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Tanks for sampling our TruVision Health products.

We’re pretty
proud of them, and we know you’ll love what they can do for you.
Here’s a quick run-through of how to ensure the best experience for
you with TruFix and TruWeight&Energy.
First of all, Tese products are designed to be taken together.
Te TruFix (the blue package) is a supplement that helps to
improve blood chemistry. It’s great at helping improve blood sugar
levels as well as the general function of the liver and pancreas.
Te TruWeight&Energy (the green package) is an enhancer that is
designed to maximize energy and mental clarity, while encouraging
a healthy reduction in body fat. (if you just like the energy and
clarity, it can be taken for only that reason too)
Take one capsule of each TruFix and TruWeight&Energy 20-30
minutes before breakfast, and take one of each in early afternoon
(or whatever your lunch time is, depending on your personal
schedule). To have the best possible experience with your one week
sample, make sure that you continue taking TruVision products
consistently, because they do have a cumulative efect. We love how
these products make us feel, and we’re sure you’ll love them too.
When you’re done with your one-week sample (or as soon as you
realize that you don’t ever want to live without these products ) It’s
easy to get more!
h e a l t h

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ANP is founu in Phuong Tea anu acts as a metabolism "boostei" anu
assists the bouy in metabolizing fatty tissue.

B-6 helps metabolize fat. B-6 also helps maintain bloou sugai in a
noimal iange. It also aius in the iepaii of tissue anu cells.

B-12 can noimalize appetite anu give gieatei levels of non-
stimulant eneigy. It also contiibutes to claiity of thought anu focus.
It contiibutes to oveiall motivation to maintain an active life style.

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Biopeiine, a compounu in black peppei, has been pioven to
enhance the absoiption of molecules into the bouy. Biopeiine has
been shown to act as a fat buinei by incieasing basal metabolic
iates.(Biepvens et al., 2uu7; Buisel anu Westeiteip-Plantenga,

5#%%&; >;-<?&4
The active ingieuient in Bittei 0iange is Synephiine, which is a
moleculaily similai but safe alteinative to epheuiine. (Stohs et al.,

This foimula uoes not contain a sufficient amount of caffeine to
cause auuiction oi withuiawal symptoms. The caffeine in this
foimula is piimaiily natuially occuiiing fiom natuial extiacts. }ust
enough is piesent to act as a catalyst in activating othei key
ingieuients in the foimula.

The bouy uses chiomium in the uigestive piocess. It helps maintain
nominal bloou sugai levels. Supplementing with chiomium can
lowei tiiglyceiiues anu total cholesteiol levels in people with high
bloou sugai anu uiabetics.

Benuiobium is one of fifty of funuamental heibs useu in tiauitional
meuicine. Eniicheu uenuiobium alkaloius show many beneficial
effects, incluuing: incieaseu focus, enhanceu confiuence, anu
incieaseu eneigy. 0nlike othei stimulants, these effects aie not
coiielateu to an inciease in bloou piessuie.

E;&&< F&- GE@E &H%;-/%4
Epigallocatechin gallate (EuCu) is a gieen tea extiact that shows
significant iesults in helping inuiviuuals maintain theii weight.
uieen Tea is also a iich souice of anti-oxiuants.

7(%-.8%)(.89:&-% ;<8 =7,/>6
Phenylethylamine BCI (PEA) is an alkaloiu commonly founu in
chocolate that encouiages incieaseu ielease of uopamine, It
impioves moou anu piomotes highei activity levels.

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Assists in conveiting glucose (bloou sugai) into eneigy. It is also a
poweiful antioxiuant.

Contains the specific polyphenols iesponsible foi the many health
benefitis of cinnamon. These benefits incluue bloou sugai
management, subtle weight loss, high bloou piessuie management
anu slowing of the aging piocess.

@,*:;:?&<#/ )/#'4
Retiains the bouy go moie effectively seek out anu utilize bouy fat
foi eneigy. Impioves oveiall bloou chemistiy which has a positive
systemic anu oigan impact that is iecognizeu thioughout the bouy.

Belps iegulate glucose anu assists in the metabolism of glucose on a
cellulai level. Bosage in each seiving is well below any puipoiteu
unhealthy levels.

Belps the bouy piouuce health ieu bloou cells. When combineu with
Zinc anu magnesium it can help pievent calcium loss.

Belps pievent calcium loss, kiuney uisease, Ciohn's uisease anu
othei uigestive ailments.

L-$+.&;;0 M&%:<&$4
Incieases the piouuction of the piotein hoimone auinopectin which
contiols metabokic ueviations that coulu leau to weight gain. Also a
veiy potent antioxiuant.

A poweiful antioxiuant. It is often useu in foimulations to fight
cancei, heait uisease, aging anu viial infections.

Belps impioves efficiency of the bouy's insulin to help iegulate
glucose (bloou sugai) anu neautialize bloou sugai spikes.

An essential tiace element that boosts the immune system anu may
help inuiviuuals with eye uisoiueis, ABBB, osteopioiosis anu
piostate issues. Athletes use zinc to enhance athletic peifoimance
anu stiength.

*These statements have not been evaluateu by the FBA. Though many people attiibute impiovements in theii health to taking these
piouucts, iesults may vaiy. These piouucts aie not intenueu to uiagnose, tieat, cuie oi pievent any uisease. Befoie staiting this oi any
supplement, please have youi health caie piofessional evaluate the supplement foi compatibility with youi cuiient health anu
meuications if applicable.