Crime stats for August 2014
Well the last month of winter was a bit of a wet one but we all
survived and I know everyone is looking forwards to spring.
Looking at last months figures you can see Tawa is still having some
problems with wilful damage around the suburbs, so please looked out
for your street and tell your neighbours if they do not get the news
For the Mana Groups I have put the figures for the Petrol Drive offs
back in this month, I have done this because the figures have been
creeping up again.
Last month I met with the Plimmerton Residents Assoc and had a very
nice chat with Brendan and I am also in contact with Geoff from
Whitby so these contacts will be good for the future.
We are still getting inquires about starting up street groups which is
nice to see so if you know of people wanting to start a group give me a
Finally I hope everyone has a good September.

01/08/2014 Offensive Behaviour Albatross Close
08/08/2014 U/L Takes M/V Omapere Street
09/08/2014 Theft Spinnaker Drive
09/08/2014 Suspicious Vehicle Mercury Way
10/08/2014 Threatening Language Bobstay Lane
12/08/2014 Theft Omapere Street
13/08/2014 Burglary Albatross Close
17/08/2014 Burglary Joseph Banks Drive
18/08/2014 Threatening Behaviour Solander Close

20/08/2014 Burglary Omapere Street
24/08/2014 Wilful Damage Cannon Lane
25/08/2014 Burglary Mercury Way
30/08/2014 U/L Takes M/V Latitude Close
31/08/2014 Speaks Threatening Sailmaker Close

01/08/2014 Theft Papakowhai Road
01/08/2014 Burglary Tararua Close
09/08/2014 Theft Bowlers Wharf
10/08/2014 Burglary Okowai Road
16/08/2014 Disturbing Behaviour Abel Glen
25/08/2014 Burglary Cromarty Place
28/08/2014 Theft X Car Papakowhai Road

01/08/2014 Theft x Car Mana Esplanade
01/08/2014 Theft Mana Esplanade
01/08/2014 U/L Takes M/V Mana View Road
05/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
06/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
08/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
10/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
11/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
12/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
12/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
12/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
15/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
15/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
17/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
17/08/2014 Burglary Pascoe Ave
21/08/2014 Theft X Car Mana Esplanade
24/08/2014 Petrol Drive Off Mana Esplanade
29/08/2014 Theft Kiriwai Road

17/08/2014 Burglary Paekakariki Hill Rd
18/08/2014 Suspicious Car Jones Deviation
21/08/2014 Burglary Paekakariki Hill Rd
25/08/2014 Theft X Car Paekakariki Hill Rd

01/08/2014 Burglary The Tracks
03/08/2014 Burglary Rawhiti Road
07/08/2014 Suspicious Car Airlie Road
09/08/2014 Burglary Brendan Beach
11/08/2014 Wilful Damage Steyne Ave
12/08/2014 Theft Moana Road
14/08/2014 Theft Haunui Way
25/08/2014 Theft X Car Ocean Parade
27/08/2014 Theft X Car Grays Road

02/08/2014 U/l Takes M/V Ranui Terrace
02/08/2014 Theft X Shop Main Road
02/08/2014 Theft X Car Rawson Street
03/08/2014 Theft Davis Street
04/08/2014 Theft Ranui Terrace
06/08/2014 Theft X Car Melville Street
07/08/2014 Burglary Raroa Terrace
08/08/2014 Burglary Linden Ave
09/08/2014 U/L Takes M/V Larsen Crescent
09/08/2014 Wilful Damage Anthony Street
11/08/2014 Burglary Fyvie Ave
11/08/2014 Suspicious Vehicle Tawa Terrace
12/08/2014 Wilful Damage Roberts Street
14/08/2014 Wilful Damage Raroa Terrace
14/08/2014 Theft X Car Main Road
14/08/2014 Disorderly Behaviour Tremewan Street
15/08/2014 Wilful Damage Tremewan Street
15/08/2014 Wilful Damage Collins Ave
15/08/2014 Supply Cannabis Davidson Crescent
20/08/2014 Wilful Damage Melville Street
20/08/2014 Theft Oriel Ave
20/08/2014 Wilful Damage Sunrise Blvd
20/08/2014 Wilful Damage Ranui Terrace
21/08/2014 Robbery Oxford Street
22/08/2014 Burglary Larsen Crescent
22/08/2014 Theft Main Road
22/08/2014 Theft Main Road
22/08/2014 Wilful Damage Main Road
23/08/2014 Wilful Damage Main Road
23/08/2014 Theft X Car Redwood Ave
23/08/2014 Disorderly Behaviour Tremewan Street
23/08/2014 Burglary Main Road
23/08/2014 U/L Takes M/V Roberts Street
24/08/2014 Wilful Damage Redwood Ave
24/08/2014 Theft Main Road
24/08/2014 Wilful Damage Davidson Crescent
24/08/2014 Disorderly Behaviour Bell Street
24/08/2014 Theft X Car Handyside Street
25/08/2014 Theft X Car Rawson Street
27/08/2014 Burglary Carleton Terrace
27/08/2014 Wilful Damage Anthony Street
28/08/2014 Shoplifting Main Road
28/08/2014 Burglary Woodstock Terrace
28/08/2014 Wilful Damage Tremewan Street
29/08/2014 Theft X Car Beauchamp Street
30/08/2014 Theft X Car McClellan Street
30/08/2014 Wilful Damage Main Road
31/08/2014 Wilful Damage Lyndhurst Street

U/L = Unlawfully
M/V = Motor Vehicle

Facts Sheet

Recognising child abuse
Worried about a child or family, but don't know what to do?

The booklet "How can I tell?" provides information on how to recognise situations
where children may be living with violence or abuse.
If you are worried that a child is being hurt or not being well looked after, you can
"How Can I Tell?" provides information about what to look for and how to help
reduce the risk of harm to children.
The booklet is published by Child Matters and has the backing of the Principal
Youth Court Judge, Andrew Becroft.
The booklet was printed, thanks to the generosity of Hamilton companies New
Zealand Home Loans and Verdict Communications.
"How Can I tell?" is available from www.childmatters.org.nz and can be purchased
in hard copy from the Child Matters online shop
http://www.childmatters.org.nz/shop/ or viewed online at

The funny

A husband asks his wife:
- If I die, will you remarry?
- Of course not darling, I will stay with my sister, and if I die, will you remarry?
- No, I will also stay with your sister.

A wife tries to teach the dog to sit up. After a few fails her husband tells:
- Darling, forget it, you won't succeed...
- Don't worry - replies his wife - in the begining it was difficult with you as well.

At the psychologist:
- My wife does not like that I snore...
- So what would you like to get rid of: snoring or your wife?

A lady comes to fortune-teller, who can read palms.
- Will anyone marry me?
- No.
- But you haven't even looked at my palm.
- I see it from your face...

S. Bygate
Community Constable