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Opportunity to work for TDI www.tdiindia.

TDI is the pioneer of organized airport advertising in India and has the largest
network of outdoor advertising inventory in the country. TDI has exclusive
advertising rights across 9 airports and 22 Delhi Metro stations in India.
dditionally! through TDI Media "ervices! TDI offers a full range of outdoor
advertising solutions across all cities pan India.
TDI is also a #oogle $remier $artner and has a %outi&ue internet and mo%ile
advertising division! MD! which provides innovative digital solutions to corporates
across the country. MD offers '() degree solutions on internet and mo%ile
advertising * starting from concept! creatives! media planning! %uying and execution.
MD+s technically strong team of professionals work in consultation mode with
clients! not only to suggest the %est out of the availa%le advertising options! %ut also
to devise innovative! interactive campaigns! plan them! execute them and service
$lease visit to know more a%out the company.
,e are presently in the process of augmenting and strengthening our Sales team.
Job Description
To draw up a list of Immediate - long*term perspective clients ideally suited
for our Media offerings.
Development of "ales ction $lans.
.egotiations with prospective customers in order to maximize the profits
/reate and conduct presentations most suited as per client needs
To ensure and arrange 0 1 ( constructive client calls and meetings daily %y
each sales person.
To %e fully prepared to make necessary presentations most suited to address
client needs.
To set a realistic weekly! monthly! half yearly and yearly goals for
achievement and carrying out periodic reviews of the same.
To provide all encompassing 2fter "ale "ervices2 to our clients.
3nsure a () days maximum collection cycle.
Desired Profile
Thorough understanding of advertising agency functions.
"trong communication skills.
He/ She should have a minimum of !" years of e#perience in
corporate sales$ business development$ ad sales%
3xcellent leadership skills and a person who %elieves in leading from the front
3xcellent organizational! time - self*management skills and follow up skills.
"trong sense of initiative and a%ility to work under pressure.
3xpertise in direct sales and /4M.
Marketing! 5usiness or /ommunications degree preferred.
/omprehensive understanding of general marketing practices.
"trong computer skills! proficient use of Microsoft 6ffice.
Must visit for more information a%out TDI.
The resume must contain the following also7
8. /urrent - 3xpected /T/
2. .otice period
'. 4ecent $assport size $hotograph