1 Shakuntala
December 14, 2009 at 4:42 pm

Thank you Paul for bringing Gnanam’s plight to our attention. When one’s beloved Dad makes an untimely exist, due to, death in police custody, it behoves every true Malaysian to sit up and take note. One of the ways to share in the life of this unfortunate young man, just 22 years old is to pretend that we are each one of us…a Gnanam. Fancy losing your Dad at the prime of your life…just when your dreams begin to take shape. Just when you start to seriously think that you want to show your Dad that life is what he had wanted you to make of it…to shine at school exams, which you did, under the most difficult of circumstances…in a custodial home, far away from your own home,without the loving presence of, first of all ..Dad, then Mum, then your five siblings..You are somehow given the incentive to do well and you did. Then you were icthing to tell your hero, your Dad that you had succeeded at the SPM exams in school..in fact you had done so well. You wanted to carry this news home…to give your Dad a special surprise and then the rest of the family. But then, just when you were about to let him know and have him think that he was so proud to have you as his son, your life is schattered with the news that your Dad has died, suddenly, in police custody. What would have been Gnanam’s re-actions as he thought of this devastating blow in his young life. Suddenly he is engulfed with the greatest of life’s sorrows, not just that,also that his Dad’s life on earth had been cut short because of brutality or negligence from another human being or beings. Doesn’t this incident touch your heart…would you not like to see this young man Gnanam who has suddenly stepped into the shoes of his father as breadwinner, become someone in life….finish his studies and do what he can to alliviate the sorrow and sufferings of his widowed mother? He has also to think about his five other siblings. How do they manage in their lives. He has no alternative but to help, he has to start somewhere in order to do so. He has to further his education and work at the same time…that will not give him enough time to study. He needs civil society’s help. In order to augment his own source of a meagre income, where he can only manage part-time employment because his foremost aim is to become someone in life through education, in order to be able perhaps to think about how he can redress the wrong done to his Dad. And to become ‘Dad’ to his family.

Those of us who can, should give it a thought. Help Gnanam with some monetary incentive..to make him feel comforted in life and also to make him realize that society is kind and sympathetic…that we are all somehow bound one to another, while we inhabit Mother Earth and have our own families. That a person like Gnanam is also one of our brothers who is stretching out his hand to us, “please help to make me a good person in life. The kind of person that my family would be proud of. The kind ofperson who would be an example to my brothers and sisters. The kind of person, who my mother would feel proud and comforted to have as her son.” Paul you can count on my help. Please include me in your list. You and everyone else who has Gnanam’s interest at heart is making a wonderful effort to bring joy into the hearts of a bereft family.Thank you very much. As it is Christmas time, I wish Gnanam and his family many blessings and joy, during this happy season. Reply

2 helpgnanam
December 15, 2009 at 5:57 am

tq for comments. i think it is in every one of us to do something good for the needy. Reply

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