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Proposed Format for writing A Research Proposal

1) Title of Project (First page)

Title of the study should be specific giving a clear statement of the nature of
2) Abstract(one page)
This part should contain a condensed summary of the project proposal. It should
not be too long, may be in one or two paragraphs.
A short statement of problem
rief description of methodology
!) Research Problem (4-5 pages)
This part should provide a clear description of the problem for analysis and the
"uestions that will guide the research process. It should give details regarding #
The scientific significance of the project, justification $ policy relevance of
the present study.
ac% ground for the development of the present study& A brief view of the
literature 'with reference to source author(s name, year etc in brac%et)
related to the research problem summari)ing the current status of research
wor%s related to the topic already done.
*cope of study pointing out the coverage
!) Research Objecties
+eneral ,bjectives - the overall aims of the study
*pecific ,bjectives - the elements of research, which are directly addressable by
the methodology.
.) Research design
This part covers in detail the research methods and procedures to be followed,
sampling process, sampling sources, appro/. si)e of sample.
The following information should be included#
a) The hypotheses to be tested or research "uestions to be answered.
b) The variables or factors to be measured or addressed by the research.
c) 0here applicable, a description of the population and samples to be used in
data gathering.
d) The methods to be applied in collecting primary and secondary information,
indicating instruments to be used, and sources of information.
e) The procedures and techni"ues for processing and analysis of information.
f) 1ist of 2eference sources& ibliography3boo% list, journals, Internet site
4) !"pected Res#lts $ 5olicy implications.
%road o#tline for Research Proposal in the s#bjects &nder Fac#lt' of Arts
,utline of the research proposal 'in *ocial *ciences and 1anguages) submitted for
6issertation as partial fulfillment of 7. 5hil degree 8
The degree of 6octor of 5hilosophy 'Arts) in the subject of 9999999999999999
The front page of Research Proposal
Title of the 5roposal #
:ame of the candidate #
;ducational <ualifications of =andidate #
:ame and 6esignation of 2esearch
5lace of 2esearch wor% #
6ate of submission of 5roposal #
*ignature of the candidate #
*ignature of the research *upervisor #
Proposed Format for writing A Research Proposal
(r) *o) +ontent Page *o)
1) ,ntrod#ction 'Theme, 2ationale and significance of study and Importance of
2) Research Problem and h'pothesis statement
!) 2esearch Aim and ,bjectives
.) ,perational definition of terms and concepts
4) 1iterature review
>) Research design '2esearch 7ethods, <uantitative and <ualitative Analysis,
*ample si)e and level of significance etc.)
?) *cope and 1imitations 8 6elimitations of *tudy
@) Tentative scheme of chapterisation
A) ;/pected 2esults $ 5olicy implications
1B) ibliography
:ote# *r. :o. 4, @ and A may not be considered for research in languages depending upon the topic selection.