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SecureW2 EapSuite 1.1.3 for Windows Release notes

- SecureW2 TTLS Method 4.1.0 (sw2_ttls.dll)
- SecureW2 GTC Method 1.1.0 (sw2_gtc.dll)
- SecureW2 PEAP Method 1.0.0 (sw2_peap.dll)
- SecureW2 Default Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_res_default.dll)
- SecureW2 Dutch Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
- SecureW2 English Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
- SecureW2 French Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
- SecureW2 German Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
- SecureW2 Polish Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
- SecureW2 Russian Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
- SecureW2 Simplified Chinese Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
- SecureW2 Slovenian Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
- SecureW2 Spanish Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
- SecureW2 Swedish Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
- SecureW2 Traditional Chinese Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
- SecureW2 Turkish Resource 1.0.0 (sw2_lang.dll)
Known Issues
- Install all certificates disabled in "Unknown Server" dialog for Vista
- Icons in the "Unknown server" dialog in Windows XP are not shown
Change List
Version 1.1.3 - 23 januari 2008
- Fixed dependency on Microsoft CRT
- Fixed problem with pre-configuration under SP3 (Now using WLAN API instead of
old propriatary API)
- Fixed bugs in inner eap mechanism
- Fixed problem with inner eap mechanism when handling access-accept/reject
- Added possibility of adding multiple SSID profiles for the same SSID (availabl
e on Vista)
- Added author id string required for EapHost framework
- Script now quits correctly if installation fails
- Script now removes dlls correctly if installation is cancelled or fails
- Resized input fields in installation dialog to allow more text
- UserAccount section in XML can now be used for inner eap methods
- Added new logos
Version 1.1.2 - 13 november 2008
- Added support for up to 50 installable certificates (20 in windows ce)
- Added support for up to 10 certificates in a certificate chain
- Added support for up to 10k certificate file size
- Added option to enable/disable Vista EapHost notifications
- Fixed bug preventing TLS session resumption (Fast re-connect)
- Fixed bug preventing using builtin Microsoft EAP methods
- Fixed problem where username/password was reset after a failed connection
- Fixed issue in PEAP implementation
- TrustedRootCA option also works for Intermediate CA
- Added configuration options to control computer and guest credentials
- Added functionality for multiple ServerNames (seperated using semicolon)
- Tested all methods against Microsoft IAS, Radiator, Freeradius and Cisco ACS
Version 1.1.1 - 18th september 2008
- Fixed problem with installer (incorrectly compiled runtime)
- Minor bug fixes
Version 1.1.0 - 5th september 2008
- Added PEAPV0/V1 support
- GTC tested with RSA Ace server
- Added new external resource interface allowing third parties to override SW2
- Combined common resources into one file sw2_res_default.dll
- TLS implementation extracted into common library (to be used by PEAP and TTLS)
- Added log levels to logging
- Fixed pre-configuration for 64 bit
- Added Simplified Chinese Language (thanks to Colin, Lai)
- Added French Language (thanks to Frederic OSVALT)
- Binaries are now signed
- Profile ID's with "spaces" are now supported ("Eduroam WPA")
- Specifying username in XML will cause the external resource to be ignored
when gathering the users credentials
Version 1.0.6 - 27 april 2008
- Fixed problem when eaphost registry settings were incorrect
- Fixed crash during installation if certain invalid configurations were used
- Installer now removes previous registry entries installed by older version
- EapHost registration on SP1 now uses extended EapHost method
Version 1.0.5 - 26 march 2008
- Fixed problem with incorrect compiler flags in x64 (see release 1.0.5)
- Fixed problem in Windows Vista SP1 with dialogs appearing minimized
Version 1.0.4 - 17 march 2008
- Added workaround for Microsoft Crypto bug
- Added Spanish Language (thanks to Nicolas Velazquez)
- Fixed problem with incorrect compiler flags (due to service pack update)
Version 1.0.3 - 21 februari 2008
- Upped max. certificate size to 2048 bytes
Version 1.0.2 - 19 februari 2008
- Added Russian Language (thanks to Sergey V. Sokolov)
- Added Turkish Language (thanks to Murat zalp)
Version 1.0.1 - 6 februari 2008
- Rebuild binaries using latest service pack for visual studio
- Removed password information from logfile
Version 1.0.0 - 27 december 2007
- Fixed problem with configuration window not appearing on "top"
Version 1.0.0 RC3 - 21 december 2007
- EapHost implementation now allows EAP-Notification
- SecureW2 GTC is not selected by default during installation
- Updated swedish language
Version 1.0.0 RC2_2 - 4 december 2007
- Added 64 bit support
- Small bug fixes
Version 1.0.0 RC1 - 30 november 2007
- Fixed memory bug in GTC preventing second authentication
- Changed language handling, one file for language one file for dialogs
- Fixed drop down bug. Dropdown is now displayed correctly
Version 1.0.0 BETA3 - 14 november 2007
- Crypto initialization now correctly handles MS errors
Version 1.0.0 BETA2 - 12 november 2007
- Fixed bug in certificate checking
Version 1.0.0 BETA1 - 7 november 2007
- Changed name to Eap Suite
- Added GTC support (1.0.0(5))
- Improved memory handling using heap allocation
- Redesign of source code, more modular approach to EAP methods
- EapHost (Vista) and RASEAP (Windows 2K/XP/CE) support in one binary
- SecureW2 Eap framework, SecureW2 uses it's own framework in which EAP methods
can be "hung" that allow them to be used for both EapHost and RASEAP
- SecureW2 manager is now used on both Vista and Windows 2K/XP
- The manager can also be invoked standalone allowing quick profile configuratio
- Added Traditional Chinese resource (thanks to Ko-Chung Tang (Kevin Tang))
- Minor bug fixes
Version 3.3.3 - 14 september 2007
- Added Swedish resource (thanks to Pl Axelsson)
Version 3.3.2 - 31 august 2007
- Added language support for Uninstaller
- Added option for pre-configuration to change the "Profile:" text in the
installer user credentials popup
- Fixed size of text fields in German resource
- Added Polish resource (thanks to Tomasz Wolniewicz)
- Fixed incorrect version shown in configuration interface
Version 3.3.1 - 3 august 2007
- Fixed bug in installer where Dutch would be selected as default language
Version 3.3.0 - 2 august 2007
- Fixed bug in enumeration of wireless devices during pre-configuration (Vista)
Version 3.3.0 RC2 - 31 july 2007
- Added check for wireless devices that are not ready (Vista)
Version 3.3.0 RC1 - 25 july 2007
- Fixed bug where if user provided a username "user@" would result in crash.
- Added German language support (thanks to Jan-Marc Pilawa)
Version 3.3.0 BETA4 - 23 july 2007
- Improved certificate handling (previous version required installation of
subordinate CA)
- Minor bug fixes
Version 3.3.0 BETA3 - 19 july 2007
- Added support for ConnectionMode and ConnectionType to pre-configuration of
- Minor bug fixes
Version 3.3.0 BETA2 - 17 july 2007
- Fixed problems with alternate string rendering
- Fixed problem with advanced option "Use empty identity"
Version 3.3.0 BETA1 - 16 july 2007
- Fixed problem with incorrect API calls on certain Windows CE devices
- Fixed problem with error handling, causing invalid state
- Moved "empty" outer identity (RFC 4282) to advanced options, default is
option is now "anonymous" (as in previous versions)
- Added option for restart of WLANSVC in pre-configuration, to workaround VPN
client problem in Vista
- Removed GINA support
- Minor bug fixes
Version 3.2.0 - 21 april 2007
- Minor bug fixes
Version 3.2.0 RC3 - 18 april 2007
- Fixed incorrect handling of empty values in pre-configuration file
- Fixed problem with focus in credentials dialog. Using GetForeGroundWindow()
instead of handle provided by Vista which looses focus for some reason
- If EncryptionType and AuthenticationMode are not defined it defaults to "open"

and "WEP"
- Added pre-configuration option to start the wlansvc and dot3svc in Vista
(required for configuration of SSID), see SecureW2.inf example for more info
- Added following pre-configuration options: NonBroadCast, ConnectionMode,
AutoSwitch, see SecureW2.inf example for more info
- Removed "Renew IP" option from Vista, resulted in COM error and option is not
required under Vista
Version 3.2.0 RC2 - 10 april 2007
- Uninstall now removes registry keys used for tracing
- Installer first installs SecureW2 TTLS Client before configuring SSID.
The new API used for pre-configuration checks if configured EAP ID is
in fact present on the system.
Version 3.2.0 RC1 - 3 april 2007
- Fixed certificate installation issue via "Unknown Server" dialog in Vista
- Fixed invalid pointer check
- Using correct API for pre-configuration in Vista
Version 3.2.0 BETA3 - 26 march 2007
- Support for username privacy as specified in RFC 4282
- Fixed error message if user selects "Cancel" during configuration
- Fixed problem with configuration interface appearing "behind" other windows
- Minor bug fixes (might have fixed hybernation problem)
Version 3.2.0 BETA2 - 13 march 2007
- Added pre-configuration support for Vista
Version 3.2.0 BETA1 - 20 februari 2007
- Improved language selection in SecureW2 installer
- SecureW2 logging uses standard Windows trace functionality
- Minor bug fixes
Version 3.1.2 - 03 october 2005
- Fixed Insecure Pre-Master Secret Generation Vulnerability by adding a better
random generator (Microsoft Enhanced CSP)
Version 3.1.1 - 15 September 2005
- Fixed bug preventing SecureW2 setting up connections with servers that do not
send a TLS session id
Version 3.1.0 - 19 Augustus 2004
- Improved credentials handling, if the internal authentication fails
SecureW2 will prompt for new credentials
Version 3.0.0 - 1 Februari 2004
- SecureW2 has a better certificate configuration, can now configure multiple
- Users can specify outer identity
- Improved the way computer credentials can be configured
- Added exra description string to installer that is displayed when prompting
for user credentials
- "Prepared" code for Open Source
Version 1.2.0 - 12th August 2004
- SecureW2 can now handle self-signed certificates
- Added multiple language support. Currently the languages Dutch and English are

Version 1.1 - 29th June 2004
- Added "Save credentials" option to "SecureW2 Credentials" window
- Added "Certificates" tab to configuration allowing better control of
- Validation of certificate based on Common Name
- Root CA can now be specified
- Enhanced Key Usage check is now optional
- Previously the server certificate had to be installed on the local mac
this is now optional
- Users can not install new certificates ("connections") by default.
This allows administrators to distribute a copy of SecureW2 that will
work in their network (by default)
- Removed "temporary trust" option in the "SecureW2 Untrusted Server" window
- Outer identity can now be specified.
- Minor bug fixes