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33 Titillating Facts About Sex That You

Probably Didnt Know

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1. Sex works as a pain killer especially with headaches.
2. The average size o a man!s penis is " to # inches when erect.
$. Semen can %e &sed as a ace cream to help ight wrinkles and prevent acne.
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). The merkin p&%ic wig was &sed or sanitary reasons %ack in 1)"*. (ow it!s &sed as an
erotic toy or a decorative o%+ect.
". There are a%o&t 2"* million sperm in a teaspoon o semen.
,. - man e+ac&lates at an average speed o 2. mph.
#. There are " to 2" calories in a teaspoon o semen.
.. The vi%rator was invented to red&ce /hysteria0 in the 11th cent&ry.
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1. - man!s orgasm lasts2 on average2 a%o&t 22 seconds.
1*. - woman!s orgasm lasts2 on average2 a%o&t 1. seconds.
11. 3t!s hard to pee ater sex %eca&se o an antidi&retic hormone that prevents &rine.
12. 4heromones in celery not only ca&se aro&sal in men2 they also make men more attractive to
1$. 3t!s said that on average men have 11 erections a day.
1). 5aving sex can improve yo&r sleep cycle2 lower yo&r %lood press&re2 and ease stress.
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1". The average length o a laccid penis is $..1 inches.
1,. 3n 1."* 6.7. the ancient 8gyptians &sed crocodile d&ng as a contraceptive.
1#. - heart rate can average %etween 1)* and 1.* %pm d&ring an orgasm.
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1.. -ccording to the 797 )): o men and $,: percent o women have tried anal sex at least
11. The testes increase "*: in size d&ring sex.
2*. The average vagina is $ to ) inches long2 and it can do&%le in size when aro&sed.
21. 9rinking pineapple +&ice and other citr&sy r&its may modiy the taste o semen.
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22. 8+ac&lation is a great sol&tion to nasal congestion.
2$. There are more than .2*** nerve endings in the clitoris.
2). There are people who are sex&ally attracted to o%+ects. There!s even a woman who is
attracted to the 8iel Tower.
2". ;hat yo& know as the <=Spot was once called the ;hipple Tickle.
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2,. 3t!s estimated that a man will prod&ce 1) gallons o semen in his lietime.
2#. There is a etish called ormichophilia2 in which people have insects crawl over their genitals
or sex&al pleas&re.
2.. Some scientists claim mast&r%ation can help ight depression since the %ody releases
endorphins at the moment o climax.
21. "1: o men and )$: o women have had oral=anal sex.
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$*. Vaginas have the same nat&ral l&%ricant that sharks have in their livers. The chemical is
called s>&alene.
$1. St&dies have shown that pornography is a ca&se o erectile dys&nction in men &nder )*.
$2. The vagina can all o&t. 3t!s called pelvic organ prolapse.
$$. ?rgasms can prolong yo&r lie.