( 5M% In the presence of tenderer or their
authorised representatives the tenders "ill e opened at the scheduled time even if no
tenderer is present%
The Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model & Super
speciality Hospital, Asramam, Kollam reserves the ri)ht to accept or re0ect any or all the
tender "ithout assi)nin) any reason% Selected tenderer should si)n an a)reement "ith the
Superintendent specifyin) all the terms and conditions of contract efore commencement
of the contract%
for Medical Superintendent
.ame of o"ner*firm
5A.*TA. .o%
Address "ith contact .o
-- < -etails of EM->
Ma7e of vehicle
Model of vehicle "ith +e) .o%
+ate for retention per month% <inclusive of
salary of driver @ other incidental e/penses
@ milea)e char)es for first '### 7m>
Milea)e char)es per KM for runnin) over
and aove '###7m
Si+nat,re o- t.e )endor
Na/e 0 Address o- t.e )endor
0 No%
Chec7 list
$% -emand -raft
'% Copy of +C oo7
(% Copy of ta/i licence
?% Copy of drivin) license
&% Copy of e/perience
A% Copy of certificate of insurance and pollution