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Operations Management of Shwapno

Prepared For:
Kais Zaman
North South University
Prepared By:
Name: Nafeez Mahmud
ID#: 10 010! 0"0
Section: 0!
Submission Date: 11#0!#01"
Sh$a%no is a ne$ dimensiona& su%erstore in 'an(&adesh) *&thou(h there are some esta+&ished
su%erstore here +ut Sh$a%no is formed different&y to this country $ith ne$ ideas) ,thers
su%erstore is situated in the famous areas in the city and there %roduct %rice is very hi(h- so
that (enera& %eo%&e cannot +uy their dai&y %roducts from there) 'ut Sh$a%no is (ro$in(
ra%id&y and esta+&ishin( their su%er sho% every area of the city even the $ho&e country) In
every area they are esta+&ishin( there sho$room +ecause they $ant to reach a&& of the %eo%&e
in the country) .here %roduct %rice is simi&ar to the o%en mar/et and they %rovide fresh to
their customers) *s a ne$ su%erstore Sha$%no is facin( some %ro+&em a&thou(h they are
tryin( to overcome it)
*s Sh$a%no is a &eadin( retai& chain in the su%erstore sector of 'an(&adesh $ith more than 01
sho%s in 1! districts) Sho%no is a&$ays ready to serve their at the fo&&o$in( districts at any time)
.here out&ets are situated in Dha/a- 2an(%ur- 'o(ra- 3a+na- Natore- Mymensin(h- Narsin(di-
Narayan(an4- sy&het- mou&ovi+azar- 5hitta(on(- 6eni- 'arisa&- Khu&na- 7essore- 7hinaidha)
.he Sco%e of o%eration mana(ement for Sha$%no:
5a%acity %&annin(: 8o$ much s%ace customer $i&& re9uired) ho$ many customers $i&& +e
mana(ed at a time)
Schedu&in(: :hen the sho% $i&& o%en) 8o$ &on( it $i&& +e o%ened) :hen $i&& the em%&oyees $i&&
Mana(in( inventories: 6oods- ve(eta+&es in mana(ment )
6or the convenience
of consumers the
site is situated near
residentia& area on a
sin(&e &ar(e f&oor
*ssurin( ;ua&ity: 'y %rovidin( safe food ensurin( +y the '5SI2)
<m%&oyee motivation and trainin(: =ive re$ard for +est em%&oyee- and a&so %rovide trainin(
after hirin( the em%&oyee) .hey a&so %rovide uniform to the em%&oyyes)
Location: .he stores has +een &ocated near a residentia& area in a sin(&e &ar(e f&oor)
su%erstore $e found these o%eration %rocesses fo&&o$ed in every (enera& store of Sha$%no:
*vai&a+i&ity of a
+road se&ection of
(oods under a
sin(&e roof at
re&ative&y &o$
<nsure foods
safety tested
+y '5SI2)
>oun(- $e&&#
educated and
dedicated $or/
Maintain strict
and mar/etin(
8ave f&e?i+&e
&ayout to (ro$
and chan(e over
It maintains a
c&ean and hy(ienic
environment and
uniforms the
8ave inc&usive
fresh %roduce
and re&ia+&e
su%%&y chain
+oth &oca&&y and
Sha$%no is usin( youn( $e&& educated $or/ force to serve the customer effective&y) .hey are
a&so maintainin( strict %rocurement and mar/etin( standards) .o ensure the 9ua&ity or to maintain
the (ood re%utation in the mar/et they %rovide fresh %roducts and a&so %rovide foods a%%roved
+y the '5SI2) .hey use a very effective su%%&y chain) .hey maintain a very c&ean environment
for these they have so many $or/ers) .he em%&oyees a&$ays $ear uniforms) hat creats some
va&ue in the mind of the consumer) .hey have their out&ets in a convenient %&ace) Such as they
have their out&ets in Ma&i+a(h - Dhanmondi etc) they a&so have their out &ets out of Dha/a city-
that has +een $ritten %revious&y) .hey %rovide food items at very &o$ %rice com%are to other
de%artmenta& stores) .hey a&so have a hu(e stoc/ $hich the consumer more o%tion and (ive them
the f&e?i+i&ity) 'y %rovidin( this faci&ities they are (ainin( %rofits and a&so (ainin( customers for
usin( a%%ro%riate mar/etin( strate(y) 'y fo&&o$in( this ty%e of o%erations mana(ement system
Sha$%no is fu&& fi&&in( the needs of everyday for the %eo%&e +y %rovidin( 9ua&ity food at
convenient %&ace at a &o$ %rice)

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