National Officers


Maita Gomez and Rep. Rafael Mariano

Former Rep. Roseller Barinaga

Rep. Satur Ocampo

Rep. Liza Maza

Coun. Ramon Te

Former Rep. Siegfred Deduro

Former Rep. Joel Virador

Nathanael Santiago

Cristina Palabay

Cherry Clemente

Ed Clemente

Lutgardo Jurcales

Grace Saguinsin-Trinidad

Atty. Romeo Capulong

National Council Members
Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera Rep. Teodoro Casiño Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan Rep. Joel Maglunsod Rep. Neri Javier Colmenares Rep. Raymond Palatino Dir. Joel Lamangan Atty. Harry Roque Dr. Reynaldo Lesaca Jr. Prof. Roland Simbulan Atty. Vicky Avena Atty. Evalyn Ursua Fides Lim Dr. Romeo Quijano Amirah Ali Lidasan Vencer Crisostomo Alvin Peters

akabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan was founded on April 16-17, 2009. Makabayan is composed of eight progressive party-lists: Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Gabriela, Kabataan, Courage, Migrante, ACT, and Katribu, and prominent personalities. Makabayan was established to advance the politics of change. Its basic principle is to empower the people and uphold nationalist and democratic changes in the field of politics, economy and culture.


Now is the time of great challenges.
Elections have come and gone. But the people’s aspirations remain unrealized: we are still a country of deep poverty and exploitation. We remain victims of a rotten system lorded over by exploitative local and foreign elites. But there is hope; it is in us, the people. It is in our unity

and collective action. It is in our strength and determination to overcome obstacles. It is the hope that unites us in Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan. We are a coalition with a definitive vision for change. A coalition that advances the aspirations, triumphs, and potential of the people’s parties. A coalition that promotes nationalism, democracy, and the rights and welfare of the people at all times.

Makabayan Platform
1. Power to the people! We advocate empowering the people as key in changing governance and society. We will fight foreign and elite control until we can establish a government that is truly representative of the people. 2. Fight for good governance! We will fight for an honest and excellent public service that is accountable to the people. We will prosecute corrupt officials and put an end to cheating, stealing and lying in the government . 3. Develop a pro-Filipino economy! We will develop a pro-Filipino and pro-people economy, We will terminate unjust impositions by the US, IMF, WB, and WTO. We will pursue a program for genuine agrarian reform and cooperativization, modernization of agriculture, and industrialization. 4. Lift the majority of the people from poverty! We will prioritize giving adequate work and decent wages to the workers, free land and subsidy to the farmers, provide food security, as well as greter determination of the BangsaMoro and indigenous access to social services such as education, health, peoples. housing, utilities and other needs. 8. Promote nationalist and progressive culture! 5. Protect the environment! We will promote patriotic, pro-people, proWe will protect the forests, seas, and bodies of environment, scientific, and progressive education water against massive exploitation and destruction and culture. We will advance a national language especially by large commercial interests. We and enrich our diverse cultures. We will renounce will address the problem of climate change and colonial, corrupt, and decadent culture. develop the use of clean and renewable energy. 9. Uphold women’s rights and gender equality! 6. Build fair foreign relations! We will fight for gender equality and rights of We will build new foreign relations based on women in all levels of governance and livelihood respect for national sovereignty and mutual in society. We will fight all forms of exploitation, benefit. We will abrogate unequal agreements discrimination and violence against women, gays with the US, Japan and other nations. We will and lesbians. protect the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants abroad. 10. Advance the peace process! We will advance the peace negotiations and the 7. Defend democratic and human rights! implementation of agreements between the We will defend human rights. We will put a stop governmetn and the National Democratic Front to the political repression of activists, journalists and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. We will and critics of government and prosecute the seek for all sides to decisively address and resolve perpetrators. We will uphold the right to self- the root causes of armed conflict.

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